Meter Victory – Nine News

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5 Responses to Meter Victory – Nine News

  1. Wendy says:

    There is a way to remove ourselves completely from the grid. The Alternative Technology Association (independent) in their latest issue has great practical innovations for the ‘handy types’. Check:

    • Terry says:

      So globalist government puppets impose smart meters upon us which make us sick, but then eureka there is an answer!? Spend tens of thousands of dollars on “alternative energy” green products! Pardon my scepticism, Wendy, but this unhappy little camper aint buying it! These people, the authorities and the so called “sustainability” groups, are all in bed together. Do some research on AGENDA 21. It’s real and it’s happening right now in front of our eyes. The answer is not for us plebs to go and spend a fortune, making unseen oligarchists behind the scenes filthy rich, the answer is for the “authorities” to leave us the hell alone and stop making us sick!! This is not a personal attack on you, Wendy, so PLEASE don’t take offence, you may not see yet what is really going on. I am not angry at the people thinking they are doing a good thing for the environment by buying these products, I am angry at the faceless individuals lurking in the shadows getting rich off the scheme, taking advantage and pulling the wool over the eyes of regular folks.

  2. Alex says:

    Hi All, The Free Energy Debate is a very hard one, and not one you want to get into lightly, don’t get me wrong I’ve been pursuing the dream of Free Energy for the past 20 Years and I’m a strong believer that this Technology does exist and has been suppressed. But if we take on the Multinationals who have suppressed this technology ever since Nicola Tesla advised his financial backers (J.P Morgan) that Wired and Metered AC was old and obsolete and could be replaced with Free Wireless Electricity, then this is a battle we might lose. This gets so deep and complex it can ruin ones life and I’m sure has ruined many. Saying this we should still band together and fight the Smart Meter roll out, if we band together there is hope. Free Energy will come one day, just not yet, lets fight one battle at a time without complicating the issue and losing focus.

  3. Glenn says:

    Our worst quarter eleltric bill last year was $2000.(don’t judge till you have the facts)…….. totally unsustainable……Can I install a solar & wind system with sound insulated motor back up, at my expense and tell the hungry energy producers their product is neither required nor wanted? Outer Melbourne suburbs………

    • Take our Power Back says:

      Many of us are looking for ways to remove ourselves from the grid. I heard about a new magnetic-electric device to power homes from near free energy – built by Aussies in Qld – looking into it Here is the link to the article
      I’m sure there are many clever inventors out there working out ways for us to say bye bye to the money hungry power distributors and the Gillards Carbon Tax which will make power costs even worse.

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