Headaches, severe head pressure, palpitations & insomnia!

Unbeknown to me,  a smart meter was installed on our property & as I was getting headaches at home , more a severe head pressure really , palpitations & debilitating insomnia, I called our supplier, Jemena & they came out to assess our meter.

As expected, they said that the readings were within the government standards, but acknowledged that some people were more sensitive than others. I was told that they could “turn down our meter by 100” ( whatever that means). They were very understanding & sympathetic, but said that they could not remove the meter.

My electrical sensitivity is now so severe I can no longer work. I was a primary teacher and found that I could not work in classrooms due to the Wi-Fi.  I cannot be near a microwave oven ,cordless phones or mobile phone towers. These all cause severe head pressure and vision disturbances. I too feel like my life , as I knew it , is over.

Going out anywhere is a nightmare, as this type of high frequency radiation is everywhere. I would be interested to know if there is anyone who knows of a medical doctor who would diagnose this as an illness as all the doctors I have seen seem to be sceptical & want to offer you a brain scan or antidepressants.

We have since moved to another property , one without a smart meter, but within 2 weeks of our move we were notified that a meter was going to be installed. I have written to our supplier & to the Energy Minister, all to no avail. I have managed to delay the installation by locking our meter box, but fear that this is just putting off the inevitable.

In yesterday’s Herald/Sun page 17 there was an article announcing the continued rollout of these meters. It seems that they don’t want to listen. How can we make our voice heard?

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21 Responses to Headaches, severe head pressure, palpitations & insomnia!

  1. Susan S, Ventura CA says:

    My meters were changed and I was experiencing very bad health problems . From arthritis headaches ringing in the ears and just not being able to function . A friend had brought up smart meters to my attention I research them had that removed and was doing great after two weeks . My health continued to improve and I felt wonderful . One day in March 2015 I started noticing my health changing once again . Even after educating my neighbors next-door they both had meters installed and now I am living with severe arthritic pain ringing in the ears and severe headaches and just unable to function . Because I have titanium in my body my body acts as an antenna to this radiation and causing even further complications . It’s time for everyone to say no to dumb meters and stop Hurting people. STOP Smart Meters. Educate your family friends and neighbors today!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My friend’s fit and healthy 60 yo wife was found deceased in the bedroom of her Pascoe Vale home one morning last year. She had been sleeping in her own bedroom with her bedhead directly behind their meter box containing two live smart meters.

  3. Concerned Father says:

    I live in New Brunswick Canada and the day these smart meters have been installed I have experienced a weird sensation in my heart it almost felt like someone is squeezing it constantly it’s not so much painful but annoying and worrisome. I have never had any problems with wifi or cell phones and have lived by a cell tower before with no issues, I spent a week away in another city which had not yet installed these meters and the issue immediately stopped once I got back within an hour it came back. (It’s constant)
    I cannot sleep I am easily agitated ever since.
    I really don’t know what to do I called NB Power and they said “It’s less than a cell phone” and said they will call me back but never have sure maybe but a cell phone had never affected my heart, I am a 28 year old healthy male and sure maybe this is possibly all in my head but seeing so many other cases that are similar I feel like it is the meter.

    I’m going to give them 2 days then I’m smashing it with a sledgehammer.

    • Paul R says:

      Yeah but even the cell phone levels are dangerous. PLUS smart meters and cell towers give off higher levels of radiation. PLUS you are surrounded by thousands of wireless devices all emitting radiation and not ‘just one cell phone’.
      Be careful of doing anything rash as there may be serious consequences. There are ways of dealing with smart meters even if the methods don’t fully solve the issue. You also need to consider that even if you destroy or remove your meter, you are still surrounded by meters from homes around you that are emitting.
      I feel your pain because wifi has ruined my life (despite my state in Australia not having a widespread of those devices of torture) but take precaution in your actions or find others like you in Canada who can help you out as they may have found out a solution that works for them. Don’t be alone in this.

    • SickandTired says:

      Suffered for almost 4 years just witnessing deteriorating health since the Smart meter was installed. Dizzy, numbness, fatigue, ringing in ears, sometimes vision affected, sleep disturbance, heart racing and pounding, nerve pain increasingly worse. Keep going from one specialist to another and they just could not find anything and finally, they said pain is in the head!. Walked into office where there is Wifi routers everywhere, and every now and then, I would feel fulness in the head and spin!

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  5. dI says:

    What i have noticed about nerves is that where I have a damaged nerve on back of leg is where it felt like fire when I became electro sensative which was after the smart meter was installed.. i have 2 months of scribble in my diary of suffering and trying to work out how to get help and what was happening to me.. Now here I am in January and all wi if off and not one pain on nerve in leg..that injury was 2 years old so that showed me how radio waves play on the nerves..that is one tiny thing that I observed.It really did not make sense that suddenly the nerve is on fire.. and i have all my tests back from doctors.. i have perfect health…so what are these there is much more and i am getting it ltheall down on paper. I have not been able to get rid of symptoms from? my cats? (being sarcastic now) the ear ache and ringing and I can feel the meter at times. Even a friend of mine can feel it and she is not electro sensitive. Our lives are ruined and more people will soon know.. i will live without power no problem as this feeling is bad for me.. I am always aware of my physical health and do not drink or take drugs and am fit. I am guessing it will take some people longer to work out why they have symptoms..at first I thought it was me of course. I know it is not..I have tests. I will do what it takes step by step to eliminate more symptoms and I will give it some time but I will never agree on radiation or the smart meter as my life is ruined from wi fi. there is far too much in Melbourne now.

  6. Pennelope Smartstop says:

    From what I can gather, the microwaves cause damage to the nervous system in particular, where sensitivity occurs in certain ‘unlucky’ individuals. Why this only happens to some and not others can probably be explained by how asthma only affects some of the population, and the same with allergies. Seems to be very hit and miss at the moment, but it is possibly going to get many more people ill in the future. All I can say about the symptoms is they are always present but seem to get more severe at times when you simply must ‘ leave’ or ‘get away’ from the source of irritation or risk turning into a complete wreck. In my experience, the constant back of the head pressure & irritability get to me the most. Waking up tired, knowing you haven’t slept deeply enough, feeling lethargic & edgy (anxiety?) for no good reason. All this is a constant reminder that something is not ‘right’ , a state of uneasiness has taken over & refuses to go away (hard to ignore but others have their doubts as they are unable to feel what you are feeling at the time). It is an isolating experience when suffering this kind of illness… only those who are going through the same pain can understand it. The most frustrating thing? It is entirely preventable and these foreign-owned power companies refuse to admit that it is THEIR FAULT WE ARE UNABLE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. IT IS CALLED DISABILITY – AND WE CAN HOLD THEM & THE STATE GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE, AND WE SHOULD! I’m talking CLASS ACTION !!!

    • dI says:

      So sick of this pressure at back of head.. all sorts of things happening to me.. trying so hard.. have foil on walls.. calling United Enegy.. going to again.. going to doctors.. trying everything.. buying my own professional radiation tester; pushing doctors..having tests,, emailed government..having old fillings taken out.. pushing elderly parents to go to dentist for this reason… ruined my life.. i still think it is the smart meter as i can feel the thing..ringing in ears..yet outside i do not feel the thing when i am away from it.. mistakes can be made but now i am sure someone wants to kill a perfectly healthy hard working carer/self employed property owner..not giving up.. i cannot live like this..in my own home.. not leaving leaf unturned..going to do anything and everything until i shut down the power and live off gas.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was forced to have a smart meter installed days ago and have had heart palpitations, balance problems and general feeling of lethargy since. I live in Mildura, Vic. The doctor I visited today was not sympathetic at all-guess I won’t be going to him anymore. Will be selling up and moving to SA and hope they don’t install them there. Lin

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Victoria, the place to be…..???

    • SickandTired says:

      I had the exactly the same issues and the heart doctor cannot even understand why. My heart pound so hard whenever I tried to sleep in the room where the adjoining wall is the smart meter. Disturbed sleep, dizzy after a night sleep (if at all i get 3hours), fatigue, spells.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous,

    YSHIELD is a company that measures EMR levels – they did readings and found the levels were extremely high according to European standards, yet safe within Australia’s standards. It makes you wonder why higher levels are acceptable here when people are getting sick.
    Below is an article from the Herald Sun regarding the horrible levels of EMR at this family’s home. I can see how people in the street have deteriorated and are now extremely sensitive to everything, that normal living is a struggle now. We need to stand up for our rights!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I totaly agree with Maxine
    Where freedom gone from this country!
    It’s scary, many people I met DID NOT KNOW ??? WHAT IS IT??? – “Smart Meter”!!!….
    Unbeknown to me, a smart meter was installed to neighbouring property.
    I start haveing hadache, blocked and crackling ears. Blury vision.
    Visited doctor, did not solve problem.
    But Symptoms get worse and many.
    I did find out that more “Smart Meters” been instaled in my street.
    Now I am in pain daily.
    Go to shoping strips or shopping center is pure agony! /freezer section/= instant heartburn!
    Recently I did use hedge trimer to keep up with garden bushes. I felt nausea,chest pain,diziness while I was performing task.
    I could not move my arm next morning.
    My “tenis elbow” injury of past (never play tenis) flure up again, pain goes to the shoulder and neck.
    Who will take care of us, when we will not be able to do even simple tasks ourself.
    Health and age care can’t cope now.
    Future for young generation…when born already defected…

  10. Freddie says:

    The issue with 24/7 exposure to smartmeters’ RF is that is makes you extremely sensitive to other RF and EMR in your daily life. It’s like your body will only take so much ‘radiation’ and when it is ‘full’, it won’t accept any more. The best is to remove any source of EMR/RF you can, straight away. Get rid of Wi-Fi at home, microwave and cordless phone. I had some improvement in the severity of my palpitations by replacing my metal dental fillings with non-metal ones.
    Your doctor could just list your symptoms and date of onset, without needing to state their view as to the cause of them. They could also state that examination and tests did not reveal any abnormality. That kind of certificate will still be of some value.

    • Well Aware says:

      Freddie, why aren’t doctors now recognising the common symptoms of EMR sensitivity? These people are some of the smartest in society and yet they turn a blind eye to the cause and don’t keep up with the world standards very well at all. You don’t need a degree in medicine to be able to listen to what your body says when there is this fatal type of radiation pulsing through your environment! Seriously, they need to Wake Up & realise that this is one of the most likely MAJOR cause for cancer and stop feeding us all BS as to the prevention when they know what’s really causing it in children and adults of all ages. I am talking about all types of wireless devices that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

  11. Maxine says:

    The only way we can stop this corrupt and power hungry government is for all Australians to stand up and say enough is enough. And seeing as we employ these people we have the right to terminate there employment If we don’t do it now What will be next Australia we are loosing our Rights. soon we will be like america and they will start putting us in prisons because we don’t agree with what they say. These people are changing Laws to suit themselves and putting our Homes and Lives at risk JUST TO TAKE MORE OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY FROM US We need someone that will go to the High courts to fight for the Australian People and to rid our Country of all this GREED and CORRUPTION

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above person’s comment (re: article -Headaches, severe head pressure, palpitations & insomnia! March 27th).
    I do not have “it” installed yet….and have it delayed due to a doctors certificate stating my current health issues. Some doctors are sceptical of issuing anything in writing for fear of retribution from these big electrical companies. Alternative therapy doctors will definateily be on board.
    I would like to know how I get someone to test my emissions now….prior to the meter….so I have this on record. Can anyone suggest?

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