Concerned about these smart meters because of the health & safety issues!

I have been very concerned about these smart meters because of the health issues and other safety issues. We have a bidirectional meter which we had to install when we put in solar in January. They were going to install it but held off as I was waiting for a reply as I was objecting to them. They told me that it is compulsory. Is that true?

There was a programme on TV recently about this smart meter and they never mentioned that recently in Seaford, approx 5 weeks ago there were 3 streets with homes who had major surges after the installation of a smart meter. All their electrical appliances have been ruined and initially the electrical companies negated the responsibility and thereafter approx 2 days it accepted it on ABC Radio.

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1 Response to Concerned about these smart meters because of the health & safety issues!

  1. keep saying no says:

    Wireless technology is changing all of us, many teenagers spend most of their free time with their eyes glued to their computer screens or smart phones, some stay up all hours of the night, every night, we blame the parents, they should not allow this but it is deeper than this, we see articles constantly why are there so many violent and agro teens? why is there so much depression and suicide? I have never known so many people to be on anti depressants. I watched my innocent little boy who would pick me flowers and greet me with a big smile slowly change, hide and seek and lego blocks were replaced with consoles and computers and that was not all that changed, my normal well adjusted boy grew up over time and during this time most free time was spent on the computer, he played sports and did well at school but at home i sensed the change, his happy attitude had changed, now I had a moody son, he would yell, have fits of anger, he would become easilly depressed, and at times even suicidal and violent. I am powerless as a parent to drag him away from his so called social media as this seems now to be his lifeline to all his friends. I tell him how things were when I was growing up, we had no internet and all the fun things we did and how our teenage years were wonderful, he gives me a faraway look and says you are right things were probably better then but now its different, different yes dont I know it, I studied research about the effects of radiation emr and lots more, I showed him and he actually agrees with the research, I found links and it described all of the behaviours he is experiencing, I truly believe that his mental disorders are a side effect of all the technology and the radiation that goes with it, the brain is struggling with it all, I see him confused, he forgets where he put something 5 mins ago, it is quite disturbing, we are now in the process of trying to eliminate the most offending appliances although at the same time I feel i am fighting a losing battle how can I fight all of this ongoing technology we are both strongly against Smart Meters as we believe these behaviours my son is experiencing may be a sign that the body has absorbed its limit. we dont want any more devices that are capable of such dramatic side effects, recently many homes in our immediate area including both neighbors have had these smart meters installed, since this time we are both unable to sleep. I cannot believe the selfishness of the Government and Power Companies that believe they can rob the public of their health and get away with it, If we dont have our health we have nothing. I have included a link but it is very long but may help some understand the connection: “Actual or potential effects of ELF and RF/MW radiation on enhancing violence and homicide, and accelerating aging of human, animal or plant cells.”

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