Time to Join the Rebellion

Join us in refusing to ever have a Smart Meter installed.

If they can do it over seas we Aussies can do it here as well.

Fight for your rights and join us in the rebellion.

We and many many other Australians are united with you. You are not alone.

Many people from over seas have also sent us their messages of support to keep up the fight. Don’t back down. Don’t give in. It is not the Australian way.

Don’t take these Dumb Meters from our incompetent government.

Click here to join the fight

and tell everyone you know about www.stopsmartmetersau.com

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1 Response to Time to Join the Rebellion

  1. Mia Nony says:

    WARNING: Non Professional temporary employees install these meter under load while your house wiring is energized. Seriously dangerous, right then and later on. Secure your analog meter now if you still have one.

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