Ringing in my ears – Sleeping in the car!!

Recently we spent over $10,000 to install solar panels. We had heard about the dangers of Smart Meters, but didn’t realise it is mandatory to have one after installing new solar panels. The installer turned up on October 17th, unannounced just as I was heading out the door. He was supposed to phone first.

He said he was here to install the smart meter. I asked if there was another type of meter. He said there is, but the smart meter was all he had on him. As we had already waited weeks and were missing out on the Government feed-in tariffs, we allowed him to install the meter, hoping it would be OK.

Big mistake! I didn’t realise the meter has a radio transmitter in it which sends out microwaves 24/7. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and within no time I developed ringing in my ears, buzzing in my brain, headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia and other symptoms.

After many phone calls, sleeping in my car & finally phone calls to the ombudsman, Jemena say they have turned the power to the meter down by 90%. I can’t notice any improvement and have no proof that the meter has been turned down. We have to wait 5-8 weeks for a concilliation meeting as there is a backlog. The Ombudsman say that if the meter complies with Australian standards there is nothing they can do about it.

I believe our standards are not as safe as the European standards and must be reviewed urgently. Meanwhile we have been sleeping in our car for 4 weeks and only returning home to catch up on neccessary tasks. Jemena are aware of this and show no regard for our health or safety. Since installing the meter we lost our pensioner discount on electricity and the rates have changed to peak only. I still can’t spend much time in my home and my husband and I are both sleeping in the car. My husband is battling cancer and does not need this stress and further damage to his immune system.

There have been reports of smart meters causing house fires, especially in older homes. Our home is 41 years old and still has the original wiring. Must we add insult to injury and live in fear of our house burning down?

The radio frequencies from the smart meter are interfering with our security lights and both televisions. We now use a torch to access our outside stairs at night, creating yet another safety hazzard.

A couple of years ago we had wireless Internet which affected me in a similar way, so we got rid of it. They say the smart meter gives off less radiation than a Mobile phone. There is debate about this and I will get independent tests. I can use a mobile phone with a bluetooth or on speaker and don’t react like this. I don’t use a microwave oven.

The point is also that we don’t have mobile phones on our ears 24 hours per day.

There is much research that confirms EMF’s have been linked to brain tumors, breast cancer and childhood leukaemia. Unless we can fix the problem, we may have to sell the house as we cannot live like this. Moving may not help as these smart meters are everywhere. I know my body very well. I was not like this prior to the smart meter and when I stay away, the symptoms clear up, only to return when I come home. I am becoming more sensitive and recovery is taking longer after each exposure.

There are many stories from others in the same situation. It is another nightmare and fight we really didn’t need. Jemena refuse to replace the meter with a safer one. This has destroyed our quality of life and the enjoyment and security of our home. We will be seeking legal advice and compensation.

California are now uninstalling the smart meters as too many people have been made sick by them. This erosion of our freedom and safety is completely unacceptable and I have requested that our smart meter be removed as a matter of urgency, to no avail as yet.

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6 Responses to Ringing in my ears – Sleeping in the car!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have been experiencing very similar symptoms (ear pressure and ringing, insomnia), but Jemena technicians cut power to the house and we still heard the noise! Very confused about what we can do and have no idea where the issue is coming from. All we know is that the issues started when the smart meter was installed.

  2. EJ says:

    Would appreciate an update, as I’m sure much has happened since your shared your story with us. Btw, how/why was your pensioner discount disregarded? The whole situation is disturbing. We sincerely hope your situation has improved and that your health is now returned to normal. Kind regards, EJ

  3. Mia Nony says:

    Save your brain from turning to mush. Wrap your meter up tight with good heavy duty foil wrap.
    Detection and measurement of radiation: Best tool I ever bought was a non ionizing radiation monitor. Best brand Cornet. Affordable at approx $100 Canadian: Recommended model: ED65 Bought from radmeters.com on line.
    Use very heavy duty foil, multi layers, to suffocate the frequencies enabled by your meter. Little old ladies are doing this with great success. The utilities have no idea how to deal with them.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Great idea of yours Mia Nony,
      It works great my friends tell me, another way is to use strips of lead foil around your Electric Meter Box outside, and another sheet of lead directly opposite the dopey and proving to be dangerous so-called Smart Meter on the inside wall of your house directly covering the radiation coming through the bricks or the timber or fibro wall. That will stop the dopey Smart Meter from sending its poisonous FILTH into your body and brain. This lead sheeting really STUFFS UP Its Broadcasting Ability.

      The Meter Reader Men are still coming around to read the Analogue Safe and Passive Meters many people have sensibly locked up in their Electric Meter Boxes. I just unlock my Meter box for around 30 seconds to note the Analogue 5 dials and pointer readings then lock up my Electric Meter Box. I do this for 6 days in a row and note each day’s readings 3 days ahead of the due Meter Reader Man calling and on the same day, then neatly record same on a piece of paper and attach it to the outside of the meter box, Like so………It reads. “Dear Mr Meter Reader Man here are my Electric Meter Figures for Friday the 2nd of November 2012. 75328 or Saturday 3rd of November 75338 or Sunday 4th of November 7540 or whatever. If I am out shopping or away for any other reason he just ticks off the day I have recorded on the piece of paper I have attached to my Meter Box that suits him best and signs his name next to it stating……” Thanks etc.” See, it’s as simple as that, you do not have to be at home for his knock on the door.

  4. Charlotte says:

    I had a smart meter fitted 7 days ago. I was apprehensive but thought that most people were overreacting to new technology. In 7 days my ears feel blocked and I have constant ringing in them. Also our door bell keeps ringing on its own accord. The meter is mandatory so there’s little I can do. I’m looking at installing shields to stop the frequencies as with my wireless I only have it on for short bursts as that also effects my head and ears. The government needs to listen. I have never had problems with my ears until now.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Charlotte,
      These so-called Smart Meters are not MANDATORY. This is yet another LIE Perpetrated by this equally CORRUPT Liberal Party Baillieu Victorian Government as well as the proven to be CORRUPT Labour Party Government under the past Mr John Brumby.

      All this lying talk about……..” The Victorian Government has MANDATED that all Victorian Home owners and small businesses have to accept a Microwave Smart Meter is a Terrorist Mandate against a Democratic People which we Victorians are. Don’t forget that in 1948 in my old Home London in England the World Charter of Human Rights was brought into Power by being passed as LAW by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords which states effectively that the whole of the United Kingdom = England Wales Scotland and Ireland’s people cannot be forced to take or accept any goods or services against the peoples’ Will and Better Judgement.

      We here in Australia in Victoria and all states of Australia are co-signators to this same World Charter of Human Rights also effective in all free countries of the world including America and Spain and Portugal etc. Please remember to read also the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 which you will find in the Victorian Government Gazette. It also shows that you in Victoria are a DEMOCRACY and no one can make you take any goods or services of any kind that you feel or even suspect MAY POSSIBLY cause you or you family any possible damage to your health and or damage to your private Electrical Goods as has been and still is the case in many homes where people have been lied to to accept these Dopey Dangerous and Deadly Type 2B Carcinogen Causing so-called Smart Metrers which are not safe to any Life whatsoever.

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