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Do Not Fit A Smart Meter!Posted by: 3AW Radio | 8 February, 2011 – 12:56 PMA caller sent us an image during the Neil Mitchell show months ago and told listeners to print it out and put it on their doors if they are against the smart meter legislation. His interview with Neil can be heard via the link below.

Click here to download and print out your sign DO NOT FIT A SMART METER SIGN

Make sure you follow the steps on What to do when you do NOT want the meter installed.

See the story on the 3AW website

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11 Responses to No Smart Meter sign

  1. This Site is a Good Learning Ground says:

    So ‘micro waves are safe’ but the one in my kitchen makes pies go soggy and bread go hard, so does that mean brains go soggy when microwaved or just hard and solid?? And why does the microwaves in my mobile phone have related cancer cases???
    If radiation (the R in smaRt meters) is safe then why does everyone sh*t themselves when a nuclear reactor melts down spewing radiation into the atmosphere?
    … but the guy running towards the gunman in the bell tower say’s that it’s are safe…

    Can we get anyone proclaiming that these meters are safe psychiatric tested and if they pass that maybe an IQ test.

    Oh and smart = hurts, ie. that smarts. Dictionary’s are wonderful things.

  2. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Robyn, I suggest you see a good Lawyer,
    You should be able to get 30 minutes of free advice as I did, luckily for me, on two occasions.
    I then padlocked my Electric Meter Box with a stout Industrial padlock. I only unlock my Meter Box for the Meter Reader Man to read when he comes and he rings the front door bell. If I am to be away on the due Meter reading date, I take readings of my Electric Meter and post them on a piece of white paper with the corresponding dates and sign it. My reading are taken around 4 to 5 days before the due date and on the due date and for another 3 to 4 days. If he calls when I am out he takes his pick of the date that suits him and signs the white paper on the Meter box next to the date he has used for his records.

    I go through the same procedure in around another 3 months time. NO PROBLEMS !
    I suggest you get your Lawyer to try to force the Power Provider for your area to remove said Smart Meter = Dumb Microwave poisonous thing, from your property and reinstall the older Analogue Meter they stole from your property and get your lawyer to demand that they do it at their expense. After all you did not sign a contract for this Microwave Meter. Don’t forget that the Charter of human rights drawn up in Britain in 1948 to which all Free Countries have co-signed including all states of Australia and Britain and South Africa and America and Canada etc to protect you from being forced to accept anything without your permission. The same goes for the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006. See the Victorian Government Gazette. Please do not phone the Electric Power Provider but only communicate with them either through your Lawyer or personally and all correspondence to the Electricity Provider should be by Registered Mail.

  3. A great deal of meter boxes are on the outside bedroom wall. Perhaps less than a metre from the occupant’s head. EM radiation, even from wi-fi and cordless phones, shouldn’t be that close to you during prolonged periods.

  4. Paul Nugent says:

    This is typical of a really good “The sun is falling” complex or Ludite disease. When technology began to take off people were scared of it and screamed “Danger danger” In fact Smart meters are 100% accurate and do not emit radiation. Those old meters are fully reliant on the accurateness of the tester but smart meters are not. My smart meter is brilliant and there is no way I would go back to the old meter. Why do you people delete my comments? There should be two sides to a story and both sides deserve their say.

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      Paul, we do publish both sides to the debate only if the information received is accurate. To state that smart meters do not emit radiation is totally inaccurate and demonstrates a lack of basic knowledge of how smart meters work. In addition, there are countless examples of people receiving ridiculously high electricity bills following the installation of smart meters – and many of these instances have been acknowledged by power companies and the Office of the Essential Services Commissioner as having been inaccurately read by the smart meter. If you are happy with your smart meter that is fine – but they should not be forced upon people who have real concerns. Victoria should follow the example of the UK and parts of the U.S where smart meters are not forced upon people but are clearly voluntary.

      • Eric says:

        May I say that smart meters should be FIRST safe, THEN voluntary.
        That is the only ethical way to implement smart metering.

        Wireless is NOT safe. Neither is “just wired”. Italy got the safety right. They used optical fibre technology ie. no radiation and no dirty electricity.

        The irony is that we just happen to be having an optical fibre rollout right round the country at the moment.

        • 1vimana1 says:

          You are spot one there ! Safety to humans and all life has literally, ” Gone out of the Window in respect to Microwave so-called Smart Meters here in Victoria Australia and world wide it seems, and for what ? Filthy Lucre of course. These Microwave Electric Meters have never been properly tested for Non-Ironising Radiation but only for Ironising radiation which we all know is not in the equation.

          Even the ARPANSA Standards being used still by this Microwave Industry are terribly old and need to be thoroughly reviewed in light of the Damning Evicence now coming from the World Health Authority world-wide. We the thinking people of Victoria Australia and many world-wide, know that at levels of Microwave Heating below ” one centigrade degree” above the normal body temperatue for humans, there is still great damage done to the human D.N.A over prolonged periods of time. This is being proven every day world wide in many careful Laboratory experiments. In fact this Microwave or E.M.R Technology is going to prove to be a CURSE in the years to come to all LIFE on EARTH.

    • Sharron says:

      ‘do not emit radiation’ ??? Please explain this ridiculous claim to all the EMR sensitive people who have no choice but to ‘put up’ with their ongoing symptoms because of highly selfish individuals. Go find a website dedicated to smart meter worshippers or do more research on the real dangers :- security, fire, environmental, biological, financial, privacy, etc, etc. To suggest that anyone is scared of technology seems ludicrous. If we don’t want it, we should NOT be forced to have it… simple enough don’t you think?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Paul Nugent,
      Please get out of Dream Land, or are you taking DRUGS. Nothing in this world is 100% accurate. You obviously have never studied Science or Mathematics, or are you getting paid big money to spread these Lies of Yours ? Your comments are deleted because you will never take an objective view of Smart Meters et al. You will never make the grade to being a true and good SCIENTIST, as a true Scientist must accept the evidence he or she gets from the results of numerous tests done under strictly controlled tests.

      There is plenty of evidence to show just how dangerous these Smart Meters are to not only humans but all of life. Sadly there are those in the Business of manufacturing these Deadly Microwave so-called Smart Meters….read here dangerous devices who will LIE and CHEAT to support this truly NEFARIOUS INDUSTRY as they are getting HUSH MONEY to distort the Real Danger of all to this Microwave Technology.

  5. Robyn says:

    Recently after having the smart meter installed for only 3 weeks, we had our main fuse box catch on fire (electrician has no answer as to why, just that we are lucky we still have our house), our very healthy rabbit who lives only 2 metres away from the smart meter died. My husband has been experiencing headaches.

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