Bill normally $185 PER QUARTER, new bill – $883.45.

Being a pensioner, i keep my electricity use to a minimum, since a smart meter was installed, i now have constant ringing in my ears, and i avoid loud noise, and my faithful dog is now drained of energy, and only 6 years old, i could not understand why, till i read of it happening to others, my electricity bill is normally about $185 PER QUARTER, then my new bill was $883.45c. i called the electricity company , of their error, they insisted i pay it, and said they would give me more time to pay, finally i got them to check the bill they sent, and they hesitantly said i should disregard the bill. my experience with a smart meter, is it has caused me stress to the max. physically and mentally. i regret the day they forced a smart meter upon me, now i have to live with ringing in my ears, and to see my dogs health suffer, and sleepless nights,

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2 Responses to Bill normally $185 PER QUARTER, new bill – $883.45.

  1. kim says:

    my smart meter is on the garage will that impact our health..I hear ringing in ears also but my husband tells me it it too far away to cause harm.

    • Sharron says:

      No Kim, your hubby is wrong on that. I have symptoms from the neighbours smart meters, so IMO there is no safe distance from the wireless EMF emitted (100’s x strength of your mobile phone) from these devices. Sorry, but there is nothing good to say. Further reading on this excellent website will attest to that.

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