Check out the No5G Party!

The No5G Party, an Australian political party focused on safeguarding health from electromagnetic radiation, has released a 2.3 minute promotional video.

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The No5G Party is Australia’s only political party whose platform solely centres on regulation of 5G and associated technologies, and the encouragement of wired solutions.

Another Australian political party, the Health Australia Party (HAP), also includes in its policies a commendable initiative in regard to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) pollution.  (See policy 3.3.1.)

Hopefully, more Australian political parties will adopt sensible policies that put human health and welfare before profit and the interests of multinational organisations.

Please let us know if you come across any other Australian political parties with noteworthy smart meter or EMR policies!

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2 Responses to Check out the No5G Party!

  1. Dr John Haynes says:

    Excellent work!!

    • Jolanta Kalandyk-Gallagher says:

      The speed of people’s growing awareness is gaining momentum. Stand up, have a voice and join a real action now!

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