Green Party of California Statement on 5G

The Green Party of California calls on [U.S.] Federal, State, and local representatives to:

1) first and foremost, apply the Precautionary Principle to the development and deployment of 5G, as a philosophical and legal lens to all innovations with the potential for causing harm and to;

2) require robust and independent scientific environmental review of 4G/5G wireless exposure and to halt FCC satellite networks on earth and in space in light of new findings on climate, pollution, and health impacts and to;

3) reduce exposures per the As Low As Reasonably Achievable principle and allow for local control over the deployment of 4G/5G and future generations of these technologies’ small cell installations and to;

4) move forward with safer alternative technologies to 5G, following the lead of other municipalities and to;

5) adopt recommendations such as those put forth by the New Hampshire Commission on 5G in its comprehensive final report citing recent science on non-ionizing radiation health and 5G environmental impacts.

Green Party of California
Issued February 1st, 2021. (Emphases and link added.)

To read the complete Green Party of California Statement on 5G Wireless Technology Environmental Oversight, go to:

SSMA commends the Green Party of California for its exemplary policy on 5G. We challenge the Australian Greens to take a leaf out of the same book. The Precautionary Principle should be applied to the deployment of ALL wireless technology!

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1 Response to Green Party of California Statement on 5G

  1. LVsA says:

    G’day – ” Ecologistas en Acción ” one of the most important enviromental groups in Spain recently stated …it ” believes that its (5G) deployment should be halted and subjected to a thorough political, technical, ecological and health assessment ” ….. March2021

    As reported on

    Reposted on

    In its conclusion, ” in view of the deployment of 5G and the transformations that will accompany it, it is inevitable to ask ourselves: what kind of world do we want to live in: a hyper-digitalized, robotized, monitored, controlled and manipulated society, or a society where human relations, care, the common good and democratic debates on key issues for our future take precedence? In other words, what will we put at the center: life or the machine?.”

    Rgs LVsA

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