EMR Sanctuary – new website!

The purpose of the EMR Sanctuary website is to host a forum style online community dedicated to the growing segment of the world’s population affected by electro-sensitivity, also referred to as EHS. This condition manifests as a variety of health-related disorders attributed to bodily exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), a type of energy commonly emitted by smart meters, mobile phones, Wi-Fi modems, telecommunication antennas and mains powered appliances.

This website will appeal to those who are electromagnetically hypersensitive, and there’s info there for those who want to inform themselves on the dangers of electromagnetic Radiation and how to protect themselves.


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4 Responses to EMR Sanctuary – new website!

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you!

  2. 5G coming to a pole outside your home, weaponized EMR rollout If u think Smart Meter are a problem 5G Technology is deadly.

  3. Having a terrible time with the metal in my leg making matters worse.. terrible ringing in my ears and the sound is audible to others too!
    They took my opt out meter and put on an electric one causing transient high pitch humming.

  4. big fan says:

    Great website. There’s excellent info on the resources page. I like how the forums are divided into topics and discussion threads. Peter is a great champion of all things EMR. Check out his other website also http://www.emraware.com/.

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