Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”

Last week, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled wireless industry representatives, who admitted the industry has done ZERO health & safety studies on 5G technology. Meanwhile, dozens of independent studies indicates that 5G is a risk to all biological life.

Blumenthal blasted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—government agencies jointly-responsible for ensuring that cellphone technologies are safe to use—for failing to conduct any research into the safety of 5G technology, and instead, engaging in bureaucratic finger-pointing and deferring to industry.

In December 2018, Blumenthal and U.S. Representative Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) sent a letter to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr seeking answers regarding potential health risks posed by new 5G wireless technology. At today’s hearing, Blumenthal criticized Carr for failing to provide answers, and instead, just echoing, “the general statements of the FDA, which shares regulatory responsibility for cell phones with the FCC.”  Blumenthal also decried the FDA’s statements as “pretty unsatisfactory.” 

During an exchange with wireless industry representatives, Blumenthal asked them whether they have supported research on the safety of 5G technology and potential links between radiofrequency and cancer, and the industry representatives conceded they have not.

Blumenthal stated:

“If you go to the FDA website, there basically is a cursory and superficial citation to existing scientific data saying ‘The FDA has urged the cell phone industry to take a number of steps, including support additional research on possible biological effects of radio frequency fields for the type of signals emitted by cell phones.’ I believe that Americans deserve to know what the health effects are, not to pre-judge what scientific studies may show, and they also deserve a commitment to do the research on outstanding questions.”

“So my question for you: How much money has the industry committed to supporting additional independent research—I stress independent—research? Is that independent research ongoing? Has any been completed? Where can consumers look for it? And we’re talking about research on the biological effects of this new technology.”

At the end of the exchange, Blumenthal concluded,

“So there really is no research ongoing.  We’re kind of flying blind here, as far as health and safety is concerned.”

In November 2018, the National Toxicology Program released the final results of the longest and most expensive study to date on cellphones and cancer. Those studies found “some evidence” of a link to cancer, at least in male rats. However, the study only focused on the risks associated with 2G and 3G cell phones.

The latest 5G wireless technology relies on the deployment of many more new antennas and transmitters that are clustered lower to the ground and closer to homes and schools. There has been even more limited research with respect to the health ramifications of 5G technology, and the FCC has thus far failed to adequately explain how they have determined 5G is safe.

Source: Take Back Your Power

Note: 5G (“5th Generation”) will be integrated with thousands of satellites to blanket the earth.

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8 Responses to Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”

  1. geoffrey says:

    israel has banned 5g, its only for us goy

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  3. 5G Danger says:

    I’m really concerned about this dangerous, untested technology, and how it will impact us all.
    Who’s looking after our kids???


  4. 5G Danger says:

    3 short videos I believe everyone should watch. Most important!
    Educate your family and friends about this outrageous, untested technology rollout across the world. We all need to get vocal about this. Spread the message far and wide. Write to your local councils and MPs and ask them what they’re doing to protect you from this “potentially” lethal technology rollout.

    U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal grilling wireless industry representatives, who admitted the industry has done ZERO health & safety studies on 5G technology.

    Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies Against the deployment of 5G because of the reported health effects from wireless technologies in a hearing 2018.

    Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable

  5. Rik says:

    All we can do is boycott buying anything with 5G. No sales means its a complete waste on installing the antennas so they hopefully will remove them. But with Smart Meters they forced them upon us and they refuse to remove them so I doubt these will be removed if they are installed.
    Boycotting them is too late, the antennas will already be installed by that time.

    Well boycott anything with 5G is a very good start. The less of that carcinogen around the better.

  6. anonymous says:

    Great to see that there are some honourable people like, Senator Blumenthal, speaking out.
    Here is a link to a recent report on RT which also emphasises that the 5G frequencies are untested.

    This is a very popular video with over a million views. It is encouraging that people seem to be waking up little bit now to the dangers of wireless devices. RT is the Russian news outlet for international news. One thing I like about RT is it covers a few topics that other news networks won’t cover such as the attacks on white farmers in South Africa.

  7. pcwwp says:

    This could be the most pressing issue for us humans. I have no doubt 5G is a real threat to all biology. The science is there already. Sadly our Governments are owned by the Corporates who are persuing 5G. All we can do is in our own way try to mobilize support..

    • Mark Osswald says:

      We need to present the negative FACTS, and show the places of the world that have stopped 5G, and make EVERY politician PERSONALLY accountable. That we will form a class action against EVERY politician PERSONALLY.

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