Victorians beware: New push to install smart meters!

It has come to SSMA’s attention that Victorian power distributors are once again targeting residences that refused a smart meter during the 2009-2014 state-mandated rollout of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Despite the Victorian government’s 2014 Order in Council stating, in the case of account holder refusal, that a distributor is not required to comply with the requirement that a remotely read interval meter must be installed until such time as “refusal is withdrawn or access to install a remotely read interval meter is otherwise available”, distributors continue in their attempts to sneak radiation-emitting infrastructure on to residences.

A ‘Notice of Meter Upgrade’ that was recently mailed to customers from United Energy states “We are advising you that a qualified meter technician will carry out the installation of the AMI meter at your property…”.  At least this customer was given some forewarning.  It has been reported that a customer in Powercor’s catchment area found her notice of refusal ripped off, and a smart meter installed.

AusNet Services customers can also expect to find their meters targeted – but for many of these customers it will be because the radiofrequency communications card in their WiMAX-networked smart meter has died.  According to information referred to by the Australian Energy Regulator in its 2016 to 2020 determination for AusNet Services, these modules only have a design life of seven years, and the manufacturer had advised that “chipsets and other components used in the WiMAX communications modules are no longer available to purchase”.  Consequently, AusNet Services has adopted “a reactive approach in which WiMAX hardware is replaced with mesh radio equivalents when a failure is observed”.  This strategy might provide those AusNet Services customers who had the misfortune to have a WiMAX smart meter installed on their residence, and who haven’t yet had their meter converted, a window of opportunity to make sure their meter remains a much safer, non-communicating meter!

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10 Responses to Victorians beware: New push to install smart meters!

  1. Al says:

    Never thought I would be defending United Energy, but they responded sensitively after I emailed them six reasons (why I could not have a smart meter), including my recent experience of spending two nights at a relative’s farm, in a room with a smart meter and a WiFi modem on the other sides of the walls of the room I slept in. My name was taken off the installation list, because they said they did not wish to cause any angst to anyone. The program was only intended to supply smart meters for those people who wished to take advantage of the ability to track their usage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Al, I very much appreciate you sharing this information with us. You should we all should still continue to remain wary and not become complacent. We’ve won a battle. We’ve yet to win the war.

  2. mimb says:

    We got a letter from UE today. I called & told them [had to leave a message as no-one is answering the number they provide] that they can not go ahead based on past correspondence.

  3. Rob Simpson says:

    Sending an article in case you are not aware of it yet: Rob

  4. Happy Dissenter says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Cedar says:

    How can people “make sure their meter is a safer non-communicating meter?”

  6. Paul says:

    Does antone have any news about Jemena’s intentions?

  7. Anonymous says:

    When rating the morality levels of the five Victorian electricity distribution companies there is a compelling argument to mark United Energy right down at the toilet end of the scale. UE were callous in the way that they utterly destroyed a woman’s life. Some of the installers UE employed were thugs because they engaged in outright thuggery in their endeavors to forcefully install UE’s devices, none more so than the infamous person self named as Frank Sinatra who we all saw on the media physically violating the person of Darren. As for Powercor, they are also close to that toilet end of the scale who forced a good man and his family to have to leave this state just to try and recover their health and are now forced to live away from family and friends. As they were doing so before it seems they are still engaging in the criminal act of destroying people’s personal property. One can only hope that Jemena who have publicly stated a position of being respectful to a customer’s freedom of choice to not have a communicating meter on their premises, honors their stated position and does not go down the path of this thuggish behaviour that is now reported to be re-emerging. The Order in Council gives customer’s every right to not have one of these toxic transmitting devices forced upon them and the criminal behaviour of United Energy, Ausnet Services, Powercor, Citipower or potentially any other Victorian Distributor can be prosecuted very effectively and successfully in our courts of law by those persons incensed by this whole smart meter evil and which persons I’m sure are willing and more than capable of causing great damage to their organisations if forced to do so.

  8. Rob says:

    Wow , i knew something was up a few months back when my No Smart Meter sign went missing. Not ta worry I just put another one up, but when you do make sure to take photos with a current newspapers date in preview as so to back yourself up if it comes to litigation to sue those bastards. My S/Meter is locked up in a box with 3 padlocks, which is why my Meter was not replaced.

  9. Arnie Kaye says:

    Any Ausnet Services customers that have a smart meter should lock their meter boxes securely and cut out a window in their meter box door to enable visual reads to take place.This especially applies to those customers whose Ausnet Services provided Landis & Gyr E350 smart meter model contains the failing and now defunct WI-MAX communications module. You should allow this toxicity to die it’s natural death and ensure that your box is locked to prevent Ausnet from poisoning you again with radiation from any new communications module that they would try to install that utilises the toxic wireless mesh technology which Victorian utility companies are well aware has already caused serious damage to the health of many.

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