Wanted – House without a smart meter

Throughout Victoria, there are countless people who have had to leave their homes because of the adverse health effects of smart meters, health aliments resulting from the continuous pulsed electromagnetic radiation emitted from smart meters.

Increasingly, such people are finding it difficult to locate a property to live in – and this situation will only worsen if the Victoria government continues to refuse smart meter exemptions for people suffering from electro-hypersensitivity. The heartless Victorian government even refuses exemptions for people with validated medical certificates!

Stop Smart Meters Australia recently received a request from a woman living in Melbourne desperate to leave her home and find a house without a smart meter. The effects of the smart meter have been debilitating for her. Please help if you can:

Rental Room Required

“I am a 44 year old single woman looking to rent a room in a house without a smart meter.  I have experienced adverse effects from the smart meter in my current rental accommodation and therefore need to move as soon as possible.  A Melbourne location would be ideal, but I am definitely open to anywhere in Australia with an analogue meter. My contact email is: GTSKconsultant@gmail.com.  Thanks in advance!”

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8 Responses to Wanted – House without a smart meter

  1. Sandra says:

    There are no smart/’digital’ meters (yet!) in hinterland Sunshine Coast, Qld where I live. I have written to our electricity retailer to opt out of a smart meter. I received a similar response to a friend in NSW as per below:

    We can confirm your electricity account has been flagged to ensure a smart meter is not installed at your property while your current meter is functioning and compliant with the National Electricity Rules (NER).

    Under the NER, we are required to install a smart meter if your current meter is found to be faulty or has reached the end of its life. In these circumstances, you can ask for the communication function of the meter to be disabled. Where the communication function is disabled, you will be charged additional fees to have your meter manually read each quarter.

    If it is found that your meter is faulty or reached the end of its life, we are required to provide you at least four business days’ notice of any planned interruptions to your electricity supply to install your new meter. All newly installed meters will be smart meters, this is due to legislation stating that only smart meters are to be installed from the 1st December 2017. For further information about smart meters please go to our website actewagl.com.au or the Australian Energy Regulator’s website aer.gov.au

    In the interim, lock up your analogue meter box and get add a large dog to be part of the family 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    This is so sad that people all over the world are being subjected to this toxic EMF. I have found that being around people who are using smart phones and wifi is causing hormonal disruptions to myself. I only found this out because of my car breaking down over the Christmas holiday. It rendered me house bound for over a month. I hate to go into details about this, but it’s necessary for the information. Over a year ago, I started to go to a church. The people who are in there use their smart phones and ipads all the time. It’s impossible to get away from them, no matter where you sit, SOMEONE has a stupid phone on. About the same time give or take a few months, my one neighbor who I was visiting with once a week got a new Ipad and would use it all the time when I was there. He’s addicted to it. Anyway, about the same time I noticed my “monthly cycles” started to change. It would stopped being the normal 28 days and started to creep up by a day or several every month. By November of 2017 I was getting 2 cycles per month! It was pretty annoying and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then, bam! The car broke down and I didn’t have transportation. Now, I have for the first time in about a year, I have a normal one again! This is not ‘coincidence’! These EMF sources must be interfering with my brain and doing something with my hormones. I have done nothing else different except not be close to some dink with a cell phone or ipad or WIFI.
    So if your hormones are out of whack, maybe it’s the EMF you’re being exposed to. I do not have a cellphone. I have a landline. Just wanted to get this information out there.
    And, just think of what this is doing to kids, they’re bodies are being irradiated every time they even come near people with a phone or smart meter or whatever. Since I can’t change anyone’s behavior (believe me, I’ve told them about it and all I get is ridicule and laughed at), I must change my own and minimize exposure. If they can’t turn off their phones, then I can’t keep visiting with them every single week.

    • Paul R says:

      I get frustrated whenever I go shopping and see ignorant parents either using their phones near their young kids or babies, or let them use a mobile phone or tablet themselves. I want to say something but it’s hard to do this especially if it is a local location that they and I would frequent often. It’s hard to get sense into them as they often get defensive. People don’t like to get lectured especially if it’s something they are addicted to.

  3. Mark Difford says:

    This smart metre rollout must be stopped I don’t want one. I have cancer and smart meteres will kill a lot of people fighting cancer

    • Paul R says:

      I suggest you do a little research on oxygen therapy. Alternative medicine (IE true medicine) will tell you that cancer is like a fungus and can be treated like a fungus to get rid of it. You don’t need ‘drugs’ or chemotherapy (which will only make the condition worse). Make sure your body is properly oxygenated and make changes for a healthier diet (raw vegan is the best choice but not for everyone. Try doing raw vegan for 3 months alongside oxygen therapy and see how things go). You can actually beat the cancer on your own. You just need to make sure your body is more alkaline.
      Oh, and don’t give up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you can’t escape the radiation as it is a mesh grid network so that all the radiation from each meter are connected. I would suggest sleeping on the floor to lower yourself from the meter height and surround yourself with crystals. May sound silly but I now look at the people that carry a phone on them all day and wonder who’s the silly one.

  5. Robert G Scott says:

    If you have a look inside the Australian built analogue power meters you will find they were built to last almost indefinitely. The same can’t be said for the smart meters, why are politicians such idiots when it comes to technology ? The only valid reason smart meters were installed was so electricity suppliers did not have to pay meter readers a wage to read power meters 4 times a year. Yes basically MONEY as it is with everything today.

  6. Lindsay Smith says:

    Governments don’t change meters, people do.
    The following is the note I have pinned permanently in my meter box and… so far so good.

    Dear Powercor worker / subcontractor,
    As I have repeatedly explained to powercor in writing…..
    I have been diagnosed by a specialist MD as being EM sensitive otherwise known as Esmog sensitive.
    Therefore …..
    I do NOT consent to the fitting of a smart meter at my residence because of concerns about my health and the health of my family.

    As living flesh and blood sovereign beings my family and I reserve the right of control over all substances, physical or energetic that enters our bodies. Similarly, anything that may be caused to enter our bodies without our consent will be considered a violation under common law.

    Thus, in fair warning I hereby state…
    Any actions towards fitting a smartmeter or any other transmitting device to this residence will be taken as a direct threat of intent to harm myself and my family and
    as it is my right to defend myself and my family under common law I WILL take action against each individual installer personally, and their chain of command, in a court of law IRRESPECTIVE of their position of employment or terms of engagement within Powercor and or any installation contractors.

    Yours very sincerely,
    Lindsay Smith.

    Note :- I hereby consent to manual meter readers entering my property for the express purpose of reading the meter to enable accurate billing.

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