Electrical pollution in your home: Why you can’t be healthy in a sick house

High frequencies generated by smart meters as a result of the switch-mode power supply* can create ‘dirty’ electricity in homes, that is, frequencies that are higher than the 50 hertz waves that should be running on household wires.  This radiation from the home’s smart meter can couple onto household wiring.  This effect can be a particular problem in homes with older, compromised wiring as higher frequencies equate to more heat and can lead to burnt out appliances, as well as fires in the home down-the-track.

A number of people are sensitive to high frequency harmonics, experiencing symptoms resembling radio wave sickness when exposed to them, ranging from headaches, palpitations, asthma, deteriorating vision, and digestive problems through to high blood sugar levels and multiple sclerosis (Havas 2006).

In an article published in Paleo Magazine, October/November 2017, Alison Main writes why you can’t be healthy in a home exposed to dirty electricity:

“Electricity can indeed by a marvelous thing.  But when our electrical current isn’t smooth, this can lead to a variety of health problems, including headaches, neurological disturbances, fatigue, depression, skin irritation, autoimmune disease, and cancer.

It’s called Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) by most engineers, “harmonics” and “harmonic distortion” by other electrical professionals, and “high-frequency voltage transients” by some EMF experts – or in layman’s terms, “dirty electricity.”  Semantics aside, what we’re really talking about are frequencies other than our utility’s smooth and clean 60 hertz [50 hertz in Australia] sine wave of Alternating Current (AC)…

A big environmental pollutant and suspected carcinogen, these harmonics are particularly dangerous because they accumulate and strengthen, and their frequency can sometimes reach into the radiofrequency range.  Not to mention, they travel along home and utility wiring, so you may be feeling sick in your home because of your neighbor’s choice in energy-saving light bulbs…


You might now be wondering whether your new furnace has thrown you down an EMF rabbit hole.  Since you can’t see these frequencies with the naked eye, how do you know if you’ve got a problem?

Start by looking for the common sources of harmonics in your home. These include most modern appliances and electronics, compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs), some LED lighting, dimmer switches, variable-speed motors (used in most furnaces and HVAC systems), blenders and mixers, routers and modems, solar-energy systems, and anything with a switch-mode power supply…”

Alison Main

Extracted from https://alisonmain.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/paleo-magazine_electrical-pollution_octnov2017_amain.pdf

*The switch-mode power supply converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) within the smart meter in order to power the meter; this is not a seamless transition and can result in increased high frequency transients and harmonics (‘dirty electricity’) radiating from all wiring within the home.  It explains why merely disabling the remote microwave transmissions in smart meters doesn’t go far enough.  See Dirty Electricity: It’s Not Just Wireless That’s Causing Health Problems for more information on dirty electricity and radio-off meters.

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3 Responses to Electrical pollution in your home: Why you can’t be healthy in a sick house

  1. Damon says:

    I suppose that a lot of electrical equipment in your area is switched off in the evening so this would likely include the culprits that are polluting the grid with DE be it Skyrail related and/or otherwise

  2. smart meter sufferer says:

    For about the last 15 months the Dirty electricity in my house has increased dramatically. (I have a micro surge meter to measure this.) My health has also been affected by the rise of the DE almost to the point of my house being unlivable for me.
    In desperation I have tried various filters, but could not tolerate them.
    Quite by accident I found that when the fluorescent light was switched on in the garage, the DE in the house dropped significantly. So I have been leaving my light on all day. Coinciding with this I have also noticed that at approx 9pm each evening all the high levels of DE disappear. I can’t work out why this happens, but suspect it has something to do with the Skyrail Project that is taking place in our area.

    • Paul R says:

      If you could get some sort of scalar grounding system set to the wiring of your house, it will surely help your living circumstances. Do a search online about this and find out what technique or device is best for you.

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