Glenview (Sunshine Coast) Smart Meters Information Meeting, 2 August, 7:00 pm

Community Information and Awareness Meeting on Smart Meters
All invited – Free entry 
7 pm Wednesday 2nd August
Glenview State School

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6 Responses to Glenview (Sunshine Coast) Smart Meters Information Meeting, 2 August, 7:00 pm

  1. Robyn Taylor says:

    Can we legally stop them from putting the meters in ?

    • Carissa says:

      Robyn, lock your meter box securely. That is one legal right that you have. And it will stop them putting the meters in big time. Then you need to make sure that they don’t talk you into unlocking the box. Persuasive lies are their tools of the trade. The locks work big time.

      If you want to show that you are doing the right thing, cut a window out in the door of the box and make a perspex window just enough to allow the meter to be visually read. And then write to your power company and inform them that you don’t consent to the installation of their apparatus/device. But beware the persuasive lies that they will use all to get you to do one thing and that is to open the box/remove the lock. That is the one thing you must never do.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Robyn
      I have been advised that AGL started installing smart meters on Glenview road, Glenview, QLD this week. Their website states you can opt out by calling 1300 669 245. I would also send ‘opt out’ letters by registered post to AGL, Energex and your electricity supplier (e.g. Origin). Some templates are on this website and can also be found here:

      AGL does not tell you that you have to actively say no in the legal form of a notice letter sent to both AGL the retailer and Energex the distributor. You also have to clearly display this Notice letter near the securely locked meter box.

      • Tory says:

        I went to the meeting at Glenview and was very concerned by what I saw and heard. I had never heard of smart meters before this. I have asked quite a few neighbours and friends etc and they were in the same boat as I. Unfortunately when we got solar long time back they told us that we had to upgrade from our analogue to digital, they still come and read it so am assuming that it is not fully functional as yet. I have read and been told that the legislation in QLD for these smart meters and the turning on of wireless part will be decided in December by the Government,. Even now the only voices and concerns I find about smart meters is on these sites and not out there in the larger community where the vast majority of people can see and read, Why?? what is going on. I am not into conspiracy theories just the truth of these smart metres would be appreciated. Thanks Tory

        • Gianno says:

          try to find out whether the communications module is already installed in your meter. If it is a separate module that has yet to be installed then I would if I were you just padlock your meter box securely WITHOUT telling anyone before you do it. Otherwise power company will try to talk you out of doing what you are entitled to do.Maybe just lock it anyway. Won’t help if the module is already in or part of the meter but if not then you’ll prevent harmful transmissions from beginning

  2. obviousbob says:

     I live in a Housing Commission bunch of units in Geelong, Victoria, and protested, some years ago, when Powercor said they were going to install Smart Meters. Powercor sent two top brass to see me and the other protestor (16 units here) and, when the time came, I told the installer I had said I did not want one. He told me it was “mandated”, to which I said rubbish, but did not protest any further.A year or two later, an electrician came to do some work, and told me that he had gone to where the meters were and that I did not have Smart Meters; I was much surprised, but happy. There are three meters for every unit; so there are 18 of them on the other side of the bedroom wall of the two end tenants where the meter boxes are.That is some amount of radiation, and not good at all, however, I have not heard of either of the tenants becoming ill, but also have not directly asked. Perhaps I will make a point of it? Best regards Gaz

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