Smart Attack! – Animated short film tells it like it is….


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20 Responses to Smart Attack! – Animated short film tells it like it is….

  1. Gwen's says:

    A bit more information I found very interesting ,emailed today to me..Home health warning… ……re Smart Meters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A lie deliberately perpetrated from the very beginning

  3. Lee says:

    “You have to have a smart meter” is now well and truly a dead argument

  4. Rascal says:

    Here is a Pest Control product that actually employs the use of digital pulses on your home wiring.

    “A revolutionary simple plug in device that sends digital pulses through the wiring in your walls driving bugs, roaches, rats and mice out of your house… FOREVER!”

    “Special Digital Pulse Technology interferes with the nervous system of pests, driving them away.”

    This product testifies that digital pulses on home wiring disrupt nervous systems. Why would digital pulses of this nature not interfere with a human nervous system ?

    Smart Meters and their wire mesh technology are transmitting strong pulse all day long only seconds apart. These pulses get onto the grid power and home wiring acts as a transmitter of these pulses. The switched mode power supply constantly converting AC power to DC also puts out dirty power onto home wiring that acts as a transmitter.

    The way the Pest Control device testifies of the disruption to the physical human system that would be caused by smart meters placed on our homes.

  5. Lyle Stretton says:

    At 3m 26 s

    “We realise there’s no legal obligation for anyone to accept a smart meter but we’ll keep implying there is to get as many installed by 2020”

    Yes that’s the truth of the matter. The Victorian “mandate” was a FALSE mandate. It only served to facilitate the installation of these harmful devices that nobody wanted ONLY by means of lying, intimidation, harassment, bullying and extortion of Victorians.

    John Brumby, you’ve got a lot to answer for.

    The VIctorian State Government and the Five Distribution Companies must be brought to account for their cruelty to the Victorian public and for their treachery against Australian democratic values.

    • Devon says:

      How very true. Distribution Companies would still try to IMPLY today that you have to accept a smart meter. Can you believe it ? They refer to their customers who don’t do so as being refusers, How very wrong this terminology is.This is terminology that carries a tone of accusation against their customer. This accusation is FALSE. What Distributors view as REFUSAL is simply the exercising of one’s entitled democratic right of choice to not accept a harmful device on one’s premises. Customers are well entitled to do that. There is no legal obligation to accept. How dare they continue to harass their customers this way. They have made the customer relationship with the Distributor totally untenable.

      • Barbara says:

        Devon, it’s kind of like them saying that if you choose not to accept, then you’re doing something wrong. You have “refused” Devon !!!! You bad boy. Yes, the language they use is indeed a form of harassment and a denial of rights. The voice of your electricity companies in Victoria resonates fictitious authority.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s flawed logic for the word REFUSE to be associated with entitlement.

      • John Ramich says:

        Devon, they were meant to install their stupid devices through “Best Endeavours”. However rather than use Best Endeavours, what they used would have to be called Worst Endeavours. The Distribution Companies warrant being whacked with heavy lawsuits for their conduct during the rollout and ongoing. In fact one of the five Victorian Distributors involved in the rollout has just had a lawsuit whacked onto them by AGL in NSW for a different matter that involves unethical and objectionable practices..

        • Roland says:

          The dilemna of a Best Endeavours directive.

          Now how shall we persuade these customers ?

          Shall we smile at them and ask them nicely ?
          Shall we threaten them ?
          Shall we try blackmailing them ?
          Shall we try bullying and intimidating them ?
          Shall we try and persuade the more vulnerable members of the family, the elderly ?
          Shall we work them over so badly that they are left traumatized ?
          Shall we tell them lies to mislead them ?
          Shall we employ fear ?
          Shall we give them the impression that they “may” have their power cut off ?
          Shall we exploit their sense of greed by making threats to their hip pocket ?
          Shall we give them the impression that they “may” be fined ?
          Shall we give them the impression installation is going to happen regardless and that they would then have to pay a big fee ?
          Shall we tell them that we are allowed to damage their property ?
          Shall we tell them that we’ll come when they’re not home ?
          Shall we deceive them with letters and dates to catch them off guard ?
          Shall we give them the impression that they don’t have a choice ?
          Shall we then just go in and BANG just install it under their misled noses ?
          Shall we go in and BANG just install it whilst they remain in total ignorance ?
          Shall we employ persuasive but totally empty words such as “mandated” or “refuse” ?
          Shall we use time remaining to deceive them with some false sense of urgency ?
          Shall we keep our overall charade going on an indefinite basis ?

          We are on our own. It is entirely up to us.
          So how do we persuade these customers.?

          The dilemna of a Best Endeavours directive.

      • Dave says:

        It is wrong to insinuate guilt to that which is allowed.
        Such insinuation of guilt is a form of ongoing harassment.

    • Neale says:

      The authority that Victorian power companies had to install smart meters amounted to nothing more than their own powers of persuasion. That’s why they had to resort to bullying, intimidation, lies, harassment, stalking and other such like means of persuasion. And then they keep the charade going. There never was any obligation on the customer.

  6. malcolm says:

    spot on

  7. Ro byn says:

    Some people are so ill-informed and naive and not in tune with subtle sarcasm, that they may see this video as an endorsement. I know, sounds crazy but I know people like this. I felt a need for the sarcasm to be more obvious.

  8. smartjanet says:

    Brilliant film.

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