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Please consider signing this URGENT petition imploring the Government to keep landlines in rural areas!

The Productivity Commission is currently undertaking an inquiry into the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation. Draft recommendation 9.1 calls for the Australian Government to phase out Telstra’s obligation to provide landlines.

If rural Australians in the NBN satellite and fixed wireless footprints lose their landlines, they will be left without a safe means of voice communications.

The petition is on behalf of people suffering from the condition of EHS/ MTS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome/ Microwave Toxicity Syndrome). Those with this condition cannot tolerate wireless signals without becoming ill. This can occur when exposed to WiFi, smart meters, mobile phones, Bluetooth, etc.

Losing landlines in rural areas would be a human rights and health disaster. We need a radiation-free NBN for everyone. Don’t let them take away people’s right to choose radiation-free communications!

To see the text for this petition and to sign, go to:


To view SSMA’s previous post on this issue, go to:

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15 Responses to Landlines Petition

  1. onemeremember says:

    It’s not just the people sensitive to EMF. It’s also those of us who have medical conditions which require access to a reliable method of contact to ring for emergency vehicles etc. I live in an area where there is little or no service for a mobile. Hence I got the doc to counter-sign my “Medical Exemption” Form. No matter what the rhetoric, they can’t remove the landline. Perhaps more people should be going for the medical exemption? Anyone with diabetes, sleep aponea, rural areas where you need immediate access to a reliable method of communication. If ALL people got their medical exemptions then you are all using the system against itself in a legitimate fashion. Think about it, people. Think outside of the box they have put you in.

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  3. Alan Tanner says:

    Although of poor quality and nowhere near as good as a dedicated landline, voice calls can be made over a wired internet using a subscribed VOIP service. You just need to install dialer software and you will need computer microphone and speakers.

    • Frances says:

      This only works if the electricity is on. Where I live, any little bit of wind, the power is off; I dread for the summer storms to start. Mobile phone service is basically non-existent.

  4. Sandy Brook says:

    What do the Australian people have to say about the “phasing out” of Telstra’s obligation to provide landlines? Not only have they not been asked, they have not been told! Does the Government serve The People or the Productivity Commission? I wrote to Turnbull and asked him if he was going to do this, about a year ago and I was told NO. They will pull up the copper wires and make $$ but the people will be paying c. $2,000 for unreliable satellite phones! This is an outrageous move, all the more so because it is sneaky and not being reported. Its really to feed their addiction to surveillance. Microwaves are killing the biosphere. Write to your cross benchers and block this legislation, before the end of April, the report should not be accepted as Australians themselves (who actually matter) have not been consulted! Get this onto facebook and make it go viral please. Down with the PM, what a moron. All he does is destroy.

    • Andre says:

      Yes, the current PM is the worst one ever, they surely are not there for the people, they are serving the rich!

      Are they really that blind & ignorant, I doubt that!

      It has to be intentional! No doubt part of their so-called NWO (New World Order) !

      Will justice ever be served to the psychopaths, who are ruining & destroying our world for their agenda? Maybe not in this world, but later.

      I remember growing up in the 70’s, we had no mobile towers, nothing like it is today, apart from a few FM stations & TV in the area we resided. Stress levels were nothing like they are today. The air was cleaner & purer too unlike it is now, due to the massive increases in automobiles, new roads, airplanes etc.

      Absolutely disgusting & sickening this is, what kind/types of people are pushing for this??
      Who runs the Productivity Commission, it’ll be interesting to know, just who these individuals are, their motives, background etc. $$$ is certainly one motive for sure.

      If you want to know btw, who truly is running the world, it is those who believe, that they are the chosen ones, due to their brainwashed religious belief system!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Leave my landline alone.

  6. Mrs Chips says:

    You can maintain your land line and still be with NBN- just make sure you don’t also get the wifi line as well or you’ll be paying for 2 phones. We fought to keep our land line (for health reasons) and won (via iinet ). Don’t these fools realise that mobiles don’t work if there’s a bushfire?

    • Cathy says:

      Sadly, NOBODY will be able to keep a copper landline if the Productivity Commissioner’s draft recommendation to scrap the Universal Service Obligation becomes a reality. So although rural fixed wireless customers have the option at the moment of using either a copper landline or of using a wireless phone service to a NBN tower, this would no longer be the case. This means no mobile PLUS no telephone in a bushfire!

    • Reeces says:

      You have given me some hope, thank you! Could you please confirm what plan you are on or what the specific service is called, so I may enquire about this with them directly? Thanks.

  7. Robyn says:

    I have chosen not to have WiFi in my home for 2 years now and that has made a huge measurable difference to my physical and mental health. My sensitivity to It also meant I had to Defer from University and continue study from home. Hospitals, cafe etc are no go places for me too however at least I currently have a choice. I can choose not to go. To remove land lines and make WiFi compulsory is not only draconian, at some point in the future I can see lawsuit pending against the providers as affected people exponentially grow in number and proceed with class actions as happened with tobacco asbestos and pesticides. Help stop this waste of tax payers money on such a controversial and dangerous system and upgrade current systems. I want to keep my land line and absolutely do not want a smart meter of any kind in or near my home.

  8. smart meter sufferer says:

    I need to move out of the city because of my EHS, but with all the fixed wireless NBN towers in rural areas I am struggling to find somewhere that is suitable ( low EMR) I will not be able to use a mobile phone or any wireless connectivity because of my sensitivities.
    I have signed this petition, but I am also going to personally write to the Communication Minister, Mitch Fifield to alert him to this health issue. It would be great if others could do so too; swamp his inbox with emails. This is a human rights issue & we are being discriminated against.

  9. Reeces says:

    I am going through this now. Despite being in credit with Telstra, they have informed me that if I do not agree to change to the NBN, that my services will be disconnected on early next week. (And we are Priority Assistance!) We are without question going back to the dark days. One can only wonder how many people’s lives will be compromised by such stupidity and greed, not just with EMF, but without having access to a guaranteed landline service. I am beyond frustrated by this!

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