AusNet Services renews push to get smart meter network operational

In July 2015 the Essential Services Commission accepted an administrative undertaking from AusNet Services regarding their ‘non-compliance’ with their smart meter obligations under the Victorian Government’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure regulatory framework.

In an October 2014 audit, the Commission found that AusNet Services:

• had not used its best endeavours to install smart meters by 31 December 2013, and
• the smart meters that had been installed, were not fully operational.

See Essential Services Commission statement.

In consequence, AusNet Services committed to meeting compliance targets. As of 15 June 2015, 60% of its smart meters were being remotely read. This is due to increase to 72.1% by 30 September 2016 and 96.7% by 31 March 2017.

See AusNet Services’ Smart Meter Undertaking for the complete schedule by region.

This means that people with non-complying meters in AusNet Services’ catchment area can expect to be subjected to increased pressure (along with increased levels of electro-smog) in the coming months.

However, SSMA hopes that AusNet Services installers will bear in mind that, in line with what the Essential Services Commission is reputed to have said previously, the use of bullying tactics, such as threatening to disconnect electricity or impose fines, is not consistent with using their ‘best endeavours’ to persuade customers to accept wireless smart meters.

SSMA urges all smart meter objectors to review the steps which they have taken to maintain their rights. See actions you can take here.

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29 Responses to AusNet Services renews push to get smart meter network operational

  1. M says:

    How can I tell what communications module is in the E350? The display shows “Connected” and a ((LAN)) symbol.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re with Powercor you’re on Mesh. If you’re with Ausnet Services your probably on WIMAX. You can confirm this by ringing Ausnet and asking. What have you got to lose by asking ? They can only abuse you at worst.

      Other way is to test it with an electrosmog meter. Firstly is it transmitting all the time. Likely to be mesh. Is it transmitting only at certain times of the day ? Likely to be WIMAX. Is it not transmitting at all ? Likely to be WIMAX (non operational).

      Something like that……there may be other clues though……..

    • Anonymous says:

      M, I don’t have an answer for you but just thought to say be careful and don’t attempt to tamper with anything. I’m sure the answer to your question will make it’s way to you in due time.

      • M says:

        AusNet have recently entered my property & without disclosure did some kind of “upgrade” to the E350 that was on my property since 2010. I called to inquire & they told me that it was to enable wireless remote metering. I told them I do not give AusNet permission or consent to install/keep Radio-frequency emitting/receiving technology on my property & asked to have it removed immediately. The call-centre person said that “that’s not going to happen” after which I demanded to speak to her supervisor, who, also fully uncooperative, referred me to Ombudsman. They got me in touch with an AusNet “Complex Case Consultant” who wasted my time by sending me lengthy email full of pseudoscience and disinformation. He even compared the smart meter EMF emissions to vacuum cleaner (!) completely ignoring the fact that my complaint was specifically about the Radio-frequency emissions. My complaint not being resolved to my satisfaction, it is now being investigated by the Ombudsman. (Strangely enough, a couple of days after the first “upgrade”, another AusNet technician came and tried to do something else, saying that the previous guy didn’t put the correct card in & he was going to put in the right card & antenna… I did not allow him to do this, to which he said fine, took a photo of my box & left. Following that incident, I have locked up my meter box). I am determined to fight this. I have been doing research ever since & need help from people that have succeeded against this atrocity & clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and multiple articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Australia is a signatory.

        • Anonymous Watcher says:

          Any customer who is on the Ausnet Services Distribution Network should be paying attention to what M has posted here. The push is on. Ausnet Services are coming to replace your non operational WIMAX communications Module card with a 24/7 electromagnetic pulsed radiation transmitting Mesh Network Communications card. You need to lock your meter box NOW as M has done. Once they install a transmitting module into your smart meter, you are battling uphill all the way to get it removed. Read M’s post to see the arrogant attitude of these 8@$T@RD$ at Ausnet. This is the attitude that will be shown to you. This is the abuse that Anonymous speaks about in his/her post. You need to lock your meter boxes NOW to preserve your health and well being and that of your family members. These people do not give a damn about your health. All Ausnet Services care about is their Network, their revenue, their government masters that grant them licence to Distribute Electricity and their share price. Their customers are viewed by them as nothing more than non entities.

          M, hopefully you have dodged a bullet. Hopefully the first serviceman got it wrong so that what he installed is not transmitting. You will only know this by testing with an electrosmog meter. I hope your situation is OK, I really do. Congratulations on locking your meter box when you did. You have done well especially given that Ausnet were already allowed a tilt at your E350 meter. Let your locks do the talking because they do talk and they talk loud and they do work.

          Folks, you really need to read M’s post and take a leaf out of it. You need to do it now. Don’t allow the grief to come upon you that has befallen many other Victorians already in other Distribution areas. Please read M’s post. You can see the anguish that M has gone through and is going through. The locks will spare you as they have many tens of thousands of other persons in Victoria.

          Ausnet Services Customers, you need to get in quick because once those 8@$+@RD$ read this they will try and get this abominable deed done quickly before you can act to protect yourself.

          Ausnet Services Customers, if you know that your E350 smart meter is not transmitting or even if you’re not sure if it is transmitting or not, YOU NEED TO LOCK YOUR METER BOX NOW. Don’t be intimidated by Ausnet and anything that comes out of their mouths or any lie that they will surely spin you. They are just Nazis. You are your master, you have the right to lock your meter box and they cannot touch you. Please do it now as soon as practicable and without hesitating or delay.

        • Arthur says:

          To the call centre person that said the words “That’s not going to happen” I say to them this……Have a little think and ask yourself if you know what I would feel like doing if you were actually in front of me when the utterance of those words came out of your mouth ?

        • Anonymous says:

          M, you say you did not give consent, you need to put this in writing. If you have not given consent then this may be a case of trespassing. Ask for the name of the person that came onto your property? Ask for a copy of the work sheet? You are entitled to this information. Next time you speak to someone on the phone ask for the full name and job title and you can also point out that you did not consent and this may be a case of trespass. Inform the man or woman that you are speaking to that you want everything in writing and signed. Inform them that that may also be aiding and abetting a crime, which is a crime in itself.
          Emails are useless you need to put everything in a notice and have it witnessed by a justice of the peace and send it to them. Ask them for a written copy of your consent. Ask them to produce the law that states they can come onto your property without consent.
          This is a start for you, you need to get everything in writing and also you need to put everything in writing and send it registered mail with return receipt.

  2. Electro-smog Objector says:

    Section 168 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 states that it is an offence if physical force, or undue harassment or coercion is used in connection with the supply or possible supply of goods or services. The penalty for a company doing this is 1.1 million dollars. The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) is the independent statutory authority that enforces this Act.

    It’s easy to make a complaint to the ACCC ….so if you’re harassed by AusNet or its representatives, make sure that you have proof, and complain!

    • Brian Laughnagne says:

      And the little boys and girls who work for Ausnet Services and who think it is OK for them to behave as Nazi’s could also have a $220,000 personal penalty served upon them which is the penalty amount applicable to individual persons who commit the same offence as stated in Section 168 of C&CA S10.

  3. Taylor says:

    To any SP Ausnet / Ausnet Services customer who did not lock their meter boxes and ended up with a smart meter against their wishes, if that device is not transmitting……you now have the opportunity to get a second byte of the cherry. Lock your meter boxes now to prevent constant pulsed microwave transmissions to commence. Yes you will still have a smart meter but a non transmitting one. The risks are incendiary only.

    Anyone that has a non transmitting smart meter should lock their meter box now to keep it that way.

    Anyone whose smart meter is being manually read should lock their meter box now to keep it that way.

    The Distributor is still obligated to come and read your meter manually.

    It’s your second byte of the cherry folks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Send the Essential Services Commission, a notice of trespass if Ausnet tries to install a smart meter without your consent, hold them responsible first, then Ausnet. Send it registered post and give them 10 days to reply. If they say anything make them prove it. For e.g provide proof of your written consent to have a smart meter. Provide the paper work that shows the will of the constituents. They work for you not the other way around. Essentially you are the boss and they your employee.
    Look up whoever is in charge and sent them a registered letter.

  5. Drummond Barber says:

    Heads up people

    For those people out there in the Ausnet distribution area.
    If you have a smart meter against your wishes and that device is not transmitting

    The meter will have to be read as a manually read meter.

    Ausnet Services are using the Landis & Gyr E350 model smart meter, then the communications
    module is readily removable and replaceable by those who know what they are doing such as a technician. If the I’m not saying to anyone to tamper with this aspect of the meter.

    However, it is a fact that if you remove the communications module, the device (I won’t call it meter) can’t transmit or radiate your family. Now the Network Technology is embedded into the module. Therefore if you have the E350 device with the communications module installed, if that communications module is a WIMAX module and if Ausnet Services are doing away with WIMAX Network, you have a situation where the status quo is that you will not be radiated going forward.

    If you want to preserve that status quo ie. if you want to avoid being radiated despite having a smart meter then LOCK YOUR METER BOX NOW before these thugs come along and replace the WIMAX Communications Module with a Mesh Network Communications Module which transmits powerful radiation pulses every few seconds 24/7 never ending.

    There are many Ausnet Services customers out there who have a smart meter but who can still avoid the health problems that many people in Victoria have already experienced simply by locking their meter box and not consenting to the replacement of the WIMAX communuication module in their so called meter with a Mesh Network Communications module.

    The Landis and Gyr E350 still meters ie. still measures your consumption without communicating. You will only need to facilitate for a manual read to take place when the meter reader comes and there are many ways you can do this such as cutting a window in the meter box door or opening the box when the meter reader arrives. Really you are only obliged to allow an actual manual read at least once in a year.

    The E350 is the square black box device that we see on the outside of all the terrace houses in North Melbourne which Powercor and Citypower install. Do you want to confirm this information about the communications modules, then here is the information for you to carefully go through.
    Read it and if you’re in the Eastern Suburbs with a device that is not transmitting, I can’t reiterate it enough…..LOCK YOUR BOXES NOW. Her is the info for what is familiar device to many of us in the Eastern Suburbs.

    Click to access E350-Brochure.pdf

    • Viktor says:

      Well, I must say that I found the following section quite interesting indeed

      “E350 can also be used as a traditional meter.
      What if you are not ready for a smart meter now?
      What if you want to invest in smart meters 4 years
      down the line, but have a meter replacement
      coming up now? Do you need to invest twice?
      E350 is designed to function as a traditional meter (standard
      type 5 or 6) by leaving the module section vacant.
      You have the flexibility of inserting the communications
      module to upgrade the E350 into a smart meter at any
      later date.”

    • Jim says:

      Wow, there seems to be a replaceable communications module for every different type of wireless communications that Ausnet could potentially install into our black box smart meters. A whole list is mentioned
      Silver Springs Networks RF Mesh
      Gridstream RF Mesh

      They just take one cartridge out and replace it with another.
      And it seems that without a cartridge the device just functions as a normal or “traditional” meter. Wow !!!

      • Boo says:

        People, be careful when SP AusNet (now called AusNet Services) sends you a Select-Solutions serviceman. These gangsters will try to bully you and try to install the “human killer” Gridstream RF Mesh on your Smart Meter. They are trespassing your property and you should sue these 8@$T@RD$. Kick these parasites out of your property.

        • David says:

          Bloody 8@$+arD Ausnet are still bullying their customers. It’s as clear as a whistle that we were never obligated to accept a smart meter to begin with. Ausnet themselves have acknowledged this in their submission to the Victorian Govt relating to the proposed introduction of competition of metering services.

          See Page 21/22 of the following public document (from Ausnet)

          Click to access AusNet-services.pdf

          “The current CROIC allows Victorian customers to refuse a smart meter
          exchange leaving the old meter in place.”

          We need to keep our meter boxes locked securely to make our non consent to the installation of the radiation transmitting Mesh Communications Module clear. A man recently told me that despite his objections, Ausnet snapped the padlock to his meter box and installed a smart meter. Turns out his padlock was a touch on the light side ie. a small padlock. These 8@$+@rD$ would be brasen enough to do cut a small padlock. Will they be brasen enough to cut one, two,three well installed industrial padlocks ? They know very well that that’s something that at the end of the day they wouldn’t be able to get away with. Secure WELL your current non transmitting E350 dumb meter and YOUR meter boxes Ausnet customers and these dirty dogs from Singapore can rot in hell. And may Ausnet’s AMI program fail and die the death that it deserves taking the whole stinking organisation with it. May SPN become the next penny dreadful of the ASX. Lock up Lock up Lock up and don’t be intimidated as it is so clear that we have every right to stand up to these bullying utility corporation personnel.

          Your consent/non-consent COUNTS. Ausnet won’t acknowledge that. We just need to make it clear to them by unambiguous affirmative action(s). Simple. Ausnet Services bullies and their poisonous technology can just rot.

        • David says:

          Select Solutions Mesh Communications Module installers can also just ROT.

    • M says:

      Is there a way to tell which communications module is installed in the E350 without ‘interfering’ with the device? The display shows ‘connected’ and a ((LAN)) symbol.

      • Brinde says:

        I guess the two serviceman’s visits and the attempt to get remote wireless communications working and what you were told by the both of them as well as the words of the call centre person has caused the answer to that question to come to you quicker than you could ever have anticipated

  6. icouldahad says:

    What if those of us who still don’t have the death meter write to the ESC and tell them that AusNet did all it could to try to convince me to have a death meter on my house but I still refuse and that they need to lay off harassing AusNet who is now about to harass me all over again?
    If the ESC is bullying AusNet to bully us, who are the real bullies?
    And who told the ESC to bully AusNet?
    Why does the ESC think we, who refuse the death meter, are stupid?
    Why does the ESC want to poison us?
    I always have more questions than I’m ever given answers.
    These depopulation programs need to STOP!

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to write to send a notice to Ausnet if you not have already done so. You can send a harassment notice, the notice notifies them that if they attempt to install a smart meter, coerce you etc that might constitute harassment.You can also tell Ausnet anyone giving them orders might be aiding and abetting a crime, be it harassment, bullying or trespassing or whatever you think they are doing. You have to decide. Send it registered mail with return receipt and keep copies. if they write back you can decide if you want to open it and rebut what they have said or send it back to them.
      If you look at the old posts on this website you will have an idea of what to write. As for ESC i would write to whoever is in charge and tell them that they are also responsible. Put facts in, tell the truth and also you can ask for evidence.You can also put in penalties, look up the Crimes Act.
      Stop using the word refused, you can’t refuse, they are using the legal term when they say refuse not the plain English. ESC are not the law nor are they above the law. You can point this out to the ESC, get full names and ask them for proof of anything they say. Also ask them to put anything they have to say in an affidavit under penalty of Perjury.

    • Horst says:

      We have thugs in government

  7. Lance says:

    Folks in the Eastern suburbs, please make sure your meter boxes are well and truly locked.
    That goes for everyone else as well. Do not become complacent. The threat is well and truly still there for everyone.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ausnet and its representatives have to obey the law and so do the people at the Essential Services Commission, if they give orders then that makes them responsible also. They can’t penalize you, they aren’t a court. If they threaten you they have broken the law and should be told this in writing. The Essential Services Commission is also responsible and if Ausnet do bully anyone, threaten, harass or trespass then this may constitute a crime. Aiding and abetting a crime is also a crime.

  9. Chris says:

    so, just to be clear…on June 15 , 60% of its meters were smart meters? OR…is it that most of their meters are now smart meters but only 60% are being read because of network problems?

    is this a report saying that their current smart meters are not being read by the network and 96.7% smart meters that are installed will be read remotely (properly) by 31st March 2017? or are these figures of 60% and 96.7% smart meter INSTALLATION figures?


    • Electro-smog Objector says:

      AusNet’s original choice of network technology (WiMAX) for its meters is said to be behind its failure to get its smart meters communicating. AusNet is now swapping its meters over to mesh communications (which is what is in the rest of Victoria). Select Solutions have claimed that 173,000 RF mesh communication cards have been installed so far.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s 173,000 people who could have locked their meter boxes and would totally have avoided the potential harmful health effects of smart meter radiation transmissions. This is a tragedy that 173,000 non functional WIMAX modules have been allowed to be replaced RF Mesh communications cards that will now cause much harm to many of those households. It’s time for households with non communicating smart meters to lock their meter boxes especially Ausnet Services customers.

    • Rik says:

      I read it as of all installed smart meters only 60% are working properly and next year 97% will be working properly.
      Well, i didnt get a smart meter and its working perfectly since day of installation. 99.9% of old analog meters worked 100% from time of installation till the removal to change to a stupid meter which is only 60% chance it will work properly.

      And you wonder why we dont want those stupid meters? There is nothing wrong with the old meters and everything wrong with the stupid meters. You have 90% more chance of a house fire because of the stupid meters.
      Have you noticed when there is a house fire the stupid meter is removed and nobody says a word. Where if there is a house fire with an old meter its left alone and usually you can see its not a problem. What are they hiding? We know what they are hiding but they dont want the general public to find out how bad they really are.

      My meter is padlocked and when the reader comes around and wants to read it i unlock it for him. No problem so far.

      If your building a new house or moving house i suggest you look into those memory banks and solar. Do everything you can to stay away from stupid meters as they are dangerous and you will feel a lot better when they finally all get recalled you havent put your family at any risk not having one installed.

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