Mobile phone tower fight

New Farm, Queensland resident, Louise Brosnan, is leading a community protest against the planned installation of a mobile phone tower in New Farm.  Louise suffers from microwave sickness or electro-hypersensitivity and claims that telcos, via their installation of a mobile phone tower emission, have threatened to assault her with unseen electrical energy.  In a legal case that could benefit others being affected by microwave radiation emitting devices such as smart meters and mobile phone towers, Louise is initiating legal action against the telcos.

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Join Ronnie Burns in his recognition of Louise’s plight and support the New Farm community action by making a pledge

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9 Responses to Mobile phone tower fight

  1. Sandra says:

    PS. Is there an update on this legal case?

  2. Sandra says:

    I came across this article today which may be of interest to those undertaking legal action. I am not sure if the firefighters were successful in their lawsuit but they were successful in preventing the installation of mobile phone towers close to their workplaces:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Today on the news i heard,Turnbull state that they would pledge 60 million to fix mobile phone blackspots. This is frightening as they will be everywhere. It won’t matter where you move they will have base station antennas everywhere.

    • James Robson says:

      Frightening all right. My local paper has notices every week from telcos “upgrading” their existing towers. The advertisements always state that the modification is considered to be “low impact”.

      The real picture is that there are going to be a greater number of transmissions of differing frequencies and increased power levels all overlapping causing unpredictably great damage to human health.

      • Anonymous says:

        My local paper has notices for upgrades all the time, one of these huge antennas is not far from a primary school that my kids use to attend.I feel sorry for those kids. We are surrounded by giant antennas and this has to stop. The telcos are getting away with it because the Poole that are charged with the responsibility of protecting our health either ignore us or ridicule us. The only way to stop this is to start legal proceedings in the form of notices and then affidavits. Evidence exists they are aware of this as, i have looked up ARPANSA;s new fact sheets. These fact sheets are not for the benefit of us, these sheets are to protect them for future liability.

  4. Rob guy says:

    Louise. Brosnan might be interested in the results of a study into electrical hypersensitivity conducted by a respected laboratory at the University of Texas which shows,for the first time, that cellphone tower radiation enhances the transmission of pain signals along neural pathways. Most previous studies were limited by their terms of reference to finding physical evidence of neuropathy. Read more at;…/study-uncovers-how-electromagnetic-fields-a……id...

    Or google
    People – Regenerative Neurobiology & Neuroelectronics
    Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in …
    Cellphone tower radiations increase pain in amputees – hea

  5. Hammer Mann says:

    You say in Related…….” Reduce Microwave Radiation (Antenna Towers, Wi-Fi, mobile devices ) Exposure Limits by a Factor of One Hundred (100)” . This is not sufficient. I say get it in line with Lichtenstein’s very low Microwave limits which are not 1000 times lower than here in Australia but TEN THOUSAND, yes that’s correct 10,000 times lower than the ARPANSA limits which are far too high and way out of date and way out of kilter with China and or Russia or Switzerland.

    Forget about ICNIRP’s standards as they are even more out of date and wickedly support the I allege to be CRIMINAL Microwave Industry. This Microwave Industry only care about making money using their Snake Oil and Carpet Bagger Sales Men and Women in what I allege to be cahoots with criminal governments which don’t care about their citizens health at all.

  6. Terry EALING says:

    In Western Australia Land is owned either free hold which is termed fee simple or leasehold. A landowner who owns land freehold has absolute authority over it therefore if there is no easement on that property for a tower then no one has the right to put it there. These politicians need to look more closely at what they are doing as I believe it may be illegal. I am having a similar battle with Western Power and the State Government over a power line at the moment and have a petition to the upper house which may be a good idea for you. Cheers Terry EALING

  7. smart meter sufferer says:

    I have made my pledge to Louise to help her fight. Let’s hope everyone gets behind this case as it could set a precedent for all EHS sufferers.

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