Horizon Power backs down on inflated bill

Horizon Power in Western Australia has eventually been ‘persuaded’ to adjust the exaggerated bill of a customer after being provided with irrefutable evidence of errors in the amount of electricity consumption reported.  The dispute comes amid a flurry of increased electricity bills in parts of WA where smart meters (advanced meters) are currently being installed.

The customer, Broome Vacation Village caravan park strata manager, Marianne Williamson, provided total electricity consumption figures from the sub-meters at the caravan park which divvy up Horizon’s power bill among the residents.  After months of Horizon finding no fault with the original bill provided, and charging the customer to investigate the meter, suddenly the bill was adjusted in line with figures provided by the customer.  But Horizon Power was strangely silent with the customer on why the bill had been adjusted and reissued.

In another case, a Broome resident saw his electricity bill skyrocket by 400%

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27 Responses to Horizon Power backs down on inflated bill

  1. Ness says:

    First bill after smart meter installed $4200 for 62 days. Yeah that’s realistic. Western power and synergy both insisting it’s correct. Looks like I will be using esky for fridge and candles for light after they cut my power off for refusing to pay!!!!

    • William Haigen says:

      That’s an absolutely insane bill amount for a residency. That figure is actually $6000 per billing quarter. How many kilowatt hours are they billing you for ? Do you have previous bills that you could use to show what the consumption normally is and should be ? I would be looking to run a case against your electricity distribution company Ness. Get the proof and BURN THEM. Should not be too hard to do.

      Also you can install your own metering on your own wiring that proves how much electricity you are using. This is known as Check Metering. Under the Customer Metering Code you are entitled to do this at your own expense and it is mandatory that your Distributor must co-operate with you doing this. It is done for the very purpose of substituting your readings for their erroneous readings. If they don’t co-operate you have the proof to bring charges of fraud and theft against the CEO of your Distribution Company and to convict them and hopefully have them imprisoned for a long long time.

      You can buy currently certified metering equipment from your local electrical store and get an electrician to install it. If your bill is $4000 for 62 days, this will be a very affordable option for you to well and truly deal with any theft device that has been installed on your property against your wishes.

      Please see Section 2.5

      Click to access ab53adc9-3a05-4cbf-b099-e39476588568.pdf

  2. Damien says:

    There was a white Toyota Hiace van seen driving around Avondale Heights streets on Saturday afternoon having both “Select Solutions” and “Jemena” magnet signs on the driver’s door.
    There was a big creepy white haired and bearded man walking around the street with a hand held device similar to what the meter readers use but he did not seen to be going into any of the houses but was looking up at the poles and wires in the street.
    He seemed very uncomfortable with me observing him and made several utterances toward me which I can only assume were unkind. I wonder what he was doing to make him feel so awkward at being observed. I think his actions were very suspicious and he would drive a few houses down and then would drive around the corner and only seemed to get out of the vehicle to do his thing when I wasn’t there watching him. Does anyone know who this person was and what he could have been doing ? It really creeped me out seeing him.

  3. Violated says:

    Refrigeration serviceman came to my place to do a repair on the fridge and saw my locked meter box with no smart meter signage. He was a little surprised and asked “don’t you have a smart meter ?” I said no I don’t and that there was no law that legally obligates me to have one. It turns out that this poor man with his wife have a smart meter installed on their bedroom wall where they both sleep and they both have terrible problems with ringing in their ears which this man attributes to the smart meter. He mentioned that he did complain and that the smart meter was changed over several times but he still gets the ringing in his ears at night. He then told them to take the smart meter out all together and they refused. At that moment my blood just boiled within me. I thought at that moment that any person involved in the infliction of this grief upon this poor man and his wife really deserve nothing less than to be summarily executed. I have a very good temperament but my anger just becomes difficult to manage whenever I hear of such personal accounts along these lines.

    • Anonymous says:

      My neighbour has had cancer before she has two smart meters facing her bedroom wall. She told me the other day that they found something wrong with her lymph nodes and to cross our fingers that nothing was wrong. She is aware of the dangers of smart meters. I couldn’t help getting angry as i told her that she had already had cancer and she had two smart meters on her wall. She then told me that at least they aren’t on my bedroom wall, to which i replied the antennas are facing your bedroom wall and you have Wi-Fi and mobile phone, cordless phone etc.
      One of my other friends does not have a smart meter on her flat its downstairs but also told me she has been constantly sick, tired, bleeding and other health problems.
      Are these all coincidences?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone having problems getting their analogue meter read as we have had numerous problems,i thought this would stop and it did for a while but it looks like this problem is starting again.

    • Meter Eater says:

      Happy to advise off forum Anonymous if you can leave a means of contact

      • Anonymous says:

        Meter Eater, I am trying to think of how I can do this. I am having huge problems now and so are my neighbors. Have any suggestions?

        • Meter Eater says:

          Do you have an email address you can be contacted on ?
          I can then give you my phone number.
          Something like that…….

          • Anonymous says:

            I gave you my email hopefully this is okay, but if something goes wrong than can you let me know on the forum.gordonparkes@outlook.com

          • Anonymous says:

            Meter Eater if the email does not go through maybe we can pass on our phone numbers to SSMA people and give them permission to give each other the phone number, i think this is another option anyway. let me know and i will send my phone number and details to SSMA and then they can give you the information. I am sick and tired of this happening and it hasn’t only happened once.

      • Anonymous says:

        Meter Eater,
        My neighbors or some of them and I have not received our bills yet, when i inquired as to why, i was told we have not got your meter read yet, this was after the allocated time to read the meter. I made more inquiries still we have not been told what is actually going on. My neighbor’s are with different retailers, what we have in common is the same distributor, Jemena.
        So tonight i phoned my retailer and i spoke to a woman who told me that the meter reader was allowed on my property whenever he wanted to be on my property and also that they own the meters. This is what i told her.

        I also informed this rude individual that the meter is in my possession and on my private property. She then mumbled some garbage, like first she says the meter reader came on my property outside the reading schedule and then when i said i will have him charged with trespassing and asked for his name she seem to changed her mind. The phone call left me confused, anyway apparently they are launching an investigation. Waste of time as i am pretty sure if i can contact the meter reading company in 1 day so can they. By the way the meter reading company has also not responded, they usually do.
        What do i think has happened, They haven’t still told me when or if they came, just the rubbish from this woman.
        They have to read your meter when the bill they send you states they are, if they don’t its fraudulent. You can’t just do what you want on anyone’s property.
        I am not sure exactly what has happened i can only guess, what i do know is that this has happened before, i have had similar incidents. perhaps someone on this website has had the same experience and can tell me what they think.
        Are they trying to taunt me or frame me or what? Did they forget? I am not sure why this person i spoke to tonight was so rude but i am certainly not going to tolerate rude behaviour.
        I am a woman as well so don’t get offended.
        The reason i am passing this personal information on is because this has caused stress not only to me but to other people in my area.I do not want any of you to be caught unaware so please read this and remember they are trespassing if they don’t give you notice and also try and get full name which is not always easy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Meter Eater can you please contact me at gordonparkes@outlook.com Thanks

  5. sdjm says:

    The sheer magnitude of GREED in this country.

    • Paul R says:

      History has had its fair share of greed. This is nothing new. Humanity has been like this since its birth. It’s just so sad that we, as a humanity, have NOT GROWN UP!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seems we now have a new Chief Health Officer of Victoria.
    Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kym Peake has announced the appointment of Professor Charles Guest as Victoria’s Chief Health Officer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A pretended law made in excess of power is not and never has been a law at all. Anybody in the country is entitled to disregard it.
    Chief Justice Latham 1942 High Court of Australia.

  8. Chris says:

    hi All,

    I just wanted to let you all know of something VERY DISTURBING that happened to us recently, We have had a “Smart Meter-capable” GAS meter installed on us !!!

    Out-of-the-blue we had a guy come around and knock on our door last week, my wife was home and he said “im just changing over your GAS meter…just letting you know i will be disconnecting the GAS for a while…” my wife said NO, its not okay, and he said “well im doing it anyway, i would have done it if you were not home im just letting you know im doing it , im not asking…”.

    Our gas meter is (unfortunately) out the front of our house, directly below our front bed-room window at ground level attached to our bedroom brick wall outside for all to see from the street.

    At this point my wife was calling me frantically at work to try and get a hold of me, by the time she did get a hold of me the guy had already done it. He was on his way off and she had me on the phone at the same time and was asking him whether it was a smart meter and for his name and he refused to give his name after being asked 3 times but was saying “its not a smart meter OK!!, you should have got a letter in the mail”…and just gave her a brochure with a generic phone number written on it and took off.

    2 days later, a letter arrived (conveniently late) saying that our gas meter was “due for upgrade”. Funnily enough not one other single gas meter in the whole estate has been changed, or was “due” for an upgrade and all the houses were built at the same time in the late 90s, with the same vintage meter. No other gas meter has been changed, just ours.

    So guess what….after i investigated, the new Gas meter is “Smart Meter capable”!!!!!!!!!

    Their evil plan is to run around and change over meters to these new ones that are “Smart Meter Capable” but not actually initially installing the smart meter add-on feature, which is an additional black box that is screwed on the front under the dials. So as everyone gets defensive and asks at the time of install, they are told “oh no, its not a Smart Meter” …but in reality it is, with a small black upgrade box that they can add AT ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE in just a few minutes on top of the meter when they feel like it, when you are NOT AROUND.

    What they installed was “Multinet GAS Model 750”. It has a “magnet” feature built in to the mechanical dials so that an electronic pulse can be read every 10 Litres, unlike our old one. That is the fine print that uncovers their evil plan. Here is a link for it:

    Click to access LG_APAC_Brochure_Gas_750.pdf

    As you can see, this time they have a 2-pronged approach, with the first being that we are told its just a “normal upgrade” and that it is still a mechanical meter, but it just so happens that the new meter is able to be upgraded easily to electronically count gas volume, and they can add the electronic component upgrade at any time.

    I had a local steel welder make me a complete galv steel mesh frame that completely envelopes my gas meter this week, with a swinging door that can be padlocked for access. And now the cage is bolted to my brick wall. It wasnt cheap to get made and its kinda ugly. But now they are going to have a little problem when they tip-toe around to install the “smart meter component” to my meter in the future.

    Please let everyone know, i can supply pics of the meter as well if you like! The covert preparation for smart meters on Gas has started!!!! Be on alert! We need to start a new campaign!


    • Anonymous (remember) says:


      I’ve got the 750 gas meter as well. I’d love to see your pictures. You can email me on

      PS: Are you the same Chris who has been harassed by United Energy

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, the gas meter installer was trespassing if you asked him to leave the property? They have to give you notice and prove they gave you notice as well. Why don’t you get the name of the installer for starters and any other details. Write what happened in an affidavit and send to the company that this man works for, you have stated you said no. Look up the crimes act and see if they have broken laws.
      Write the installers boss a letter stating your wishes and also add penalties if they ever try to make it a smart meter..

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t refuse to show i.d Chris, it is in the distribution code.
      Provided official identification is produced by the distributor’s representative on request a customer must provide to the distributor’s representatives at all times convenient and unhindered access.
      You need to contact your gas company and distributor, get this person’s name, they will only give you the first name, this happened to my neighbour with a smart meter, but the installer had already been to my home and was only to happy to provide his name. perhaps your wife can write down what happened in an affidavit and send it to the gas distributor.

    • JoeM says:

      Hi Chris,
      Can you please tell us who made the cage for you?
      Do you have any pictures please?

  9. Brian Beattie says:

    Holding customers to economic ransom is the new game in town. Get ready folks.

  10. Hammer Mann says:

    Here we go again,
    Seems that the new I allege to be Highway Robbers is Horizon Power in Western Australia.
    When will these stupid Electric Power Companies realise that your customers are not a bunch of mugs to be hood winked ? We see through your I allege to be thieving shenanigans you C.E.O’s
    of Horizon Power, All of you need to go and hide in the Naughty Corner for I allege you to be downright Thieves !
    You of Horizon Power I allege need to be thrown into prison for fifty years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour.

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