Electomagnetic hypersenstivity to mobile and wifi is ‘serious handicap’, French court rules

The U.K. Telegraph reports a French court rules that a woman is unable to work due to the debilitating effect of mobile and wi-fi waves and should receive €800 per month in adult handicap welfare, in legal first that could lead to many more claims.

A French court has ruled that electromagnetic hypersensitivity to mobile and wi-fi waves is a “serious handicap”, setting a legal precedent that lawyers say could lead to “thousands” of claims.

Although the condition is not officially recognised in France, a Toulouse court in charge of disability related disputes ruled that Marine Richard, 39, a former script writer and radio documentary director, displayed “irrefutable clinical signs” of suffering from a syndrome linked to electromagnetic waves.

Ms Richard, , has “85 per cent functional impairment” due to her condition meaning she cannot work, making her able to an adult handicap allowance of around €800 (£588) per month for three years, which could be renewed, the court decided.

The July ruling went unnoticed at the time but was unearthed on Wednesday by AFP.

“This judicial recognition is a major first in France,” said Etienne Cendrier, spokesman for Robin des Toits (Robin Roofs), an association that raises awareness over health issues linked to wireless technologies.
Ms Richard, who has been living as a recluse in the mountains of Ariège, southwestern France, to escape the waves she says have made her life hell, described the ruling as “a breakthrough”.

She currently lives in a restored barn with no electricity or running water and no road leading to the property.

Sweden is the only country in the world to recognise electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS, as a functional impairment. Sufferers complain of terrible headaches and dizziness making it hard to think or speak clearly. They say their symptoms are brought on when they come into contact with mobile, wireless phone, or wireless internet waves.

Alice Terrasse, Ms Richard’s lawyer, said the ruling was an historic first in France and could lead to legal action from the “thousands of people concerned by this but who have not gone to the courts until today”.

“They are very isolated, have very little contact (with the outside world), and for them the procedures (to seek financial or legal aid) are extremely complicated,” she said.

Mr Cendrier from Robin des Toits said that the court ruling showed that “justice, as is often the case, is ahead of politicians”, which he accused of “protecting industrial players”.

Ms Richard said she hoped the ruling would lead to the maximum legal limits of such electromagnetic waves being reduced. “We know how to make much less polluting technologies. That said, it’s a political choice,” she said.

A French law passed in January merely called for a report early next year on the issue.

Henry Samuel, via The Telegraph.

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3 Responses to Electomagnetic hypersenstivity to mobile and wifi is ‘serious handicap’, French court rules

  1. Rik says:

    All the governments go is “make a report” and they are always done by the people making the problems in the first place so the reports are always wrong.
    The governments only care about money not peoples health so no matter what the reports say they wont do anything anyway.
    They could say they cause cancer and the governments would love that, more money from cancer patients. With Smart Meters, the electricity companies love them as they are installed and “cant be removed” and they DONT save you money, they see the times you use electricity the most and up the price in that time so they make more money. The governments have to get a percentage of that money as why else would they not care for our health?
    The sicker citizens are the less they work. The more Smart Meters there are the sicker citizens get. The less citizens working the less money the governments make and the more they are hated.
    The smart thing to do is governments listen to its citizens, do what is best for them and they will love their government which is complete opposite to what is happening now.

    The whole world has gone to hell and its all because of money.

    • Paul R says:

      The world has been going to hell for a long time now… a really long time. It’s just that most people are feeling the effects now much more clearly.

      As for the governments of the world, 99.9% of everyone involved is an imbecile who can’t see past their own noses. They can only see the shiny gold things dangled before their eyes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    time to move to france.

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