ex-WHO director expresses mobile phone concerns

In a somewhat measured response to questioning on the safety of mobile phones, retired World Health Organisation (WHO) General Director and Prime Minister of Norway, Dr. Gro Harlem Bruntland gives her opinion on how mobile phones are affecting people’s health.

She is somewhat philosophical about society’s dependence on mobile phone technology, recognising the difficulties of eliminating this source of radiation any time soon.

Gro states that for 25 years she has reacted to mobile phone radiation and cannot hold a mobile phone to her head, preferring to hold it at waist level and texting instead. She also warns people against carrying a mobile phone in their pocket and tells the story of a man who developed a skin rash in the area adjoining his mobile phone pocket.

Longer video clip and written article (but not in English)

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1 Response to ex-WHO director expresses mobile phone concerns

  1. Paul R says:

    This kind of thing is going to happen more and more with people in positions connected to the industry, either directly or indirectly, who will suffer themselves and finally state how dangerous wifi and wifi enabled gadgets are. They always realise these things when it’s too late or feel like they need to “confess” afterwards as if it would somehow absolve them of anything. People will pay the price for their misdeeds whether they confess to them or not.

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