Smart meter health surveys show striking symptom similarities

Two recent studies into the health impacts of wireless smart meters show striking similarities, despite having been conducted independently of each other and on separate sides of the world.  One survey was conducted in the USA and the other, a peer reviewed study in Victoria, Australia.

Both reports list insomnia as the most commonly occurring symptom and, of the top 10 symptoms, the same 8 symptoms appear in both reports.  These symptoms include headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), cognitive disturbances (memory, concentration, confusion), fatigue/weakness, dizziness, cardiac anomalies and neuropathy.

Steve Weller, Vice President of SSMA Inc., in an email to ARPANSA says, “If EHS was purely psychological as some experts suggest, it would mean that approximately 37,000,000 Europeans, 16,000,000 Americans and more than 900,000 Australians are suffering from ‘some kind of mutual mental disorder or illusion‘.  If we were really serious about investigating this issue we would conduct studies using scientists with medical and biological backgrounds rather than just psychologists and/or electrical engineers”.

Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation report


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  2. prkralex says:

    We did a paper on engaging people with energy displays and whether carbon or cost was a better frame for motivating people. We mocked up feedback displays and we had versions that engaged people with either straight energy units (KWh), cost (£ and p) or with carbon (CO2 units). With the cost display we found that they were significantly more likely to say that it wasn’t worth the effort when they saw the feedback of how much they would save by turning a few things off, so there’s an indication that cost savings could actually be disheartening in the context of individual actions.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      From: Richard Leschen
      Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 4:37 PM
      To: CityPower Main Office
      Subject: Attention Mr Timothy O’Rourke and your Lawyer/s Fw:

      To: The Manager City Power Mr Timothy O’Rourke and Powercor and its Lawyers.

      Subject: Electric Microwave Smart Meters.

      Dear City Power Manager, Mr Timothy O’Rourke and your Citypower Lawyer/s,
      Be thou aware that Lloyds of London will not cover anybody now, that includes the Managers of Electric Power Companies in England where I was born nor Wales or Scotland or Ireland or their Electric Smart Meter Customers or Wi-Fi customers or Baby Monitor customers against any form of Microwave Poisoning at all. This will spread to Australia as well as here in Victoria and other States of Australia. Be thou very worried indeed, for soon thou canst look forward very likely getting SUED yourselves. I allege that you and Mr Shane Breheny before thee art amongst the architects of all this Microwave and far from Smart Meter FILTH now pervading Victoria and ever more countries on Earth. Both you and Mr Shane Breheny and your lawyers are now being held accountable for all of this STRIFE here in Victoria Australia, as is Mr Michael Peevey of the California Public Utility Commission in California for COLLUDING with the many Corrupt Electric Power Companies and their Mangers in California of wickedly enforcing the now proving to be world-wide Poisonous to Humans and Animals and All of Life Accursed and far from Smart Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines.

      Germany my second home where I worked for many years has banned all Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving so-called Smart Meters for Health reasons etc. These so-called Smart Meters in Victoria are actually not Smart in any way at all and as you should be aware are inventions and evil tools of Extortion to steal ever more cash from your Electricity Customers. Ten States in Canada and more than ten States in America and still counting have banned these accursed devices for Health and other reasons, one being that these so-called but far from Smart Meters are Spying devices and are also proving to be in many cases INCENDIARY Devices as well as here in Victoria Australia and overseas. This you know as FACT unless you are blind and stupid.

      I have now politely warned you, so the sooner you rip out these God-Forsaken Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving spying machines and replace them with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters the better. Firstly I allege that your companies Citypower and Powercor and its contracted Smart Meter Installer men have firstly stolen these Safe and Passive Analog Meters at your and before you, at Mr Shane Breheny’s behest from many of your Electricity Customers. Therefore it is your responsibility to reinstall at your Companies Expense or Cost every one of these Safe and Passive Analog Meters pronto now boxed up in your many warehouses I have been told.

      These Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters should still be at your company’s Warehouses, is the message I have been hearing, so please start the urgent job of removing every one of these damned and far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I Poisonous to Humans and Animals and All of Life and getting the Safe and Passive Analog Meters back into your electricity customers Electric Meter Boxes from which they were UNLAWFULLY removed in the first place. Please hear the Very Important Link below.


      Richard Leschen.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Metering is metrology ie. measurement of consumption
    An electricity meter is a metrology device ie. it measures electricity that passes through it’s element(s) being the customer’s consumption.
    It is one device one function and it even looks like a “meter” because that’s exactly what it is.

    The piece of $Hi+ contraption known as a “smart meter” and the whole concept of this thing referred to as a smart “meter” is to actually “sneak” other pieces of equipment whose functions are totally unrelated to metrology into the one contraption. They have marketed this contraption as a “meter” and even tried to make this contraption to have a meter like appearance to help sell the idea that somehow it is still a meter and thereby finding a means to install pieces of infrastructure on private property that they could never have gotten away with the installation thereof had they not incorporated this forbidden functionality into that single device marketed as a “meter”. Look at the appearance of what we know to be a meter and that which is now being deceptively marketed as a “smart” meter. You cannot help but think that the very appearance of this new contraption is not metrological but rather something quite diabolical. Looking at an analog meter on the other hand raises no questions about what it is because it is what it is and it’s clear.

    Powercor’s black box manufactured by L&G and Jemena’s i-Credit device manufactured by Secure are actually quite frightening in their appearances. If you take a proper look at these devices, you can even realise how that they have been deliberately manufactured to have an appearance of something that they are not.

    It has been a big con on the part of the conspirators to sneak in all those separate pieces of infrastructure that are forbidden on private property (and in no wise metrological) by concealing them and their respective forbidden functionalities as part of one device falsely marketed to the world as being a legitimate metrological “meter” which it is not.

    All that is required to prepare a bill is metrology and nothing else.

    • Patrick says:

      Yes you’re right on there.
      Radio transmission and (remote) on off switching functionalities are not metrology and thus cannot be considered as “metering”.

    • Patrick says:

      Electronic private activity surveillance is also not metrology. Not only is it not metrology but it is probably also illegal especially when conducted without consent from the occupant or property owner.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        I agree with you Patrick,
        It is also SPYING as well, which is definitely Illegal as well as UNLAWFUL for a FACT. These C.E.O’s are definitely in the WRONG, but do not care a jot, as I allege they are corrupt and only care about making money or Filthy Lucre. They these I further allege to be corrupt C.E.O’s and their ilk will pay in the long run for their CRIMES, but sadly not before they have ruined many lives. That is why one has to have one’s Private Electricity Meter Box Padlocked and only unlock it for the Meter Reader Man to read, then padlock it again immediately he’s got his readings.

  5. eremophila says:

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  7. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    This I’ve sent off to Dr Steven Solomon of ARPANSA.


    Richard Leschen.

    From: Richard Leschen
    Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2015 12:47 PM
    Subject: For the Personal Attention of Dr Stephen Solomon.

    Dear Dr Stephen Solomon,
    Would you, please be so kind as to watch and listen to all of this excellent You-Tube Video. It sums up so well many of the problems of these Far From Smart Meters, and the microwave mobile phones and the Microwave Electric signals from these broadcasting and receiving machines atop of high towers and tall buildings etc.


    Richard Leschen.

    • Paul says:

      If I were a betting man, I would lay a 100 to 1 that your communication will be ignored.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        So what Paul,
        I’ve sent him hard facts from Australia Victoria and England and America etc, you name the countries. If he ignores it all he is a damn fool, but that conclusion I reached a long time ago.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hammer Mann, send your hard facts, but give them 28 days to re butt what you have written. Tell them if they can’t provide factual evidence and first hand knowledge, then what you have written shall be known as the truth. They don’t have factual evidence, you do.THIS IS THE TRUTH AND SHALL BE KNOWN AS THE TRUTH.
          They don’t have to answer our questions or even read the letters we send, but if you give them 28 days to respond and they can’t re butt what you have said, then you can you use this as evidence.

          • Hammer Mann says:

            Thank you kind Sir,
            I agree with you 100 per cent.

            • Anonymous says:

              Hammer Mann, if more people were like you, we would not be in this mess. I have read many of your comments, you write and phone. This takes time and i think it is admirable that you go to this trouble.
              Write what you want and don’t worry what others think .Everything you send and receive is evidence. I imagine that one day the truth will be revealed. This day is fast approaching.

  8. John A. LERoy says:

    To Steve Weller
    Sorry Steve you need competent electrical engineers, materials engineers and physicists along with biologists who are willing to listen. An understanding of how a cell functions in relation to energy pulses is an absolute necessity to unravel the process of how they are damaged thereby causing ensuing problems listed above,and more, and until it is accepted by biologists that cells propagate and function spontaneously is a complete and utter nonsense the problem will not be resolved to the satisfaction of the dumb witted authorities., including ARPANSA who have been made aware of the where, how and why their recommendations are in error, along with those of similar authorities world wide, but have not got the gumption to go back on their initial advice, despite the fact if left unattended to, these meters and their outputs have the potential to wipe out exposed populations including themselves and their families in the distant future due to cancer as occurred to the exposed population at Maralinga, (!6 km away and exposed to radiation for a few seconds, not day in day out for years and at the rate of 15,000 pulses per day as with the meters) who suffered cancers many years later despite not showing any signs of heating etc. at the time.
    I have supplied ARPANSA, The Minister for Energy, Energy Victoria etc with all of the necessary details including scientific supporting facts and evidence of how the damage is done, but I am afraid they are more interested in their standing and positions in the community and their moneyed friends interests to back pedal, in short, they are not up to it.
    If you contact me I am more than happy to deliver to you all the science, engineering and physics aspects that are involved and by the way , despite my pleading , not one of the above mentioned authorities have been able to cast just one criticism on my theory.

    John LeRoy. retired Senior Professional Engineer.

    • Steve says:

      John, you are correct. No single field (science or engineering) can provide all the answers and I neglected to include the engineers and physicists into the list. By the way I have also received your papers from SSMA.

      You may be interested reading this thesis
      It relates to how a government of a nation that tries to sell itself as being a model for democracy and human decency experimented on its own population with radioactive materials without consent. The thesis is entitled “The Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, research on the health effects of radioactive materials, and tests on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis, 1945—1970”
      The thesis explains “how organizations can successfully, systematically, and purposefully impede meaningful information flow to an external audience, in order to manipulate public opinion, impede public debate and dialogue, and to ensure that the significance of harmful organizational actions will be unknown to or underestimated by an external audience. Three specific mechanisms (snipping, spinning, and blizzarding) are explained… Snipping and blizzarding are original concepts, and unique to the literature. The three mechanisms (along with stonewalling) are used to regulate information outflow in an effort to obfuscate, downplay, or deny damaging organizational information to various internal and external parties. The purposeful and strategic utilization of these mechanisms thereby create internal effects (ethical autism) and external effects (social autism) on various audiences, whereby insiders and outsiders are deceived as to potential dangers or harmful acts, and whereby full and open debate is strategically suppressed. In this way, we can explain how “ethical lapses” might occur inside large organizations or coalitions that employ hundreds or thousands of individuals who move in and out of the organization over extended periods of time, such as during the five decades of state – sponsored human subject testing in the United States.”
      It is clear the Government and ARPANSA are engaged in unethical and immoral behaviour as they ignore those who are suffering and purposefully disseminate half truths and misinformation to protect their goals. We can speculate on many potential reasons but we can’t know for sure without a public inquiry and they will do their utmost to ensure that wont happen.
      There is a term for people who do nothing to help those who are suffering and cause more suffering with their deliberate actions – Psychopaths.

      • Paul says:

        All in the name of Agenda 21

      • John A. LERoy says:

        It is obvious that complaining about what is happening is like water off a ducks back to officialdom. By establishing the how and why we stand to be more successful, but even this approach is not likely to succeed unless they are lawfully required to respond.
        If you have managed to reach the point of reading my latter papers you will know that I have achieved an understanding that the damage the incompatible energy pulses from the meters can do to the DNA, is one of the causes of cancer, as part of my investigation into the overall cause of cancer and that scientific facts, phenomenon and experimental results exist to support my conclusions. ARPANSA and the others have been acquainted with this as I have striven to get some action from them all to no avail.
        A further problem exists however in that as they ignore what the smart meters are causing, they are not taking the opportunity to confirm the ins and outs of the how and why of all cancer developments that the output of the meters play a small but integral part in. Further the causes of other similar problems as to those associated with the meters are not followed up and are ignored.
        It is a case of Unintended consequences where due to their pig headiness they have let the opportunity to resolve the overall cause of cancer as well as the other genetic problems to pass them by, just as all other “Good” scientists do resulting in millions suffering further and $ billions of grants etc for aimless research being squandered
        As I see it Steve the only way out of it is, once you have satisfied yourself as to the veracity of my papers, giving them academic support, then the evidence be introduced into a court case where the installation of the meters is being fought..
        I am including one of the papers “Penetration of Protein by Energy Pulses (and the cause of Cancer )” so others can judge for themselves.

        Regards, John
        Penetration of Protein molecule by energy pulses. (And cause of cancer)

        The only reactive entities involved in every living species are the DNA molecules and as such they are the life giving factor and Proteins, hormones etc. are the building blocks of life.
        All normal environment effects a species is exposed to activate the DNA molecules resulting in output reactions from its cells. These effects are all, on critical examination, by way of primary energy pulses emanating from the environment, and/or secondary chemical energy conduits e.g. a sugar molecule when chemically reduced within a cell releases controlled energy pulses synonymous with its evolved species characteristics and the environment it was established in and grew in.
        The energy pulses involved are from sources including various types of carbon based chemical molecules obtained from sustenance and those chemicals developed within a eukaryotic specimen’s cells as a result of a reaction to energy source inputs including primary environmental energy. Cells evolved in a complex process utilizing available elements from the species environment by the DNA molecules reaction to these sources of energy and the outputs are relevant to the species survival in its environment.
        The forerunner of the origination of life and genes occurred when on the initial formation of the chemical DNA molecule in the primeval swamp, on exposure to resonating pulsing environmental energy (heat) certain of the nucleotide pairs of the molecule became physically damaged by the resulting vibration effects and an enzyme aided chemical reaction occurred continually replacing these damaged nucleotide pairs, with pairs of a different orientation (Regulatory Memory, RM), until they were in harmony with the frequency and amplitude of the incoming environmental energy pulses whilst adjacent pairs although not physically destroyed were strained beyond their elastic limit and this was the initial gene. Carbon C14 radioactive isotopes and Potassium radioactive isotopes K40 were also present in the swamp environment, providing a magnetic field.
        The incoming energy pulses continued to vibrate the RM nucleotide pairs that were now tuned to resonate harmonically through this magnetic field generating an electric current in them that was restricted to the involved nucleotide pairs by a materials property known as quantum tunneling.
        Accompanying the electric current a generated force field surrounding the conducting nucleotide pairs was rising and falling in cohesion with the environment effects.
        This generated force field highlighted the damaged state of the strained (gene) nucleotides “Switching” on a chemical reaction (mRNA), that supported their survival and hence the DNA molecule in the environment. This response was the initiation of a chemical reaction, resulting in a basic protein (The Chromatin) that eventually protected the DNA molecule by a hit and miss process with its arrangement of integral amino acid molecules that protected the DNA molecule from further excessive damage from the incoming environmental energy pulse effects.
        The life process began when the environment began to slowly change and became more complex resulting in incoming pulsing energy of various wave lengths and amplitudes, relevant to the environment but able to penetrate the initial protective protein, chromatin, as it had not been evolved to provide the necessary protection, but as the environment changes were controlled and persistent, retrievable damage was caused to the nucleotide pairs activating an enzyme assisted chemical repair and replacement process thereby establishing an increasing number of them involved in gene development of the DNA molecule resulting in an adapted output of a controlled process of protein production etc. activated by them, that protected the DNA molecule from further destructive damage by these pulsing energy inputs resulting in its and the evolving species survival in this environment. This included reactive genes involved in establishing a complex arrangement of the protein chromatin, thereby providing protection against an ever increasing range of environmental energy pulses as the environment became more complex.
        Eventually multi cell species came into being and with the mitochondria process providing energy 24 hours a day the Eukaryotic species took off with the phenomenon of gene installation increasing.
        Additional genes and their accompanying RM’s were added and adjusted, extending the DNA molecule as damage repair took place when an enzyme assisted chemical replacement process took place resulting in changed and additional numbers of installed nucleotide pairs, in a hit and miss process that eventually ceased when equilibrium occurred due to the protection provided by the now adapted and increasingly complex original specifically formulated chromatin protein that surrounded the DNA chromosomes in the cell nucleus i.e. the incoming energy pulses could no longer gain significant access to the DNA nucleotides and the process of adjusting coded nucleotide pairs temporarily ceased. (This is a continuing ongoing process, evolution and life). The gene nucleotide pairs of the DNA molecule (chromosome) are now in an arrangement representative of the damaging vibrations (Genes are the “coded” arrangement of nucleotide pairs that have been strained beyond their elastic limit by the vibration effect of the incoming relevant environmental energy pulses, and are now representative of the incoming energy pulses due to the hit and miss elimination process that results in the adaption of the gene’s nucleotide pairs to this coded arrangement resulting in the cell’s production of appropriate proteins etc. The protein produced has an arrangement of the constituent amino acid molecules that provides a muffling function resulting in survival of the species in its environment. The gene has, through the ongoing development of the process become representative of the effects of these energy pulses and therefore is a record/ memory of the effects that caused the damage). With the ongoing repetition of these energy pulses the arrangement of nucleotide pairs (RM,) associated with the gene, not strained beyond their elastic limit but ‘evolved to be tuned to the frequency of this incoming energy pulse are activated and “switch” on the relevant gene by the electricity generated process and the gene is initiated to activate an output process from the cell of protein etc., that results in the physical damaging effects of this energy pulse input on the nucleotide pairs being nullified or a mental reaction that is protective or leads to survival of the species, and this output then results in the cells extended survival in the environmental conditions.
        Incoming, controlled environmental energy pulses result in the DNA chromosome genes of various differentiated cell types being activated and initiating a controlled output (Both mental, where applicable, and physical) from related organs etc. that in every Eukaryotic species represents its characteristic of life output resulting in it being compatible with its environment. Any slight persistent change to the energy pulse input from a persistent environment change results in this energy pulse penetrating the chromatin protein protection, causing further adaptation to a gene(s) and the RM nucleotide pairs by a hit and miss process that eventually results in the changed energy pulse no longer causing an immediate damaging effect as the newly adapted coding resulting in a changed formulation of the cells protein, eventually resulting in the species being compatible with this environment (evolution) as the effected cells outputs are adjusted. (If the change is drastic then the DNA molecules are damaged beyond control and the species suffers extinction).
        The illustration page 60 The Science of Zoology (McGraw-Hill book company) is representative of a protein molecule and in this case it is the Chromatin in the cell’s nucleus that is produced, encasing and protecting the cell’s DNA chromosomes from the excessive vibration damage potential that the environmental energy pulses have. The controlled energy pulses then access the DNA molecules and activate the relevant genes, achieving controlled survival reactions (life).
        Referring to the article, the diagrammatic line intersecting the “R” factors is representative of the helix trajectory of an evolved arrangement of the amino acid molecules that in themselves are three dimensional. Pre generation (Inherited) genes and incoming environmental energy pulses involved in the evolution and the functioning of the DNA genes of the differentiated cell are involved in the chromatin protein coding formulae and hence the production of this protective arrangement of the amino acid molecules making up the protein molecule. The arrangement of these molecules provides a damping effect for the incoming normal environmental related energy pulses by sequentially absorbing energy from them and hence reducing the energy that finally impacts the DNA nucleotides thereby extending its physical life. When a persistent small change to the existing environment energy pulse occurs the RM and gene coding responsible for protein production is adjusted by a hit and miss event as the energy pulse is not protected against and penetrates to the DNA chromosome resulting in controllable damage and an adjustment to the DNA’s chromosome gene nucleotide pairs coding until chromatin protein protective molecules, of a slightly adjusted amino acid molecule arrangement result with the protective capacity being reinstated. (This energy change results in evolution as the cells overall output is also adjusted as gene change or addition occurs).

        The chromatin for humans may be a conglomerate of proteins providing protection against the specific energy inputs associated with the genes of the differentiated cells performance and the common heat energy input in any differentiated cell.

        As the protective protein (The chromatin) has been evolved to dampen existing energy pulses the application of significantly different energy pulses to those normally present in the environment e.g. man induced energy pulses including radiations outside of those normally experienced in an environment, are not protected against and can penetrate the protein, they may cause irretrievable damage to the evolved arrangement of the nucleotide pairs coded for replacing the chromatin protein coating that surrounds the chromosomes, and this coding then spells out the formulation of a protein molecule that no longer provides the full damping effect required against the impact of the normal environmental energy pulse on the chromosome’s nucleotide pairs.
        The effects of these energy pulses as they gain further access creates damage to the coded nucleotide pairs resulting in the chromatin protein formulae deteriorating further with increasing access for the energy pulses as the process goes into cyclical mode. Over the propagation of generations of this cell the increasing irretrievably destructive damage to the nucleotide pairs of the chromosome results in expansion of the problem to associated chromosomes with their eventual break up (Ref) into numerous minor chromosomes as the cell is rapidly driven to uncontrolled propagation by the increased energy effects accessing the genes that activate cell production. Due to the now stressed remaining nucleotide pairs suffering an increased rate of fatigue due to the energy impact by passing the now non damping effect of the chromatin protein and subsequent division of the DNA molecules, it results in the time of the life span between the initial development and eventual propagation of the dysfunctional cells being drastically reduced.
        Initially the protein output of the cell is affected and not matched to the immune cells sensory expectations of the cells output from the established DNA chromosomes and being irregular the affected cells are normally dispensed with, however occasionally an individual damaged cell may be missed resulting in the immune system being overwhelmed as the propagation of this cell results in numbers of increasingly defective cells rapidly propagating, with hugely increased energy demands as they rapidly build.
        These cells are now running amok, overwhelming the immune system and tending towards building a conglomerate of parasitical organs.
        Depending on the extent of the damage initially incurred it may take many generations of cells for this process to be fully established, hence cancer may not occur until many years after the causal event.
        The cause of the problem besides radiation may be stable chemicals (e.g. Asbestos, nicotine etc.) intruding into the activating gene’s coded arrangement of nucleotide pairs for chromatin production resulting in a dysfunctional formulation of the protein with an arrangement of amino acid molecules that no longer adequately muffle the incoming energy pulses, Viruses when present in the DNA molecule may disrupt the nucleotide pairs coding and intervene with the resulting production of chromatin protein being dysfunctional. An inherited mutation may also cause the problem and these may appear later in life as the differentiated cell is brought into operation.

        Ref: “Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer”. by Peter Duesberg. Scientific American. May 2007

        Suggested Treatment for cancer
        Olive Oil is a lucrative source of Mono-unsaturated fat that when the oil is present in the diet is converted into macromolecules (Chylomicrons) in the lower intestine, that are a large combined molecule consisting of a combination of fat and protein that are then dispersed in the blood stream. Anti-oxidants are also present in the oil.
        A cancer cell utilizes up to fifteen to twenty times the energy that a normal cell does as it rapidly propagates and divides.
        Supply of this energy is provided to the cell by sugar molecules along with primary energy and these molecules are conducted to them by the blood flow.
        The sugar molecules are chemically broken down in the cell releasing energy pulses in a controlled process that supplies, along with primary heat energy input, the required energy for functional processes but the differentiated cell is activated via its relevant DNA genes when evolved incoming carbon based chemical molecules are chemically reduced releasing energy impulses of a particular frequency that activate the Regulatory Memory RM nucleotide pairs resulting in activation via the associated gene of an output from the cell providing physical protection and therefore survival of the species in this aspect of the environment. This process occurs in conjunction with the activation of other differentiated cells when other relevant evolved incoming chemicals activate complementary outputs from the cells that on activation of the appropriate genes an integrated process results causing reactions (mRNAs) that guide the different cell’s complex outputs resulting in survival of the DNA molecules and hence aids in the survival of the species.
        If the blood transporting the sugar around the body has Chylomicrons (Macromolecules) suspended in it they are also transported around the body. They are composed of fat and protein produced in a complex process involving the mono-unsaturated fat provided by the olive oil and this eventually results in, if in sufficient quantities, the affected cell being dealt with in a quasi-similar fashion as the autoimmune system deals with infected cells. The protein component of the chylomicron macromolecules lock into the cell receptors and the fat components inundate the cancerous energy hungry cell preventing it being accessed with the required sugar resulting in it being deprived of its excessive energy requirement and in its eventual demise.
        Additionally the anti-oxidant destroys oxidants thus reducing their influence in cancer occurrence.
        Unlike in the case where cancer cells that are treated with radiation or chemo therapy result in problematic side effects and stray effected cells being missed with cancers reappearing and spreading, every affected cell in these conditions self-inflicts its own demise.
        Appropriate dosage and period required are not known and are subject to experimental verification, however it appears 9 table spoons a day for an 85 Kilo person can be tolerated but it is suggested that the maximum dose possible would be the most effective.

        1. Support for this theory comes from the fact that Mediterranean populations whose diet encompasses a lot more olive oil than other western societies and statistically suffer less cancers.
        2. It is possible that the macromolecules cannot penetrate the brain screen barrier due to their size and therefore it may require brain specialists to investigate the possibility of injecting them.

        Note: This paper is copyright by John A. LeRoy and no changes may be made without the authors consent

      • Ainsleigh says:

        Imagine the people paying $5 Billion for electricity that they do not receive.

        “To stop the idea that public office is an opportunity for private profit”
        This needs to sink deep into the ears of those corrupt men and women in Spring St.

  9. Hammer Mann says:

    Hi Paul,
    Spot on there pal. I have spoken to the two men there who call themselves scientists. They are not proper scientists as they refuse to see the truth which I have explained to them how even at very low levels of Electric Microwave Radiation many blood tests have shown how the red blood clumps together and in so doing becomes deoxygenated thus explaining many thus affected peoples feelings of extreme lassitude and other microwave illnesses when exposed to this both human and all life sickness making radiation. By ARPANSA only concentrating on the thermal effects of Microwave Radiation I allege that they are proving to be a bunch of dopy Ostriches constantly keeping their heads in the sand. ARPANSA you are not proper Scientists when you are knowingly blind and continue to be so stupid and wilfully ignorant.

    • Anonymous says:

      They see the truth, they all can see the truth. The truth will cost billions of dollars. The truth could result in huge lawsuits. The truth can potentially land some of them in jail.
      They see the truth, they are just hoping we can’t see the truth.

  10. Penny says:

    Since these smart meters have been installed in my suburb I have the ringing in the ears, damn annoying it nearly always seems to be there and seems to effect me hearing what people are saying to me. I agree with what Paul has said in his comment.

  11. Chris says:

    you know the answer Paul. Bribes and Corruption.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      A SIMILIE to the Old Testament Bible,
      And the Great King of Babylon’s pride had exalted itself above all of man’s great wickedness. And as that great King looked upon the wall of his palace a moving finger came out of the wall which was the finger of God and wrote these words.
      “Thou o King of Babylon hast been weighed in the balance and found wanting, then the moving finger moved on,” and that wicked King became terrified and shook like a leaf in the wind so great was the terror in his heart. Soon after he died and the look of terror never left his EVIL FACE.”

      The truth of the Great Wickedness of these Evil Microwave and far from Smart Meters still being enforced on so many people here in Victoria is an abomination unto God and Jesus Christ and unto all mankind. I allege this wickedness’ is in the corrupt hearts of these C.E.O’s of these four foreign owned Electric Power Companies and United Energy’s C.E.O’s and the whole of the Australian Governments in every State of Australia, they are I allege all corrupt and need to be expunged. The truth has been told to these Rapinely greedy and corrupt men, but they choose to stop their ears from the TRUTH.

      Yea, soon cometh their downfall as it came to King Nebuchadnezzar of olden times, therefore mark well the words of the moving finger in the Old Testament.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes you can look, but not see. Sometimes you hear, but don’t listen. Make them see. Make them listen. Make them accountable.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Jesus Christ said,
      ” There are none to blind as those who will not see.” How true this is of A.R.P.A.N.S.A’s so called scientists who aren’t proper Scientists, when one has had the unfortunate responsibility of speaking to these I allege to be frightened and timid two men not worthy of the name of scientists. Ken and Keith both like timid little Bunny Rabbits too frightened I allege to tell the truth lest they lose their jobs. Again I allege both to be GUTLESS WONDERS who need to be immediately SACKED !

      • Anonymous says:

        The CEO Of Arpansa is responsible, not the smaller people down the bottom. The CEO needs to go. The CEO of ACMA needs to initiate precautions immediately or he should resign as well. The Department of Health needs to initiate precautions or they need to also find another Chief Health Officer. These three departments were supposed to put precautions in place to protect the people. These three departments are supposed to put precautions in and if they won’t, they are responsible for any damages..

  13. Paul says:

    I’m furious! ARPANSA is either completely useless or is being ‘paid off’ somehow. Why do they ignore all other effects of microwave radiation and focus purely on the heating effects, which we all agree are negligible? ARPANSA have you looked at the effects on the blood/brain barrier, the effect on melatonin production, the increase in cancers? No you haven’t!

    ARPANSA = Any Real Progress And New Science Abandoned!

    • Rik says:

      Exactly. They don’t care as they have been paid to look the other way and ignore the truth.
      Why do you think I’m replying to this at 3am? I cant sleep anymore. I cant think clear and I have a bloody loud heartbeat in my ear all the time making me go crazy. When did this all start? The day after the first smart meters were installed in this area. I refused and I keep my meterbox locked so I dont have one but as every block here has 3 houses that means there are 3x the meters here than a lot of other areas.
      I had minimal medical conditions before, Now I have so many I call my sickness “The Alphabet” as there are so many different conditions all abbreviated its just a bunch of letters now.
      And just like my conditions and me in general I’ve been sweaped under the rug by everyone. The government doesnt listen, the doctors laugh at me when I say the Smart Meters are the reason why I’m like I am.

      Stupid givernment wants to cut pensions but its forcing people onto them with these damn smart meters. I cant work, some days I struggle to get out of bed and when I do I cant remember what I am supposed to do. My mind has gone, I swear I’ve lots about 50 IQ points I feel so stupid now. I used to be high above the average, now I feel I’m way below the average.
      Thanks smart meters, you’ve made me dumb.

      • Katy says:

        I hear you Rik. My life has been turned on its head since these smart metres came out. I struggle to live in my house as my neighbours metres which are connected to solar panels have made me so sick that living in my home has become a nightmare. When these things are connected to solar they affect me so much more than your regular smart metre which is also detrimental to my health. It used to be half of my house that became a no go zone for me, closest to the neighbours metres, but over a year ago when new owners moved in my whole house became a living nightmare for me. I started to feel unwell in my whole house with the same symptoms I got around smart metres and smart metres only. For my body to feel any sort of calm and normality, I am forced to walk around my home with a sheilding curtain over my head and I need to sleep with one over my head too. This is how my life has become, its insane that i must now live like this in my own home. My body feels unwell in my house only but when I am out of the home I feel great. So I avoid being home as much as possible which I hate and it’s so wrong that I now must live like this. I was never sick before, but since the smart metre roll out my body just can’t be around them let alone connected to our wiring. I am convinced the neighbours wiring is being affected by their smart metre hence affecting me in my whole house now. Didn’t think this was even possible but there are so many indicators pointing to this scenario. I live in an attached terraces in the inner city so what ever changes these smart metres cause I’m always going to be prone to being affected because I have become so sensative to them. I think of moving all the time, but I am scared I will only be moving the problem. Every other house in Vic has a smart metre. Can I remove a smart metre at my own cost and re-position it off the house or will that just become another useless fight with the power company’s. I am so sick and tired of dealing with them. They show no compassion nor understanding and I am so tired of constantly fighting with them. Moving is scary as there are no guarantees that I won’t be affected in a new house nor can anyone guarantee that it won’t affect my wiring in a new house. I just can’t have one connected on a house period. The chances of this happening is zero. I also know that I can’t continue to live like this for touch longer either. I crave my old life back, the one I had pre smart metres. I have forgotten how it feels to feel well in your home, to feel peace and tranquility in your home. To just feel normal in home. I have been robbed and my rights to feel safe and well in my home have been violated.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am convinced the neighbours wiring is being affected by their smart metre hence affecting me in my whole house now.

          Katy, it’s possible that it’s the wiring in your own house that is being affected. Dirty power on your wiring can also cause you problems. Just a little thing I can suggest for you to try Katy. At night prior to going to bed, go to your meter box and switch off the circuit powering any power points located on the wall directly behind your bed bead. Do this for a few weeks and see if that makes any difference to how you feel.

          • Katy says:

            My husband has a knack of doing this anyway to save power, so all our power points are turned off except the fridge. We don’t have a cordless phone, nor is our wi-fi on but having said that I work in a office building surrounded by everyone’s wi-fi and I feel better at work than my home.
            I’m convinced it has something to do with the neighbours house, their smart meter and solar panels. Still doesn’t make any sense though as their meter is at the front of the house and our bedroom is at the back of the house, at least 20 metres away. It all started when the neighbours moved out and the renters moved in. The very same day bang I started to feel unwell and nothing has changed 1 yr later. I have rang the power company to check the neighbours connection of the meter and solar to make sure all is working well together, they said nothing has changed and that the power was never turned off in between the house being vacant all that happened is the tenants connected their power account. Which makes sense of course still something in the environment on that day changed and I can’t figure it out for the life of me what it was I can only speculate. So I suffer everyday and hope that what ever it is just goes away sooner rather than later. Of course I am the only one that feels whatever is going on and of course my husband and kids think I am looney.

            • Paul says:

              No Katy, you are not looney! You are susceptible. Yours neighbours’ smart meter is probably generating ‘dirty electricity’ in your home.

            • sdjm says:

              Katy, I would not be surprised if it is the solar panels causing your problems. I always feel exhausted when I visit my sisters home and have constant head pain (I’m EHS also). She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer ( at 36!) and has had solar connected to a smart meter for the past few years. Draw your own conclusion… it isn’t just in your head, most people don’t want to “wake-up” to what is happening around them.

              • Gregory Tame says:

                It’s all connected isn’t it. Solar Panels, inverters, smart meters, dirty electricity and even nearby mobile towers, how exactly they interplay perhaps we don’t fully understand but interplay they certainly do and we know it ain’t just in our head.

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