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The tiny US town of Green Bank, West Virginia is in the ‘quiet zone’ – free from wireless communications due to the sensitivity of a high-powered telescope. That makes it attractive to ‘electrosensitives’ like Diane Schou – those who are unable to live with the frequencies emitted by modern electrical devices.

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7 Responses to Inside the ‘quiet zone’, home to electrosensitives | Lateline

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  2. Amaron says:

    Thanks SMA for bringing this story to my attention. According to the wikipedia page ‘United States National Radio Quiet Zone’, the area mentioned in the story is a rectangle of 13,000 sq miles in size. I quickly googled and found a similar place in Australia, although it is in the middle of nowhere. Located in Western Australia, it is the Murchison Radio Astronomy zone and has 110 people living in its vicinity.

    Yeah …. maybe we should just fight off the smart meter installers instead.

  3. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Mr Daniel Andrews and Ms Lily D’ Ambrosio,
    Please read all of this. We here in Victoria are having the same type of problems, it’s very worrying to me and should be to both of you. It’s time to remove all of these dopy type Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving meters here in Victoria and reinstall the safe and passive Analog Electric Meters taken from the privately owned homes and or small businesses as well. Note please that the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria must pay all of the costs as it was they who removed the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters in the first place.

  4. Eric says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a hidden smart meter that nobody knew about was “sniffed” out by an electrohypersensitive person. Not even a bloodhound could have been so efficient.

  5. Redback says:

    isn’t it interesting – if another electronic device is “sensitive” to frequencies emitted by an electrical devices all care will be taken.
    If people are sensitive to frequencies emitted by modern electrical devices nobody cares !!!!!!!

    • Ruby Q says:

      Exactly. I couldn’t help but note the slightly condescending tone of the news report. I find it ironic that The Age reported on the use of Melatonin for treating children with sleep problems and the concern that it may have detrimental health effects as it hasn’t been deemed safe, yet when people express their concern regarding smart meters and other wireless devices in the belief that all is not well they are treated as if they are making their symptoms up. Not to mention hypersensitive children who can’t explain their symptoms, or perhaps don’t even know what feeling normal is like! It saddens me that there is such a blanket refusal to take this issue seriously.

  6. Paul says:

    Maybe they can take an extra 23,000,000 people from Australia, who would also like to escape EMR.

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