Smart meters spiral | Herald Sun

Electricity smart meter fees have sucked up to $1000 from [Victorian] households….Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio did not directly answer why Victoria was the only state to order a digital meter rollout to homes and small businesses.

Full article from Herald Sun Consumer reporter Karen Collier can be found here


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  1. Anonymous says:

    ” smaller number of customers ” ? I see that as discrimination based on population size.

  2. John Vosti says:

    With regard to the “extra” meter reading charge that the distributors are “allowed” to charge, remember one simple thing. Under the implied contract that a consumer has with a distributor, the cost of reading the meter is INCLUDED in the service charges. Therefore, if a distributor wishes to impose a meter reading charge upon all of us who still have analogue meters, THEN the distributor MUST reduce the service charges by the same amount BEFORE charging for the meter reading service. The act of charging a person twice for the same item is, I believe, theft if it is done with intent and foreknowledge. I for one WILL go to court if they try that stunt on me.

    • Cameron says:

      John, meter reading charge is the term used for any extra charge levied that is illegitimate. On this basis, we may in future see references to meter reading charge numbers 3, 4, 5, 6…….etc whenever the power companies feel they would like to grab some more money off us.

  3. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Main things – the consumer pays, one way or another (Bills or taxes); no safety has been established, although it is claimed (without scientific validity), seriously challenged by authentic research, and not backed by consumer protection; mandate is selective, also without commonsense; no real benefits to the customer at all, only the companies and controlling authorities.
    The list goes on!

    • Paul says:

      Regarding safety. Would Lily buy a car off me if I guaranteed that it was safe and that the (only) safety check consisted of checking the rear indicator lamp? I think not! Then why is it that we are told that smart meters are safe because ARPANSA has told us that they have checked the heating effect of smart meters only? What about the effect on the blood/brain barrier? what about the effect on melatonin production? what about the onset of tinnitus, which I now suffer from? what about…? what about…? Lily, you are a complete twit!!!

  4. The Girl Next Door says:

    Write her a letter, book an appointment to see her. I have. The more of us that go to see her, the more she will take this issue seriously. Simply say to her – I am not happy to be forced to have a smart meter, I dont think they are a good idea.

    If we all do it, then she will be more likely to act on our behalf.

    By the way….what the hell is happening to our country? This whole situation is ridiculous that we virtually have to beg our representatives to represent us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you get an appointment? If you did, when did you see her? What did she say? What was was the outcome of your meeting? Did she actually tell you that you don’t have to have a smart meter?
      How could she not be aware the issue is not serious by now? People are sick, people have moved, people have paid huge amounts of money to shield or re locate their meters. People have begged and pleaded. People have had to defend their homes.
      Good luck getting Lily to act on your behalf.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you realize that the Government gave the orders for smart meters to be installed?

      • Anonymous says:

        The De facto government gave the order, not the true government (the people). I would argue “show me the record of the Will of the constituents”

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am not surprised M’s D’anbrosio has not responded. When she was Shadow Energy Minister she would respond to my emails, with ,’Write to the Government’. Now she is the Energy Minister she can’t fob you off to someone else because she is the Energy Minister.
    Where are those health tests? Labour did nothing to block the manual meter charge. Where are the health tests. I have written everywhere, not one person can give me any health tests at all showing smart meter radiation is safe.

    • ingrid says:

      Is there a manual meter charge that is very different to prior to Smart Meters?
      If so, it hasn’t been listed separately on my bill.
      I still have a STOP No Smart Meter sign and lovely lock.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      One of the reason that Ms Lily D’Ambrosio has not responded, is because there is no Lawful Roll-out and forcing people to accept any of these Electric Microwave A.M.I and far from Smart Meters in the first place. What has happened since the roll-out of these machines was and still is a CRIME of the Greatest Magnitude.

      Please see ” The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006″ below. These tests are not allowed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights either,

      But they are still being done by Wicked Stealth. Firstly the tests were Unlawfully carried out under Mr John Brumby’s Labor Government when Mr Peter Bachelor was made the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources. He did not last long with this Poisoned Chalice he was given by Mr John Brumby. He Mr Peter Bachelor did have some genuine pangs of Conscience it seems, unlike the three Victorian Liberal Party Ministers for Energy and Resources of firstly Mr Michael O’Brien and then when he threw in the towel this poisoned chalice was given to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, who was soon rid of it when it was given to Mr Russell Northe the last Victorian Liberal Party Minister for Energy and Resources.

      I allege that from the beginning of this roll-out around 2009 of these now proving to be Poisonous to All Life dopy Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines that also responsible for this I allege to be ongoing CRIME was Mr Ted Baillieu the Premier of the Victorian Liberal Party and also Mr Denis Napthine the last Victorian Premier. I allege that both of these last two Victorian Liberal Party Premiers have also been complicit in this extortionate Evil of Rapinely stealing ever more money from the Victorian peoples’ already Cash Strapped Pockets.

      There has been No Lawful Duty of Care shown by either the Victorian Labor or Liberal Party Governments for the citizens of Victoria’s Health or Welfare and this is a total disgrace for which both of the Victorian Labor and Liberal Parties MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE !

      One may do Electric Microwave tests on laboratory mice and rats, but certainly not on humans, as it is Unlawful to do so.
      Please see the Victorian Charter of Health and Responsibilities Act 2006 Clause 10 with clauses…………… ( a ), ( b ), ( c ) below (a) ( b) and (c) all below.

      VICTORIAN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ACT 2006 – SECT 10, The forcing of these Electric Microwave Meters upon the Citizens of Victoria as has been happening and is still happening and still is a CRIME from the beginning of the roll-out around 2009 when you look at ( a ) ( b ) and ( c )

      A person must not be—
      (a) subjected to torture; or

      (b) subjected to torture; or (b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way; or

      (c) subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent.

      Please note carefully that neither the John Brumby Victorian Labor Government with Mr Peter Bachelor as the Victorian Minister for Energy and resources showed any Lawful Duty of Care for the Victorian Peoples’ Health and Welfare in any way at all, which was I allege to have been a Criminal Act on Labor’s part. I also name and shame the Victorian Liberal Party who won office after Labor was dismissed. These three then incumbent and I allege to be Weak and Spineless Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources, firstly Mr Michael O’Brien and then Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and then after him Mr Russell Northe the last of the Victorian Liberal Party Ministers for Energy and Resources in like manner showed no Lawful Duty of Care for their Victorian People’s Health or Welfare in any way at all. This I allege also makes them complicit in Wickedness.

      I am also naming and shaming the two Victorian Liberal Party Premiers Mr Ted Baillieu and Mr Denis Napthine who I allege have been complicit in the same wickedness and also need to be punished severely for these I allege to have been truly callous and wicked acts of forcing these now proving to be manifold types of Sickness Making Electric Microwave A.M.I and far from Smart broadcasting and receiving machines on the public of Victoria which were never wanted by these people in the first place.

      It was and still is this continuing and wicked Lust for Money or Filthy Lucre which drove these I allege to be Unprincipled and Morally bankrupt people I have been forced to name and shame to continually to torture their own Victorian Citizens and still are seemingly so doing as neither Ms Lily D’Ambrosio has sought yet to reverse the roll-out of these machines, although the people of Victoria want to be rid of these now proving to be Human Sickness and Animal and All Life sickness making machines.

      She the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Ms Lily D’ Ambrosio of this now incumbent Victorian Labor Party must put an immediate stop to this absolute Madness of the still being rolled-out Poisonous and far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I Machines which are still being rolled-out today through Wicked Stealth and pressure tactics of the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria at this very moment.

      Ms Lily D’Ambrosio must also get these five Electric Power Companies to remove every Electric Microwave A.M.I and far from Smart Meter, many now proving to be INCENDIARY machines as well, and reinstall every Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meter which these four overseas owned Electric Power Companies have removed by Stealing or by Stealth and or bullying these hapless Victorian Victims. As well as this these same four overseas Electric Power Companies and the Australian owned United Energy Distribution Company must be made to pay for removing these dangerous to All Life dopy machines and they must also pay for the safe and proper reinstallation of the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters they have stored in their Warehouses. Nothing less than this will satisfy me or the rest of the citizens of Victoria.

      • Sally Reynolds says:

        Yes, I think you’re right on there. I’m sure the government minister would be aware that there are so many people out there crying out for these devices to be removed from their homes and it is just so wrong for the government not to adhere to the demands of the people. In effect it’s like saying you must keep this device on your property or we’ll not provide you with essential services. I see that this type of inaction by the government minister as an act of ongoing blackmail of the Victorian people which to me certainly seems like a criminal act. The Victorian Government needs to be prosecuted for this.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      For: The Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources
      Ms Lily D’Ambrosio of The Daniel Andrews
      Labor Victorian Government
      Melbourne 3000
      Victoria, Australia

      From: Mr Richard Leschen
      Post Box 311 Ararat 3377
      Victoria Australia
      Office Phone 03 5352 3639

      18th March 2015.

      Dear Ms Lily D’Ambrosio,
      This I found below from a Google search as a hypertext transport protocol document in a simple form in purple below. I hope that you will please look at it and study it as it seems to me that the people at ARPANSA to whom I have already spoken are purposefully, and sad to say selectively blind to the truth which is that more and more people here in Victoria Australia and world-wide are becoming ever sicker from these Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving and actually spying machines posing as Electric meters. Adding to all of this Microwave Smog are the sending and receiving Microwave Radios atop of high towers and buildings and from the proliferation of Microwave Mobile Phones as well as Wi-Fi, also adding to the Microwave Smog all over Planet Earth, especially in the more densely populated towns throughout much of Victoria Australia and in other Australian cities and other countries on Earth.

      Click to access Naval-Medical-Research-Institute-1972.pdf


      Richard Leschen.

  6. Hammer Mann says:

    To Ms Lily D’ Ambrosio,
    Now that you ‘ Madam’ are the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources it is time you looked into this whole sorry saga of this as I allege it still to be Criminal Mess of wickedly forcing these now proving to be in more and more cases Sickness Making machines on the public of Victoria. These so-called Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machine which are not “SMART” in any way at all. Firstly the term ‘ SMART’ is a way to further dumb down a mainly gullible Victorian Public, many who fall for stupid and lying Sales and or Advertising Slogans, such as ‘Smart Meters’ which is an oxymoron. Your job Madam is to represent Us The People of Victoria who are your Employers and not for you to represent these I allege to be Criminal Chief Executive Officers C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies of Powercor and Citypower and Jemena and AusNet Services earlier named SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution who seemingly are only interested in maximising their Monetary Profits and don’t care a Tinker’s cuss how sick they keep making their Victorian Electricity Customers.

    Sadly the same went for Mr John Brumby the Premier of Victoria and his Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor. He Mr Peter Bachelor who through a weight of conscious threw in the towel and abandoned his job before time.

    When Labor got sacked Mr Ted Baillieu became the new Premier of the Victorian Liberal Party and when his Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources took over as the new Victorian Minister for Energy. Some time later he got lumbered with the increasing number of letters coming to him from people who had become very sick from these dopy and far from ‘Smart’ Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines. When these people went to their Medical Doctors complaining about these intense headaches and or chronic sleeplessness or palpitations of the heart or tinnitus = ringing of the ears, and or muscle cramps etc., which only occurred after the Electric Microwave A.M.I so-called Smart Meters had been installed. Even when a number of these Microwave affected people received Lawful Doctors Letters after being thoroughly examined by their Doctors of Medicine stating that these badly affected patients were to be allowed to have the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters returned to them, to replace these now proving to be adversely health affected patients, Mr Michael O’Brien showed his I allege to be Cruel and Nasty and Intransigent Streak and would not follow the Medical Doctor’s advice of allowing these patients to have the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters returned to them.
    These Perverse actions of Mr Michael O’Brien were both Cruel and Evil. When he Mr Michael O’Brien found things getting too hot for him he ‘SPAT THE DUMMY’ ! Exactly the same thing happened with Mr Nicholas Kotsiras as well and Mr Russell Northe, when they failed to follow the Medical Doctors orders of letting these Microwave adversely affected patients have the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters returned to them.

    I allege that these three Victorian Liberal Party Minister for Energy and Resources acted in both a Cruel and Criminal Fashion towards these Medical Doctors patients and that these same Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources need to be held fully accountable for their Callous Cruel and truly wicked actions. I further allege that when we the Victorian Public were promised to be met by Mr Michael O’Brien at his offices in letters we received from him, he failed to live up to his promised commitment. When we turned up on that day and at the appointed time Mr Michael O’Brien was not there to meet us and his then most embarrassed staff were put in a very invidious position. Simply put Mr Michael O’Brien had Chickened Out, he had shown himself to be a COWARD and had literally ‘Flown The Coop!’
    Sadly the exact same thing happened when we were sent letters by Mr Nicholas Kotsiras who promised to meet our delegation at his offices as well, then again the same thing happened when Mr Russell Northe promised to meet us in letters he’d earlier sent us. He too failed to keep his promise when we turned up at his offices, just like Mr Michael O’Brien’s staff and Mr Nicholas Kotsiras’s Staff Mr Russell Northe’s staff were in the invidious position of having to hold the baby. So these three GUTLESS excuses for Ministers for Energy and Resources showed that the three of them had a Yellow Streak down their backs. We the many people who turned up on those three occasions, some of us had come as far as two hundred to three hundred kilometres to meet these three Victorian Parliamentary Ministers on then three occasions and we were very angry and disappointed in the sheer lack of intestinal fortitude displayed by these three Victorian Ministers who proved themselves not fit to be Politicians or to represent the Office they were supposed to represent.

    Now for you Ms Lily D’Ambrosio as the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, are you going to sort out This Disgusting Mess and get the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters returned to those hapless Victorian Victims who have been brow beaten and Lied to by Lying C.E.O’s and their minions from these five Electricity Power Companies and previous Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources and pushy and far from Smart Meter Installer men, many who have lied and cheated these may Victorian Electricity Customers by stealing the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters from these now hapless Victims ? Or are you going to prove to me and to the rest of Victoria that you actually have some Intestinal Fortitude, or are you just going to Roll Over and do as these I allege to be Cruel and Money Grubbing and Corrupt five Electric Power Company C.E.O’s and their minions dictate to you, that is the BURNING QUESTION MADAM ? It behoves you Madam to obey US the Victorian People and not these Money Grubbing and Rabidly and Rapinely Greedy C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria mainly owned and controlled by China and or Singapore business Interest. Please think very carefully now. You can choose to Serve Us, Your Masters, if you are wise Madam. But if you choose to serve these Rapinely Greedy and I allege to be CORRUPT C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies Madam we the people Will Kick You and your boss Mr Daniel Andrews out of office long before the next Victorian Election.

    Remember what Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour said. “ A man cannot serve two masters, for he will love one, and hate the other.” It’s now up to you Ms Lily D’Ambrosio to show whether thou art obedient unto Us Your Employers or to those I allege to be CORRUPT ONES I have been forced to so name and Shame !


    Richard Leschen.

    • Jill says:

      a)She’s probably an atheist so leave out the god references.
      b) You need to make this a bit shorter without so much rhetoric because it gets boring and confusing. Use simpler language and tell her what you want without so many flourishes because your message gets lost in them.
      c) Cheers.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        I say that from Mr John Brumby onwards, that all of these Premiers and their Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources tied to this forced and wicked roll-out of these Damn Electric Microwave meters, are I allege Corrupt, and are short of any conscience whatsoever. That’s why they are toadying to these I allege to be Corrupt foreign owned Electric Power Companies and don’t give a Continental Stuff about the Victorians peoples health and welfare. Let their Day of Judgement come very soon indeed.

  7. Frank Carleton says:

    What is now needed is a comprehensive complaint against the latest do nothing minister which details the gross health and safety problems posed by smart meters with documented Victorian instances to the Human Rights Commission.
    Attitudinising about such issues and circulating technical data can be no substitute for taking on the self serving political class directly with maximum publicity.
    Both sides of the self serving party playground have treated Victorian citizens with tacit contempt.

  8. Alma Albrektson says:

    There are none so blind as those that will not see Ms Lily D’Ambrosio.

    The fact is “Madame”, that Victorians do not want smart meters, have no more regard for your spin and resent how your Victorian State Government (both past and present) has collaborated with Jemena, United Energy, SP Ausnet, Powercor and Citipower ie. these Singaporean, Hong Kong and Chinese corporates, to allow them to flog the products of the two even bigger global corporations being Landis & Gyr and Secure (the manufacturers of these products) to an unsuspecting Victorian customer base and which products I allege to be machines of death.

    Landis and Gyr have got a global footprint in most parts of most continents. Powercor pedal their little black boy E350 machine to their customer base. L&G have also another similar machine being pedalled by Distribution companies in Europe being the E450. What’s the difference you ask ? The E350 transmits wirelessly using microwave radiation. The E450 transmits over power line cable (PLC). It’s very clearly denoted in the specs (page 4).

    Click to access D000028191_E450_f_en.pdf

    Another interesting point from the E350 specs.

    Click to access landisgyr-u-series-e350

    “E350 can also be used as a traditional meter.
    What if you are not ready for a smart meter now?
    What if you want to invest in smart meters 4 years
    down the line, but have a meter replacement
    coming up now? Do you need to invest twice?
    E350 is designed to function as a traditional meter (standard
    type 5 or 6) by leaving the module section vacant.
    You have the flexibility of inserting the communications
    module to upgrade the E350 into a smart meter at any
    later date.”

    So what do you think of that Powercor customers ? This is the exact device that Powercor have forced upon western Victorians who have been treated as complete “dodos”. The fact is that stopping the radiation and the transmissions is as simple as removing the communications card. The fact is these devices are so versatile that they enable the installation of different communication modules for differing technologies being a choice of mesh network, wimax or 3G. The comms module that similarly slots into the E450 in Europe (and other continents) enables wired communication (PLC Power Line Carrier).

    And Secure Australasia is just part of Secure, also a very very global corporation. They manufacture the i-Credit “family” of machines as well as Silver Springs and other(s). Jemena and United Energy are flogging their i-Credit 500 device to their unwitting and non informed customer base. It’s the same deal with the removable communications card, something they would not want us dumbo Victorians to know about.

    Click to access I-credit_family.pdf

    This is not about benefits to Victorians whatsoever. This is about global corporations spreading their tentacles in every part of the globe and flogging their products to every individual on the planet. And I just wonder who these global corporates such as Landis & Gyr and Secure (not to mention Elstra, Itron, EDMI and Iskra) may themselves be working for when you see the extent to which Distributors and governments are going to in order to have every single man woman and child come under some sort of “governance” involving these devices.

    Lily D’Ambrosio, it’s very clear that ordinary Victorians have been and are still being treated as complete idiots and this is clearly the manner that you as a politician are showing yourself to be behaving when engaging with ordinary Victorians. Let me tell you “Madame” that some of us are definitely not idiots.

    Have a look at Iskra’s Distributed Smart Grid Data Monitoring Solution (picture on page 2). This is frightening. What sort of global agenda is this that we are not being told about ?,d.dGY

    • Elizabeth says:

      This is an interesting statement in the Secure document Alma refers to.
      “The range includes models with modular design – enabling communications module to be changed in the field without breaking meter calibration or installation seals.”
      It seems that the effort required to remove the communications card from Jemena and UE’s smart meter is very minimal indeed and yet Jemena and UE continue to torture and hold Victorians to ransom.

    • ingrid says:

      “The fact is that stopping the radiation and the transmissions is as simple as removing the communications card…” I like this. If I ever have to be in a place with a SM maybe I can alter it. Thankyou

      • Paul says:

        Nicely said, Alma. The global agenda to which you are referring is known as Agenda 21.

        The good news in respect of smart meters is that there are countless companies, research institutions and private individuals who are working on efficient energy storage systems (e.g. flow cell batteries) that will store energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar. These will store enough energy to enable households to be completely independent of the grid and the electricity companies are very worried. Expect to see such devices within 5 years

    • Peter says:


      you state that
      “The fact is these devices are so versatile that they enable the installation of different communication modules for differing technologies being a choice of mesh network, wimax or 3G.”

      This is a very true statement as SP Ausnet have pushed onto us the very same Landis and Gyr manufactured E350 model that Powercor have pushed onto it’s customers. The only difference is that SP Ausnet’s black box communicates via Wimax and Powercor’s black box communicates as part of a mesh. The difference only comes about by the type of communications module that the Utility has chosen to insert into the E350 black box.

      This indeed means that the wireless radiation related sickness issues that many people are suffering including ourselves could easily be addressed by the removal of the communications module (be it wimax or be it mesh) from the black box with what I believe to be minimal effort.

      Powercor and Ausnet Services have a got lot to answer for if people are reporting health issues they are having and believe or even suspect to be in any way related to the smart meter deployment. Preventing these folk from becoming even sicker would involve a very simple action of removing the communications module (be it mesh or wimax) from the E350 black box, but these Utilities are guilty of being willfully negligent in their duty of care by choosing not to remove the communications module even though they are fully aware and KNOWING the problems that are being caused by the wireless transmissions be they mesh or wimax .

      I’m sure the other three utilities are just as guilty of this very same negligence as Powercor and SP Ausnet.

    • ingrid says:

      Jules. I think you’re post and article deserve their own page as a separate item. Or is there already a sub heading on this web site for consequences for disconnecting your SM?

    • Anonymous says:

      He should appeal it to the supreme court and counter claim with coercion and harassment for $1.1 mill, and get an injunction to require them to replace it with an analogue. Did he have trespass signs? If so also add trespass to the mix for another 10K.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Better Still,
        Send the cruel C.E.O of the Electric Power Company who is bullying you a polite but stinging letter as I did and a Notice of Fine from the A.C.C.C in Canberra for $10,000,000 Dollars, not a piddling $1.1000,000 Million Dollars, and send the letter via registered post as well to their lawyer and to the head of the truly Inhumane Customer Service Department……….Or is that the Head of the, I found to be Spin and Lies Department as I certainly found Powercor to be.

        Don’t forget to give these Ghouls full reference to Broadie Panlock’s Law, and made law in Victoria in June of 2011, which can and will get these Ghouls banged up in prison for up to Ten Years to be served in full when you drag them into Court and your case against either Powercor or Citypower or Jemena or AusNet Services or against United Energy Distribution, with your witnesses to all of their Lies and Constant bullying of you by letter and persistent phone calls is proven with twelve Jurors tried and true.

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