NSW declares Victorian smart meter rollout a disaster

CONTROVERSIAL electricity smart meters — which resulted in a politicial disaster in Victoria when they were forced upon households in a mandatory rollout in 2009 — will be introduced in NSW under a government plan tied to deregulation of the electricity retail market.

But unlike their Victorian counterparts, NSW consumers will be given the choice to voluntary take up the meters. See ‘Smart’ energy meter move that bombed, lands in NSW – Daily Telegraph


Chris Smith of 2GB speaks with NSW Energy Minister Anthony Roberts about a NSW plan to phase in smart meters.

For all Anthony Roberts’ talk about how NSW has learned from the disastrous Victorian rollout, he doesn’t seem to be saying anything much different from what authorities in Victoria have been saying.  He still sees the problem as being a lack of engagement of the power company with the customer.  That’s the same as what Victorian power companies have been using as their excuse for the disastrous rollout in victoria.

Anthony Roberts suggests that there could be sweetener deals to entice NSW customers to drop their guard.  One such deal could see a smart phone being bundled with a smart meter (double the dose of radiation – now that’s ‘smart’!!!).  But not so clearly expressed is the possibility that power bills for refusers could be higher.  Nor is Anthony Roberts keen to state who will be paying for the smart meter.

2GB Radio interview

2GB Additional links

Other related report: 7 News NSW report

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28 Responses to NSW declares Victorian smart meter rollout a disaster

  1. Paul says:

    Just completed a COMPASS VOTE – ABC on the Internet. This survey asked me what I thought was important in the forthcoming election and, of course, I entered Smart Meters (probably no provision for Dumb Meters). Suggest all readers complete this survey (it’s anonymous), as this will give Labor, Liberal and the Greens a strong pre-election message.

    • Gwen says:

      Thanks Paul. This survey is letting them know which way we will vote and what our priorities are. GET RID OF HARMFUL TO OUR HEALTH SMART METERS.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      I did the same Paul. I’ll be interested in the number of dwellings resisting the dumb meters to date. I notice that the answer to the issue most concerning voters in the media is the usual, health, education, public transport etc. Nonetheless, I flew my flag for the demise of smart meters here in Vic.

  2. mimb says:

    The biggest disaster is they got so many installed – completely illegally – and there has not been a successful removal yet. The reality of it all is is a state of over 2 million people with declining health at the hands of a corrupt political process.

  3. Rob says:

    I don’t beleive them for a second that this is true that we the common people also up in NSW will have a choice in getting them. As far as politicians are concerned they are the only important people that matter in Australia. That is why they are not getting them in Canberra cause those leaches live & work their for only their well being matters. Wilth the recent announcement they plan on putting 9 diffrent RFID Chips inside us (our bodies) be assured that these Death Meters will link up with them to complete their Nanny Police State to control us. It’s all comming to fuition only if we allow them to get away with this madness. Also NSW is the most under the thumb state in Ozz if not the second, but don’t forget that here in Vic there was never any law that proved we had to get them. Some informed person once told me that after they remove the old analogue Meters they have to hold them for 6 months in case the householders or residents wanted them put back in, so really for the people who got Death Meters that didn’t want them had their rights violated & so should therefore be able to prosecute those parasites implementing this tyranny. I do hope The people Power Party gets in to retain our dignity for Humanintarians sake it time for class action. SMART METERS SMART METERS NO NO NO. is the chant when we march on Trades Union Day.

    • Paul R says:

      “Wilth the recent announcement they plan on putting 9 diffrent RFID Chips inside us (our bodies)”
      Can you please give us the source for this info? I’d like to read this for myself.

    • Judgement day says:

      They wont get away with it, Rob. Many people are beginning to rise up against these pig headed governments. Lots of talk around what our democracy actually means. It could end up costing them way more than they can imagine….

  4. Happy Dissenter says:

    I support all the comments above. My relatives in N.S.W have heard my views on smart (dumb ) meters and are a little bit prepared. However, the way the energy minister was speaking of them in the radio interview in glowing terms shows what a snake oil salesman he is. What about the govt be prepared to pay compensation for the influx of health issues which will accompany the installations? Not to mention pay disputes about billing between the consumer and companies. House-fires anyone? Silly to embrace the “smart” technology. Monitor the websites and forums for the complaining to explode.

    • AK47 says:

      Berliners are systematically buying back their electricity grid. Each household is paying about 100 euros. Eventually they will be running their power system for their OWN benefit instead of foreign power companies. Some German cities have already achieved this independence. This information came from the ABC program “The Business” with Ticky Fullerton last Monday (Melbourne Cup Eve). We (Victorians) should be able to do the same. Congratulations to Berlin! “Ich bin ein Berliner!” after hearing this news.

      Doesn’t make sense for the NSW government to waste billions of dollars putting in smart meters, when the level of power consumption is falling under the extortionate pricing systems that have resulted with the badly-named “smart grid”. On top of that, there is the problem of house fires and debilitating health effects on the population, whether or not they feel those effects immediately.

  5. Before you decide about accepting any sweeteners from the NSW Power Companies to accept,or reject,
    watch this DVD from USA about the exact same smart meter “Take Back Your Power’ -Investigating The Smart Grid”.http://www.takebackyourpower.net/

  6. Hammer Mann says:

    Sadly the one very bad thing in this radio programme is the fact that N.S.W Energy Minister Anthony Roberts does not mention is the growing number of Microwave Sicknesses many people here in Victoria have been getting and are still getting and will continue to get from the dopy A.M.I Microwave Smart Meters that is, from 3 to 8 per cent of people here in Victoria and world wide are getting from the Microwave Energy being broadcast through their homes and or small businesses when they let their guard down and allow a dopy and not so Smart Meter on their properties..

  7. Minnie says:

    The disaster might be moving to NSW but at least they will have more information then we did. They can prepare for the onslaught of smart meters. Victorians were caught unaware in a lot of cases and the people that knew how dangerous smart meters were have been subjected to bullying and other forms of intimidation.
    The storm is coming to NSW but they now have an opportunity to put precautions in place so they don’t have to suffer the same fate as Victorians. The smart meter rollout is more than a disaster, it is a catastrophe a gross human right violation.

  8. Paul says:

    To our friends in NSW.
    Lock up your existing analogue meter now! If you can’t do it yourself then get a handyman to do it for you. Ensure that a sturdy lock is utilised and that the meter can be read via a perspex or glass window.
    Remember above all that any correspondence from government or power companies requires a response (preferably by registered mail) to the affect that under no circumstances will you accept a smart meter (SM). ‘They’ cannot cut off your power if you are paying your bills on time and preferably via BPay or at a Post Office, where there can be no doubt as to payment being received.

    Post signs (available from this website) around the existing meter stating that attempts to install an SM against your wishes will result in criminal prosecution.

    Remember, this site is packed with helpful information.
    Good luck

  9. Davey says:

    NSW people, just tell them to go to hell. Go to hell and stick your stinking smart meters.

  10. Jan Biggsone says:

    Listen to the interview.
    “smart meters are electricity meters”
    This statement is INCORRECT.
    Smart meters are microwave frequency radio transmitters.
    Hardly anything to do with metering.

  11. Ray Doyle says:

    “The problem as being a lack of engagement of the power company with the customer”

    No, the power company well and truly engaged the customer to the point where Victorians have been left traumatised by the “engagement” of B@STARD power company representatives.

    The real problem is that Victorians do not want smart meters full stop……because they know they are toxic and harmful to human health and all manner of life, are an insidious invasion of privacy are an incendiary risk to private property and are only being introduced to be able to suck money out of the consumer and siphon money into the pockets of power company executives through these parasites gaining the ability to remotely introduce ridiculous Time of Use Tariffs for those consumers that have had one of these abominable machines forced upon them……that’s the problem.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      The past premier of Victoria in 1994, Geoff Kennett started the terror of the now evil and now established Microwave broadcasting and receiving A.M.I Electric and far from Smart Meters by bending over Backwards or was that Forwards, in selling off the Victorian S.E.C to these overseas vampires in China and Singapore who employ weak willed and corrupt LACKEYS of spineless as I allege to be Victorian C.E.O’s. This is siphoning off ever more cash from ever more cash-strapped Victorian pockets, thus allowing ever more THEFT as these overseas owned Electric Power Companies crawl and suck-holes to their rapinely greedy shareholders.

      Time of use tariffs is actually THEFT and extortion. I have a safe and passive Analog Electric Meter which cannot be used as a Time of Use Meter. Right now over 300,000 of us fortunate Victorians who have had the sense to padlock our Electric Analog Meters.
      Quite frankly none of these dopy electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters have yet proven to be safe for the home owner or small business owners as many of these Incendiary devices has not only burnt down a number of homes here in Victoria Australia but overseas as well.

      Mrs Janet Hogarty of Powercor has already written to one of her Electricity customers some time ago admitting that she cannot Guarantee the safety of any of these so-called Smart Meters which have been rolled out by Powercor. What a terrible indictment this is against Powercor and Citypower the Sister Company as well as she is answerable to both of these Foreign owned Electric Power Companies. The client who got this letter from Mrs Janet Hogarty gave it to Stop Smart Meter for publication. This letter from Mrs Janet Hogarty has now gone on public record but with the client’s name removed as the client is entitled to privacy.

      What a wicked and immoral pack of “SEWAR RATS” these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have proven to be, in forcing these Incendiary and Type 2B poisonous and now seemingly Carcinogen causing and poisonous machines on the Victorian Public. It was the World Health Authority or W.H.O, who have classed these Evil machines as Type 2B possible Carcinogen Meters and the level of danger of these Evil machines is very likely to be raised to that of Type 2A very soon by the W.H.O.

      A POX on the Victorian Governments of both Labour and Liberal as well as these corrupt C.E.O’s of these foreign owned Electric Power Companies for showing no Lawful Duty of Care for peoples’ health and welfare and Criminally putting the gaining of Filthy Lucre or Cash ahead of peoples health, may those responsible for this ongoing wickedness Rot In HELL !

    • Minnie says:

      The problem is they used grubby tactics to try and achieve their goals. They are trying to play God and no one gets to play God.

  12. Sharka says:

    Yes well… they were voluntary at the start in Victoria too, and then they decided to shove them down our throats and make them compulsory.

    This is a human rights issue. Being forced to have something in your home that is a 2B possible carcinogen (as stated by the World Health Organisation), should be illegal. No one should have anything forced on them that they are not comfortable with…. especially something that could be a possible carcinogen.

    These electrical companies really think they own us!

    We need to stand up for our rights.

    This is not ok and now they are trying to force everyone in Australia and in the world to have to have a smart meter; even thou this “so called brand new technology” is already out dated, and smart meters could easily use the wired broad band network which is already in place… and this would be a lot cheaper and safer!

    And who is paying for radiation emitting smart meter? You the customer.

    Since when do you walk into a shop and have to be forced to buy what they are selling?

    Smart Meters – Big Thumbs Down 😦

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Actually these so-called Smart Meters are NOT COMPULSORY and never have been. It’s both the foreign owned Electric Power Companies and the lying Victorian Governments of both Labor and Liberal who kept telling lies to the Victorian Public that these Microwave so-called Smart Meters were compulsory.

      No law has ever been passed in both houses of the Victorian Parliament or by the Governor General of Victoria to make these machines compulsory. Therefore The Smart Meter Roll-Out is actually UNLAWFUL and is a wicked Confidence Trick foisted upon the Victorian Public.

      For these acts of gross wickedness those government ministers and the C.E.O’s of the foreign owned Electric Power Companies need to be dragged before the Victorian Public and be given one hundred (100) lashes across their bare buttocks and be made to serve ten (10) years in prison with no remission for good behaviour. As well as this every poisonous Microwave and far from actually Smart Meter needs to be removed at the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies’ expense and the Safe and Passive Analog Meters replaced at the Power Companies expense as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        In Victoria it is the “government” that directed the power companies to conduct a sustained campaign to take away and suppress peoples rights by telling them that they do not have those rights. This is a crime of the worst kind, it is treason against the nation and warrants the death penalty.

        • Gwen says:

          Totally agree Anonymous. The “government” is committing treason against Australians in more ways than one.

          • Silverskies? says:

            Indeed. Look up UN and their Agenda 21….then broadcast far and wide

          • Peter says:

            I seem to remember O’Brien, then minister responsible for the AMI roll out, being very vocal before the previous election about the rollout being the ‘MYKI’ of the electricity industry. Within weeks of his government taking office, he changed his mind and became a staunch supporter of the very thing he was so critical of while in opposition! He then went on to make such public statements as ‘they are compulsory’, ‘you cannot refuse to have one’, ‘you will be disconnected if you refuse to have one’. He claimed that ‘the meters belong to the distributors, so they have a right to replace them’, yet he, nor the distributors have ever provided ANY PROOF that the distributors own them. The only statements made by the Victorian Government Incorporated, was that ‘the industry was privatised’, thanks to the Kennet government. That is no proof that the distributors actually own the meters. The distributors are LICENCED distributors, so they need not necessarily OWN the meters?
            If I remember correctly, Kennet said he was selling off public owned assets ‘because the government was not in the business of running a business’, what he forgot to mention, was that the government of Victoria (if I remember correctly) was at that time, an incorporated business and (if I am correct) he as ‘premier’ must surely have been the CEO of the Government of Victoria Incorporated?
            I’m sure, if I have my facts wrong, I will be corrected

  13. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    The “Smart” meter disaster moves interstate. Hello NSW.
    Let the outrageous lies, misinformation and bully boy tactics begin.
    Remember, the “smart” meter rollout is of no benefit whatsoever, to the consumer.

    Do not let yourselves be conned into accepting one, by listening to “their” BS.
    Just say “You Do Not Consent to the installation of a “smart” meter”, and leave it at that.

    Then tell all your friends, relatives and work colleagues to do the same.

    • Heather says:

      Yes, Please, Please, Please, people in N.S.W. take note of our experience in Victoria and refuse “Smart” meters. Read everything you can on this website to gain as much information as possible in order to understand that we are being conned and it will be another disaster waiting to happen.
      I cannot emphasise this enough. Take action now and stay safe.
      And as Sick Of Their Lies advises tell all your friends and everyone you know to do the same. This is so important!

  14. Robert Scott says:

    User always pays, and as more of us go off the grid the people left on it will pay more & more.

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