Mobile firms face billion-dollar lawsuits – will this mark the end of the biggest public health cover up of our times?

This story starts in Italy in 2012 with Italy’s supreme court upholding a ruling that said there was a link between a business executive’s brain tumour and his heavy mobile phone usage. The court ruled that scientific evidence in support of the Italian man’s claim was reliable and based on research that was independent and “unlike some others, was not co-financed by the same companies that produce mobile telephones.”

Fast forward to 2014 and move to the United States, where some of the world’s largest mobile phone companies are facing billion-dollar lawsuits brought by brain tumour victims. The biggest ever legal assault on the industry will seek to prove that mobile phone handsets can cause cancer and that FIRMS MAY HAVE DELIBERATELY COVERED UP CRUCIAL MEDICAL INFORMATION.

If the American litigation is successful, mobile phone companies will face crippling bills for compensation. What will this mean for Australian mobile carriers? How will this affect the legitimacy of the Victorian power distributors’ decision to use wireless technologies for their smart meters?

As investors digest the news, billions have already been wiped off the share values of some international wireless industry giants.

The pressure is now firmly on and it may well lead to the bubble of secrecy bursting and the truth FINALLY leaking out that wireless technologies are not so safe after all. It will be interesting to watch how the wireless industry’s spin doctors attempt to down play this announcement.

Interesting times ahead!

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20 Responses to Mobile firms face billion-dollar lawsuits – will this mark the end of the biggest public health cover up of our times?

  1. Gwen says:

    The so called government is considering signing the TPP (trans pacific partnership), which opens them up to being sued if they put legislation or constraints on overseas investors deals within Australia. An example could be power companies who lose money due to the renewable energy target (RET). Or, removal of smart meters and replacing with analogue meters.

  2. Minnie says:

    In Today’s Herald Sun it has been reported that Victorians are now, thanks to the Australian Energy Regulator going to face more charges for electricity..Distributors Powercor and AusNet Services have won the right to pass on combined extra costs of $14.5 million next year alone. Powercor can charge an extra $8.78 million and AusNet $5.72 million, mainly because of higher tax.So know one will be able to afford electricity eventually. The death meters have not even been paid off yet.
    Is it not about time that the AER took some responsibility and stop taking our money.
    These two distributor’s argued that the grants they receive from the State Government to replace power lines in bush fire areas would be treated as income and inflate their corporate tax bill.
    This is not the Governments money it is the people’s money. They are getting grants from the people, the same people that they have tried to force death meters on.
    Russell Northe is trying to do something about this problem. Its to late now. The Liberals and the rest of them can explain why Victorians are paying for their power lines anyway. This would be good to advertise to people in these distributors areas, as they must be fed up with this going on.

    • Gwen says:

      Sounds like a concoction between ‘the government’ and power providers, to cover the abolished carbon tax ‘savings’ that they can’t get from us with their over inflated charges.

  3. Cedar says:

    All my neighbours have had smart meters for a few months now, though I have so far managed to avoid one. Lately I have had a strange sensation in my head; it’s as though the surface of my brain is hot. It’s very uncomfortable and something I have never experienced before. I don’t know if it’s anything to do with smart meters, but I can’t help wondering. I haven’t seen a doctor about it because I don’t expect to be taken seriously. I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

    • Minnie says:

      You probably have something coming in from outside. I have been getting pain on the right side of my head, when i enter Safeway. It does not happen in Coles only Safeway. You are right about the Doctors, they put everything under anxiety. They are ignorant and don’t want to know. Some of the stories i have heard from Doctors border on absurd and when you correct them they get quite shitty about it.
      We would all have different reactions to radiation.This is your reaction. You should report it to the Doctor anyway, they can put it on file. You can use this as evidence later on, if smart meters or anything else is causing the problem. When i have spoken to different Doctor’s i don’t let them dictate to me what they think is wrong. They are after all only guessing. They can guess with their own health not ours.

    • Eric says:

      Cedar, there are many and varied ill symptoms and ailments that people have experienced since smart meters were installed on their house or on surrounding houses. May I suggest testing your immediate environment for the presence of electromagnetic radiation emissions from wireless microwave frequency transmissions such as those from smart meters. I would also suggest testing your power points for the presence of dirty electricity on your house wiring. In particular, test any circuits having wiring running in the wall behind your bedhead. There are two different devices that a few people have that can do these tests. Not sure how familiar you are with these devices (RF meter and Stetzerizer Dirty Power meter) and this type of testing. Don’t know what area you are in but I’m sure there would be someone not too far away that could assist. Some people have managed to identify a potential source for their ailments and by taking action to eliminate each of those potential sources have actually found some relief from their symptoms. I say some but not all. Damn the government and the power companies for wrecking the lives of so many people and putting so many of us in these horrific positions.

  4. Cedar says:

    I have always believed that Andrew Olle’s brain tumour was caused by his mobile phone since he was a journalist and used his phone a lot.

    • Eric says:

      Cedar, my friend lost his father to brain cancer at age 50. When his father was on his death bed and a mobile phone rang, this dying man cried out “that’s what killed me”. I believe this statement could only have come from a deep conviction within. My friend’s father had been an executive for some 20 years plus and had used a mobile phone regularly. And my friend misses his father very much.

  5. Snowy says:

    The energy honeymoon is over. The writing is on the wall. Your utility is no longer in the not lucrative enough business of energy provision. The big money is now in obtaining and selling private data.
    The grid has become a second-by-second monitoring monolith, an invasive leg hold trap paid for by the customer, who is expected to upgrade the monitoring grid, forever. This raises real questions, ones that have been hanging around the edges of this global resistance all along.
    Must we all continue to feel ensnared in what has become a retrogressive corporate regimented global greed grid?
    Isn’t it high time to explore what lies beyond this overpriced pact with the devil call the smart grid?
    Who really believes that this is as good as it can get? Is it not obvious to all of us that the playing field is by definition forever uneven, that the on grid deck is now stacked. What is the point of staying locked inside this dead end game, if we can already foresee where staying locked into this battle ultimately leads?
    If it is true that when the going gets tough the tough get going, isn’t there always some kind of a way forward, a scenario in which it is your hand and mine that is on our very own energy switch(es), a choice which might make life livable once again?
    Aren’t most of us sick and tired of this upheaval, this administrative hell, the needless stress and meaningless suffering? Aren’t our lives worth more than to fall for the illusory bribe of “connectivity” meant to manage us like animals inside cages?
    Must we tolerate the intolerable, particularly when at this point any 12 year old hacker – and/or the smartest guys in this Enron redux room – could and probably would without a second thought plunge us all into a future where we are meant to bail them in and bail them out – in perpetuity?
    Isn’t life way too short to settle for being on the wrong end of hostage taking energy prices, all just to keep every last convenience ticking? What have we forgotten about Enron, the smart grid’s earliest incarnation, other than the inevitability of grid tied rolling black outs, ruthless energy rationing, drastically inflated costs per kWh, and a future pricing ponzi scheme the likes of which will exceed anything previously imagined or imposed?
    At this stage, are we procrastinating taking into our own hands an inevitable grid defection versus prolonged darkness or going broke trying to keep every last light on?
    Isn’t each one of us worth more than living life chasing an energy mirage, our own energy dependency held up to us like a mirror, a future of hijacked bills and shredded DNA held out as the “only” “choice”? Is anyone else feeling twisted out of shape only in order to negotiate the impossible, a “deal” struck with amoral corporations and governments which relish hyper control over the lives of others.
    Why should they be left free to taunt, harm and gouge, allowed to think they are being magnanimous by offering an unworkable, sick making, hazardous, uninsurable “deal” which is all stick and no carrot?
    Doesn’t trying to consider the possibilities of a drastically reduced but voluntarily simplified life off grid, begin to make far more sense when compared to this stupid circular struggle, this life diminishing, dignity destroying life spent waiting for the other corporate shoe to drop?
    The reality is that this is an over hyped “smart” inconvenient convenience, an energy scan with nowhere to go but sky high, a time when all too soon no one will any longer be able to afford electricity, gas, water, now that utilities have made it clear they are just energy bankers who view us as addicted energy junkies they hold permanently captive?
    Isn’t it time to understand whether perhaps at least some of us may have alternative choices, and if we simplify our lives enough we may discover a few other options? Instead of trying to adapt an off grid system to your house, why not turn it the other way around? Why not plan a way to adapt your habits to an affordable pared down off grid life? Not for everyone, but possibly more doable than most now imagine? Maybe if people could stop modelling wireless isolation and begin to teach adaptation and change by example, …. maybe if more smart meter node resisters could see that it’s time to move forward to the next step, beyond one’s own meter and one’s own home, to branch out into the community, to inspire others to take steps toward a return to independence.
    Many now are beginning to realize that its time to leap over the psychological hurdle of thinking that one cannot possibly do without a myriad forms of wireless. It is also time to stop assuming that one cannot do without the now debased microwave laden and toxic grid, toxic to all, not just to those with smart meters. Maybe then a quiet yet radical revolution would begin in earnest to unfold as each in turn inspires neighbours on all sides to follow suit.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

  6. Rik says:

    Weve known for many years that Analog phones were bad for our health and the government covered it up. Then digital came out and thats even worse and again it was covered up.
    Lets hope they win and its all uncovered. These smart meters NEED to be removed as society is getting sick just by living in the area. I myself am getting really sick and desperately need to move which I cant so I need those meters in my area removed.

    • Eric says:

      People didn’t fully know about the dangers of mobile phone radiation exposure in the beginning and therefore the alarm bells took some time to ring. Given the fact that we as a multitude are now screaming out aloud our concerns about the same radiation from smart meters, how much worse does that make the transgression of the power utilities who are not only hearing us and doing nothing about it but also themselves know fully well the harmfulness that can be and is being caused by smart meters. They deserve worse than the death penalty, they deserve eternal torment.

  7. Paul says:

    And here’s the key point:
    “unlike some others, was not co-financed by the same companies that produce mobile telephones.”

    Now all that’s needed is a comparative test on mobile phone radiation vs smart meter radiation; keeping in mind that smart meters are on 24/7.

  8. Snowy says:

    The unsustainable anti ecological romance with wireless frequencies needs to end now. It’s impact is to envelope and fragment the web of life. It even penetrates over three feet into the layer of the ground where all organisms live.
    The smart grid is a radar system
    It is a global delusion to think radar is safe.
    The military already knows that radar is inherently dangerous, an electronics warfare tool.
    Generation X-Ray and those who parented it were seduced by the illusion of “connectivity”, using radar to “connect” them to a virtual image or voice. Virtual connectivity (including this post), is really an oxymoron, it transmits data yet it is remote, so it can augment loneliness and isolation, the opposite of feeling close to others. Humans are not bio- electrically wired to find any real lasting satisfaction by buying into the illusion of togetherness in that way. Remote connection is not connection at all, just the opposite. Human connectivity which buoys the spirit and nurtures the feelings occurs face to face. That critical distinction between the sci fi isolation one’s own cell or computer pod of virtual existence, versus flesh and blood reality of face to face joy, laughter, shared sorrow, grows more blurred each day, at least, for the “friended” (or “unfriended”) generation, serving only to further alienate those who continue to ignore or block out these obvious facts.
    Human emotional and psychological needs aside, this path of wirelessly enabled DISCONNECT poses an immediate and direct threat to basic rights, privacy, health, financial and fire safety.
    ALL forms of wireless are based on RADAR technology. Wifi can easily “see” through walls – using it as radar to image and locate you at your computer, inside your home.
    There is no safe form of wireless.
    Smart meters (and all digital meters, radio off or radio on, since all of them use an SMPS) are far and away the absolutely worst hazard.
    To put such a device on an analogue meter base is electrical blasphemy. It is against code. An analogue meter socket is ONLY compatible WITH AN ANALOGUE METER.
    To install an alleged “meter” on an electrically incompatible base is an obscene dereliction of duty, a case of potentially homicidal negligence for anyone to knowingly mismatch such a device with a meter socket which was ONLY EVER INTENDED to be mated to AN ANALOGUE METER. It is also illegal. Rapid reversal of sine waves billions of times a second violates building and electrical codes, loosens firewalls, and voids building occupancy standards and specs. This is an intentional mismatch. To slap awireless microwave transmitter on to an analogue meter base, to permit a device which uses arcing and surges to collect data by calling it a “meter” – WHICH IT IS NOT – is the worst form of malfeasance.
    Sadly, with all the best intentions, the “meter” misrepresentation of this node is also perpetuated by the resistance itself
    Alleged smart meters are actually portals, not meters. The device everyone calls a “meter” is actually a wireless gateway linking two distinctly incompatible systems. The first system is the original electrical transmission and distribution system. The second system is a wireless communications system, the sole purpose of which is to extract metadata. Yours. Every device can extract this data from any home, not just the home it is on, where it also takes over and runs the service panel or circuit box and all wiring in that home.
    The infrastructure of the second wireless grid system piggy backs on to the infrastructure of the first transmission system. But make no mistake, these two systems serve entirely different purposes.
    Each alleged meter is just one of millions network management communicating nodes, all linked, all parts of one giant elaborate wireless network. The alleged “meter” serves as the end point of the first system and the start point of the second system, separating supply from monitoring and meta data extraction system. Any alleged “meter” can extract data from any other household for miles inside the awiade area network or WAN, by using the Zigbee chip to “read” activity in other homes for miles around each “meter”.
    If the correct suppressor able to withstand the heaT generated by the suppression of intense microwaves is not installed in every home, the alleged smart (non meter) device remains an arson enabler due to the heat inducing microwave surges and spikes which operate your home using microwave frequencies. The device itself readily overheats, particularly when the whole house RD or Remote Disconnect/Reconnect switch in the Zigbee chip is engaged. This monitoring node also has a low flashpoint, so any surge can set it on fire. Every single alleged smart meter converts every single structure it is on OR NEAR into a series of wirelessly connected structural microwave ovens, by funtionally in essence converting the wiring inside each home, turning it into a microwave oven. This renders the occupants no different than the meat or popcorn inside that microwave oven.
    Additionally, the smart grid is so over powered and overbuilt that every single transmitter ‘s radiation pollution field overlaps dramatically with countless other smart meters for miles around each individual microwaved home. A smart transmitter converts your entire home into a microwave slow cooker, for which the utility charges the homeowner a fee to run their system at customer expense. Meanwhile the utility and government uses every home’s incompatible, unshielded wiring to “enhance” bills by using those dangerous spikes and surges, while the owner lives inside a fire time bomb. Profit is directly tied to the spikes and surges which can induce arcing and burn your house down.
    Wireless is a high hazard system. Nothing operating on it is safe.
    Mobile/cell phones – when not in use they continue to seek out towers non stop, unless the battery is removed they can be located and can turn themselves back on at random. Meanwhile the radiation field they generate by triangulating several cell towers for the length of one single call can be at least 30 to 50 feet across. And that is only for a single phone. Multiply this field by many dozens in any one location. Second hand radiation becomes inescapable.
    Microwave ovens leak. The good ones leak in less than a year, the bad ones often leak right away. If they malfunction they can be dangerous even when unplugged and sotred elsewhere. Measurement of radiation from the oven’s “safe” door can reach 30 or more feet, often at head or highchair height.
    Walkie talkies communicate for miles. Baby monitors pollute for over a thousand feet, damaging the DNA of infants in the name of “security”.
    Portable home phone bases radiates all the time, even when the phone is not in use
    Ipads, forget ’em, even in “airport” mode, the blue light sickens users over time.
    Modems or routers operate on default of switching the wireless back “on” even when it has been shut off, so they must be permanently disabled or else they turn themselves back on.
    Bluetooth headsets are deadly. Bluetooth in computers must be disabled by a knowledgeable tech to employ the airport feature. The more sources of wireless, the faster it all compounds. Weaponized frequencies violate building and electrical code, impact insur-ability, both home and medical. The are illegal as applied.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      The very necessary printed warnings for mobile phone safety for human usage when you buy one, need to be on the recto or right hand page after the cover page in the very front of the small books which come with each mobile-phone one buys. Preferably one should never hold a mobile phone to their head under any circumstances, unless one wants to get GLIMOA’s on the brain. People should put their mobile phone on speaker mode if they are indoors. If they are outdoors and there is ambient noise, then the mobile phone user should use the two little ear phones which they can plug into their ear-holes.

      The person/s phoning their intended listener/s, or is that victims, should give that person they are phoning at least thirty seconds to pick up their mobile phone and pop both ear-plugs into their ears before answering the caller. Why is there such a mad rush to pick up the phone anyway? All of this mad rushing to get to the phone shows that the person doing the phoning is poorly trained in R.T etiquette and the person being called is not properly trained in R.T etiquette either. “So-what” if the caller rings off, if it’s really urgent they will phone you once more.

      It will be a happy day for me and many other people when all ‘dopy mobile microwave ‘phones are banned in every country on Earth, that’s for sure. I won’t ever use one again, They are TWEE to say the least, and totally anti social. Even having to use a land-line telephone is a P.I.T.A. That stands for a Pain In The Arse most of the time. Phones can be terrible time wasters, especially dopy and expensive bad habit mobile telephones and dangerous too, as you will all find out. Unlike the land-line phone which is not a seemingly Carcinogen Causing machine as the mobile phone is now seeming to be when used too often and for too long.

  9. Lets Take our Power Back says:

    No wonder Telstra are now repeatedly sending messages to us to avoid electromagnetic energy and to see their “mobile tips”. Shame they weren’t up front in informing people when they bought a phone, instead of burying the warnings so deep in the information that nobody saw it until they text the link out to users. They deserve the lawsuits that will follow, because their dishonesty has potentially ruined so many lives.

  10. MovingEntity says:

    Zigbee frequency shares the same spectrum as WIFI.

  11. Sharka says:

    I am beginning to think that the mobile phone is the new cigarette! Light up and chat with your friends, pollute your environment and not really feel better for it all. I am not convinced I am happier now that I have a mobile (when compared to pre mobile phone era)… probably more stressed as I am always interrupted by calls and texts and constantly have to reply instead of just being in the moment.

    “Wireless technology is great” – so some say…. but is it really making anyone’s life easier? And the statistics say that kids are now dying from brain cancer more than ever before, Gee what a cost! Children are dying because of this technology! Is it making the children’s life easier? Who are we kidding?

    When will we wake up??

    • Sharron says:

      Very good post!

    • Chris says:

      no Sharka, MMR vaccine damage is the new cigarette. Mobile phones are the new Asbestos.

      Smart Meters are constantly compared to mobile phones…”no more output than a mobile phone….just like your mobile sending an SMS”…it will categoricially change the Smart Meter game if it is proven…and accepted. I hope the levee breaks soon. the water is certainly rising….

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