Smart meters cost more than they save

The ‘Daily Mail’ reports that smart meters in the United Kingdom will cost more than the savings customers make.

The Public Accounts Committee said the average cost of installing 53million of the devices over five years could amount to £215 per household, or £43 a year, with the expense added to bills.

But over the same period, households can expect to shave only around £26 a year off their bills, MPs said.

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9 Responses to Smart meters cost more than they save

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Exactly, a ploy to tax overburdened citizens . It is an appalling abuse of power and here in Ireland it is reaching epic proportions of lies, our politicians could teach the mafia a few tricks!!

  3. Wendy says:

    Are these UK meters exactly the same models we have?

  4. Peter Coventry says:

    Yet another example of an elected Government colluding with big business against the consumer. Anyone who believes that the Smart meter roll-out is for the benefit of the consumer probably believes in the Tooth Fairy.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Peter,
      Spot on there pal, It just goes to show that both the Victorian Labor and the so-called Liberal Party governments are as I firmly believe and allege are corrupt and in league with big business. Even before the Victorian Labor Party started off this stinking poisonous business with the roll-out of these now proving to be Inhumane and All life Sickness making and INCENDIARY and far from Smart Microwave dopy broadcasting and receiving and shonky Electric meters, they of the Victorian Labor Party had done no earlier testing to see if these dopy meters had showed any traits of Ill health being caused by these far from ‘Smart Meters’. In this way the Victorian Labor Party showed no Lawful Duty of Care for the Victorian peoples’ health or welfare as they lusted after money or should I say Filthy Lucre.

      It was the same when that corrupt and now proving to be so-called and also Rapinely Greedy Liberal party came into power. Both of these Political parties Liberal and Labour need to be gotten rid of or expunged, for they are both traitorous CURS to the very people they are meant to serve, but who do they continually serve ? why, Big Business of course which doesn’t give a RAT’S ARSE ABOUT HUMAN HEALTH !

  5. says:

    Come round the back Andre. Whenever you are ready. K

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Paul says:

    The reason they are so bloody-minded as to continue the rollout of smart meters in the UK and in other parts of the world including Australia may be summed up in David Morris’ article in the respected American magazine Fortune. He writes about Rosa Koire, a well-known activist who has written a book titled Behind the Green Mask that exposes the sinister side of sustainability and Agenda 21. The following is an extract from that article. Note the last paragraph in particular:

    “These events and many others like them are connected by one resonant term: Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a United Nations advisory document, adopted in 1992 by 178 signatory nations including the U.S., which provides guidelines for sustainable development. But opponents of the plan see it as something more sinister: In her book Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, Koire describes Agenda 21 as “the action plan to inventory and control all human beings and resources on the planet.” Koire’s book has become a common manifesto for the dozens of groups and untold thousands of individuals across America opposing the document, its goals, and what they see as its vast influence.

    These activists have met with some high-profile success, such as inclusion of an anti-Agenda 21 plank in the 2012 Republican National Convention platform. But they’ve mostly made themselves known at municipal planning meetings – opposing zoning changes, public transit expansions, smart metering, and mixed-use development, all of which they claim are all small parts of the same international plan.”

    The link to the full article is:

  7. John John says:

    I hope people don’t get sucked in to think they are going to save money by using a smart meter.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      These dopy and deadly Incendiary and actually far from Smart-Meter machines need extra power just to run their filthy sickness making Microwave broadcasting and receiving radio systems, vibrating at some fifty million to ninety million vibrations per second which is steadily killing all LIFE with this poisonous Microwave Filth. As well as this these machines have a very short life span, some as little as five to ten years before they have shaken the very guts or gizzards out of themselves, What this CRAPPY and Dopy and Incendiary Technology is doing is steadily making sick all life around these EVIL machines and yes, killing delicate little creepers close to them in little hanging baskets, as well as small pot-plants within a 50 meters to even further radius of these Devilish, Dopy and Idiotic machines. I say ” Every one of these dopy and far from Smart Meter M/Wave machines needs to be removed immediately and the Safe and Passive Electric Analog machines returned to the people from whom they were stolen and or coerced to give up their safe and passive Analog Electric Meters in the first place.”

      Make these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of Citypower and Powercor and Jemena and United Energy and SP AusNet pay for this change-over and sack every of these as I allege to be ” Criminal C.E.O’s who as I also allege don’t care about Human Health or the Health of any of God’s Creatures.

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