More smart meter fires

Following Stop Smart Meters Australia’s report last month ‘Canadian utility company directed to remove all smart meters in Sascatchewan province’ more news has come to light of smart meters going up in flames.

Lakeland Electric in Florida will soon begin replacing 10,657 residential smart meters over concerns they might overheat. Six of their meters have caught fire during the past year, according to Lakeland Electric’s General Manager.

Read the full report

More reports of US smart meter fires

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  2. Minnie says:

    In Today’s Herald Sun it has been reported that Victorians are now, thanks to the Australian Energy Regulator going to face more charges for electricity..Distributors Powercor and AusNet Services have won the right to pass on combined extra costs of $14.5 million next year alone. Powercor can charge an extra $8.78 million and AusNet $5.72 million, mainly because of higher tax.So know one will be able to afford electricity eventually. The death meters have not even been paid off yet.
    Is it not about time that the AER took some responsibility and stop taking our money.
    These two distributor’s argued that the grants they receive from the State Government to replace power lines in bush fire areas would be treated as income and inflate their corporate tax bill.
    This is not the Governments money it is the people’s money. They are getting grants from the people, the same people that they have tried to force death meters on.
    Russell Northe is trying to do something about this problem. Its to late now. The Liberals and the rest of them can explain why Victorians are paying for their power lines anyway. This would be good to advertise to people in these distributors areas, as they must be fed up with this going on.

  3. Minnie says:

    On Thursday the 26th of June, 2014. I received an email from The email was sent on behalf of the Energy Minster Russell Northe. This was strange as i had sent a letter to the Energy Minister’s office three months beforehand and did not get a reply.
    The email was in regards to a representative of Jemena ,calling my home and asking my son a minor, a personal question about his father. I lodged a complaint with EWOV and that got quite nasty as well. The email I received from Mr Northe’s office stated that i received an apology from Jemena in regards to this incident and this incident would not occur again. I was also assured that precautions would be put in place so this would not happen again.
    I was also told that i could lodge complaints with EWOV if anything like this happens again. But EWOV made it very clear to me,
    EWOV is not able to investigate complaints relating to:
    the content of government policies, legislation, licenses or codes (EWOV Charter clause 4.2(c))
    matters specifically required by legislation, licences, codes or orders (EWOV Charter clause 4.2(e)); or
    actions taken by an electricity distributor under direction by a regulator or government body (EWOV Charter clause 4.2(h)).
    So i emailed the Minister and sent him this information, he still has not replied. If what EWOV is saying is true, that means the Government gave a foreign owned company permission to breach the privacy act and also involve a minor in their sick games.Mr Northe’s office has not confirmed or denied that they gave Jemena permission to breach the privacy act and use a minor for their sick disgusting games.
    I also informed Mr Napthine’s office not to put children in the firing line of their smart meter rollout..
    Jemena can stick their apology where the sun don’t shine.

  4. Minnie says:

    I have had problems with my last two electricity bills. The retailer claims that they had access to one of my meters, but not the other, which does not make sense as i was present for both meter reads and spoke to the meter reader. I also have a camera installed in my backyard so have captured it all on camera. The electricity retailer AGL have claimed they are still waiting to hear from Jemena.
    But what can you say if i have it all on camera. AGL has accused me of no access to one of the meters. It will be interesting to hear what Jemena has to say as it is all on camera.

    • Paul says:

      I think they are use the ploy of ‘non-access to the meter’ to suggest that you are breaking an implied contract with them (Jemena). Minnie, your contract is with AGL, not Jemena and that contract in no way suggests that you have to accept a smart meter.

      You must reply via registered mail directly to AGL (copy to Jemena – Ms Erin Chain) specifying that access to your meter is not being denied for the purposes stated in the contract. however you are denying access for the purpose of installing a smart meter, which is not part of any implied ‘contract.’

      • Minnie says:

        Paul, AGL has been notified in regards to this matter on the phone and in the mail. I also sent copies to Mr Northe and Mr Napthine they can deal with it. It is the retailer making the claims not Jemena although that does not mean they haven’t had anything to do with it. The meter reader was standing right next to me and they know this. I have sent AGL a polite letter stating that they will have to retract what they said.
        They also have been told it is on camera. I was originally told that AGL were at fault and now it is we have to contact the Distributor and find out what is going on.
        I have told them that it is not the meter readers fault as he read the meters in front of me, so they can’t blame him, although i wonder if they will try. So that leaves only two culprits Jemena and AGL.
        I have also asked AGL for proof to support their accusation. I have my proof they can show me theirs.

      • Minnie says:

        Paul, AGL are well aware that i have a VIP lock on my gate the meter reader has the key. So this accusation is ludicrous as they have the key What they are implying as they don’t seem to be the sharpest tools in the shed, is that the meter reader had access to one of the meters but not the other which actually does not make sense.
        None of what they said makes sense. They have not stated why they did not have access, they have the master key. So they can’t use this excuse Obviously if the meter reader had access to the meter box to read one meter then he had access to other.
        I think they will drag their feet on this one and now they know i have cameras they will have to watch what they do. I am going to change retailers eventually its probably time and this little push they have given me can only help.

      • Minnie says:

        Paul, Jemena have already been notified of the VIP lock and also that i have not refused access to the meter for reading. I have this in writing as well from a jemena representative. The Jemena representative has stated in writing to me that i have not refused access for reading the meter, but that i don’t want a smart meter.
        I am getting a bit sick of dealing with idiots.

  5. mark says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted before, but apparently they judge the risk from Smart Meters harmful effects from the fact that they don’t heat up anything, so therefore not harmful, which is totally ridiculous.
    Here is what one paper says about them.
    “[Pulsing digital]

    “Smart meters”
    should be abolished because
    they use short high-intensity
    pulses of microwave radiation
    We know from the nanosecond pulse studies
    [that these pulses]
    can be very damaging and act via VGCC activation, with activation
    continuing long after the pulse has ceased

    It has been known for over 30 years that
    short microwave pulses can cause massive cellular damage.
    Until we have some
    biological measures of “smart meter” effects, it is foolhardy in my view to continue using them”

    Thiswas taken from this study-

    • Eric says:

      This is quite a good paper.
      It just goes to show you that any person such as a smart meter installer or someone on the phone that would tell a customer that studies have been done that show the radiation emissions from a smart meter are safe, have got absolutely no idea what they are talking about, are unlikely to have ever done even an ounce of their own research and are only acting as parrots sprouting off those things that the propaganda machine has conjured up and fed them, which things have no basis in truth and are nothing more than marketing nonsense that is being imposed upon people in a strong arm way.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Mark,
      Mr Barrie Trower the English underwater diver or frog-man and world authority on the real dangers of Microwave radiation, who was in the British Navy seems to make this very clear indeed and has information going back even further than 30 years. I think that if people want to and look at the American Navy studies regarding the very real dangers of Microwave radiation see Google, which go back even further than thirty years to around 80 years ago.

      Please see Radar invented by England first just ahead of Germany which also discovered R.A.D.A.R. a bit after Britain.

      Philip Wills the World Champion Glider Pilot in 1952 was instrumental on these tests using gliders around 1937-38 and just before the war was aero-towed behind a light aeroplane to some 15 miles to the East and to a good height, where he released from the tow-plane and glided back to the English coast from around 15 miles from the English Coast where the radar was turned on him and his long wing-span single seater glider.

      The boffins, that is the scientists in their radar viewing rooms were trying to see if they could get a blip from the metal in Philip’s glider being reflected the R.A.D.A.R signals or pulses. It was the R.A.D.A.R on the British Coast facing out to sea to the East that warned us in England of the German Bombers and gave us that important edge to warn coastal gun emplacements of the incoming German bombers, which also gave us time to get our Barrage Balloons up with their strong metal cables which the German bomber pilots were very frightened of running into, as these cables could bring down these German Bombers. We had our barrage balloons up all over London at that time and I remember seeing them go up on Wimbledon Common when Mum and Dad and Henry and I went for walks around 1943 to 1944. These barrage balloons were a shiny silver colour and around 30 feet long and about 20 feet in diameter with 3 jumbo like ears to keep them facing into wind.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anybody else bothered by the hum in the electrics at night and poor sleep since installation ?
    LM, Canada

  7. Rob Reiken says:

    Hell I’m fuming. I was just reading New Dawn Magazine No.146 Sept- Oct 2014 latest edition from newsagents, a story about these Smart (Death) Meters. Canberra will not be getting them Death Meters because Politicians live & work there, so what , they are ok with the rest of us to have them then? I say NOT. Those grubby little parasites in Parliament have sold us out & we put up with this crap. Why? For what I know previously, only one person has died so far in Vic up there in Colac & that many of the fires from these Meters happened around Northcote , while Frankston had 2 or 3 streets of blown appliances due to these Meters & no compensation for it. These Tyranical Health Hazard Meters only benefit the Globalists that control them that will be used to watch us to strip our privacy for no benefit to us while they will be raping us for the highest peak usage times of use to suck every dollar dry out of us. All for the benefit of filthy rich corporations overseas mostly in other Asian Countries that bought us out, because our government has sold us out. Be assured, in time there will be more fires for these Meters generate heat dissipation due to the microwave energy signals they put out, that will fry enough of our brains to give us cancer, & yet there is no Class Action that I know of yet. What will it take for us to rise up quash this madness that continues to endure. Somebody please grow a pair & get the ball in motion for it before so many will die because of them. These Death Meters are a crime against Humanity of the worst sort.

    • Eric says:

      Anybody responsible for pushing this wicked agenda at the political level or at the utility executive level deserves nothing less than a straight out death penalty.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Yea, verily Yea say I, Vimana Man and Hammer Mann !

      • Gwen says:

        Rob thanks for the information which clearly shows that they, (politicians, undeserving of any respect ), are very aware of the very clear and very present danger to our bodies and to those of our children from these devices. And yes Eric, punishment that fits the crime should be given.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Rob,
      I agree with you 100 per cent. I am 75 years old and a fighter for morality and human decency. I lived through the bombing of London and it was terrifying.
      As a now dinky-di naturalised Australian I gave a specific foreign owned Electric Power Company absolute hell, but only after they continued to bully me over the telephone and by letter. Yes I was very patient with the more than rude woman who phoned me at home, no personal names mentioned here, but she shouted at me, “To do as I was told and it was the LAW that I had to have a Smart Meter ( Microwave broadcasting and receiving electric meter).”
      I shouted back at her and said it was a “Mandate put out firstly by the John Brumby Labor Government as no LAW had ever been passed by the Victorian Parliament to make it, ”The LAW that people had to have these now proving to be Incendiary and now possibly Carcinogen causing Type 2B Microwave Electric Meters as stated by the World Health Organisation = The W.H.O.”

      Well, this statement of mine which is correct in Law got right up her nose and she almost screamed at me. “You have to take a Smart Meter !”
      My repost was, “Don’t you tell me what to do you @$%&*, I lived through the Bombing of London. Don’t you bully me. We live in a democracy here in Victoria with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Worship, have you got that ! ?”
      ” Boo-hoo hoo, sob sob sob,uuuuugggghhhh ! ” she cried, “you can’t talk to me like that, it’s disgusting, boo hoo hoo, sob sob, uuuugggghhhh !.
      “Oh yes I can,” I said, and added, Was für sind sie, die neue Nazi Parti mitgllieder
      “Waaaatttttttts, that? she said.
      My answer was, ” Are you madam one of the new Nazi Party.
      Again she flew off the handle. Some seconds later her boss took the phone off this very rude woman and demanded to know who I was, so I told her and explained the situation to her. This boss sorted things out and gave this very rude woman a tongue lashing I later found out.

      After my little upset, Powercor seemed to understand that I was not going to give into them at any time, but some months later the boss of the Department of Primary Industry tried to get me to take an Electric Microwave and far from ‘Smart Meter’ so I gave him a good ‘Tongue Lashing’ as well, explaining to him as above that it was not the LAW that I had to give into their Dictatorial Tactics. Oh ! by the way I sent all of these MUPPETS as well as the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources a Mr Michael O’Brien and Mr Ted Baillieu a polite but strongly worded letter by Registered Post and a $1.1 Million Dollar Anti Harassment Notice from the A.C.C.C in Canberra which had to be answered by the C.E.O, and or his Company Lawyer within 14 days or my joint and those of the A.C.C.C’s Lawful Demands must be met. Since then I haven’t received any correspondence from Powercor, or any phone calls, so they must have learnt to read English and realised that I was not to be trifled with. My message is simply this ……….” STAND UP TO THESE B%#@&rDS,” for that is what they all are !

  8. fiona says:

    A friend of a friend burnt in a house fire shortly after the installation of her meter. I hate to think!!! Coincidence? She has no relatives here so who would follow up or be concerned as to why? In that same area I know of 2 people who had faults with their meters that required intervention and so it goes……….

    • Minnie says:

      Fiona, a woman that lives near me told my friend and i that her smart meter caught fire. The house did not burn down and the owner put out the fire herself. The MFB did not attend this fire. The smart meter was immediately replaced with a new one, the owner asked for the old meter to be reinstalled but they said no. The owner was told water had run down the back of the smart meter and this had caused the fire.But she had no problem with the analogue meter and water for many many years.
      So the Metropolitan Fire Brigade would not be aware of this fire as they were not called out.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Mr Russell Northe,
      And all Victorian Government Ministers tied to the far from Smart Meter roll-out. Please see below ……………………………………
      Overseas Fires : From not so smart meters.
      First article on this site.
      More smart meter fires
      Posted on September 10, 2014 by Stop Smart Meters Australia
      Following Stop Smart Meters Australia’s report last month ‘Canadian utility company directed to remove all smart meters in Saskatchewan province’ more news has come to light of smart meters going up in flames.

      Lakeland Electric in Florida will soon begin replacing 10,657 residential smart meters over concerns they might overheat. Six of their meters have caught fire during the past year, according to Lakeland Electric’s General Manager.

      Read the full report = Click on this ……Read full report =

      Why on Earth is this Victorian Liberal Party Government and the five foreign owned Electrical Power Companies of ‘Jemena and Powercor and Citypower and United Energy and SP AusNet still forcing their Electricity Customers to be continually harassed to accept these Incendiary and far from Smart Microwave Meters here in Victoria, that’s what I want to know? Hundreds of thousand of us Victorians and I know about the two storey fire that wrecked a Northcote home in a Melbourne suburb a while ago with over $300,000 dollars of fire damage just after a DOPY and far from Smart Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving meter was installed, plus many other smaller fires after these Incendiary Meters were installed in the Geelong Region and similarly in the Glenroy area of Melbourne where six fires broke out after these far from Smart Meters had been installed, plus four smaller fires after these Incendiary meters were installed in the Ararat region, and these are not the only fires started by these dopy so-called and far from Smart Incendiary Meters.


      Richard Leschen.

      • Minnie says:

        Because they would go to jail for a very long time if they admitted smart meters have caused or contributed to any house fires. The charges against them would be extremely serious. They are scared ,now they don’t know what to do, so they keep on sprouting the same propaganda. They have made a tangled web of lies for themselves and can only continue with these lies. Eventually they will all retire and hope that this problem goes away. They will tell themselves that they did nothing wrong.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Dear Richard,
        Has old Rusty replied to any of your correspondences?

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Hi Happy Dissenter,
          Sorry but I cannot remember that name, as I deal with so much correspondence. My apologies to ‘Old Rusty,’ but I am snowed under at present with over 500 things on my Inbox. Will have to speed up or take a holiday, don’t know which yet, me very old and tired now.
          My Email address is ….. ( but please not too much email to me as overloaded right now, but thanks for your enquiry Mr or is that Mrs Dissenter, your comments very good as always.


          • onlinedrifter says:

            Hi Richard,
            I think by ‘old Rusty’, Happy Dissenter is referring to Mr Russell Northe.
            i.e. Has Mr Russell Northe replied to any of your correspondences?


            • Hammer Mann says:

              Hi to Onelinedrifter,
              No, not properly. I don’t think that he Mr Russell Northe has had the ticker to answer me properly, it’s all boiler plate answers that never answer any of the points I have put to him. Same with Mr Teddy Bear hugger Michael O’Brien and Mr Nicholas Kotsiras all send dopy Boiler Plate answers to me. What a bunch of W*****S !, that’s for sure.

  9. Minnie says:

    In an email sent to me on the 9th of July, 2013, by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in regard to smart meter fires. The reply was,
    I can advise that we have not recorded any smart meter fires but have fire as a result of poor installation, weather affects, tampering etc. which have been responsible for fires around smart meters and this generally occurs at the time of installation or shortly after.
    If you take a better look, what i was actually told is,they have not recorded any smart meter fires, this does not mean that smart meters have not caused or contributed to house fires.

    Furthermore in another email from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade i was told that,
    With regard to those fires in the MFB district, I attended and investigated the cause of the fires, the.result of the investigation was the fire cause; as a result of poor installation and not from the meter itself..
    Victoria Police are still investigating the sabotage of the installed smart meters(29).

    • Minnie says:

      You would think that if that many smart meters had actually been tampered with they would of set up a task force to find the person or persons responsible.On one hand i have been told that police are investigating the alleged tampering of 29 smart meters. On the other hand i have been told that some of the fires were caused by poor installation. Is this not playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives?

    • Minnie says:

      Poor installation and weather affects are smart meter fires. If the smart meter had not been placed on these homes, then we would have not fires. If you were to leave a burning cigarette on your couch and it caught fire, would you blame the couch for the fire or the burning cigarette?
      I thought everyone was presumed innocent until proven guilty. So how can the MFB confidently state that tampering has occurred? The meter’s were probably faulty. Did they even have time to test for tampering or were the smart meters taken away?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Devilishly Dangerous Technology:

      Regarding The Melbourne Fire Brigade,
      They do know about these fires, as I have phoned them several times and given them details of the Northcote fire which wrecked the two-story Greek home with shocking fire damage to the value of some $300,000 Dollars according to the Fire Insurance Assessor from this fire which broke out in that Northcote home’s Electric Meter box after the installation of the so-called but actually very dangerous Incendiary and far from Smart Meter. They also know about the six Glenroy fires and the five I know of fires in the Geelong area and the four fires in the Ararat region where I live and all caused after the DOPY and Incendiary so-called but far from Smart Microwave broadcasting and receiving meters were installed and often against the private home owners wishes.

      I made sure I told the Melbourne Fire brigade all about the above so it is no good them saying “it was only the poor installation procedures, because it goes far deeper than that.” If it were only the poor installation procedures alone it shows that the Smart Arsed Meters are being slammed in, in an effort to get as many in, in a day as possible to increase the earnings of the Smart Meter installer men.
      Such rushed jobs without proper testing procedures are CRIMINAL ACTS.

      Some of these not so Smart Meter fires seem to be caused by power surges and the very nature of the extremely high Microwave electronic frequencies these accursed and dopy Electric Smart Meters put out of some 50,000,000 to 90,000,000 cycles or Hertz or vibrations per second, that’s correct 50 Million to 90 Millions Hertz per second, which overloads the home/s electrical wiring never designed for such super-high electronic signals, can and does cause in many cases, fridges and or electric ovens and other electric goods such as T.V’s and or computers and or printers etc., to burn out. That’s the TRUTH, check it out with any Electronics Expert/s. This in my opinion and I allege makes this Victorian Liberal Party Government and the past John Brumby Labor Government and all of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and the head of the Department of Primary Industry boss or C.E.O I allege criminals, as no proper safety audits or testing procedures were ever carried out to see just how dangerous this Evil and dopy and actually now proving to be Microwave and far from Smart Meter Technology is.

      I also allege that Victoria has become the Guinea Pig State for Microwave Smart Meter testing on HUMANS and domestic pets and all of life, which is a CRIME of the greatest magnitude……….see The International Charter of Human Rights, as well as the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.
      As far as these two Charters on Human Rights show it is clear to me that the past Victorian Labor Government and this also I allege Criminal Victorian Liberal Party have gone ahead and used their Victorian Citizens in Criminal and Unlawful Experiments and for these people tied to these now proving to be UNLAWFUL Experiments need to be severely punished in the High Court Of Victoria as more and more people are being adversely and medically injured by this INSANE and far from Smart Meter Devilishly Evil Technology.

      • Minnie says:

        Don’t forget Hammer Mann, the distributors have always claimed and still do claim that smart meters are being safely installed. This is obviously a lie as the MFB has stated that some of the fires were because of poor installation. I wonder what the government and Energy Safe Victoria would have to say about this information.

        • Paul says:

          They’re hoping it will simply go away.

          • Minnie says:

            It won’t go away, and they can hope all they want. Human atrocities never go away. They will say they were not aware. Arpansa uses this excuse all the time and when you do make them aware of something they don’t respond.

            • Hammer Mann says:

              Yes Minnie,
              These people to whom you refer I allege to be so far, a bunch of Arachnids and Evil Spinners of Lies, designed to harass and bully and intimidate their Electricity Customers so that they these spinners of lies in these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and these as I also allege lying Victorian Governments of both Labor and the Liberal Party can dig their greedy filthy lying skinny long fingers, ever deeper into our already cash strapped pockets to carry out ever more extortion upon the Victorian Public whom they both Victorian Governments and these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and the formerly named Department of Primary Industry’s , D.P.I C.E.O can also join in with his, as I also allege to be, continually stealing money from us the Victorian Public with his and the aforementioned peoples Criminally acting like Highway Robbers of us the Victorian People.

              • Minnie says:

                Hammer Mann, they are not people they are things. They must of stopped evolving somewhere on the evolutionary scale, while the rest of us moved on.

      • sdjm says:

        Excellent observations, the risks being taken with the lives of Victorians is truly frightening and the MFB is not protecting ANYONE with its denials and down playing the reality of the
        whole smart meter debacle.
        The frequencies are creating a crossfire of surges and I have witnessed this in my own home, minus the smart meter although I have installed a power surge protector. However, it remains to be seen if the surge protection actually exists. In my experience, some appliances including my computer have shut down spontaneously, the lighting flickers much more than it used to. Can anyone explain why this happens?
        Another concern is the latest United Energy scaremonger letter. They state that due to my ‘non standard’ meter, they may not be able to restore power should a fault occur at my place etc, etc. This letter would seem to contradict some of their previous correspondence which had stated they were resigned to running two systems of metering, but that we were to expect to be charged for that ‘privilege’ in 2015. Have they now back-flipped on this or was it just another one of their lies?? I am so sick of this company thinking they can threaten customers with their dirty technology, whilst blaming it all on the government ‘mandate’. Come clean United Energy, you’re nothing but a pack of scumbags!!!!

        • Minnie says:

          If you read the Parliamentary debate, in regards to the amendment to charge us for not consenting to a smart meter. It is quite clear what their intentions are. Keep on trying to force smart meters on us and if they can’t force us to give consent, make us pay until they get their own way. The Government is pushing this agenda just as much as the distributors. They don’t want to run two systems as i was told by an industry insider that they can’t remotely disconnect anyone until all the smart meters are in. I don’t know why this is, maybe this is in their contract.

        • Hammer Mann says:

          It’s true what you say there sjdm,
          I had to explain the problems of super high Microwave frequencies to the Melbourne Fire Brigade and not one on them seemed to understand the physics of Dirty Electricity to any degree.
          I just call the Five C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and the C.E.O of the former named Department of Primary Industry in my letters to all of them, I allege that the lot of them are bullies and a bunch of W*****S. Most of them haven’t a clue what the difference is between amps or volts or ohms etc., as they have seemingly never done any proper science on Electrical physics or the necessary mathematics needed in Electrical Physics, making most of them seemingly to be a bunch of clowns and I also allege simple minded slaves who are picked for the job as they are seemingly parrots and or cockatoos who repeat the phrases of gobbledegook their masters tell them to repeat ad-infinitum without having a clue about what the real dangers are of “Dirty Electricity” caused by the super high electrical Microwave frequencies put out by these stupid so called Smart Meters whose electrical vibrations of 50,000,000 and up to 90,000,000, that’s correct up to ninety million beats or cycles or hertz per second are coursing through most Victorian homes and small private businesses where these idiotic and actually far from Smart Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines have been foisted on now so many Victorian properties and against these Electricity Customers Wishes and Better Judgement.

          What these devilishly high frequencies actually do is to turn your home’s wiring into very dangerous Microwave antennae/s which can under certain conditions cause not only your fridge/s and or computers and or printers etc., to burn out, but cause fusion in your fridge/s as the extremely high frequencies from these Microwaves can actually slow down the fan speed in your fridges electric motor/s and then the weird spikes of these inordinately high electric Microwave frequencies will burn out the fridge/s electric motors. No domestic or even heavy duty fridges’ wiring was ever designed to take these super high frequencies at any time. The domestic fridges are only designed to take 240 to 250 volts at most and at up to 10 amps of current and no more, simple as that.

      • Minnie says:

        Hammer Mann, i sent the MFB articles from the newspaper about smart meter fires. I got a reply. I was told that the investigator did read the articles and he wished me good luck with my endeavours. Whatever that means. Of course they know, they just won’t admit it.
        They can never admit it. We need a Royal Commission to find out what is really happening.

  10. Rob Guy says:

    Is any agency responsible for investigating and publishing the findings into house fires in Victoria??? If, so, who performs forensic flammability tests on the smart meters installed in those homes, and who actually does those tests.?? Are the fires caused not by smart meters, but by poor installation methods such as loose connections or stress on the insulation of house wiring during the re-routing of cables?? Did anyone check the quality of new wiring connections after the installer had completed his/her task???

  11. Paul says:

    Just goes to show you that our caring government and power companies are deliberately choosing to ignore the smart meter problem(s) and are so bloody-minded as to continue with the roll out. Come on November!

  12. Snowy says:


    SaskPower says it has reached an agreement with U.S.-based manufacturer Sensus to recover the $47 million cost of removing smart meters that were installed across the province.

    The Crown utility says it will receive a $24 million cash refund from Sensus for all the smart meters purchased by SaskPower, including the ones that had already been installed.


    In a news release Tuesday, SaskPower said the new meter will meet industry standards and pass verification by an independent third party to ensure the units function safely.

    SaskPower president and CEO Robert Watson says a “smart grid” will bring benefits to customers, including faster restoration of service following an outage, reduced carbon emissions and more timely and accurate billing.

    Crews are expected to finish removing all the smart meters that had already been installed by the end of this year. SaskPower says there will be no impact on electricity rates.

    The Saskatchewan government previously ordered SaskPower to remove 105,000 installed smart meters after eight fires linked to the devices were reported in the province.


    SASKPOWER SAYS SMART METER COMPANY WILL PAY BACK $24M IN CASH – CBC News Saskatchewan – September 09, 2014:

    A deal has been struck between SaskPower and the company that sold it thousands of smart meters.

    Some 105,000 smart meters — which are digital and can be read from a remote location — are being pulled after fires in a number of units.

    SaskPower says it has reached a deal with the Sensus company to recover part of the $47-million cost of removing those meters.

    Of the $47 million, $24 million is cash.

    In addition, there’s an $18-million credit for what SaskPower is calling “future metering products”. If SaskPower doesn’t need to use the credit, the $18 million will be returned as cash as well.

    There is also another $5-million to research and develop a new meter for SaskPower.

    SaskPower CEO Robert Watson defended continuing to work with Sensus even though a review hasn’t been completed and the Crown utility doesn’t know what caused the smart meter problems.

    “We fully believe that the review is going to show that SaskPower took all the steps necessary — in fact, independent advice, independent verification — all the steps necessary to select Sensus as a good supplier,” Watson said.

    Watson said he was optimistic SaskPower will be able to regain the confidence of its customers.

    “That’s why it’s important, quite frankly, that we install — go back to square one, put back the digital meters that were in there and then start again and come systematically forward to not only design, manufacture, test and verify that this meter is something we can put on our customers’s buildings.”

    SaskPower says the new meters will meet Underwriters Laboratories standards and pass safety verification by an independent third party to ensure they function safely in Saskatchewan.

    The Crown corporation also released a list of eight “failures” where melting or smoke was present.

    The dates and the locations include:

    June 16, McLean
    June 30, Pilot Butte
    June 30, Regina
    June 30, Strasbourg-Earl Grey
    July 9, Pasqua First Nation
    July 13, Saskatoon
    July 26, Saskatoon
    Aug. 9, Regina

    The smart meter issue has turned into a political football, with the New Democrats calling on Premier Brad Wall to have the Provincial Auditor hold an independent inquiry into what the NDP calls a “fiasco.”


    HUGE SMART METER REFUND COMING by Shawn Knox – Global News – September 09, 2014:

    REGINA – SaskPower has reached an agreement with Sensus to recover the money blown on the smart meter fiasco.

    The Crown utility announced today Sensus will be refunding $24 million to provincial coffers, and also coughing up an additional $18 million credit.

    In July, the province ordered SaskPower to remove all 105-thousand smart meters installed [- on Saskatchewan homes after at least nine fires were connected to the devices.

    SaskPower says they are still committed to smart meter / smart grid technology, and Sensus plans to invest $5 million in developing a meter that will work in Saskatchewan.

    “We are committed to developing a smart grid that will serve the unique needs to our province and support our unprecedented economic growth,” SaskPower President and CEO Robert Watson said.

    “A smart grid will bring significant benefits to our customers, including faster restoration of service following an outage, reduced carbon emissions and more timely and accurate billing.”

    SaskPower is continuing to remove all the smart meters that have already been installed and expects to have all of the smart meters removed by the end of this year.

    • Paul R says:

      What really bothers me about these articles is that the removal is only temporary. The idea that they will pursue further attempts at ‘new’ versions of these torture machine sickens me. Oh, and by trying to sell the idea that these devices are beneficial to us WHILE on the subject of them burning down houses in the same article is pretty sick as well.
      Sometimes I’m ashamed of being considered part of Humanity…

      • Hammer Mann says:

        For those of you,
        Who still have the Safe and Passive Electric Analog meters, you must keep your private Electric meter boxes padlocked and the Lawful Anti Trespass. ” STOP DO NOT FIT A SMART METER signs to this property.” For those of you who possibly have not as yet taken these two actions, you must firstly padlock your private and or small business Electric meter box/s as the signs must only be erected on your Electric Meter box AFTER it has been padlocked, then and only then put up your Anti Trespass and Stop do not fit a Smart Meter Signs to your Electric meter box and to your front fence and or front gate.
        I would suggest you stick a few of these signs in your window/s where the Pirates of the suburbs, aka smart meter installer men will see these signs as well, then send a polite but strong letter to the C.E.O of the foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area by registered post and keep copies for Legal / Lawful purposes as I have done.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Paul R,
        You are spot on there with your comments.

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