New legislation urgently needed for safety of new metering systems

Richard H Conrad, who is based in Hawaii and has a PhD in biochemistry, has written an excellent document for legislators of wireless smart meters.

As American FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines for human exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are based on the same outdated premises as the Australian standard, this document could be used as a basis to write to Australian legislators. The FCC’s regulations, similar to Australian regulations, “protect only against gross overheating and do not protect from biological harm caused by low (‘non-thermal’) levels of microwaves”.

Dr Conrad also discusses how the dangers associated with creating perpetually hackable wireless mesh networks which provide a tapping device on every home, can be used as a potential weapon of mass debilitation and contain a power cut-off switch to every home.

To download a PDF version of Dr Conrad’s document, go to the following link:

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33 Responses to New legislation urgently needed for safety of new metering systems

  1. Eric says:

    We can expect both a whole heap of letters being sent out and calls being received over the next three weeks as part of a campaign leading up to their next deadline date of 30/6/14

    Cut those calls short and send those letters back.

  2. Cameron says:

    Looks like people are being sent new one ply branded toilet roll sheets from United Energy’s hygiene solutions division.

  3. Minnie says:

    I can understand why they are so desperate to get consent. Most of the information sent out is carefully worded, so as to distract the reader and lull them into a false sense of security. They have carefully chosen what to say and what not to say. When you do ask specific questions, they are not answered or they send documents. They do this so they don’t have to answer the questions put to them and therefore are not liable. They also expect you to draw your own conclusions.
    This is why they won’t talk to anyone in person, firstly they would have to be very good liars and secondly it is not that easy to fob someone off in person.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Powercor has sensibly admitted now close to two (2) years ago in writing, that they cannot vouch for the SAFETY of the Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters regarding peoples’ health once these Electric Microwave Smart Meters have been installed on the Victorian peoples’ privately owned home or small business property or properties

      It is FACT that many people in Victoria have been and still are suffering genuine Microwave Sicknesses brought on by the Microwave Radiation from these poisonous Microwave Radiating devices.

      They also cannot guarantee that these dopy machines won’t become INDENDIARY DEVICES. For well over two years a good number of these dopy machines have burnt down a number of houses in Victoria and also wrecked TV sets and burnt out domestic ‘fridges and or water jugs and or printers etc.

      We the Victorian public know that these machines are FAR FROM SAFE and that they can and do damage many peoples’ health and private electrical goods and can and have burnt down Victorian’s homes.

      Powercor and the rest of the four overseas owned Electrical Power Companies have been and still are playing Russian Roulette with the Victorian Peoples Lives.

      For this they will be most certainly held accountable.

      • Eric says:

        Powercor’s Janet Hogarty’s very words are
        “We are not in a position to give you any guarantees or assurances about smart meters and your health concerns”

        ………………..and I can prove it

  4. rachav7 says:

    I thought you would find this article interesting.

    June 5 – Jonathan Landsman ‘Smart’ meters threaten privacy, health and basic human rights Energy executives and government officials want us to believe that this worldwide effort to install ‘smart’ meters on every home and business are merely to reduce energy costs and protect the environment. By using deceptive terminology like, infrastructure ‘upgrades’…

    Learn more:

    Frances Makarova who has once again sent away a Smart Meter guy who came to install one at my house. I told him why I was refusing it and pointed out that they cannot access my Electricity to turn it off, because the Fuse Box is inside my house and I wasn’t going to let them in.

    I am so sick and tired of them thinking they can bully us into accepting a smart meter. The guy who came the other day, listened to my reasons for refusing to allow him to install a so called ‘Smart Meter’. I hope he gives it some thought.


    Stop Smart Meters Australia wrote: > Stop Smart Meters Australia posted: “Richard H Conrad, who is based in > Hawaii and has a PhD in biochemistry, has written an excellent > document for legislators of wireless smart meters. As American FCC > (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines for human exposure to > radiofrequency elec” >

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To all readers of S.S.M.A,
      One thing needing to be stressed, is the fact that every one of these Electric Microwave Smart Meters now renamed A.M.I meters, which means Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters, is that it is the Victorian Government’s Criminal contracting with these five foreign owned Electrical Power Companies C.E.O’s who are subservient to their Chinese and Singapore Masters who are forcing these Incendiary and far from SAFE Electric Microwave Smart Meters on the Victorian population.

      Every person here in Victoria who has allowed one of these Type 2B Carcinogen causing machines on their properties, either willingly or inadvertently through not having their private electricity boxes padlocked, has been caught out, and for them I feel the greatest sympathy. This forcing people to accept these Electric Microwave and actually far from Smart Meters is only adding to the human sickness costs with a multiplicity of sicknesses such as Tinnitus or ringing in the ears, and or bleeding noses and or chronic insomnia and of muscle spasms or Arrhythmia of the heart etc.

      What really scares me, is the fact that an increasing number of these dopy Electric so-called Smart Meters are starting fires in many electricity customers meter boxes which end up melting the far from safe and dopy Smart Meters. Finally the fire/s spreading to wreck fridges with fusion where the fridges motor burns out through the dirty electricity which is the spiked electrical frequencies which are imposed upon the whole of the home’s wiring where the criminally dangerous Incendiary Meter/s have been and still are being forced on growing numbers of Victorian citizens.

      Those of you who now have these Terrorist Driven Microwave Smart Meters on your home/s and or small business properties need to ask yourselves one burning question, which is “Will My Private Home and Contents Insurance cover any fires caused by these now so many proving to be Electric Microwave Incendiary Meters being forced on so many Victorian citizens or not ?” You must ask your Insurance Company this question and get an answer.

      It is a FACT, that in America in Hawaii if people have a dopy Microwave Incendiary Meter or a number of these far from safe meters on one’s home or small business property or properties, those same persons will not be covered by Fire Insurance.

      So what is an Electric Microwave Smart Meter ? It is in effect The Sword of Damocles hanging over your and everyone’s head who has such a dangerous machine on their property.


  5. Minnie says:

    Several submissions to the Senate inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation 2001, were in regard to Government and Local Councils taking out comprehensive insurance in case of litigation in the event that electromagnetic radiation was proven to cause health effects, while others raised questions on whether telecommunications companies are required to have insurance in the event that a class action is taken out against them in relation to alleged health effects resulting from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

  6. Robert Adams says:

    I passed this report on to some friends of mine and it has struck a note. One of them was a friend who had not taken me seriously when I have explained to him in the past just how damaging the transmission pulses of radiation from wireless smart meters can be even though I told him of the debilitating chronic headaches I had come to suffer. Apparently he has been suffering from tinnitus over the last 12 months and he just could not work out why and how. Then when he read this report it was like the penny finally dropped for him. He had bought a new house and moved in around 12 months ago. His new house has a smart meter on the bedroom wall. Prior to his move he had never suffered from tinnitus. The timing of his condition coincides perfectly with the beginning of the time he started sleeping in the bedroom of his new house. He describes his condition as a terrible ringing in the ears that is really annoying and he just can’t seem to get rid of it. I believe his eyes have now been opened and he has made the connection to smart meters just like many others have done. My friend had no idea about what tinnitus was nor that it is a commonly reported health condition associated with an exposure to wireless smart meter radiation. He has now requested for me to go to his home and take some readings of the emr and the pulses of radiation in each of his rooms including the bedroom, something which had been on the cards for a while but now he is serious about me doing it. I’ll look forward to assisting him in this matter in any way I can. This really is a good report to be passing around especially to those persons we know whom despite having heard about all the problems associated with smart meters, the penny may not have yet dropped.

    • Minnie says:

      This inquiry is evidence that we can all use. What makes it worse is, that the inquiry was held in 2001,13 years ago. Now we need a new inquiry to find out why wireless smart meters were ever introduced, despite this report clearly stating that,existence of biological effects associated with radiofrequency radiation is now recognized.
      This is a Government Inquiry, so it holds quite a bit of weight.

  7. Marylin says:

    They’re Back!
    After receipt some months ago of a letter saying United Energy would not attempt to change our smarm (intended spelling) meter: today 4 June 2014, a ‘priority’ large envelope arrived containing an intimidating ‘offer’ letter, urging us to request to install one of their hideous devices & thus… “avoid any charges that may be incurred…” & that “…the Victorian government has mandated that all residential & small business electricity customers must have the existing meter replaced with a smart (sic) meter.”
    This would roughly translate to “don’t let your guard down for even a minute – or they’ll leave you a nice present.”

    • Marylin says:

      To clarify our previous post, we still have our old analogue meter working well. We keep pointing out that we are in receipt of legal advice that it would (on health grounds) be unwise of anyone to install a “smart” meter.

    • Paul says:

      You must reply by registered mail to the ‘priority’ letter you received from UE, as your failure to do so will be interpreted as ‘Implied Consent’ to accept UE’s ‘charges.’ The same applies if any electricity company requests you to listen to a recording regarding possible charges. This is extortion on UE’s behalf, as you already pay for meter readings through your standing charges and you have already paid (or are paying) for a smart meter even though you neither requested nor wanted one.

      As to their claims regarding …the Victorian government has mandated…… etc, etc, this is pure rubbish, as there is no law requiring you to accept a smart meter. If there is, ask UE to show you the statute that says so and not something written on their letterhead. Bet they can’t!

      • Paul says:

        P.S. a mandate is not a law!

      • Tim Castleton says:

        Marylin, as Paul says
        “ask UE to show you the statute that says so and not something written on their letterhead”
        but also ask them to respond under penalty of perjury by insisting that they provide with their letter a sworn affidavit covering all their statements.
        If they fail to produce, then you hold them to your own terms and conditions, which you stipulate to them.
        There is a personal administration process that you can use to default them into an agreement with you, under terms and conditions that you place upon them.

    • Minnie says:

      Marylin, ask them which Government they work for.?

      Is it the Commonwealth of Australia, being “The people unite in one indissoluble Commonwealth” under the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia1900 (UK)
      Is it the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, being a company registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC,USA,CIK#; 0000805157

      The people are the Government, the other one is a company.

    • Faye says:

      Yes Marilyn, I received one of those yesterday as well! The letter was accompanied by eight different reports (multiple paged), supposedly to convince us to now have a dumb meter. These reports included a Final Report for the DPI of an AMI Electromagnetic Field survey conducted by EMC Technologies, a Privacy Impact Assessment Report for the DPI, Smart Meter Basics fact sheet from EWOV, ARPANSA Preliminary Measurements of Radiofrequency Transmissions from a Mesh Radio Smart Meter, the usual EMF info from WHO 2005 version, plus a few more……. been busy haven’t they!!!!

    • Edwin says:

      United Energy are making you “an offer to charge you an alleged fee”. You just don’t accept their offer. They treat non response as agreement. If you agree you are contracted. Theirs is an OFFER. It is not law. With this sort of process you can make a counteroffer eg. to charge them a property access fee for every meter read
      You have as much right as they do in what is nothing more than a negotiation process that they try to rope you into by “serving” their notices upon you.
      It’s the way commercial law works. They have failed to disclose that that’s how they are operating. Their notices should be sent straight back to them unopened and without dishonour.

      • Edwin says:

        Whereas what is law is that they can’t cut your power so long as you pay your bill and don’t do any serious tampering with equipment.

  8. Minnie says:

    In May 2001 there was a senate inquiry into electromagnetic Radiation.
    The report states that, while adverse health effects are not agreed upon, the existence of biological effects associated with radiofrequency radiation is now recognized The Committee Chair recommended a rigorous precautionary approach in all areas of the deployment of wireless technology,
    The committee heard from witnesses that lack of information on the potential risks associated with electromagnetic radiation and the failure to provide information on research findings denied the public the opportunity to make informed decisions.

    • Minnie says:

      The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia
      Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation

      Report of the Senate Environment Communications
      Information Technology and the Arts References Committee, May 2001

      Whilst industry, the WHO and government submissions argued that the science was
      inconclusive, others said that the majority of peer-reviewed, published scientific
      research showed effects from non-ionising radiation including DNA damage, heat
      shock protein response, changes in the movement of substances across cell
      membranes, changes in the blood brain barrier, oncogene change, melatonin reduction
      and altering of calcium ion signalling.

      In animals, studies have shown chromosome aberrations, increases in double and
      single strand DNA breakages, increases in the promotion of certain cancers in
      genetically predisposed mice, severe depression of the immunological and
      endocrinological responses of young chickens, changes in temperature regulation,
      changes to calcium ion mobility in the brains of cats and rabbits, changes to the
      proliferation rate of cells, alterations to enzyme and nervous system activity and
      behavioural change, at low level exposure to radiofrequency radiation.

  9. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Regarding the shambolic ‘audit’ announced by Kotsiras, which is nothing but an attempt to cover up the truth with pseudo-science and we all know that the audit will not be independent, since the pre-determined outcome has already been publicly announced, see;
    You can’t draw any conclusions on safety by looking at one smart meter in isolation, the entire smart grid needs to be looked at since the RF couples on to homes’ wiring and outside power lines creating a huge ‘antenna effect’.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      All of these Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources not only keep on lying to the Victorian Public when they keep attempting to force these Microwave A.M.I now proving to be dangerous Type 2B Carcinogen Causing remote reading Electric Microwave meters, or as they had previously been named, Smart Meters on the Victorian public, for they these uncaring politicians have proven themselves to be the enemy of The Victorian People.

      Obviously these weak and bullying and lying Victorian Ministers have been intimidated by the Microwave Industry to make what is “OPEN WARFARE” on the Victorian public by attempting to force these All-Life injurious meters on peoples’ privately owned homes and small business properties. This is TERRORISM in what is supposed to be a DEMOCRACY.

      These politicians, are seemingly in league with the Microwave Industry and its truly CORRUPT bosses.
      This is a disgrace and these politicians, so named and shamed, need to be SACKED immediately in both the past Victorian Labor Camp as well as the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party camp.

      None of them starting with the Victorian Labor Minister Mr John Brumby have ever exercised the Lawfully Needed Precautionary Approach to Human Health, before rolling out these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen causing Microwave filthy and poisonous to all life accursed and misnamed Smart Meters or A.M.I meters as they are now being named to try to hoodwink the people of Victoria.

      We the Victorian People are not STUPID like you Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources and your Dim-Witted Premiers also tied to this ongoing CORRUPTION.
      Your WICKED and constantly playing Russian Roulette with innocent Victorians’ peoples lives is an ongoing CRIME and a disgrace. You are so stupid as to have never shown any due care or consideration for Victorians Health or Welfare at any time, before rolling out these Deadly to All Life Monstrosities of Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Electric Microwave Machines. In short you are a Disgrace to the Human Race !

  10. Paul says:

    As Terence Fulton above suggests, we should start a petition. Could SSMA look into it or could someone explain how it’s done?

  11. Eric says:

    This is clear, concise and very educational worth passing around to anyone as I have done. Recommended reading.

  12. Hammer Mann says:

    Thanks for putting this on SSMA. This is a very good science report from Richard H Conrad I first came across some days ago. It would behove everybody interested in the definite and fast increasing number of Type 2B Microwave illnesses now seemingly being caused not only here in Victoria Australia from the forced installation of these Electric and far from Smart Meter/s but the also increasing Microwave illnesses rapidly mounting world-wide.

    If the powers that be, such as the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources and the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Premier, cannot, or more likely obstinately refuse to recognise these harsh facts, then it is plain that they don’t care about human and animal and all forms of life, now being adversely affected by the Microwave poisonous effects from these Electric Smart Meters machines, as well as Microwave sending and receiving radio’s atop of towers and buildings and baby monitors etc.

    Such men greedy for monetary profit only wanting to force these Microwave machines on many hapless Victorian citizens, are a disgrace to the human race.

  13. Terence Fulton says:

    Maybe Stop the Smart Meters could start a ‘Petition’ to that effect on Change.Org.

  14. Steve says:

    For those who are interested, Professor Conrad developed an EHS survey to support legal action in the US. His findings can be found here

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