People Power Victoria political party update

Following the announcement of the formation of Victoria’s newest political party ‘People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters’ (PPV) we were inundated with membership applications. Within the first few weeks we were receiving an average of 150 membership applications per week, and thus once we passed the 500 members mark (after only 4 weeks!) we lodged our application to formally register as a party with the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

As part of the registration process, PPV members have received a letter this week from the VEC requesting they confirm their party membership. All members will need to tick the appropriate boxes and send the form back in the supplied reply paid envelope.

It is imperative that members respond promptly by mailing back their confirmation as soon as possible. Failure to return confirmation forms to the VEC may result in our party’s registration being unsuccessful.

Once the party is officially registered, applications will open for members interested in running as candidates for PPV in the forthcoming Victorian elections. But firstly, all members will need to promptly send back their completed forms to the VEC.

Our membership drive is proving to be an overwhelming success, and pending confirmation responses from our members, PPV should be registered by the end of June.

We aim to continue to grow the membership base and request that you help in this regard by encouraging you (if you haven’t done so already) and your family and friends to also become members so we become a party with significant membership leading up to the November Victorian elections.

Thank you to all!

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17 Responses to People Power Victoria political party update

  1. Marin says:

    My Mother and myself are yet to receive our registration forms. I called up VEC (as requested by a PPV email). Hope to get them soon.

  2. sdjm says:

    GO People Power Victoria!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      If you really want your P.P.V vote to count you can do as I will definitely be doing and that is to take a “BLACK new texta pen to the voting booth, then after you have given your name and address to the person manning the election table/s. Then when he or she has ruled out your name as registering to vote, you can, if you want to, use your black texta to rule out every body on the long white sheet of paper except the running candidate for our new Victorian Peoples’ Power of Victoria to get rid of the Smart Meters.

      That’s what I am going to do this November 2014. Should sufficient numbers of people do this, it will give a huge Clarion Calls to those in Power to realise that the Voice of The People is the VOICE OF GOD !

      • Ashley says:

        Hi Hammer Mann,

        That’s correct, God’s Law (accessed via our natural right-brain intelligence) will reign regardless of whoever may be attempting to stand in the way of that but I don’t quite understand what you are suggesting. Does defacing/altering the Ballot Paper not then make that vote informal?

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Hi Ashley,
          Sorry about that earlier information of mine, please disregard it. I have been taken to task over it about a week ago. Just vote for the party you want and leave the other names alone.

      • Hammer Mann, I know you mean well, but if you do that, your vote will be informal. Other readers of this site, please DO NOT follow Hammer Manns advice!!

  3. Happy Dissenter says:

    Got my letter in the mail. Note that replies to the VEC are needed by June 16. Best of luck to the party.

  4. Frank Carleton says:

    Once the party is up and fully running I suggest that volunteers be sought not only to further publicise the new party but also to be very active during the election campaign at polling stations.
    If not already done please get press releases to TV, radio and press.
    I’m awaiting a reply to the data I sent recently by post to Josie Taylor at the ABC’s Stateline Victoria.
    The media has been largely supine about smart meters to date. It must be aroused.

    • Some good points Frank; let’s hope the ABC takes serious notice of the data you sent them. Great news that the Party membership is already well over the 500 mark. When selecting candidates, I hope they take a little extra time so that quality people can be selected, to take the fight up to Napthine’s government and the Labor opposition; they both are equally to blame for this “smart meter” debacle. Keep us regularly informed SSM and PPV.; and the very best of success for the new party.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Frank,
      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Ashley says:

      Frank, don’t be at all surprised if information that is sent to the media gets mysteriously lost. The ‘bullies’ have their own political parties (Labour, Liberal & Greens) and they have the media well infiltrated too. Clearly, paid shills are also employed to neutralize ‘people power’ type opinion, as should be evident by discerning persons experienced in reading or participating in public comments sections of the media.

      Pauline Hansen did a good job the other day of defending Ricky Muir. She knows for herself how the media are used to discredit those good people who truely threaten to serve the public as the public should be served.Tony Abbott, at the time set up a slush fund solely for the purpose to bring her down (he confessed to this). Tony Abbott was clearly worried that Australians would find out that, unlike his own corrupt political party, Pauline was there to stand up for ALL the people. The vast majority of Australians are clueless as to what Pauline Hansen truely thinks and still believe the propoganda orchestrated via the media.

      I’m not at all saying PPV should not bother impressing upon the media. Just a comment to state it is important that we remain aware of what is really going on here – currently we don’t have a true democracy.

  5. ken white says:

    Paul: Good idea. The major newspapers and TV stations are ignoring the scandal. Letters have obviously been consigned to the WPB.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Why not send your letters to the A.B.C,
      Come on AUNTIE we own you, so you should do our bidding. After all we are your bosses and you are supposed to obey your bosses who pay you after all.

  6. Steve Fimmel says:

    Great website guys! I just became a member.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Good man Steve,
      That’s one more to swell our ranks. Please get your mates to join us as well, if you can.
      We need millions more and thanks from Hammer Mann..

  7. Paul says:

    Good to see. Now that we are a registered party. Maybe all members can contribute a small sum to ensure that a decent advertising campaign to inform the general public about our aims can be started before the next election.

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