Stop Smart Meters Australia’s submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee

Stop Smart Meters Australia’s (SSMA) submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, addressing the findings of the Victorian Auditor-General’s 2009 report Towards a ‘Smart Grid’ – the roll-out of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure, is now available on the Parliament of Victoria website:

The Auditor-General’s 2009 report was a scathing indictment of Victoria’s smart meter rollout.

Let’s hope the Committee does indeed exercise its powers to scrutinize even further and follow-up on the matters which were flagged by the Auditor-General. In view of the serious financial, social and health impacts which the rollout of smart meters has already had on Victorians, and even greater adverse impacts which may accrue in the future as a result of the rollout, SSMA believes it is imperative that the Committee is punctilious in carrying out its important role.

Click here to view all submissions which have been approved for publication:

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20 Responses to Stop Smart Meters Australia’s submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee

  1. muzz says:

    Getting letters every 6 months with window of times and this time a wiring check will be completed.
    No show.
    Have digital meter, no telemetry model.
    When fitted advised did not want – aggressively told have no choice and bill would go up, and they did.! Still the same customer service.
    One of the gang of the big three.
    Have no signs and removed do not knock.

    It gets worse.
    Meshed, wireless metering is obsolete.
    IP telemetry, i.e. the cloud, is the means used by industry, business.

    “And when I say wrecking ball I probably understate it. As this excellent overview from Stephen Lacey at Greentech Media explains, the utility sector now faces a “death spiral”, and it’s likely many of them won’t make it. This is not a theoretical future crisis – growth in renewables is the prime reason the top 20 European utilities have lost $600 billion (no, not a typo!) in value over the past 5 years.”
    Perhaps this explains much of the utilities behaviour they have only a few years before “disruptive technology” in generation and metering displaces them.
    “When that occurs, we may find that those forecasts by myself and others like Tony Seba from Stanford University, that the oil, coal and gas companies will be all but obsolete by 2030, might turn out to be conservative after all. Interesting times indeed.”

  2. Gwen 's says:

    We get our meter read every 3 months…We are home when he comes. Have the meter box locked all the time with notices on & notices on our gate..When our bill arrives, it says on it when the next reading is in that week. The meter reader told us this time our neighbour,( over a hill from us) has the SMART METER on, still reading it until the ANTENNA is put on..”Back tracking” we call it. They were away &” IT” was put not in a box. They seemed to be unconcerned. I have let them read some about the SMART METER as they don’t have a computer. The meter reader also told us that when they start ESTIMATING the power, ring up & tell them that the bill will not be paid until a meter reader reads the meter. We were paying it through our bank..Now we get it in the mail..We have 24 Solar panels on the roof that feed into the Grid. We don’t want the SMART METER people to “mangle” up what we have got !!!!! We read all the comments..Keep up the good work SSMA & everyone who are in this “fight” to keep the SM’s off their properties.

  3. Rob Reiken says:

    Well after last nites viewing of Take Back Your Power screening at Truth Cinama Melbourne we also had a guest speaker from Magpie House Upwey (George Neo) it was interesting to find out that these Death Meters only have a life of 5 years while the old analogue ones last 20 years or more & guess who foots the bill for the cost of that? Thats right, the bill payer as always.

  4. Frank Carleton says:

    The only thing that will influence the Victorian Government and the Opposition is the possibility of disadvantageous electoral consequences.
    Now is the time to plan for independent candidates in marginal Victorian seats who will stand on the multiple issues posed by the smart meter rollout and other endemic instances of Coalition and ALP institutionalised duplicity and deceit e.g. revenue raising speeding fines

    • Anonymous says:

      Both the past and this present Liberal Party Government don’t give a brass razoo about us Victorian Citizens health or welfare, they use us simply as Cash Cows.

  5. Frances Makarova says:

    I refused to allow my electricity supplier to install a Smart Meter. I have not had my meter read for about 12 months, when I queried my bill I and have been informed that to have a meter reader come to read my meter I will have to pay $16. I had to agree to pay that at the insistence of the company. He has not as far as I know been out to read it. I was told that they didn’t read my meter because they could not access it, which was a blatant lie. The meter box is not locked, and it is not inaccessible as they claimed. I also discovered that someone had removed the notice I had stuck on the door of the meter refusing to allow them to install a smart meter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Frances, first of all just try and regain your patience about this matter. Put a new sign back on the front of the meter box and make sure the meter box stays locked at all times. Then you remain in control of if and when that meter box may need to be momentarily unlocked. Once all that is in order, you can arrange that your meter gets read. If $16 is all you are being charged for a special read, don’t count the money. You can always find out which company does the meter reads and ring them as I do for a number of my properties. You should be able to get a good indicator which day and at what time the meter reader could come out. If it needs to be a special read, then just patiently organise it with the company and follow it through so that it gets done. If you need help to find out which company manages the meter reading, then please ask. This information can be provided to you. Good chance as in my case that your meter reading company is neither the Distribution Company nor the Retailer. I have also clearly photographed my meter and emailed this in to the meter reading managers and this has been accepted as an actual read. Plenty of options for you Frances. Just protect your analog meter first and foremost then manage it however you like to make sure the next read is not an estimate but counts as an actual. Good luck.

    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Frances,
      Send a complaint to the Ombudsman and don’t take no for an answer. They have to read the meter, that is there job. Or ask them to let you know which day they are going to read the meter and insist that you are present. If you can read the meter so can they.

    • Peter Coventry says:

      I have a notice on my meter box, and it is locked. I make a diary entry of when the next meter read is due, and I leave the meter box unlocked around that time. I also understand that it is general industry practise to give the consumer an estimated read if the meter is inaccessible. Meters are often inaccessible for a variety of reasons, and the industry has managed this for years. Also, be mindful that energy suppliers contract out meter reading services.

      • Kenny says:

        Peter, at meter reading time please take precaution as you see fit so that installers cannot sneak in under your radar

      • Onlinedrifter says:

        Peter, I do as you do but I have internal security just incase they come when I’m not home. Check out the link below for my internal security.

        • Onlinedrifter says:

          I forgot to add, I also keep the lid of the meter box locked using a different brand (and keyed) padlock between meter reads.

    • Paul says:


    • Peter says:

      Hi Frances, have a look at your electricity bill, if there is a ‘service to property charge’ you are already paying for your meter to be read! The analogue system is still running so there should be no argument from your distributor.

    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Frances, never use the word refuse. You do not consent to a smart meter and you are not obligated to have one. Take the word refuse out of your vocabulary.

  6. Rik says:

    What the government should look at is the rise in applicants for the disability pension. Most people who have bad side effects to these meters are most likely out of work and now on disability pensions so if they look at the amount of people on that pension before the rollout of the meters and now they should see a huge rise. I bet if they remove the meters they will see a decrease.
    If the government cares for people they will do this and they will see it’s better to not have those stupid meters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good points of yours there Rik.

    • Gwen says:

      What you say is correct Rik. But there is one problem.THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE FOR PEOPLE. MONEY AND POWER IS THEIR BOTTOM LINE!

      • John M says:

        @Gwen. Perhaps money but not real power anymore. These people are bought and paid for controlled puppets. The power they wield is not their own. They’re in between those that should have the power ‘US’ the people and those that shouldn’t above them.

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