Longtime President of Microsoft Canada is now Canada’s leading advocate for wireless radiation safety

The longtime president of Microsoft Canada is now Canada’s leading advocate for wireless radiation safety. High tech leader Frank Clegg, is now CEO of the new non-profit organization, Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST). Clegg’s reports that:

• It has been three years since the World Health Organization shocked the medical community by warning that exposure to microwave radiation from wireless devices might increase our cancer risk. If the same elite cancer specialists were to meet again today, the warning would be upgraded from a “possible carcinogen” to a “probable carcinogen.” That is according to Professor Emeritus Anthony Miller, of the University of Toronto, who was speaking recently to Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.

• Since 2011, governments around the world have alerted their populations to approach wireless devices with caution. In Belgium, it will soon be illegal to sell or market “kiddie-phones,” mobile phones that are specially designed for children.

• In France, the government “recommends limiting the population’s exposure to radiofrequencies – in particular from mobile phones – especially for children and intensive users.”

• In India, both the State of Rajasthan and the City of Mumbai have passed laws prohibiting the placement of cellular antennae on the roofs of hospitals and schools and in playgrounds because they are “hazardous to life.”

• Electrosensitivity is not like an allergy you are born with; it is an illness that builds up over increased time and radiation exposure. Just as we cannot yet explain why some individuals will die from second-hand smoke and others can live a long life smoking 2 packs a day, we cannot explain why some individuals react to wireless radiation. But with more and more cell towers and smart meters crowding into our living spaces, with Wi-Fi in buses, schools, trains, offices and hotels, people who are sensitive now struggle to work, travel and support their families.

Glegg’s full report can be found at: Invisible threat: The link between wireless radiation and a host of serious illnesses.

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26 Responses to Longtime President of Microsoft Canada is now Canada’s leading advocate for wireless radiation safety

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hoping someone can help.
    I have just received a letter from Jemena outlining my refusal to give access to install a ‘mandated’ smart meter. The final paragraph reads-“If we do not hear from you within 10 days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property”

    There is also mention of Jemena “recovering costs of maintaining a separate metering service…”

    Does anyone have any ideas about this? Is this another ploy? Any advice regarding this letter would be most appreciated. Thank you for keeping on,
    Kind regards

    • Cameron Taylor says:

      Hi Zee

      I know some some people in the Jemena Distribution area have received this letter and some people have not. There are a few different aspects to this letter that I will comment about.

      First piece of advice is make sure that your locked meter box REMAINS locked no matter what correspondence is sent to you or whatsoever words may be verbally spoken to you.

      I believe this letter is a BOGUS letter speaking of a BOGUS offer and as with all of Jemena’s previous correspondence sent from persons portraying themselves as having a FICTITIOUS authority over you. The letter itself is pure rubbish and I will elaborate in detail.

      The letter is firstly a standover letter. Jemena portray themselves in the light of making you an offer but what they are really doing is trying to scare you into thinking you will have to pay more money if you don’t get a smart meter and that somehow you need to do it in the next two weeks. It’s nothing more than the same coercion, bullying, intimidation tactics that we are all now very familiar with. They are trying to make further inroads by trying to get into the heads of those that still refuse to allow these carcinogenic transmitters to be installed on their premises in the hope that some will cave in and remove their locks and they can then install more smart meters.

      My policy has always been not to have any engagement with fictitious authority as I do not want to give their fictitousness any credibility. As far as whether you should reply to this letter or not, I’m wondering whether they are trying to use non reply as your agreement to contract with them to pay any future charges that they may choose to extort from you. Upon further thought, I cannot see how you can be held to having agreed to pay charges that themselves are fictitious because they don’t actually exist and haven’t even been defined as to what they could be. Bear in mind that if they tried that sort of fraudulent and deceptive trickery upon you, that legally you would always have the option at your own convenience to write to them telling them that any monetary charge from them upon yourself which is deemed to be presently fictitious or at any stage deemed to be illegitimate, illegal, unethical, immoral, extortionary in nature or criminal in imposition will not be paid. Zee and others, there’s a lot of water yet to go under the bridge in the next twelve months before any such charges might are no longer fictitious and Jemena know that more than anyone so do not be so quick to be affected by this sheet of toilet paper that has arrived in the mail.

      Jemena’s letter is nonsensical, ambiguous, confusing and without clarity. As such, it lacks the credibility of being a document containing any legitimate substance and as having the capability to hold legal recognition.

      The statement
      “If we do not hear from you within ten days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property”
      making mention of some sort of “offer” from Jemena is vague in what it is trying to say. So much so that one could almost think that it has been purposefully worded to be perceived that way.

      An offer “to replace the old meter with a smart meter” DOES NOT MAKE SENSE given three years of them trying to IMPOSE it upon us forcefully telling us that we are breaking the law when we are not and using all sorts of bullying tactics to coerce and intimidate us into taking their stinking device. This offer is is purely fictitious. What they are doing is using STANDOVER tactics threatening to impose upon us what are currently fictitious charges if we don’t allow them to install their carcinogenic device. It’s a threat disguised as an offer.

      Ten days to respond to their letter is totally insignificant.
      Are they saying that by accepting “their offer” within ten days we will have our safe analog meter replaced with their carcinogenic meter and not be charged presently fictitious fees in 2015. If so, are they then also saying that…..
      if we do not contact them within ten days ie. if we “decline their offer” then what ????
      Is it….
      a.) that they will cease from their “endeavors” to install a smart meter on our premises after the ten days elapse or
      b.) they will refuse to install a smart meter upon our premises even if we request one because we have refused their ten day offer or
      c.) they will install a smart meter only if we request one but that we will also have to pay the fictitious extra charges as well

      They’re not very clear about that are they Zee. Clearly then the whole letter is bogus, the so called “offer” is bogus and the ten day response period is bogus. Especially when you think that people received these letters on 05 March 2014 but that the date on these letters was the 27 Feb 2014. Hey guess what, six days of the ten already elapsed before you even opened the envelope. The very poor wording and nonsensical grammar used invalidates the sentences in this letter. What does “within ten days of this letter” mean ? The term “this letter” is not a date. Do they then mean from “the date on the letter” or from “the date the letter was received” ?
      That’s why I say we are dealing with something that is completely BOGUS and for anybody who as a result of receiving this letter attempts to engage with these serpents, I am sure that these serpents will undoubtably attempt to get into your head in such a way as to cause you to allow them to install their carcinogenic smart meter. Don’t ANYBODY fall into this trap.

      My main advice is keep your box well and truly locked, don’t engage with or acknowledge fictitious authority and don’t allow yourself to be extorted or allow yourself to subsidise any criminal agenda that violates our fellow citizens rights and imposes carcinogenic toxicity upon them.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Zee, this is important! You must reply in writing (register the letter) and reiterate that you do not want a smart meter. Add to this that you are not refusing entry to your property for the purposes of maintenance, inspections, etc. but you are refusing installation of a smart meter.
      Read the ‘contract,’ which makes no mention of allowing the installation of a smart meter. Anyway, you don’t have a contract with Jemena but you do have one with the billing company (read that contract).
      Can they cut off your power? a most definite NO if you are paying your bills on time, as electricity supply is an essential service.
      Can they charge you extra for retaining your existing and safe analogue meter? Possibly. However, keeping in mind that you are already paying a daily service charge which should be taken off any additional money-grabbing effort.
      Now, lock up your meter box and remember your common law rights, particularly the one that says you don’t have to allow them on your property to install a smart meter, which is classified as a 2B carcinogenic device. You are entitled to protect yourself and your family.
      It is against the law if they threaten (e.g. we will cut off your power), harass or coerce you in any way. Good Luck

    • Eric says:

      Let’s not forget that on or before the 31 March 2014, each Distributor is required to provide to “the Commission” and “the Minister” a list of those premises that do not have a smart meter.
      See 14AA.5 Information provision to Commission and Minister
      and 14AA.6 Record keeping

      Not every customer of Jemena has received the letter mentioned above. I suspect that this letter targets those who may not have made it as clear to Jemena that they will not be taking a smart meter in the way that many others made made it much more abundantly clear. Jemena know that their customer relationship with these people is zero and that there is in many cases no longer any willingness from their customers to communicate with them at all.
      I suspect that the offer is indeed bogus as Cameron’s post has said and the whole purpose has got absolutely nothing to with those recipients of this letter. They are just being used as insignificant pawns to assist Jemena with their record keeping in being able to prepare their list for the Minister in such a way as being able to justify the presence of those persons or premises that are included on that list. A failure to respond from the customer within the four days they have been given (after receiving their letter on 05 March 2014) formalises their rejection of a smart meter and hence justifies their presence on the rejectors list. Jemena are trying to cover themselves that they have used what is termed as their “best endeavours” to install a smart meter on all these premises that are on their list and to justify their inability to get the meters installed due to quantifiable customer rejections.

      Jemena are just covering their backside with the Government with their customers being totally insignificant to the exercise.

    • Jasmine says:

      I think a lot of the letters Jemena has sent out were sent to the elderly, at least in my area. They should have there license revoked and be made to work at the do it your self carwash, I visited today. They would not have so much time on there hands and they would be providing a service and a valuable one.They should also think of other ways to occupy there time, such as making sure letters are sent out immediately, not a month later. “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”

    • Bill says:

      Legalese is a secret language invented to trick you. It uses English words but attaches secret meanings to those words with the sole intention of stopping you believing that what they are saying to you has nothing to do with the normal meaning in the English language. Their purpose is to cheat you and rob you.

      For example, they will say to you “Do you understand?” . In English, that means “Do you comprehend what I am saying to you?” and the automatic response would be “Yes”, meaning “I do comprehend what you are saying to me”. But these sneaky, underhand people have changed the meaning in Legalese to mean “Do you stand under me?” meaning “Do you grant me authority over you so that you have to obey whatever I tell you to do?”.

      What makes it even worse, is the fact that they will never tell you that they have switched from English to Legalese, and if that is not dishonest, underhand and unscrupulous, then I don’t know what is! If you answer the question believing that English is being spoken, then they pretend that you are contracting with them to become subordinate to them. Whether or not that is actually true is debatable because that is effectively a verbal contract between you and them and for any contract to be valid, there has to be full and open disclosure of all of the terms of the contract, and then, unreserved acceptance by both parties, and in these cases, that has most definitely, not occurred.

      Jemena have addressed their letter to a recipient with name having CAPITAL LETTERS. This is what is known as a “Strawman” or a fictitious legal entity and they are trying to trick you whose real name is “John Smith” to agree to to represent your fictitious strawman entity “JOHN SMITH”.

      See http://www.yourstrawman.com/

      Jemena’s letter is a legalese boobytrap. They will send these letters a certain amount of times and if you ignore them a certain amount of times then they have got you contractually

    • Davey Boy says:

      The whole letter sounds like an offer for you to self incriminate yourself by following their instructions.

      It’s like they’re saying “here’s a noose, now go and hang yourself”

      That we’ve “refused” Jemena access to their meter is totally FALSE but they are inviting us and even baiting us to ADMIT to that.
      We haven’t “refused” Jemena any access to anything BUT we DO NOT CONSENT to the installation of “smart meter”

    • Davey Boy says:

      They are just trying to get more people to cave in to them.

      They leave people reeling by their deceptive letters and then send the installers around to try and deliver a knockout punch whilst those people might still be staggering.

      Never remove the lock(s) from your meter box people.
      Never engage with installers.
      Always treat installers as trespassers and deal with them firmly making sure you have their christian and surnames, their employee id AND most importantly you should obtain their PERSONAL INDEMNITY NUMBER because this enables you to SUE THEM AS INDIVIDUALS. Make these bastards accountable and then watch their complex change. They are not above the law and Jemena is not above the law.

      They as individuals could go to jail for up to ten years for bullying, stalking, harassment. I can guarantee you that Jemena would not give a rat’s arse about them as individuals.

      A man in my street has told me that he is getting visits from Jemena’s installers every two weeks. Also the same individual installer can target a particular residence and keep coming back to it frequently.

    • Anonymous says:

      For any installers that you turn away, I believe it is very wise to NOT ALLOW them to take a photograph of your meter box no matter how friendly they are. No installer is your friend FULL STOP. I believe the reason they take photographs of your meter box is so Jemena can use those photographs against you as evidence down the track when they are targeting those persons who haven’t consented to an installation of their carcinogenic device. I believe they are particularly interested in the wording that is used on your signage.

      That would make sense. Why is it when installers revisit your premises they still seem to want to get a fresh photo of your meter box each and every time, most likely because then, Jemena has an up to date image of the signage. When an installer comes and it is known already up front that they are going to be turned away, it is still a very intentional surveillance exercise. That’s why Jemena send installers to premises for which they already know that the meter boxes are locked up like Fort Knox. They already know that there is not a hope in hell of installing a meter that day and yet they send installers around regardless with the installers themselves not being told that they will be unable to do the installation though the information is already known up front by those who send them. The installers are unwittingly gathering the evidence for the campaign ahead to be used against the non consentors.

      Hence we put into context Jemena’s latest letter as an offer to self incriminate yourself by following their instructions and supposedly making it seem that you have agreed to having “refused” them “necessary access”. If you see through their smoke and mirrors and don’t fall into their self incrimination trap, they have still got you set up whereby they can then incriminate you by producing photographic images that the installers have been capturing as evidence they intended to use against you all along.

      If they can pin it on you that you have refused them what they refer to as “necessary access” (regardless of the fact that you are not obligated by law to get a smart meter) either by your own self incrimination (even if it be by their deceptive methods) or by their own ability to incriminate you then they can use this REFUSAL STICK against you as an authority to cut power if you don’t do either of two things ie. roll over and allow the installation of the carcinogenic meter OR make an agreement to pay them their extortion money.

      Jemena’s “offer” letter is trying to bring about a situation where they can supposedly get away with being able to stand over us and demand that we either agree to pay them extortion money not to be irradiated, or we have our power cut off.

      That is the nature of their so called “offer”.

      That is the position that they are trying to put themselves into.

      Please give consideration to the wording that you put on the signage on your meter box. We do not give our consent, we do object to the installation of a smart meter.
      We do not give our consent, we do object to, we do waive the “offer” of installing a smart meter.
      Be careful of the word “refuse” or “reject” as I am told they have implications under maritime law ie. if you refuse an officer you are in contempt
      I am not an expert on these things but I just say be careful and tread carefully.

      Jemena have deliberately put key legalese words into their so called “offer” letter.
      Words such as offer, refuse, decline, necessary access. Tread carefully.
      And no more photographs for the installers.


    • Mel says:

      Let us stand our ground against them and they cannot touch us

    • Brian says:

      When you understand this letter you can just see what a nasty nasty piece of work Jemena truly are

    • Harley Handlebars says:

      This letter from United Energy which some people thought was their “Golden Ticket” is the same trickery that Jemena have used. The bastards at UE would have laughed their heads off when they read the posts on this site by persons who were duped by the prowess of their lowlife legal people. The UE letter is a deceptive lure into self incrimination that we have “refused” (just like Jemena’s letter). This term “refuse” and other terms such as “reject” has certain implications in legal terms which many of us do not know about but which their corporate lawyers do.
      UE letter is a contract to which we supposedly agree to if we don’t respond to it.
      That’s why we were sent this letter by registered post. Once you open a letter or once you sign for it you have commenced contractual negotiations with them. They deliberately set out to deceive us into accepting their correspondence which is deliberately made to appear favorable to us but which is in fact quite loaded. Their letter is outlining the terms and conditions of their contract. Jemena refer to this in their latest letter by the term “offer”. It’s a contract on offer. If you don’t respond you agree to their terms and conditions of that offer/contract. In UE case as in Jemena’s case, you self incriminate as having “refused”, a term that under maritime law means you are in contempt. We haven’t refused that which we are not obligated to allow. What we have done is that we haven’t given CONSENT to it. Jemena’s offer letter has exposed United Energy letter for what is is. Both letters are the same BS presented in a totally different way and I believe devised that way by their lawyers, infact Jemena and UE are actually the same company, they operate from the same business address. UE and Jemena should be shot for this legal trickery that they are unleashing upon Victorians. The Essential services code for marketing states that marketing offers should be in plain English and not legalese speak with all terms and conditions needing to be fully laid out. The fees UE talk about do not even exist. How do you agree to that which has no legal definition. You also supposedly agree that a smart meter won’t be installed AT THIS TIME which is another way of saying that a window has been left open to install one AT SOME OTHER TIME.

      These letters need to be responded to and rebutted. Future letters ought to be sent back marked “Return to Sender”.

      We can expect a deluge of these letter to come our way. They are traps to get us to agree to their contractual terms and thus force us to either get a carcinogenic meter, pay illegal unethical fees or go without electricity.

      Citipower, Powercor, SP Ausnet customers beware. Jemena customers beware of follow up letters. UE customers rebutt what was in the Registered Post letter that you were tricked into signing for.

      The deluge is about to begin. Once you open the envelope you are trapped into the process which you may not understand. Not opening the envelope, not signing for the registered item is legitimate and gives you tremendous power. They can not pin ntheir terms and conditions upon you if you Return to Sender which legally express your unwillingness to contract with these deceitful lowlifes SCUMBAGS.

      These bastards have only one way of getting to us now and that is if we self incriminate ourselves and that is what they are trying to do. That is the next phase of the game that we are now playing.

    • Eric says:

      Read the paragraph at the bottom which says

      “If we do not hear from you within 10 days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property”

      Question re “the meter at your property”…..whose meter is it ?

      Is it the Distributor’s property as they all claim ? (but failed to provide proof)
      Why do Jemena refer to it as “the meter” and not “our meter” ?

      Have Jemena given something away here ?

      Clearly Jemena are an illegitimate entity with fictitious authority only and are also not above the law.
      We can beat them. Bring it on.

    • Graham says:

      Everyone who has received this letter from Jemena or who has received the recent registered letter from United Energy should raise cases with the Ombudsman against both both Jemena and United Energy because they have placed contracts before you with the full foreknowledge that most customers would not even realise that these letters are terms and conditions of a contract. They have in both cases deceived you into agreeing to their terms and conditions by deliberately giving you the mistaken impression that it is favorable for you to not respond. Jemena and United Energy are in bed with the Ombudsman so the Ombudsman will appear at first unwilling to act on your behalf. You must push the Ombudsman to act. Record their phone calls and use them as evidence against them. We must show that we are prepared to burn the Ombudsman also. Then you watch them react. Also each person must report these lowlife tactics to the ACCC. Deceiving customers in this way is just not on. If AGL can be fined $1.1 million for their sales deception, Jemena and United Energy as as guilty as hell as being in contravention of Fair Consumer practice. The individual sales agents are also eligible for a $220,000 fine out of their own pockets so make sure that if you have any dialogue with any one of these lowlifes you make sure that you ask and obtain their personal indemnity numbers so they can be individually sued and they are required to give you that number when asked. Then watch them run like rats because Jemena and United Energy could not give a toss about their own expendable staff.

      This sort of activity just confirms that there is no law that obligates us to accept a smart meter nor to pay fictitious unlawful fees. They are deceptively trying to get us into contracts agreeing to those things which are not law and which they were unable to get away with lying to us about. This is their new tact.

      • Janet says:

        Be careful when dealing with the ombudsman’s because if they actually do anything they will just try and get the two parties at conflict to sort it out between themselves. There are two problems here
        1. Our relationships with our Electricty Distributor are now untenable and we loathe them and would they were wiped out of existance. Any dialogue to the Distributor you must insist is conveyed via the Ombudsman.
        2. If you do have dialogue with a Distributor as part of a process to resolve a case, BEWARE because in any dialogue you have with the Distribution Company, they will actually attempt to contract you as part of that dialogue. They won’t deal with the issue at hand but even as part of an ombudsman’s process, they will attempt to get you into contract. That’s how these devious “people” work

        • Harley Handlebars says:

          Well, again that is another point that can be channelled to the Ombudsman to build the case against the power company

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this like smoking cigarettes with a filter instead of giving up smoking? Seems to me avoidance is the only way to go. It’s time we found better ways to supply than using dangerous systems. We have been too much into whatever is cheap and not been concrned with safety; now we are going to be forced into doing better or dying. (And the powers-that-be don’t care if we die, they just tell themselves and anyone else who will believe them, that “Smart” meters are harmless. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE-THEY ARE DANGEROUS TO ALL LIFE, PLANT OR ANIMAL.

  3. Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

    Those who become ‘allergic’ to electro-magnetic ‘smog’/radiation, are the lucky ones. Everyone else may think they are ‘safe’ but it is affecting the body whilst they sleep and play. I had lots of headaches getting worse, and I heard online on Fair Dinkum Radio about “Blueshield” protection from a NZ company that is considered superior to other devices. My headaches have literally disappeared even though I have spent 6 weeks in Paraguay which has towers everywhere! This is not an advert, I am just sharing that there is protection available both plug-in for the whole home, and portable that follows me wherever I go. I bought the Blueshield for ‘sensitive’, allergic prone individuals.

    • It’s good to see that one of the Microwave Industry Slaves of this wicked and poisonous Industry has finally seen the light and has swung over to the opposite position. He is now an advocate for the elimination of this dangerous Microwave Industry and to getting rid of Smart Meters and Wi-Fi and Baby Monitors etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you have a shield that follows you everywhere you go? This does sound like an advertisement if you don’t mind me saying so, because you don’t explain what it is or how it works. However I do agree that this radiation is very likely going to ultimately affect everyone because the radiation is cumulative. And when millions are sick or dying with it, will the people who promoted or installed the “Smart” meter say, like Hitler’s henchmen, “I was only doing my job” These big money-grabbing companies don’t care if they kill you as long as they get their “pound of flesh” (But they’ll scream “unfair” when it’s their families who get sick!)

  4. Miriam. says:

    WHO does not really care about WiFi as a potential cancer risk – they are ignoring it – –

    Click to access who-knew-the-elephant-in-the-room.pdf

  5. Miriam. says:

    See the research by Professor Martin Pall for the best bio science evidence/explanation of EMF (and all other environmental illness) issues.

    • Miriam. says:

      This is a statement by Prof. Pall (his website is http://www.thetenthparadigm.org)

      “Subject: RE: Electrosensitivity

      I believe that EHS is very similar to MCS, except that the EMF exposures work by activating the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) and that particularly the L-type VGCCs are involved, whereas chemicals in MCS act, in most cases, indirectly to activate the NMDA receptors. These two classes of channels have many similarities with each other — they are both activated by partial depolarization of the plasma membranes (that is when the charge across the plasma membrane decreases) and they both lead to opening of channels that increase intracellular calcium and when both of these types of channels open, both types stay open for an extended period of time. They also have other similarities which lead me to think that they both act to raise the NO/ONOO- cycle and to increase what is knows a long-term potentiation (LTP) in the brain. If anything, EHS is more a consequence of brain dysfunction than is MCS.

      Now, you raise the issue of what you can do to recover, or at least partially recover from EHS. The simple answer (and none of this whatsoever should be viewed as medical advice) is avoidance (of EMF exposures for EHS and chemical exposures in MCS) – so in general avoid whatever you react to. And use the treatments that seem to be useful in the treatment of MCS, most of which act to lower parts of the NO/ONOO- cycle. A number of environmental medicine physicians have observed that when they have patients who suffer from both types of these sensitivities (which are quite common) and they respond well to their treatment for MCS, they tend to respond in parallel for their EHS symptoms.

      Now we have just been discussing the issue of the possible use of calcium channel blockers – drugs that block the VGCCs and the fact that this may be problematic. It is also true that in MCS, using NMDA antagonists have been problematic, although some people find that using, often lowered doses of dextromethorphan can be helpful. So, in general these may or may not be helpful, but they must be used if at all very carefully, at least initially at low doses.

      We have talked on this site about using various agents to lower the NO/ONOO- cycle and I won’t even think about repeating these many approaches. But I think (and again, none of this should be viewed as medical advice) that lowering the cycle, along with avoidance, are together the keys to improvement. You are welcome to forwarding all of this together, as you wish.

      Martin Pall”

      • Eric says:

        Five different drug type categories to treat patients with high blood pressure include the calcium channel blockers category. Calcium Channel Blockers do cause side effects with many patients taking CCB’s developing swollen feet and legs (full of fluid). Norvasc, Perivasc, Norvapine are just a few of the many more common names that this calcium channel blocker category of drug is marketed under. CCB’s are good at lowering blood pressure but it would be much better for the patient if the need wasn’t there to take this type of “medication”.

    • All of the people pushing this Microwave Technology know that they are doing the wrong thing but they care more about making money than looking after humans and animals health. This is the height of wickedness on their part and they will be dealt with very harshly very soon.

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