1 year anniversary of the Australian Federal Court’s recognition of the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation

One year ago, 28 February 2013, the Australian Federal Court’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAAT) provided the first Australian legal recognition of the detrimental effects on humans of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and its impact on the estimated 3-6% of the world population who suffer from the condition of Electromagnetic Hyper sensitivity (EHS).

The decision was met with no media fanfare in Australia where the condition is little-known, but one year out, its implications are spreading, like ripples on water, into our Australian community, and around the world.

Dr David McDonald holds multiple post-graduate qualifications, is multilingual, and an award-winning scientist with Australia’s largest research organization, CSIRO. He is an intelligent, fit and healthy man who exercises with unwavering regularity. He also has Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – he is allergic to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by wireless technologies such as smart meters, mobile phones and WIFI. For the 3-6% of the world population with EHS, exposure to EMR triggers symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, pain and weakness, concentration, memory and coordination difficulties, dizziness, numbness, tinnitus, increased blood pressure and pulse, irritability, sleep disruption, thyroid dysfunction, speech difficulties, and in some cases skin burning and blistering.

Full story on Dr David McDonald can be found at: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1KQ639Tc1Z9MFpCTTNlMkJuV2s/edit?pli=1

A related News Corp article can be found at: CSIRO scientist Dr David McDonald wins compensation for Wi-Fi pain

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31 Responses to 1 year anniversary of the Australian Federal Court’s recognition of the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation

  1. muzz says:

    Correction flawed.
    Also wind farm siting more stringent than black coal generators,

  2. Frank Carleton says:

    The smart meter rollout that begun under Brumby and Co and continued by Napthine and Co in defiance of public health risks is but one monstrous instance of the ALP and the Coalition forming a single self serving political class which habitually acts not in the public interest but only in the party interest. Only the politically illiterate will blame one side of the party playground instead of both.
    For much much more of the same vote Coalition or ALP.
    An alternative: flood the parliaments with independents who will represent their electorates and not merely themselves and their self serving parties. Moreover the preselection processes of both Coalition and ALP are intended to produce nullities who will always vote at their party’s call and never think of thinking for themselves at all. And some of those are plainly too dull to understand complex issues.

  3. Mick says:

    I think Im not speaking out of line to say all us people who don’t want these b****y smart meters are right behind the people of Morwell. We feel for you mates. It’s not on – we should have a right to breathe healthy air, like we should have a right to live without toxic levels of radiation pumped into our homes. You people of Morwell deserve better, you deserve to have your health protected now and for the future. Chief Health Officer of Victoria when she speaks on TV she sound like even she doesn’t believe her own words! Wonder if anyone actually trusts her? Do the people of Morwell trust her? Do any of us trust her? She says coal fire smoke aint causing cancer later on, she says smart meters are safe.

    • Eric says:

      It seems this woman is just one more member of this Nation’s ever increasing production line of uncompassionate and morally bankrupt bureaucrats.

  4. geoffrey says:

    You honestly think the health professionals care about your health? Just look at how the Latrobe Valley residents and animals are being poisoned by arsenic, lead, mercury cocktail fallout from the mine fires. It took them 3 days to put a similar fire out in the 60s when it was government owned but now it will take 3 months, and the chief health officer is only interested in covering the governments a$$ for liability and still keep claiming its only carbon monoxide coming from the fire despite all the corrosive ash falling everywhere. We need to stop looking to these failures for solutions to the very problems they create. When will enough be enough???????

    • Well said Geoffrey, the former State Electricity Commission would have had this present fire out very quickly. It was a sad day when all our electricity assets were privatized.

      • geoffrey says:

        it gets worse ive just found out that latrobe mine produces 100 tons per year of uranium and 200 tons of thoruim per year, its in the coal that is now dropping all over the valley and its 14000 inhabbitants but is normaly filtered and stored onsite. http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Safety-and-Security/Radiation-and-Health/Naturally-Occurring-Radioactive-Materials-NORM/ someone with fb needs to post that site to this site https://www.facebook.com/OccupyLatrobeValley to help spread the word

        • John M says:

          @geoffrey. Thanks for the very interesting read. Lot’s of dirty little secrets us mushrooms are never told, or even think about learning about and in the corporate world of today ignorance will equate to a shorter life span.

          One thing I’ve not heard mentioned in the press (although I could have missed it) about the fires (and it should be the most obvious one of all the toxic corrosive ash components) is the sulphur content being released from the burning coal. Not good for humans to breathe in, or contact with ferrous metals such as peoples cars. My vegie garden didn’t like it much either when it finally rained…. Acid rain!! and further interacted with the ash already over my plants.

          The ‘fallout’ from a corrupt and greedy privatised electricity system just keeps getting better doesn’t it 😉 They really do think the majority of the masses are too stupid to think beyond the carbon monoxide aspect, and they would be right, unfortunately 😦

          The “valley” though as in Latrobe Valley has an estimated population over 75000 and up to 81000 depending on sources, not 14000.

      • John M says:

        Ironic that Jeff kennett is the founding chairman of Beyond Blue. The amount of depression and misery he triggered in this state with asset sales is beyond measure. I guess he thought it was sufficient penance for what he had done. Nah!! not even close Jeff.

  5. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Here is some positive evidence of EMR dangers,
    “For the 3-6% of the world population with EHS, exposure to EMR triggers symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, pain and weakness, concentration, memory and coordination difficulties, dizziness, numbness, tinnitus, increased blood pressure and pulse, irritability, sleep disruption, thyroid dysfunction, speech difficulties, and in some cases skin burning and blistering.”

    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Ken,
      I have an enlarged thyroid gland, my sister had thyroid cancer. I have written to ARPANSA and asked for a guarantee that my thyroid would not be affected or damaged because of smart meters. They won’t reply. I have also sent in a health complaint to the Chief Health Officer, Dr Rosemary Lester. The letter I received is the same letter they send to everyone else. I then rebutted a lot of what they had to say. The second letter I received stated that my letter would be personally handed to Dr Rosemary Lester and it could take a while as she is busy. A few facts about the thyroid. The thyroid is responsible for controlling, metabolism, growth, body temperature, muscle strength, appetite, and the health of your heart, brain, kidneys, and reproductive system. The thyroid absorbs radiation, it is like a magnet. The thyroid can not tell the difference between radiation and iodine, which it needs to function properly and will absorb the radiation. Studies in rats have found that exposure to both 50 Hz (European electrical system) and 900 mHz (cell phones) electromagnetic radiation decreases the production of thyroid hormone, leading to symptoms of hypothyroidism..Dr Lester is not an endocrinologist, but she is a medical practitioner and therefore would have to have this information.
      I did point out to the Chief Health officer, that if I could get access to this information, then she should have it as well.
      I also asked her why there has been no warnings in regards to the thyroid being affected from smart meter radiation as there is more than enough evidence.
      If you don’t have a thyroid problem yet, you probably will in the future.

      • It seems that anyone who has vested interests, agendas from on high, or simply refuse to use their own brains are immune to the revelations of facts, truth and actualities.
        Where this will end is impossible to imagine. Hopefully for the sake of public health, authorities will eventually choose honesty and justice.
        In the meantime, how can they sleep at night?

  6. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Thank-you to Lynne McDonald for a great article!
    Let’s hope it really does start a conversation in Australia about the possible effects of unrestrained EMR use in the community and point the way to a much wiser use of technology.
    It is a worry that at a time when several European countries are curtailing their use of wireless (France’s Lower House has just passed legislation that recognizes the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation and calls for the provision of low EMR zones in urban areas and support for EHS sufferers in the workforce), Australia is hell bent on rolling out as many wireless devices as possible without thought for the immediate impact on EHS sufferers and the long term impact on the entire population. It’s high time that Australia stopped using the word ‘smart’ to sell dangerous products and embraced a truly smart and ethical way of using technology.

    • Eric says:

      Yes, the term “smart”…. is nothing other than a marketing tool that is intended to be effective in facilitating an acceptability among ignorant consumers of the particular “smart”…. product being marketed, and is actually a very deceitful term through it’s effectiveness to cover over the harmfulness caused by any highly toxic “smart”…. products that are pushed upon consumers.

    • Eric says:

      “Smart” is the Marketing Company’s expression for “Carcinogenic”

    • Anonymous says:

      The term “Smart” is the means by which toxic products are marketed.

    • Eric says:

      A “smart” product is one whose technology is toxicity.

  7. For the Personal Attention of Doctor David Davis
    The Chief Health Officer for

    Care of The Victorian Parliament,
    Victoria Australia

    27th February 2014

    Dear Doctor David Davis,
    Please be so kind as to read all of these links below, to fully appreciate just how sick this poor man Dr Mc Donald now is from the Microwave Radiation effects he has suffered in his job and he is still suffering from this endemic Microwave Radiation.

    Fast mounting numbers of people all over the Earth are continuing to suffer from the Microwave smart meters and mobile phones and Wi- Fi etc.

    Please see also the first link I give under this letter to you regarding the “1 year anniversary of the Australian Federal Court’s recognition of the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation.”

    Link Number 2 is in purple as is link number one.



    You are in a very powerful position Doctor Davis as the incumbent Victorian Minister for Health to stop this cruel and poisonous to Humans and animals and all life Roll-Out of these now proving to be Microwave smart meters, now named A.M.I digital remote reading electric meters.

    The repercussions on this Victorian Liberal Party will be even further exacerbated if you do not do what you can to help stop the continuing Roll-Out of these now proving to be Health Wrecking to Humans and animals and all life smart meters.

    I can promise you that it was the past Victorian Labor Party that started off this literal “Sword of Damocles” and even worse the still ongoing copy-cat mistakes from the past Victorian Labor Government of this now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party which is still foolishly allowing this Roll-Out of these smart meters to continue.

    If you Doctor David Davis really care about human life and alleviating human suffering, please work to stop the continuing Roll-Out of these now proving to be Sickness Making and far from Smart Electric Microwave Meters. The proof that these machines are Type 2B Carcinogen Machines is there in the World Health Organisation findings and has been for several years. As the number of people world wide is getting steadily sicker from the Microwave smart meters and this Microwave smog from Cell Phones and mobile phones and Wi-Fi and Baby monitors and from these also poisonous Microwave sending and receiving radios atop high towers is climbing not only in increasing numbers, but as a percentage % from 3 to 6 per cent of the population to now up to 8 per cent not only here in Victoria, but world-wide. Surely you can see that this is a most alarming figure. Because of this the World Health Organisation or W.H.O is now seriously considering raising the severity of these Microwave Electric Meters danger risk to the higher figure of Type 2A Carcinogen Machines.

    I implore you Doctor David Davis please do what ever you can to stop the Roll-Out of these Microwave smart meters. If you do not heed this polite warning of mine and a fast growing number of other Victorians who have already written to you on this most serious matter you will be proven to have been just as Lax as the past Labor Victorian Government and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of having not cared a JOT for us the Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare in any way at all.

    Those Victorian now so sick from this Microwave and far from smart technology being forced on the Victorian Populace will hold you Doctor David Davis and your ilk accountable for this truly “Wicked Lack of a Duty of Care ” being shown toward us the Victorian People who are also Your Masters, that is us the Voting Public of Victoria.

    Please remember Doctor David Davis, we, the Voting Public of Victoria, are Your Masters and not Your Servants !


    Richard Leschen.

  8. Paul says:

    Can someone tell me why Dr Napthine and Company have chosen to ignore this? I thought that he, of all people (because of his veterinary background), would have at least considered the detrimental effects of EMR on living things.

    Please Denis, if you are reading this, give Victorians the OK to opt out of any smart meter installation. You know it’s not law and neither you nor any political leader or party is likely to make it so, because the ‘James Hardy’ spectre is ever present.

    Remember you serve us, the Victorian people. You do not serve the overseas power companies that have, to date, shown such utter contempt for all of us. The election is not far off and this will be a political issue, so please do something now and prevent certain annihilation at the polls.

    • John M says:

      Paul says “Please Denis, if you are reading this, give Victorians the OK to opt out of any smart meter installation. ”
      I can’t believe what I’m reading. Why are you pleading? Quite frankly, it’s a bit late trying to appeal to any long gone humanity in these people. Victorians don’t need the OK from a fictitious corporate entity masquerading as being legit government for anything. And even if they were legit and serving the people, it is the people that demand government to follow our wishes, edicts and demands, not the other way around. Also, I don’t need an OK to opt out, as I didn’t opt in in the first place. The only answer is NO I will NOT comply.

      • Paul says:

        Point taken John. I guess I did sound a little ‘pleading’ but I’m one of those people who will fight the introduction of smart meters ‘tooth and nail.’ I won’t forget and I won’t forgive. Although I would greatly prefer to have no smart meters anywhere, I believe they will be installed in every home (barring those of the strongest opponents such as SSMA members) and remain until they are removed at a time when their adverse health effects are PROVED beyond any shadow of a doubt – that’s the ‘James Hardy’ spectre to which I was referring.

      • Jasmine says:

        To John,
        You are so correct, we don’t have to beg for our rights. They want us to do this, they become more powerful if we do this. They have found a weakness to exploit. Parasites feed off there host. It is time we stopped feeding them.

        • John M says:

          @Jasmine. I prefer the term “Kleptoparasite” or “Cleptoparasite” as I think it’s more fitting. They not only want us dead, but preferably slowly so they can also profit from our will and fight to beat our ailments. They’re also always busy making laws and conspiring to take away anything and everything collectively that ordinary non elite humanity has ever built, bought, or hold deed to. Beyond that they also want title and profits from the air that we breath, the sun that shines on everyone, and the water we need that falls freely from the sky.

          I would say that the larger part of humanity has to do far more than just stop feeding them, or humanity will eventually face it’s own extinction.

  9. Rik says:

    They say 3-6% but its a lot higher. My dad also suffers from it but he’s in denial. He says its this or its that but its never EHS.
    I suffer from it and I know exactly when it started, it was the day after the neighbours got their smart meters installed. I refused and I have locked my meterbox as I will always refuse but the problem isn’t my house, it’s the neighborhood. I live in an area with multiple units per block. So there are at least 20 smart meters just in a few house blocks from me. You see the meterboxes with 3 to 6 aerials on them. And you feel the pressure on your head when you drive past.

    But after 1 year they are still installing these cancer meters and still not removing them. You would think after 1 year the government would be doing something now but nope, nothing is done to make the situation better. The only thing you can do is move interstate to a state without smart meters. You can’t even move to a different suburb as it’s all Victoria that now has this problem.

    • John M says:

      @Rik. The ‘government’ is following the demands of outside corporate interests and the plans of globalist control freaks, who see most of us as cattle to be exploited and fed upon, or vermin to be disposed of. All you will get from their puppets if they acknowledge ordinary people at all, is lip service.

      Yes, you can move interstate and get a respite from the radiation soup and delay things for a while but, AMI technology is ear marked to be installed everywhere eventually. What then? Keep fighting the same game over and over again in another area as it’s implemented? Keep moving to areas with less pollution and proliferation? They will most certainly shrink in time and people will financially ruin themselves continually trying.

      There’s some nice little towns in Australia where time has been forgotten it seems. No towers etc. It’s very tempting to move and isolate oneself from a world gone crazy. However, money and greed follows people. When the bean counters decide there’s sufficient mass of people to break even or make profit, the infrastructure will go in or they will try and force people out of isolated areas to rack, pack and stack us into large populaces where the infrastructure and control mechanisms already exist, which is part of the plan in Agenda 21 anyway.

      In my opinion, the only way forward for people is to cause them financial pain and loss through a reduction or completely removing ourselves from dependency on their service. We have to break the monopoly they hold over us or we will always be enslaved by it. This is true to diminishing the power and profitability of all corporations that are now out of control and imposing their will on governments and peoples. Don’t buy their product or service. Look for and use alternatives. Send them broke.

      • Eric says:

        One million users every day log into facebook one of the biggest companies in the world. If one day those one million users collaberated together and elected not to log into facebook, kit would have the potential to send Facebook broke. Who would be at the mercy of who if consumers chose not to log into facebook anymore ? Mark Zuckerberg would go down the gurgler. Evil and Immoral Corporations are at the mercy of the customers who will no longer embrace their products. We need to send the Electricity Distribution Companies to hell where they belong.

  10. Gerald,
    The 3 to 6 per-cent has been increasing steadily not only in Victoria Australia, but now world-wide to up to 8 per-cent. This is alarming news for all of humanity.

  11. Gerald says:

    EHS may affect 3-6% of people *noticibly*, and I feel for them sincerely. I think it’s important to also recognise that the effects of EMR are being cast upon us all, whether we experience overt symptoms or not.

    The “Take Back Your Power” documentary has a very enlightening, and frightening, demonstration of what EMR is doing to us all, every day.

    • Gerald,
      It seems that some people who have the Microwave smart meters or now renamed A.M.I digital but still Microwave electric meters, ( just another name for the smart meters) say they feel no effects from these meters, but I have found from some of my acquaintances here in Ararat Victoria that quite a number of them are starting to feel some very worrying Microwave effects.

      Some of these people are now experiencing worsening cases of insomnia and or headaches and or tiredness or lassitude to lack of being able to sleep properly, or chest pains etc.

      It won’t be too long before a sea of veritable Truth, that these Microwave A.M.I digital electric meter human sickness making machines will keep on rising from the old figure of 3% to 6% and now to 8% to ever higher percentages as these dangerous machines continue to be Unlawfully rolled out all over Victoria.

      • John M says:

        @Richard.”It won’t be too long before a sea of veritable Truth, that these Microwave A.M.I digital electric meter human sickness making machines will keep on rising from the old figure of 3% to 6% and now to 8% to ever higher percentages as these dangerous machines continue to be Unlawfully rolled out all over Victoria.”

        I remember when masses of people were battling / dying from malignant mesothelioma caused by asbestos, and an ever diminishing few still are. Pleading to Doctor’s Lawyer’s, government and the courts. How many greedy Aholes ever served time, if ever, for that cover up that was ignored for far too long?

        How many people had their lives cut short and exposed worldwide so profits could continue for another day. This was all at a time when governments were not so entangled and corrupted by corporate influences and they could act but didn’t for so long. When ‘eventually’ some justice and action was taken by courts and government, but far too late for so many.

        History repeats itself yet again… with some additional fine tuning. It used to be found to be accidental that exposure to certain things eventually caused illness and death and greed stood in the way of action to remove from the market earlier. Now, it’s without doubt for anyone with open eyes that harm will and is ‘deliberately’ brought upon the public from the outset for profit and we can’t rely on governments and courts anymore to act in our best interests.

        Harmful exposure is happening on so many levels from so many contaminants. But, with AMI, mobile phones etc it’s never been clearer so early what the many downsides are including health risks and the solution….

        They gave us a switch to turn off being murdered for profit. How many people will deny that and continue willingly, or albeit reluctantly to expose themselves and actually pay for it?

      • Jasmine says:

        Dear Richard,.
        One of my neighbors had her smart meter installed last June, her dog had a mild heart condition. Her dog became sick soon after the smart meter was activated. The smart meter was installed on a Tuesday and her dog had to be put down on Thursday. This neighbour did not want a smart meter, but like many people I know, they don’t want to do anything about it. My neighbour took great delight in telling me that the smart meter installer, told her and her son that I and others would be getting a fine at the end of the year.. My neighbour now, constantly tells me that she has what feels like lumps behind her eyes, that her hair is falling out and she has trouble sleeping.. I do not say anything, because, we have argued many times. My neighbour does not bring up the subject of smart meters anymore. She does not relay stories of police removing locks anymore.
        I actually know quite a lot of people that in their words, did not want smart meters, but would not do anything about it. These people tell me that they feel sick, but will stop short of blaming their illness on smart meters.
        It is called Denial and because they welcomed the smart meter installer with open arms, it makes it even worse..Quite a a lot of people have also told me that they keep on waking up at night.
        About a year and a half ago, a lady came into the store I work at. She was quite agitated. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that her elderly friend was very sick. She told me that her friend had nose bleeds, headaches and other symptoms. She told me that her friend had visited a naturopath and that they had told her, there was radiation in her body. I asked this lady if her friend has a smart meter.Her reply was “my friend has one on her bedroom wall and her head is up against it” This lady started crying as she knew quite a bit about radiation and its effects.. I have never seen this lady again so I don’t know what happened to her friend.

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