News Flash – At last, major utility admits “No rational basis” for smart meters.

In a written submittal filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, Northeast Utilities, a major U.S electricity and gas company, is highly critical of a proposed state plan that would require utilization of “advanced metering” or smart meters within the state of Massachusetts as part of an electrical grid modernization plan. In fact, the comments are quite remarkable in that they appear to reflect reality without undue political spin or bias.

Let us hope that other utilities, public utility commissions, and politicians everywhere, including Australia, can soon come to similar unbiased conclusions that are based upon economic realities and reflect consumers’ and societal best interests.

A summary of key points made by Northeast Utilities in its filing can be found at:

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7 Responses to News Flash – At last, major utility admits “No rational basis” for smart meters.

  1. .

    For the Personal Attention Of :
    Ms Lily De Ambrosio,
    The Victorian Opposition Minister
    For Energy and Resources
    Victorian State Parliament

    24th February 2014.

    Dear Ms Lilly De Ambrosio,
    What are you as the Opposition Member for Energy and Resources prepared to do, to help those Victorian privately owned home and small business people who have been Unlawfully tricked into accepting the Electric Microwave smart meters ?

    The following facts below are what I require your personal answers to please.

    A. The statement that, “ The Electric Microwave Smart Meters had been MANDATED by the Victorian Labor Government, and now by the Victorian Liberal Government,” is an utter disgrace. Nor is it Lawful to even attempt to force these meters on the Victorian Public.

    B. Note well that a Mandate is only an order and it cannot be ‘ The Law ’ as it was never passed as Law in the Labor or the Liberal Victorian Houses of Parliament at any time or by the Victorian Governor General.

    C. Microwave Smart Meters have been and still are the cause of a number of fires which have burnt down firstly a two-storey home in Victoria and wrecked two Glenroy Haddon Dentists operating theatres in the suburbs of Melbourne and in other suburbs.

    D. This proves that a number of smart meters in Victoria had become Incendiary Meters, which makes it imperative that the the smart meter roll-out should be stopped immediately.

    E. As we in Victoria as in other Australian States are a Democracy, no one can Lawfully force us to take a smart meter against our Will and Better Judgement.

    F. The World Health Organisation has already proven that here in Victoria and world wide, that the smart meters are Type 2B Carcinogen Meters.

    D. Your first priority if you are ever voted into power should be to get rid of the smart meters and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters now known as A.M.I digital meters stolen from Victorians.

    I do not want any more Boiler Plate Letters sent to me such as the Boiler Plate answers you sent me some months ago, are an Insult to my intelligence and did not answer the very serious questions I had asked you to please answer.
    Below this letter to you, the New report lays bare the electricity privatisation’s “Record of Failure.” Please see also,

    Looking forward to your personal reply,


    Richard Leschen.

    From: EMFacts Consultancy
    Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 9:01 PM
    Subject: Electricity privatisation in Australia: A record of failure

    Press release from the New South Wales Electrical Trade Union (ETU):

    New report lays bare electricity privatisation’s “Record of Failure”

    Posted on 20-2-2014

    Prominent Australian economist Professor John Quiggin has launched a scathing attack on energy sector privatisation, concluding that it has failed to deliver promised benefits for consumers. Professor Quiggin examined 20 years of pro-privatisation reform in his report, “Electricity Privatisation in Australia: A Record of Failure”, which included a detailed economic examination of the outcomes of power sales in Victoria and South Australia.His research has revealed that many of the claimed benefits of privatisation have not been supported, with key findings including:

    * price rises have been highest in States with privatised electricity networks;
    * customer dissatisfaction jumped, with complaints to the energy ombudsman in privatised States leaping from 500 to over 50,000 per annum;
    * resources have been diverted away from operational functions to management and marketing, resulting in higher costs and poorer service;
    * reliability has declined across a wide range of measures in Victoria;
    * promised increases to investment efficiency have not occurred;
    * real labour productivity has reduced as employment and training of tradespeople was gutted and numbers of managerial and sales staff exploded;
    * private owners are receiving unjustifiably high rates of return based on the low investment risk; and
    * consumers in privatised states bear the cost of approximately 10 per cent per annum interest on private owners’ debt, compared to substantially lower government borrowing
    costs of three per cent.


    Read the post here.

    • Excellent letter Richard; let’s hope you get a better reply this time.

    • Eric says:

      Please note the very last paragraph in Professor John Quiggan’s document

      It is time to admit that the reform process, as a whole, has been a failure, and that a return to a more centralised system, with public ownership of critical infrastructure,
      is the only sensible response.

  2. Archie says:

    SO! Now what do we do about the lying,sneaky,bullshitting,overbearing,bullying TURDWORMS,who have installed these meters!

    • andrew says:

      Could not agree more LOL.

    • Dear Mr Nicholas Kotsiras,
      You really need to read all of this and LEARN. Please don’t do as did Mr Michael O’Brien continually did which was to hide from us the Victorian General Public and not even meet us as he had previously arranged to do back in March of 2012. Where was he when we turned up at his offices to meet him, sadly he had run away and seemingly hidden. I can only surmise he was hiding. His staff knew he was supposed to meet us but even they did not know, or said they did not know where he was !

      Remember you are our SERVANT and not our MASTER and when we politely ask you to meet us, will you run away as did Mr Michel O’Brien did back in March 2012 ?


      Richard Leschen.

  3. Paul says:

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

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