Vote for ‘Take back your power’ film

Big news from the team at Take Back Your Power – the film exposing “smart” meters worldwide.  They just received a big nomination for the AwareGuide 2013 Transformational Film of the Year!  It’s a viewer’s choice award, and is among several Oscar-nominated films.

As it is currently in the top 3 of the vote, we need your vote & support to win.  Winning will significantly propel awareness of the issues, and help TBYP land greater distribution.

Let’s push the film into the mainstream!  Please VOTE and SHARE the link widely:

And, after you’ve voted, please spread this link via your email, facebook twitter, or blog.  Voting ends 7 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time, Tuesday Feb 4th.

 For more info, to watch the film online, or host a TBYP screening, see:

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”
 -Martin Luther King Jr.

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12 Responses to Vote for ‘Take back your power’ film

  1. Eric says:

    Well Done.
    Take Back Your Power tied for the Number One position in the viewer’s choice award for top transformational film of 2013.
    That would not have happened unless the film has a very important message and that message against wireless smart meters is a message that now needs to be spread far and wide and loud like never before.

  2. Freedom Rules says:

    Good Luck Josh – you are truly awesome!

  3. Bob says:

    99% of people are sheep.They accept what these gangster’s gobbledegook have to say with their ‘rolloveryou’out’ .Ask any of them.If it ain’t sport they are not interested

  4. Pamela Jephcott says:

    I had no idea we could refuse smart metre being installed in my home. How do I go about having it removed without costing me money.?

  5. Hagey Boy says:

    The first two links don’t work. The link via doesn’t work either. We are supposed to have until 7 PM tonight (3 Feb) to vote. What the hell?

    On a minor (?) note: the no trespassing sign for Smart Meter installers I’ve had planted in my front yard since last May was stolen Saturday night. Kids? Or…? I reported to the local police. Paranoia runs deep these days.

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