Half of users abandon smart meter trial

Are the ‘House of (smart grid) Cards’ collapsing??

itnews reports half of users abandon smart meter trial with the Australian National Audit questioning the price tag for the under-subscribed retail program:

The Australian Government’s $100 million intelligent energy grid trial has blown its budget and failed to meet key objectives, the national auditor has found.

The Smart Grid, Smart City Program, which has been shuffled among no less than four administrative departments since its establishment in 2009, is due to publish its findings within months.

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has discovered that the program did not attract and retain enough household participants to its retail trial – the largest in the program – to produce “statistically useful” results.

Furthermore, while the retail trial attracted less than half the optimal number of participants proposed by the consortium that won the grant for the program, AusGrid, it nonetheless cost the full $20 million budgeted for the program due to “increased implementation costs”.

The ALP Government announced the program in the 2009 federal budget, aiming to identify energy efficiencies that might result from using smart grids and smart metering equipment in homes.

AusGrid originally proposed a retail trial involving “up to” 20,000 participants. A consultant’s report commissioned by AusGrid later recommended a base participant rate of 8333 households. In December 2013, the Department of Industry – to which responsibility the program eventually fell – advised the ANAO that the final number of participants in the trial was 4000 due to a drop out rate exceeding 50 percent.

“The 4000 participants figure represents 20 percent of the (up to) 20,000 retail trial participants foreshadowed in Ausgrid’s grant application and set out in the original funding agreement. It is also significantly less than the estimates proposed by the other (unsuccessful) grant applicants,” the ANAO wrote in its report.

“Despite lower participation rates, the estimated cost of the retail trial (around $20 million) was not reduced, and accounted for around one‐fifth of total expenditure,” it added.

It also found that the trial did not run over an optimal time period to account for statistical anomalies created by extreme and unusual weather.

“As a consequence of the reduced timeframe and participation rate, the retail trial has not generated the volume or breadth of data that was initially envisaged,” the ANAO wrote.

Nevertheless, the ANAO found that the results of the trial had the potential to contribute to government policy.

“While not achieving a ‘commercial‐scale’ rollout as initially required under the program guidelines, the retail trial has identified the challenges that government and industry will need to consider if implementing a broader rollout of smart meters and their associated technologies”.

Via: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/370919,half-of-users-abandon-smart-meter-trial.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=editors_picks
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14 Responses to Half of users abandon smart meter trial

  1. Damaged says:

    Not to mention all the money they will have to fork out when the class actions begin!

  2. Chris says:

    “identified the challenges”…indeed they have…the people don’t want them and will object to having them and being involved ! they couldn’t even convince 1/4 to do it!

  3. Soleil says:

    Posing a question to the group. Those of us with friends who have smart meters installed already, have you noticed any differences in behaviour of them? One of my friends who had one installed 6 months ago claimed her bills were lower for the 1st bill, but hasn’t updated me since then. I’ve come to see she is not as communicative as she used to be. I hesitate to broach the topic with her as she knows I am opposed to SMs. She also complained she has had more migraines and headaches but again, I bit my lip linking them to the installation as I think I’ve already spoken enough about them to her before installation. One can inform to those who are open to discussion otherwise you are wasting your breath. Thanks

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Yes, Soleil. I had one friend get shingles right after SM installation, another has had ongoing coughs and colds, another can’t sleep and another’s bills are going through the roof, despite radically cutting power consumption.
      Like you, I just shut up, as I know otherwise I’ll be labelled paranoid, but once you see the truth, it’s pretty hard to ‘unsee’ it!

    • Minnie says:

      To Soleil, my neighbor took great pleasure in telling me stories she had heard from other people, for e.g police breaking locks and police helping to force people to have smart meters installed. When she had hers installed she came over and quite confidently told me that I and others would get a fine at the end of the year and that mobile phones emitted more radiation. I asked her what the radiation levels were from a mobile phone. She did not answer only smiled and went home quite smug. Since she had her smart meter put in, her dog died of heart failure, she tells me her hair is falling out, she has headaches all the time, she has trouble sleeping, her eyes feel like there are lumps behind them and last week she had a pain in her abdomen, that was so painful she did not sleep all night. I don’t say anything as I won’t waste my breath. I am still not to happy about her smug attitude and her false information that she readily gave out. Basically my neighbour repeated what the installer told her, yet I am supposed to be her friend. Maybe she can go and have coffee with the installer instead.
      She knew about smart meters as I had given her the information, I think it just came down to laziness and now if all her health problems are from the smart meter, she will probably get sicker. She does not bring smart meters up ever as I yelled at her last time. She chose to believe what a stranger (Installer) told her than a friend. People only learn the hard way.

  4. Terri Keller says:

    Love your site! This is good news, and yes, I do think it indicates that the end is not as far off as one might imagine for “Spy and Fry” meters. This story is being shared worldwide, for starters at Stop Smart Meters Georgia Facebook. Please feel free to come and visit/join! Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/415080751852326/. Thank you for all your wonderful articles. 🙂

  5. Gerald says:

    Oh, *that* went well…

    Taxpayer funds utterly down the drain on a program that is ill-conceived, horrendously implemented and disseminated to the public.

    Big business and government need to stop cuddling up, get out of bed and look out of the window at a public mass that will no longer be bullied and lied to. Their agendas cannot be disguised any longer in a world where sites such as this exist.

    Thank you SSMA.

    Thank you SSMA (I am aware I have written this twice)

    I have referred many to you, and I have paid up for legal action. I have spoken sanely to anyone who has asked about my signs and locked up meter box. I share information in an unbiased manner, and folks around my patch genuinely care about this issue.

    Unfortunately, I kinda feel that the “Smart Meter Fiasco”, as it will go down in history, is but one of many programs and commissions and investigations and studies and regulatory enhancing “changes” and public nanny-state control measures and trials and voter grabbing initiatives and image-protecting public relations and coverups and general sputum that ANY government these days seems to move towards almost instinctively for reasons that completely elude me.

    I do not understand why governments act this way, but I can most surely see it happening on a daily basis.

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  7. Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

    We, the People Reject smart (death) meters. We, the People are aware of their real purpose (total control and removal of privacy by the One World Corporation that views us as ‘useless eaters’), and that the radiation pulses of this technology is extremely dangerous to health, in particular the safety of small children/babies (having soft skulls), but ALL people. We Reject this tyrannical technology, we will NOT accept it, and We are aware also of the exhorbitant cost increases to our use of power, despite lies to the contrary. We are also aware that these spy meters are being used at a frequency that is known by international intel to be a silent weapon (Barrie Trower, a retired UK intel expert whistleblower) against we the people. We also know that this is part of a massive international control grid to be used by the coming New World Order ie One World Government, the shadow government of the Committee of 300 (Dr John Coleman).

    • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

      We are also very aware that We, the People in the United States are rejecting these unsmart meters and some mothers have been arrested for their resistance. A mother will defend her young at all costs. Power companies in certain areas there have been sued by homeowners to such an extent, that anyone who requests the removal of their stupid meter is getting no resistence any longer from these power companies. We the people are all powerful if we work together instead of sitting like a lump, watching the telly, beer in hand.

  8. Richard Leschen.

    Saturday, February 01, 2014 1:00 PM
    To: Kotsiras. Nicholas
    Subject: Fw: The Victorian Auditor General’s Report showing inherent weakness of Smart Meters.

    From: Mr Richard Leschen
    42 Hucker Street Ararat
    Victoria 3377,

    My Home and Business Number is 03 5352 3639.

    1st February 2014.
    For: The Personal Attention of Mr Nicholas Kotsiras.
    The Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources.

    Dear Mr Nicholas Kotsiras,
    Would you please read this accurate report of the Victorian Auditor General’s Report below, drafted and promulgated in November 2009. The then Victorian Auditor General a very wise man had a very clear understanding of the then possible negative effects and specific problems this Roll-out of the Electric Microwave Meters here in Victoria could entail and the problems that would then be inherent. His forecast has turned out to be very accurate indeed, plus what he did not know about at the time, which was and still is, the fact that increasing numbers of Victorian Citizens have been and still are becoming very sick from the associated Microwave Radiation from these smart meters ( read here not so smart meters ) including the fires or INCENDIARY problems besetting these same meters which I have recorded in growing numbers of instances from the fire which broke out in the two-storey Greek home in Northcote which according to a Fire Insurance Assessor did some $300,000 to $350,000 thousand dollars at that time after the Microwave smart smart meter caught alight in that Electric Meter box with a loud explosion heard by the grandson nearby, who immediately called the fire brigade and then very quickly rescued his two bed-ridden grandparents from the then fast burning home.

    Another serious fire after the installation of the Microwave smart meter broke out in Glenroy a Melbourne suburb at one of several of the Haddon Dentists surgeries doing a good deal of electrical damage. Then to add insult to injury after the fire brigade had been called to put out the fire in this dentists’ Electric Meter box and cleaning up the mess, yet another smart meter was installed some days later, andyes, to add even further insult to injury the second Electric Microwave smart meter caught alight, this time doing similar damage to yet another dental surgery at this property.

    Other Electric smart-meter fires have broken out in various regions of Geelong and four here in Ararat where I live, and only after the installation of the Electric Microwave smart meters. By now you should have realised the extreme danger you are putting Victorian Electricity Customers into in allowing this Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meter Roll-Out to continue. This continuing Roll-Out of these meters is something you have the power to stop immediately.

    Why have you Mr Nicholas Kotsiras not stopped this Roll-Out of these smart meters ?

    Tell me, “ Are you working for and in the pay of these five Overseas Electric Power Companies or not ? ” As the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources it is your bounden duty to put the Health and Welfare of the Victorian People first and foremost, and not to PANDER to the five (5) foreign owned Electrical Power Companies of Powercor and City Power and Jemena and United Energy and SP AusNet. Just like the former Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien and before him under Labor Mr Peter Bachelor you Mr Nicholas Kotsiras have shown no “Duty of Care ” for us the Victorian Citizens Health or Safety or our Welfare which is not only very remiss of you but is a CRIMINAL ACT on your part and for which I can assure you, you will be called to account very soon.

    If you are wise and have any decency left in your Human Soul, you will not only Stop the Roll-Out of these now proving to be health wrecking and INCENDIARY and far from smart Electric Microwave Meters immediately, you will see to it that every one of these now proving to be deadly to human life and all life Smart Metres is removed forthwith from every Victorian private home and small business and replaced immediately with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, stolen by the past Victorian Labor Government and by your equally tardy and careless Victorian Liberal Party Government. The cost of removing these Deadly and Dangerous and now proving to be Incendiary Meters and replacing them with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters must be born by the same five ( 5 ) foreign owned Electric Power Companies aforementioned here in Victoria.

    Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, be thou prepared to be personally dragged into Court along with all of your ilk which includes Mr Michael O’Brien the former Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources under the Victorian Liberal Party Government, as well as Mr Peter Batchelor under the past Victorian Labour Government and every C.E.O of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their minions, as well as Mr Mark Feather of the then named Department of Primary Industry, as well as Mrs Janet Hogarty of Powercor, her bullying minion Ms Tara Cowie another bully I will not spare or the then C.E.O of Powercor a Mr Shane Breheny, now retired. He now being retired will not save him and every C.E.O of the other four foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their minions. Mr Peter Wallace of A.M.I attached to Powercor most unwisely bullied me and my twin brother Henry, but his bullying backfired on him badly and he is on my list of people to be dragged into Court to be duly punished, as are all now so named and shamed in this letter. The Audit Summary.pdf is well worth reading and is actually a look from November 2009 into the future. The author must have had a crystal ball and a bit of gypsy in him I reckon as the dopy Electric Microwave and not so smart meter/s Roll-Out has turned into a nightmare for Victorians or into a Pile of DUNG, that’s for sure.

    Click to access 111109-AMI-Audit-Summary.pdf

    Looking forward to your reply,


    Richard Leschen.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Great letter of yours, Richard! I received in the mail today a load of propaganda regarding smart meters and copies of EMC ‘report’ etc. Why send this all out to me now? I have been resisting for almost 2 years – nothing has changed and I am so angry at them and this vile government.

  9. Rik says:

    So the true results are it will cost 5x as much and nobody wants them. So WHY did the Victoria government push so hard to get them installed? Now they have to get them all removed. MORONS!
    And you wonder why the government says they have no money. They waste it on crap like this.

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