Science and Wireless Seminar, 27 November, RMIT

The focus of this year’s Science and Wireless Seminar at RMIT will be ‘Health and Future RF Technologies’, with an Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) presentation on new and emerging RF technologies and presentations by industry on 4th Generation Telecommunication and Smart Meter technologies, followed by the associated health perspective of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. A facilitated panel discussion will then provide plenty of opportunity for open discussion on these issues, followed by more informal conversation over coffee.

This is ACEBR’s first public event since commencing operation earlier this year.  The Centre’s Director Professor Rodney Croft will briefly introduce the Centre, after which he will welcome ARPANSA’s CEO, Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson, to formally open the Centre.

For the latest program and to register go to:;ID=oqqoku3iruy9z

Registration closes 13th November. Note that registration is free and a limited number of travel grants are available for people without travel funding.


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5 Responses to Science and Wireless Seminar, 27 November, RMIT

  1. Take Your Power Back says:

    I have looked at the speakers on the agenda – and come to the conclusion that the name of this event is a farce as I cannot see anyone on the list who seems to have any qualifications to speak on “health” – only on the RF technologies – so I guess the health part will be the usual spin of “they are safe and within ARPANSA standards and safer than mobile phones and baby monitors”
    When will an organisation who is supposed to seriously look at health, take responsibility and do so??? I would have thought that an organisation called “Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research” would have been looking at “health” effects more than “RF technology” but then with Telstra being a major sponsor I guess we couldn’t really expect a fair go could we????

  2. 1vimana1 says:

    Slowly the public is waking up,
    But sadly they are waking up far too slowly. Fifty years ago when I was but four and twenty years of age, we had no dopey Microwave Mobile Phones or Deadly Type 2B Microwave Carcinogen Causing and now proving to be deadly to Humans and Animals and in fact all life Electric so-called ‘smart-meters.’ I say ‘So-Called’ because Microwave So-Called ‘smart meters ‘ are not smart in any way at all. They are simply called, ‘smart meters’ in order to DUMB DOWN the general public here in Victoria Australia and world-wide.

    The mobile Microwave phone is also called a ‘Smart Phone,’ but again it is not smart in any way at all. The word SMART is used by the Corrupt Microwave Manufacturing Industry and its sales people here in Victoria and world-wide, to delude and thus Dumb-Down the public and make so many of the public more gullible every day.

    Anybody who, like me has done years of world-wide research and deep probing into this dopey and truly Money Grubbing Microwave Industry comprising Electrical Microwave so-called ‘smart meters’ as well as Microwave Mobile phones and equally deadly Microwave Radio sending and receiving devices atop of high radio masts and or tall buildings knows just how deadly this EVIL technology really is to All Human and Animal and Insect LIFE on Planet Earth.

    Sadly it was the then Money Crazed and Money Grubbing Victorian past John Brumby Labor Victorian Government and now, equally crazed Money Driven present Victorian Liberal Party Government who are now being driven through their still present WICKEDNESS of putting the gain of making money ahead of looking at their first duty, which is to see that peoples’ Health and Welfare is not jeopardised by this Microwave or any other Technology.

    Sadly this still seemingly corrupt Victorian Government of both the past John Brumby Labor and the present Liberal Party Government and all of the C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria still seek by any means they can, of forcing the Victorian Public to accept these now proving to be deadly to Humans and Animals and All Life Dopey Electric Microwave Type 2B Carcinogen meters as classified by the World Health Organisation.
    Just as did the Past John Brumby Labor Government seek to continually put Monetary Profit ahead of Victorians Health and Welfare, this now present Victorian Liberal Party Government still put the gain of money ahead of the Victorian Peoples’ medical health and welfare. This is the Height of WICKEDNESS !

    This past John Brumby Victorian Labour Government and his Minister for Power and Development Mr Peter Batchelor started off this still ongoing CRIME of trying to force everybody who was a private home and or small business owner to accept the DOPEY and so-called and far from smart meters, which will by the World Health Organisation soon be reclassified as Type 2A Carcinogen Meters as they the W.H.O now realise just how dangerous these dopey so-called Microwave and far from smart meters really are to all LIFE on Earth, owing to the steadily increasing percentages of now evident and fast climbing numbers of people and animal who are so adversely Medically affected not only here in Victoria Australia but also world-wide.

    I hereby accuse the past Mr John Brumby the Premier of the Victorian Labor Government and his Minister for Power and Development Mr Peter Batchelor of starting off these then, and still now ongoing crimes of forcing it’s Victorian privately owned home and small business property owners of ‘The Crime’ of making now so many and increasing numbers of Victorian Citizens sick from this accursedly and now proving to be Microwave sicknesses now permeating the State of Victoria.
    I also accuse the present Victorian Liberal Party Government starting with Mr Ted Baillieu and his Minister for Power and Development Mr Michael O’Brien and the present Premier of Victoria Mr Dennis Napthine and his Minister for Power and Development Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, as well of continuing to Lie to the Victorian Public and of being wilfully complicit with the five overseas owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and their minions as well as Mr Peter Wallace of the A.M.I Department attached to Powercor of wickedly and continually trying to force the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners to accept the now proving to be health damaging Electric Microwave, Type 2B Carcinogen Causing so-called but far from smart meters against these citizens Will and Better Judgement and against the Principles of Democracy where the people of Victoria or any free country of the world are free to decide if they want these dopey Electric Microwave so-called smart meters which are not SMART in anyway at all but proving to be deadly to people Health and Welfare.

    I also accuse Mr Mark Feather of the now renamed Department of State Development and Business and Innovation and his minions of also using every illegal trick in the book of Bullying and Harassing and Outright Lying, To Me Personally, in their VAIN and stupid attempt to force me to accept a Deadly Dopey Electric Microwave so-called smart meter. So far I have kept these miscreants at bay, but sadly many people have either given into these Victorian Lying Labor and Liberal Party Government and or five Overseas owned C.E.O’s and their Lying minions and smart meter installers’ wicked demands and or had these accursed Electric Microwave Smart Meters forced upon them by not firstly Padlocking their Personal Electric Meters Boxes when these unfortunate people had gone out shopping or were away from home for any other reason.

    I also accuse every Chief Executive Officer = C.E.O of the following overseas owned Electric Power Companies and or their C.E.O’s who have now replaced those same officers who have retired.
    I start with Mr Shane Breheny of Powercor and City Power and his replacement C.E.O Mr Tim O’Rourke and his minions of using deliberate and wicked tactics to force their Electricity Customers to accept an Electric Microwave and far from smart meter against these Electricity Customers Will and Better judgement and the following people of the same Criminal and Grievous Offences as follows……… I accuse Mr Nino Ficca and or his replacement C.E.O of SP AusNet and his minions, and I accuse Mr Hugh Gleeson of United Energy Distribution and or his replacement C.E.O and his minions, as well I accuse Mr Paul Adams the C.E.O of Jemena and or his replacement C.E.O and his minions of using these same wicked and Lying tactics to force his Electricity Customers to accept these so-called dangerous and far from smart meters.

    I accuse every one of these aforementioned people of knowingly setting out and LYING to the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners in a continuing and WICKED attempt to force these Victorian Electricity Customers to accept against these customers WILL and Better Judgement these now proving to be Deadly dangerous Electric Microwave Type 2B Carcinogen Causing so-called Smart Meters, which are not smart in any way at all.

    I demand the IMMEDIATE removal of these Electric Microwave so-called smart meters from every Electricity Customers’ privately owned home and or small business property. I also demand of this Victorian Liberal Party Government and its complicit five (5) Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies that the Electric “SAFE AND PASSIVE ANALOG ELECTRIC METERS” which have been taken often by bullying and or coercive and any other means including STEALING, which has often been the case, be immediately returned to these so aggrieved Victorian privately owned home and small business owners and safely and properly reinstalled, after the microwave so-called but deadly and in still mounting numbers of cases INCENDIARY proving to be at times Microwave Smart Meters be removed and then replaced by the Safe and proven to be safe older Passive Analog Electric Meters with all costs for replacement being paid for by the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies so named above.

  3. Rob Guy says:

    Up until now, he government position has been “there is no scientific evidence that smart meters are unsafe”. I can not attend, but would hope that the seminar will turn this argument around to read “there is no scientific evidence that smart meters are safe”.
    Also helpful would be a homily on the ever-present risk that scientific research can have unforeseen consequences—think thalidomide, pesticides, nuclear power and the many other instances where sordid commercial interests have prevailed over rigorous risk analysis.

    • Eric says:

      Can smart meters eventually give me cancer ?
      The answer “smart meters are safe because they have been tested and fall within Australian Standards” doesn’t answer the question.
      The Australian standards were not devised to protect people against cancer.
      They were developed to protect people against short term heating events.
      You do not require any heating event for cancer to develop.
      Thus the Australian Standards offer no basis whatsoever to say that smart meters won’t cause cancer.
      Why do you think the Distribution Companies cannot provide a safety guarantee ?
      The statement “smart meters are safe” is very abstract.
      What exactly does it mean ?
      “Safe” from what ?
      Safe from burns and electric shock.
      Not safe from future cancer events.
      Not safe from Autism.
      Not safe from Neurological events.
      Not safe from Cardiovascular events.

      But smart meters are “safe”…….if “safe” means not being cooked.

      The Australian Standards are USELESS and are being quoted to deliberately mislead and to take attention away from the FACT that there is NO PROTECTION standard against biological events which we know and research shows does occur with exposure to this pulsed type of non ionizing radiation especially when that exposure is every few seconds for the rest of our time on earth.

  4. Alice Black says:

    I can’t make this as I will be working but will someone go and report back to this group?

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