Smart Meter Bunker Scene – British Prime Minister Cameron & the ‘Big Six’ CEOs

Following the latest energy price hikes scandal in England, British Prime Minster David Cameron convenes an emergency meeting with the Big Six CEOs in the basement of BG headquarters.

Despite managing to keep £12 BILLIONS worth of spending in Smart Meters out of the debate, the jig now appears to be up…

Developed by our friends at Stop Smart Meters UK, this is a MUST SEE – ENJOY 🙂

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10 Responses to Smart Meter Bunker Scene – British Prime Minister Cameron & the ‘Big Six’ CEOs

  1. Take the grid back. Don’t let the foren b……. control us. It’s our grid, so wake up people or it will be too late soon. I’ll laugh all the way to the town when it’s hacked and she goes right off line for a month or two, while they have to rewire all the generators.



  2. Christine Crawford says:

    I wish I could say this was funny, but it’s not….CC

  3. Cedar Wilde says:

    It’s always about money and all greedy people are implicated in it. If we all saw that we actually need less of the commercial rubbish that is foisted upon us the greedy profiteers would soon get tired of their activities.

  4. I like the idea of a new victorian state party. Something along the lines of VICTORIA FIRST, or a direct reference to The STOP SMART METERS PARTY….

  5. Sick Of Their Lives says:

    All jokes aside, SERIOUSLY, why is our Government, and associated “bodies”,
    IN BED with this dude?
    Please Read………and Get Angry!

    • Mr C says:

      Is it just me, or is there something very wrong with what’s going on with all this?
      It’s truly criminal.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is not just you Mr C, there is something terribly wrong with all this. If we didn’t have this website, we wouldn’t know the extent of their criminal activities. Thanks SMMA and everyone that contributes to this site.

  6. 1vimana1 says:

    Hi Folks,
    This take-off on David Cameron’s (The Prime Minister of England’s) stand-in as if he were Hitler, is rather apt. For the British Government’s colluding with big business is exactly the same as is going on here in Victoria Australia it now seems to many of us. What we need to do is kick out both the Liberal and Labour Victorian Government Officers now in charge of the present Victorian Parliament and to get the Victorian People to make a brand new Victorian Party, ” Of the people, by the People and for the People of Victoria.”

    This, I see as the only way for true democracy to be in charge, and not to keep on having these weak and now seeming to be corrupt Lick-Spittle’s of Liberal or Labour Victorian Governments who have turned into “Arsh Küschers = Arse Kissers” in power any longer. These Victorian Labour Party and the Victorian Liberal Parties are proving themselves to be every day to be the weak vacillating servants to big business who are so stupid that by 2017 of before that year is reached we will have far more sick and dying patients than ever before owing to the Victorian Governments mad lust for Monetary Profit above all else which will bring about an increasing plague of Microwave Illnesses the like of which we have only begun to see.

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