Take Back Your Power screening, Burwood, Friday 8th November


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27 Responses to Take Back Your Power screening, Burwood, Friday 8th November

  1. Chris says:

    May I ask you fine gentlemen, I don’t particularly want to “mangle” my electricity box by attempting to cut mercilessly into it with a saw and installing some kind of Perspex. I already have a serious looking big Lockwood lock on it but it is a special one that the meter readers can open/override with their key. It cost me almost $50 from Bunnings. I’m assuming this lock wont keep them out as they can override it with their special universal key. Is there a big punishment if I just put a great big new Lockwood Lock in its place and don’t mess up my meter box with my paltry attempt at putting in a perspex window to read.? I was just hoping to sit it out until Dec 31st. if there is a single fine then I guess I’ll pay it between now and Dec 31st but I would rather the fine than to mess up my meter box.

    many thanks,

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:


      I know it cost you $50, but you need to get that “lock” with the “special universal key” off your meter-box straight away, and replaced with a proper LOCK, with you, the only person with the key. You simply need to do this or the installers will replace your meter the first chance they get. They do not care about you, so you need to take action to protect yourself. Lock your meter box, and attach the relevant signs as outlined on this website, under the “ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE” tab, at the top of the page.
      If the meter reader can’t actually read your meter, he will just have to estimate it.

    • Eric says:

      I’ve heard that meter readers down on the Mornington Peninsula have been TOLD in no uncertain terms that if they have any keys to an owner’s (property and) meter box that they are to give those keys to the smart meter installers or there will be some retribution for the meter readers. You need to replace that padlock with a padlock that ONLY YOU have the keys to. And I’d even beef up the level of security on your box. I can make many suggestions if you get stuck. If they are to get in then they must commit wanton destruction to do so so that we will WIPE THE FLOOR with them. I know someone has security on his/her place so that if the B….ds want to get to the meter they will have to tear half of his/her house down.

      I think all of us would gladly pay a nominal amount of money if it could make this nightmare disappear but you’ve got to assume that this is going to be a battle unto the death and fight it that way. Unfortunately, I don’t believe we can all rest easy, come Dec 31.
      Recruitment agencies are going hell for leather advertising for smart meter installers saying that there is is work till June 2014. So it could very well be that they have been given the inside word as to the Government’s next move. It’s time to beef up our security, beef up our resistance and to spread the word. Water smart meters are on the way and they must NEVER be allowed to be installed. We need to start protecting our water meters also as of NOW.

      Chris, you shouldn’t be so worried about messing up your meter box. Just do what you have to do to make sure some actual reads can be done so that these B…….d’s cannot accuse you of not fulfilling your obligations. Remember there is more than one way of facilitating meter reads. Find out who your meter reader is. Ring them. Work out a way. Maybe you just have to be home if you can find out when they are coming. Or if someone is home, put a note on the box for the reader to knock on the door. There are ways and means to facilitate actual reads but really, cutting a hole in the box is a small thing to do. It’s only a box. Anything and I mean anything is better than these fiends finding an inroad and installing a smart meter. Then who would want their electricity anyway because it is DIRTY, yes DIRTY. Switch mode power supply (which is in every smart meter) which converts incoming AC power to DC power to operate the smart meters processor and carcinogen transmitter produces high frequency harmonics which gets out onto your house wiring as currents of dirty electricity and at frequencies KNOWN to have biological effects on humans. This is the worst type of electrical poisoning which some experts say account for the majority of spikes in various types of cancers that we are seeing. It’s also thought that the wireless transmissions themselves in addition to the switch mode power supply are also a source of dirty electricity using the house wiring as antennae hence making the living abode toxic. What’s more is that this dirty electricity is polluting the electricity grid and is leaking out into the house wiring of other householders including those that still maintain and guard their analog meter. This research is widely available in the US. EMC Technologies whose testing on smart meters was totally inadequate (and which I believe was totally bogus) did not incorporate ANY TESTING WHATSOEVER in the way smart meters produce dirty electricity by product which contaminates our power supply and our living abode with these high frequency harmonics being present in our wiring. When I say high frequency, I mean RF’s BUT not high enough to be picked up by an RF meter for microwave RF’s but compare 50Hz mains supply ie. 50 cycles per second with something like 50,000 Hz per second. No wonder, we have seen some appliances burning out when a new smart meter is installed. And also the presence of these high frequency harmonics on house wiring (particularly older house wiring) that is only used to taking 50 Hz current, WILL CAUSE HEATING EFFECTS upon that wiring and in some cases heating up of house wiring WILL CAUSE heating effects such as HOUSE FIRES. This field is relatively unresearched here in Australia although I believe that all this is KNOWN by the Electricity Distribution Companies and they are keeping it under their hat and making sure that this OTHER DARK SIDE of smart meters is NOT DISCLOSED to the public. It is well known that this switching type of power mechanism in modern appliances produce dirty electricity and release it into the grid. Other prime culprits are solar inverters and Compact Fluorescent Light Globes which is another thing that has BEEN FORCED UPON US on a worldwide basis. Recognise any familiar pattern here ?

      Going green uses less power but is increasingly contaminating the grid with carcinogenic high frequency harmonics or “dirty electricity”

      • Chris says:

        Thanks for your comments. I will replace the padlock tomorrow with a big, dirty-ass one with the key exclusive to ME.

        I have the signs up already. on my entrance brick walls, on the front of my meter box and inside. Actually I also have a sign inside that says “Smile FOR THE CAMERA” and I have a CCTV camera pointing directly down above the box, in clear sight, busily recording every move. I’m hoping that will be a deterrent as well. We shall see. With all the signs stating that the individual who trespasses will be sued and taken to court, I’m thinking that they won’t want to be recognized on CCTV taking down and ignoring No Trespassing signs and installing a radiation Meter.

        Literally under my bedroom window where I sleep is a gas meter and a water meter. If they become radiation meters as well, then I will surely get cancer as I sleep. This stuff is gonna FRY me.

        I’m scared for my family. What is this crappy world coming to? I’m not prepared to wait until this becomes the Asbestos of the future. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering. I know what kind of damage this radiation can do!


  2. Eric says:

    The Power Companies are actually “betting on you” saying nothing or quietly complying.

    We see this very message in this film with an image of a power company executive with the emphasis being on him(/her) having his fingers crossed in the expectation that we will fall for it or that we just succumb to their scam as lambs and without saying a word.

    This is their gamble. Let us send them to the wall.

  3. Sophie Meneguzzi says:

    I hope you persevere until you do stop the use of “Smart meters”. Maybe you could use the Lock the gate theory together with the No trespass signs. It may be possible for a lot of people to get off the grid by switching to Solar or Gas or both including Batteries and Solar battery chargers.

  4. sofia@healthhulahoop.com.au says:

    Please watch and distribute this video:

  5. Cedar Wilde says:

    No, they are not compulsory though Jemena and the rest will imply that they are. They were told by the government to “use their best endeavours” to persuade people to have these “Smart” meters installed but Julia Gillard said last year that people would not be forced to have them. The fact that they are sending you letters weekly tells you that they are getting desperate to foist these devices on us!

  6. Rob Reiken says:

    No they are not compulsory by law , only mandatory to their best endevours to try & impose them upon us, so just lock it up in a box with a lid & perspex window for them to see Meter display usage & put a padlock on it to keep those parasite installers out. Also put up a no Trespass Sign then take photos with a current Herald Sun for proof of date to after the fact for if they break in n put in anyhow so you can sue there asses in court for upto $157,000.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Mr Rob Reiken,
      You are correct. These dopey and Carcinogen Type 2B so-called ‘Smart Meters are now seemingly proving to be more and more the culprits of Carcinogens as these Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters wreck ever more humans lives each day.
      According to the World Health Organisation = The W.H.O have presently classified these dopey Microwave so-called ‘Smart Meters, as seemingly Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Machines, and very soon these dopey machines are according to the World Health Organisation likely to be reclassified as Type 2A Carcinogen Causing Machines, owing to the fact that the percentages of people not only here in Victoria Australia, but now world-wide have been and still are seemingly getting brain and breast and testicular cancers and other cancers from these dopey and seemingly deadly to humans and ALL LIFE idiotic Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters, which keep on being rolled-out here in Victoria Australia and overseas as well.

      When you say Rob, as you do that, “No they are not compulsory by law, only mandatory to their best endeavours to try to and impose them on us etc.”
      The fact is that it is the past John Brumby Victorian Labour Government and now this Victorian Liberal Party Government who are still WICKEDLY using the term of, ‘Mandatory’ as if it were, “The Law.” which it is NOT !
      A Mandate is only an instruction or Command and has never been and never will be, “The LAW,” but these sleepy seemingly dopey little girls and boys in the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies working for their Masters of Spin and Lies in the Publicity Departments of Powercor and City Power and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy are SO ILL EDUCATED that they don’t know the difference between a “Mandate” and The LAW. In this case when it comes to these Microwave so-called but now seemingly Cancer Producing Smart-Meters and “THE LAW.”

      The fact is, that for the smart meter installation/s to become the LAW and to be Legal has to be passed through both houses of the Victorian Parliament and to be accepted, then it has to go before another body of separate inspection and passed there before it goes to the Victorian Governor General, and only then, when he has thoroughly inspected this PROPOSED NEW LAW, does he further carefully inspect it, to see if it is fair and valid to be made a ‘New LAW’. If he finds it is not valid and fair he throws it out’ and it can never become LAW. If he finds it is valid and fair he then signs it into LAW and stamps it and dates it and puts his official ‘Seal Of Approval’ on it and his Legal Signature of Office on it, then Puts it in his Statute Books. Then he passes a copy of same to The Victorian Parliament to be used as LAW.

      As John Brumby in Victoria’s Parliament could never even get his Labour Party or the Liberal and then Opposition Party under Ted Baillieu or the Opposition Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien to agree to even properly discuss this matter to even get it to be made the Law it has never become The LAW, so it remains only a toothless tiger and only an ineffectual mandate with no Legal Power to do anything. It is this sheer ignorance of the people trying to sell you this ‘White Elephant’ and their equally stupid and ignorant teachers like their Instructors and Instructresses of Spin and Lies in the Publicity Departments getting these little girls and boys to LIE to every one of the public. They these same minions of the five overseas owned Electric Power Companies are kept purposefully ignorant of the Law which is very easy to find on the matters of The LAW……….see, “The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006,” which states therein that no one in any government and or semi-government or private business or trade or institution of any kind can force you or anyone to accept any goods or services of any kind at any time, for this is The LAW. See also the International Charter of Human Rights which supports these same Legal Tenants. Most important of all, see also, “Brodie’s Law,” which is against bullying of any kind either in the work-place or at school or in fact anywhere. This law came into force firstly here in Victoria Australia after a gentle young woman in the Catering Business was bullied mercilessly for some considerable time and was unable to cope and tragically ended up taking her own life.

      This recent new and very important ‘Brodie’s Law’ is now covered in every State of Australia. The punishment for Bullying is now when the culprit or culprits are brought to COURT and found guilty can be up to ten (10) years in prison for those found guilty of bullying here in Victoria or any State of Australia. Therefore, when any of these foreign owned Electric Power Company minions or their bosses send you letters demanding you accept a now seemingly to be proving to be DOPEY and seemingly DEADLY Type 2B Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meter, send them the details and facts on Brodie’s Law, it’s all over the Internet and easily found. Send them also the following Legal $1.1 Million Dollar NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION from Canberra our Head of the Australian Government.

      Make sure you fill out this Legal Notice with the details demanded as shown below and send these notices off to the foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area with a personal polite and strongly worded letter, as I have done stating that permission is refused to allow a Microwave so-called ‘smart meter’ on your property at any time. Also add the following…….That should a Microwave Smart Meter be forced on you, you will join the Common Class Action To SUE !
      Send copies of your letter and the $1.1 Million Dollar NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION to the following people…….The Chief Executive Officer = C.E.O., of the foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area, as well as to the Minister for Power and Development Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, as well as to the Victorian Liberal Premier of Victoria Mr Dennis Napthine and most important of all, send another copy of your letter and the $1.1 Million Dollar NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION to a Mr Mark Feather of the now newly named Department Of State Development Business and Innovation D.S.B.I, for the Smart Meter Section. He is one of the people using these Cruel Immoral and High Pressure tactics to force Victorians to accept these dopey Electric and far from smart microwave meters upon the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners.

      I have already had a polite and very serious discussion with Mr Mark Feather and found out that when it comes to matters of the Law here in Victoria he seemed totally ignorant of the very heavy Court Sentences that could and will be brought down upon him when he is brought to heel and into the High Court of Victoria. At the end of my trying to educate this truly recalcitrant man he collapsed like a PRICKED BALLOON when I had finished with him over the telephone some days ago. Please send all your correspondence and Legal Canberra Notices by Registered Post and keep copies of same for any Court Appearances you may possibly need to make if you have to go to COURT.
      Email me on…… rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au


      Richard Leschen.



      (Insert name and
      Address of Power Distributor)

      This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,
      (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)
      Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company).
      Notice to agent is notice to principal.

      Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR
      SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s
      INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.
      Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.
      I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $1.1,000,000:00 One point one Million Dollars. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.
      Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.
      A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):
      1. Customer Relations, DPI,
      2. Minister Nicholas Kotsiras, Government in the State of Victoria.

      If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.


      ________________ _____________________ ________________
      (Your SIGNATURE) ( Witness to your Signature) Print Witnesses name)

    • Rob Guy says:

      Not by law but by vice-regal proclamation via an Order-inCouncil. This document references several state laws, although there is a convention that “reference” is weaker than “required”

  7. Susan says:

    Could you please tell me if these meters are compulsory as I have been inundated with Jemena wanting to swap it but I have locked it up. I get calls and letters weekly.. Thank you kindly. Susan

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