Drouin/Warragul Public Screening of ‘Take Back Your Power’

Drouin-Warragul Meeting 2013

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15 Responses to Drouin/Warragul Public Screening of ‘Take Back Your Power’

  1. Eric says:

    One point about these b@$…….d power companies.
    We’re getting caught up in a “how much exposure is safe” debate about radiation standards.
    However, let’s not be ignorant of this……
    These power companies have no more lawful right to transmit 10 microwatts/m2 of radiation through our homes as they do to transmit 100,000 microwatts/m2.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I did my own tests on a smart meter and posted the results on my you tube channel.

    • DJ says:


    • Steve says:

      I have some observations from the video that need consideration by those viewing it.
      Firstly the EMF meter is being held with the hand on the left side of the meter which is where the meter’s RF sensor is located. This is likely to result in an under estimation as the hand will absorb some of the RF.
      Note there is mention of the reading being micro watts but mW symbol on the meter is actually milli Watts which is of course a factor of 1000 times higher. 1827 milli watts is the same as 1.827 watts.

      I have a question to the person who took the video – were you carrying your mobile phone at the time when you shot the video just to be sure there was no interference from other sources when you got that high reading?

      Nice work by the way!

      • Eric says:

        Yes, I have discovered that mobile phones transmit a pulse regularly enough even when not being used. If I am taking measurements at home I have learnt to make sure my mobile has been switched off first. I have proven that even if the mobile is in another room and it transmits just for a split second (like a smart meter), a spike will appear on my measuring instrument. You can easily prove this by switching on the measuring instrument in one room and then switching off a mobile phone in another room. Then recheck measuring instrument and you will see that you have just registered a spike. Moral of the story is switch off other RF sources prior to taking measurements but also that a certain exposure to pulsed radiation occurs from mobile phones also, even if you never use the phone for phone calls. Now I understand why we are sometimes asked to switch mobiles off completely especially in a medical environment or when other electronic equipment is around. I think it is good practice to ensure mobiles are switched off at night unless needful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you. No,I did not have my mobile on me. I also have made a correction under the video description that the results are in Milliwatts,not Microwatts. This has been brought to my attention. Appreciate your pointing this out. I did get a reading off camera,of 515 Milliwatts,which prompted me to record the readings you did see. Was quite a shock to see it spike off the scale! Damian

      • Damian says:

        Thank’s Steve…I made a correction under the video description,which you will see if viewed on my channel thedamo63. I didn’t have my mobile with me while testing. There was a test of 515 Milliwatts…prior to the 2 that I filmed at 1827 Milliwatts off the scale. Damian

    • Eric says:

      Anonymous, you mention your reading as 1827 microwatts/m2.
      Also Dr Klinghardt does indeed speak about a reading of no more than 5 microwatts/m2 as being an acceptable exposure for a sleeping environment.

      I am aware that your electrosmog meter the Cornet ED75 gives readings in mW/m2. This is in actual fact milliwatts/m2 where m=milli and not microwatts/m2 (µW/m2) as you mention.

      The reading you are getting is 1,827 mW/m2 which is in actual fact 1,827,000 µW/m2.
      Which means you are not getting a reading which is 365 times Dr Klinghardt’s sleep limit of 5 µW/m2 but in actual fact 365,000 times Dr Klinghardt’s value.

    • Eric says:

      there’s “no substantial evidence”

      there’s “no real evidence”

      Could they actually be Amy’s own words ???

      These are the little boys and girls who have no actual idea themselves about anything whatsoever. They are just foot soldiers complicit in crime. Trained human robots who follow the instruction pattern that has been programmed into them by their manipulating masters to the letter and who only follow and read from the scripts that are placed in front of them.

      Seems there was a little hiccup in Amy’s programming pattern in that it was unable to process “bad data”.

      Beautiful beautiful beautiful piece of work.

      • Gwen 's says:

        Enjoyed the video..Congratulations..I found it really hits “home”.. Thank you Anonymous..Hope a lot of people are able to see & listen to the PROOF of how dangerous Smart Meters really are..I have sent away for “Take Back Your Power” DVD some weeks ago..I guess a lot of people have ordered it..Hope to receive it soon as we have a few folk who want to see it ASAP. This is handy in the meantime.

      • Eric says:

        “There is no evidence of” anything is there Amy ?

        Translate “there is no evidence of……………….”
        to “we are trying to conceal that……….”

        Amy Amy Amy what you should be telling your “valued” customers is that you cannot offer any proof whatsoever that your devices are safe because there is none.

      • Eric says:

        Translate the spin………….

        “There is no substantial evidence of…………….”

        to it’s real meaning……………….

        “We already know that there is indeed very substantial evidence of……………….and we are trying our best to cover it over so that you don’t become aware of it”

    • Anonymous says:

      A very big thanks to all those wonderful people who braved the cold and attended the Drouin meeting tonight. Dont forget to keep fighting. And spread the word.Thankyou for supporting a cause well worth fighting for!!! WELL DONE

    • John Mitchell says:

      It seems that when these people are backed into a corner they don’t hesitate to deal with it by hanging up the phone.

      Citipower Media Liason spokesperson, Lyndall King (female) made a comment in a newspaper where in response to young woman Vasiliki suffering from ringing in her ears after moving to a house with smart meter installed near her bedroom. With a doctor’s letter of support to have the meter removed, Lyndall King had the audacity to say that “the company was unable to switch customers back to an analog system……….”
      Is that so Lyndall King ? Did she say why ? No. Would we believe her anyway ? No.
      Now get this, she finished of her sentence with the following maniacal and arrogant phrase “………………regardless of the reason for the request.”

      When I questioned her about the implications of such expression
      “………………regardless of the reason for the request.”,
      I asked her that if someone is suffering as a result of Citipower’s actions, are they Citipower trying to say that they are just going to allow them to continue suffering. She umm’ed and arr’ed and when I asked her what gives them the right to allow people to continue suffering, guess what…….Lyndall King hung up the phone on me as well.

  3. Lisa Demos says:

    Hooray, can’t wait!!! Thanks for coming to our part of the world.

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