UPDATE – Smart Meters and the Federal Election – Where do candidates and parties stand?

Stop Smart Meters Australia and Citizens Advocating for a Safe Environment have received the following responses from candidates and political parties regarding the forced installation of smart meters in Victoria.

(See beneath table for further responses from candidates).

Katter’s Australian Party

Rob Danieli, Katter’s Australian Party lead Senate candidate for Victoria said “The forced installation of smart meters in Victoria is wrong and completely goes against the core values and principles of our party.  Victorians should not be discriminated against.  We should have the same rights as other states to be able to opt out of the AMI [Advanced Metering Infrastructure] program. While the AMI program in Victoria is a state government initiative (but also promoted by COAG), if I am elected to the Senate, I will endeavour to support my fellow Victorians to stand up for their civil rights.  For various legitimate reasons, including health, privacy and safety, many Victorians are opposed to the forced installation of smart meters, yet they are being ignored by the two corporate-controlled major parties  If smart meters can be optional in other states and in other countries, why not Victoria?”  The Victorian Branch of Katter’s Australian Party has adopted a smart meter policy.  See attachment: Advanced Metering Infrastructure Reform Policy

Democratic Labour Party (DLP)

Mark Farrell, DLP lead Senate candidate for Victoria said “The Democratic Labour Party and I believe that every person has the right to reject a smart meter on their property. This is based on:

a)     They are not properly tested.

b)     They are dangerous.

c)     They give too much government control over power use.

d)     Health reasons.

e)     The current Victorian State Government before they were elected promised all Victorians that nobody would be forced to have a smart meter.

The DLP and I if elected will voice everyone’s concern and objections to the current roll out of Smart Meters.”

This anecdote about Mark Farrell was emailed to SSMA by one of its members: “Mark Farrell found a smart meter installer about to install a smart meter on his farmhouse.  Mark told the installer that he didn’t want a smart meter and not to put it on but the installer took no notice and proceeded to install it.  (The meter box was not locked then, but it is now). Mark then got his tractor, a tow rope and proceeded to attach it to the smart meter installer’s van telling him that the vehicle was impounded until he stopped putting the smart meter in.  As the vehicle was about to be hooked up and towed away, the smart meter installer quickly picked up his tools and left the property.”

The following responses were also received:Summary of Federal ResponsesUpdated responses from candidates regarding smart meters:

Candidate for Hotham

Fazal Cadar, Liberal Party of Australia

When contacted by one of our members regarding this issue Mr Cadar felt compelled to respond personally by ringing to discuss by phone.

He indicated he was against the roll out and it needed more investigation and he would do so if elected.

He knows of a colleague who has been affected by electromagnetic radiation from smart meters and has had to resign from his job so he has had first hand experience that this is a very real and serious problem and threat to Victorians and indeed all Australians.

Senate Candidate Victoria

David Costabile, Katter Australia Party

‘in regard to the health ramifications, if elected as a Senator, I would ask that an investigation take place for all states that have smart meters.’

Candidate for Aston

Brad Watt, Palmer United Australia Party

He doesn’t like the roll out. There would be further review if elected. He said that along with our members he does not want or have a smart meter.

Their party has not tabled a position on smart meters at this time.

Candidate for Melbourne 

Michael Murphy, Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia

‘We, the DLP, are on the public record of standing against the forced

installation of Smart Meters. We campaigned on this issue in the Niddrie

State bye election.’

Candidate for Chisholm

Brian Woods, Palmer United Australia Party

I’m dead against it and have blogs on it myself so shall respond asap to you..


Candidate for Dunkley

Yvonne Gentle, Rise Up Australia Party

‘I am totally opposed to smart meters, and would be seeking to stop

the distribution of such.

I totally oppose any practice that seeks to take away our rights and

enforces people to be subject to the scrutiny of any regime that invades privacy and compels us to submit to the system.’

Candidate for Corio

Greg Lacey, 

“The Greens have a proven track record of standing up for environmental issues.  I joined the Greens because of their rigorous evidence-based policies that care for people and care for the environment.

I am tertiary qualified, and respect the peer-reviewed scientific evidence-based research methodology that is used within academic circles to verify hypothesis.  However, I cannot find any credible evidence to suggest that EMR emitted from various electronic devices and infrastructure within our community presents such a significant risk.

I believe that these devices and infrastructure bring significant social and economic benefits to all. WiFi and Mobile Cellular technology has brought great digital freedoms to people.

Smart meters and appliances are the first step forward to the new clean energy revolution.

I trust the evidence-based rules and regulations set by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.  See more about their findings at http://www.arpansa.gov.au/radiationprotection/FactSheets/index.cfm


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36 Responses to UPDATE – Smart Meters and the Federal Election – Where do candidates and parties stand?

  1. hg@hotmail.com says:

    The Greens aren’t a human centred party, nor are they in tune with nature.They are the new Reds, lovers of control-freak ideologies and devices(like smart-meters). Suggest they take their next holiday in a utopia they are trying to create here in Australia, a utopia like that found in North Korea.

    • Max says:

      Would those endorsing the safety of smart meters do so, if they were made personally liable and responsible? Would they be willing to put their personal assets up as a sort of guarantee? Ask them this. If they want to endorse the safety of smart meters, then they need to put their money were their mouth is.

  2. dors says:

    I have put up one of those Do not install smart meter at this property. I have also locked the meter box with padlocks. I am receiving a second attempt by power distributor to fix a date to install a smart meter. I have already spoken to the energy and water onbudsman (and got a reference no. to quote) but they couldn’t help me on my complaint of having to have 2 meters on my property (corner house) where next door neighbour would have to come out of her house and walk around the corner open my gate and walk metres to my front door.) The onbudsman simply asked the power distributor to call me, and this didn’t help as Id already spoken to them and got nowhere asking them to only give me one smart me instead of two meters. The power distributor told me to find out who the builder was of second house (forty + year old house). Ive since realised how harmful smart meters are and don’t even want…just one meter. I don’t want to speak on the phone to the power distributors as hard to reason with them. Can you suggest any standard letters/or other actions to fob them off indefinitely as talking on the phone gets you nowhere.

  3. murray william says:

    Greg Lacey,
    You have done the Greens and Adam Bandt a dis service.
    Evidence based yes.
    Non ionising radiation IS a health hazard.
    The technology is OBSOLETE.
    It should be ethernet./3G
    The embedded energy in the roll out and life cycle cost is horrendous.
    Has that productivity report been peer reviewed, published?
    As for foreign investors knowing our every movement. every 30 minutes dont get me thinking.
    It should have been optional and compulsory for business only.
    I was a fan of the greens but you have not done your homework.
    There is only any green benefit if in house monitoring , something you dont need a smart meter for and remote switching of your apliances is implemented..
    Fancy switching of your AC on the hottest days?
    Shortly PV with storage will be grid parity. , (PV being grid parity a few years ago) no wonder the LNP is trying to shut it down!

    An academic, one of those peer reviewed people, has written a paper stating large scale solar will be grid competitive by 2030. The foreign owned companies JK gifted our power to, with all the dividends lost forever, will be hell bent on extracting the maximum return.
    I suspect consumers will vote with their feet and the centralised grid will be a thing of the past.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ian .
    You are living in La La land if you think that Smart Meters are going to save you money.
    The roll out cost has risen considerably .The cost is naturally added on to your bill as services.
    Your probably one of those who go out every half hour to check what you have used.
    What normal person does that.
    Pay your bill when needed,if too high cut back on what you are using SIMPLE.
    Stay in that bubble of yours you’ll be right.

  5. Hi guys, you might want to consider this video by Deborah Tavares. At grass roots level in California this lady is fighting this thing. The ‘silent, bloodless war that causes no wounds’, is a reality with this technology. Deborah has created ICLEI http://www.iclei.co/ which literally means ‘International Criminal Law Eliminating Individuals’. Here is her story and what she has researched in this video. This should concern all Australians and the world in general. Take a look! http://youtu.be/q5mAOyp6fRc

  6. Rob Guy says:

    In 2009, DPI, authorised safety testing by an accredited laboratory. The lab reported that some 40 smart meters met safety standards. The lab report has to be taken as authoritative, trouble is that it was the distributors,not DPI, who selected the sample 40. DPI could have required the use of standard sampling rules, but decided not. Consequently, we have no assurance of how accurately the sample represented the population of some 500,000 smart meters n Victoria. Soon after the report appeared on the ESV web site, a parliamentary committee declared ALL smart meters safe and the Victorian Chief Medical Officer agreed that the committee had published the report -not quite a vote of confidence. The entire sorry story of deceptive behaviour can be traced using the ESV web site. Vide also my posts.

  7. Eric says:

    Excerpt from………..
    Australian Government Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
    Fact Sheet 13
    Mobile Telephones and Health Effects

    “Users concerned about the possibility of health effects can minimise their exposure to the RF emissions by: limiting the duration of mobile telephone calls, making calls where reception is good, using a ‘hands-free’ attachment or speaker options, or by texting. Given the lack of any data relating to children and long term use of mobile phones, and their potentially long life-time use of them, ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure by reducing call time, by making calls where reception is good, by using hands-free devices or speaker options, or by texting.”

    Given that ARPANSA seem to acknowledge legitimacy of “user’s” health effect uncertainties from “long life time” exposure to RF from mobile phones not just to adults but especially for children and given that they also acknowledge legitimacy of actions to reduce exposures to such RF…… in that they are prepared to make actual recommendations to reduce the risk of health effects resulting from the RF emissions from Mobile telephone calls……………………………………..I would like an answer to the following question….

    What recommendation does ARPANSA make for citizens who are “concerned about the possibility of health effects” from unavoidable “long life time exposure to the RF emissions” from wireless smart meters that have been installed in their houses, in their street, in friend’s and relative’s house’s and in shops and restaurants ?

    And given “the lack of any data relating to children and their long life time exposure to the RF emissions” from wireless smart meters installed not just in their parent’s homes but in homes and businesses all around them, what does ARPANSA recommend that parents encourage their children to do to “limit their exposure” in this case ?

    Further to this, what recommendations does ARPANSA make for those people who are already suffering from above mentioned ill health effects resulting from exposure to RF emissions from wireless smart meters already rolled out in the state of Victoria ?

    My recommendation to ARPANSA is that they seriously review every single piece of information that they are currently putting out which in any way endorses the use of wireless smart meters. This includes it’s Radiation “Protection” Standards not just in terms of the numbers published but moreso in terms of whether these standards themselves have relevance to a lifelong pulsed radiation smart meter exposure scenario.

  8. Rob Reiken says:

    The only ones who got my votes CLive Palmer & Julian Assange, Thankfully Palmer beleives in Freedom & got my vote for speaking out against government corruption of which they’re corrupt to the core. My power company rang me up twice in past week trying to bully me into getting Smart Meter to make appointment to have it installed. They say it is Mandatory & that they have the right to replace it. I tell them that if it’s not broken then it don’t need to be fixed & it is not law & i threaten legal action if they damage my property to put one in. I have a no trespass sign put up proclaiming my rights as such. The first time they came to my door they said they will bring a legal document where i have no choice in the matter but to put their death meter in. Well since then they ain’t been back & if they return i will fight them all the way to court if need be & sue their pathetic asses. Anyhow wasn’t there a class action lawsuite i had previously heard about against this tyranny? If so then where is at now cause if it ain’t happening then it sure as well needs to be.

    • Max says:

      Dear Rob. if you have notified the distributor as to your non consent to a smart meter installation and also placed trespassing signs up, then you can ask them to leave the property. Ask them if they are refusing to leave the property? Get their name and all details. Ask for their insurance indemnity number. Film them if you can, this is all evidence. Their is no legal document if you haven’t agreed to their terms or offer.
      If they had this legal document, why not bring it the first time? It is against the law to bully people and you need to keep all records of any harassment. It is mandatory for the distributors they where given an order, it does not apply to the customer. They are trying to obtain consent through any means possible. Don’t talk to them ask them to leave your property, inform them they are trespassing and if you decide to have them charged it will be in their personal name and not their companies.

  9. Cedar Wilde says:

    Mr Lacey,
    What do you consider a “significant” risk? Would your child, if you have one, getting cancer be significant? Do you think that the people who have had to leave their homes are just playing games (games pretty inconvenient to them !) I certainly would not choose to live in a tent or in my car if not forced to. Fortunately I have not got a “Smart” meter yet and wont be accepting one. Surely to God we have the right to protect our health or are we now expected to collude with organisations which are quite happy to make us sick? Anyone who really believes that they will save money in anything but the shortest term needs their head reading! Considering that electricity usage is decreasing anyway, despite the exhortations to buy electrical products that come to us with our bill (Who is it that wants us to use more power and claims that they are trying to get us to use less?!!) This whole program is a grab for cash, presumably the government stands to gain a lot as well as SP Ausnet and their ilk. Countries all around the world are recognizing that these devices cause problems and many allow people to opt out or are even removing the “Smart” meters they have already installed. Are we to be some kind of third world country that doesn’t care about it’s people’s human rights?. There are so many aspects to the problems with these devices but my main concern is health. I do not want to be made sick by any piece of equipment. I already have many allergies and feel very worried that I may be affected by the “Smart” meter. George Orwell said ” Big Brother is watching you”, how right he was, he may have got the date wrong (1984) but he got the scenario right we are to be spied on more and more. Big Brother (of the worst kind) is at the door, don’t let him in or we’re screwed!

  10. ian says:

    The greens have a sensible approach as it is evidenced based decision making. Smart meters allow people to save money on electricity bills.
    The meters have been demonstrated to be safe.
    Both good reasons to have a smart meter installed.
    I have one and it is good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good. Do you have children? It is them I’d be worrying about because they will suffer the most. You, on the other hand have lived your life and obviously have no interest in researching for yourself to find the truth

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Smart meters have never been demonstrated to be safe. To date there are NO studies on the health effects of smart meters and the Victorian Government is too scared of the possible findings to implement a post-rollout surveillance study.
      Smart meters are NOT green. For a start they consume electricity. Factor in the energy footprint of producing millions of new meters that would have otherwise not been required and the disposal of the old meters (they are transported to 3rd world countries). Also, analogue meters last for 50+ years, whereas smart meters (like mobile phones) constantly irradiate themselves and for this reason need changing every 3 to 5 years.
      The immediate effects of the wireless smart grid on the environment (flora, fauna and humans) is to deprive all living things of the natural frequency with which ALL life has evolved.
      Smart meters ARE NOT required for the integration of solar and wind power into the grid.
      The Greens have allowed themselves to be used as a ‘Trojan Horse’ for a technology that only serves the purpose of enriching the powerful power companies and the related industry that manufactures smart meters. It is unclear whether the Greens are naïve, uninformed or incompetent on a grand scale. They will loose the trust of many, exactly because they no longer stand up for the environment and nature with its beautiful and delicate balance.
      To say the Greens’ approach is sensible and evidence based is at best wishful thinking, at worst pure fantasy.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      ‘demonstrated to be safe.’ What absolute nonsense – I pity you!

      • John M says:

        “I pity you!” Why? You cannot protect some people from themselves and the time and energy expended is better spent on those with an open mind.

      • Max says:

        What is the definition of demonstrated ? What is their definition of safe? Is this just an opinion or is it fact or is it heresay?

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Which electricity company do you work for?
      Have you even looked at the research that has been done? Or perhaps you are more qualified than the scientists who do the research.

    • Ashley says:

      Yep … “demonstrate it to be safe and you can keep your well paid job”. “Study that science paper in school and we’ll call you intelligent”.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      No, Ian, the meters have been demonstrated to be UNsafe. Tobacco and asbestos are safe, agreed? Unfortunately there are always people who will be happy to gamble with other people’s lives for money.

    • Eric says:

      When I first saw Ian’s post, I thought why on earth would SSMA publish such a post as this. Then I thought good on them, everyone is entitled to have their opinion heard. And then I realised why it was a particularly good idea to publish Ian’s post and that is because Ian’s post just like any other post potentially invites an appropriate flood of responses as has now been confirmed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ian i feel sorry for you .
      You seem very seifish and show liittle compassion for others.
      Money seems to be the most important element in your life.
      If you seem to think SMART METERS are safe then why don’t you live in a complex of units or flats with a dozen or so SMART METERS adjacent to you.
      Ian try and think about others instead of yourself.

    • frontad84 says:

      Apparently Ian the cost to you of Electricity is no object , lucky you!

    • Max says:

      Dear Ian,I contacted the American Cancer Society and their is no evidence that smart meter radiation won;t give you cancer, the data they have is on general RF”s. Look up their website and have a read. Also the letter I received from the WHO, does not state anywhere in it that smart meter radiation won’t cause cancer. The radiation from smart meters would not have been put on their possible carcinogen list if it was safe. If you have this factual evidence,may i suggest you send it to the WHO and American Cancer Society.How have the meters been demonstrated to be safe? Have you slept with your head up against one for ten to twenty years? You have one, well bravo.Do you need a communication device to tell you how to save money? Can you not figure it out yourself?
      I have a brain Ian and I can think for myself. I am not a slave, I am not a science experiment, i was born free and i choose my own destiny and the path I will follow.

  11. Rob Guy says:

    Greg Lacey: Scientific evidence-based research methodology is one thing, unforeseen side effects are quite another.

  12. icouldahad says:

    Jeanette McRae was my councillor and we had a few run in where she tried to bully me into submission. She worked closely with the Greens councillor against what was best for Healesville. We also now have a Wi-Fi tower thanks to her. Katter’s Party sounds like a good vote.

  13. Paul says:

    Mr Lacey,

    Clearly you don’t have sufficient evidence at hand. Thousands of people suffer the effects of EMR on a daily basis – just read some of the comments on the SSMA site! Do you think that these people are liars? And just what are the benefits of smart meters? Of course! economic benefits to all (governments)! Social benefits? yes we’ll all be able to socialise much better when we’re all together in hospital suffering from the effects of these class 2B carcinogenic devices (classified as such by the WHO) and ARPANSA clearly knows more than the WHO – right???

    The greens like the idea of smart meters because they go hand-in-hand with solar power but, guess what people? you can still have solar and an analogue meter!

    • Ashley says:

      The Greens have a proven track record of standing up for all the issues we are being scammed on in the name of environment!

    • John Mitchell says:

      GREENS LAST !!!!
      “92”, “93”, “94”, “95”, “96”, “97” to be marked in the six Greens boxes in column S of Victorian Senate ballot paper

      For Melbourne Vote 16 Adam Bandt
      For Corio Vote 10 Greg Lacey

    • Max says:

      Ask Mr Lacey to put everything in an affidavit, have it witnessed and in his personal name. Ask him for his insurance indemnity number as well. If he really believes what he is saying is the truth then this should be no problem. Affidavits are a statement of truth and they are taken very seriously.

  14. peterrocker says:

    Sadly, the candidates against them, if elected, will have no power to do anything to stop this Government sanctioned Stalinist activity.

  15. Informed voter says:

    Attention Greg Lacey ( Greens Candidate for Lacey)
    I too once trusted that ARPANSA , a government agency that has the RESPONSIBILITY of protecting all Australian citizens from radiation ,would do just that.( Sadly I was wrong) Since smart meters were introduced , and my health has deteriorated , I have been researching the problems associated with Electro magnetic radiation.
    ARPANSA’s ” standards” protect against thermal affects only( acute short term exposure) . There is NO safe level for low level, long term exposure to microwave radiation .They do NOT know what the long term health affects will be as there has never been any post rollout studies done by ARPANSA or anyone else for that matter,on pulsed microwave transmissions from smart meters
    ( 24/7) so how can you “trust” their “evidence based” rules ?
    What about all the people who are reporting debilitating symptoms now?
    Why are we being ignored? Why won’t the Energy Minister speak to any one who is pleading for help? Why won’t ARPANSA investigate our “evidence”??
    We can still enjoy the benefits of technology without irradiating a whole population.

  16. Kathleen says:

    Greg Lacey – ” I am tertiary qualified, and respect the peer-reviewed scientific evidence-based research methodology that is used within academic circles to verify hypothesis”.
    What great, green arrogance!
    No one is forced to have wi-fi and cellular phone technology, but they are being lied to and bullied about smart meters. This candidate doesn’t care a hoot about human health and safety.

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