Take Back Your Power film premiere

After two years in development, “Take Back Your Power” premieres internationally on 5th September (2:00 am 6th September, Australian Eastern Standard time).  We at SSMA were fortunate to see the film in advance, and were truly impressed with the film, as it is exposing the issues for all to see.  We’re also pleased to see some Australian footage being featured!

“Utility companies are replacing electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation “smart” meters at an unprecedented rate. Take Back Your Power investigates the benefits and risks of this ubiquitous “smart” grid program, with insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned communities. Transparency advocate Josh del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations’ right to tap our private information and erode our rights in the name of “green”. What you discover will surprise you, unsettle you, and inspire you to challenge the status quo.”

Click on the image below to pre-order your online viewing or DVD of the film.  You’ll save 20% on the price by pre-ordering.

Take back your power film

The film-makers are also supporting community screenings across Australia.  For more info, go to: http://takebackyourpower.net/host-a-screening

Be sure to watch this film – it is a game-changer – and help get the word out.  Support SSMA by sharing our Take Back Your Power affiliate link by email or facebook with everyone you know: http://ykr.be/1djwcaljf5

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6 Responses to Take Back Your Power film premiere

  1. Yekra says:

    Dear Advocate for No Smart meters,

    On behalf of the filmmaker, Josh del Sol, of the film “Take Back Your Power,” which is premiering tomorrow, Sept. 5th, 2013, let me say thank you for all you have done as visionaries and pioneers proliferating information and awareness on this all too important and urgent matter. Along with so many other passionate advocates you have been successful in informing the public, effecting legislation and countless other victories, and yet we know the battle is not yet won.

    Over the course of the making of this film, over the past few years, the landscape has changed to be sure. In some cases there are many more smart meters, and in others, as you know, there are communities, groups and individuals who have fought the fight and won. There are many schools of thought as to how to continue this fight, and the film speaks to many of them. One of the unexpected and happy results of having a film on this subject matter coming out with such public exposure is to unify the cause and the organizations that have been and are the backbone of this fight.

    Like your organization, the making of “Take Back Your Power,” has been a grassroots effort, having it be the first crowd-funded documentary investigation into this heated controversy. Much in the same vain, Josh has partnered with Yekra, a film distribution company, to distribute the film in a grassroots manner, right from the mouth of those who know this issue, people like you and organizations like yours.

    Here’s how we can support each other. In the interest of getting the film out to audiences, Josh has cut his earnings potential and opted instead to give large kickbacks to the people and organizations who are needing money to continue the work they are already doing so well. By signing up as an affiliate with Yekra, at http://www.TakeBackYourPower.net/Affiliate, at no cost to you, you can promote the cause and the film via links, banners, and players that are designed to be sent via email, newsletters, twitter, Facebook, on blogs, websites, etc., virally, as placed by you.

    Each link, banner or player will have your specific code that when a purchase is made from your post, Yekra will send you 20% of the retail cost of all streams and 10% of all DVDs sold. Please visit the above link for details and how you can join us as we all join together for changing the course of smart meters forever.

    Yekra Affiliate Connect

  2. icouldahad says:

    I just sent a link to Abbot in an email saying:
    “Dear Mr Abbott,
    September 5th is ‘Take Back Your Power Day’, and a movie dedicated to making people aware of ‘smart meters’ will be shown world wide.
    You have the opportunity to show that you put people before profits and that you’ve reviewed the information and agree the health and privacy concerns are too great to remain silent any longer.
    Thousands of people world wide say NO! to smart meters.
    It’s time you wise up and say NO!, too.”

    We need to flood these politicians with emails letting them know we are going to spread the information far and wide and it’s time they stood with us, not the corporations.

    • Guest says:

      Well done icouldahad. Let’s hope some see the sense on this issue. Senator John Madigan of the DLP loathes them. Support the DLP when you vote on Saturday….”Clean Up Australia Day.”

      • 1vimana1 says:

        I say,
        Kick out the Victorian Liberal Party for good, as they like the also USELESS Victorian Labor Party who they the Liberals replaced should also be kept out of Power for good. They acted as Lick Spittle’s to these five overseas owned Electric Powers Companies as well. So dear Voters, on the 7th of September please vote for the Democratic Labor Party as their Senator John Madigan absolutely LOATHES these now proving to be Deadly to all Life Lemons of Electrical so-called Smart Meters. Please everybody, support the DLP when you vote this Saturday the 7th of September 2013.
        Vimana Man.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear icouldahad,
      Excellent points of yours. It would be great if we could have got the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party to have not only promised, but to have committed to keeping these now proving to be Deadly to all Life Electric so-called Smart Meters out of Victoria, for they are making ever increasing numbers of people sick with the constant Microwave Radiation being emitted from these Accursed Machines.

      These now ACCURSED LEMONS of machines are also proving to be, in mounting numbers of cases also deadly to ones private home electrical goods as well. For example see the number of fridges burnt out (Fusion) as soon as the Safe and Passive Analogues were often and still are being stolen, then replaced by these now proving to be in more and more cases, INCENDIARY so-called Smart Meters when the installer men have replaced the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters, or more often stolen Analogue Electric Meters, when Victorian home and or small business owners are away shopping or away from home or any other reason.

      See the number of fires in the Geelong area and the two storey home burnt down in Northcote and only after these dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meters had been fitted. See also the Glenroy two Microwave not so Smart Meter fires at the Haddon Dentists Practice as well as other fires in Victoria and only after these now proving to be Incendiary Devises had been fitted.

      For these reasons of the still malfunctioning so-called Smart Meters alone, this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government needs to be kicked out of Power as they are proving to be making Victorian home and small business owners the Victims of foreign owned Electric Power Companies by being the Lap-Dogs or Lick Spittle’s to the C.E.O’s of PowerCor and City Power and Jemena and SP Aus.Net and United Energy Distribution.

  3. Gwen 's says:

    Just ordered a DVD…Will certainly be sharing it around .Have emailed this SSMA email to a few folk already..I hope it causes people to think again just what these AWFUL SMART METERS do to everything.. Hopefully this will stuff up all the electricity companies that push the SMART METERS onto people….

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