The time is ripe to ALL ask our politicians

Let’s all ask our politicians (and aspiring politicians) what their policies are on smart meters and related issues.

Don’t wait, send an email today, let’s fill their inboxes with messages showing them our concerns are real.  Or even phone them

Contact details for House of Representatives and Senate candidates can be found at:
Don’t whinge and wait like we Aussies are accustomed to doing, Let’s ACT NOW.

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27 Responses to The time is ripe to ALL ask our politicians

  1. Eric says:

    In failing to take heed to the voice of distressed Victorian citizens to halt this smart meter madness, the behaviour of the the encumbent Liberal State Government is likened to a huge herd of swine running headlong down a cliff

  2. Anonymous says:

    Liberal Senator for Victoria

    Hi Marin, hope you don’t mind a quick response but had to write as I can hear your frustration and understand why. You know already that the federal government has no jurisdiction but is an issue that I continue to raise with various parties including the State Minister concerned. As a consumer I didn’t like it when the Brumby ALP Government introduced it and I understand the millions already committed and spent was a contributing factor in the continued rollout. Personally have only just agreed to have one installed! I am seriously hopeful that the introduction of flexible pricing will allow people to reduce their costs with timers etc.

    Re health consequences, the Chief Medical Officer has signed off and complies with all the Australian standards. Have been assured that there is less electromagnetic exposure than my microwave or mobile phone. The “choice” point is a reasonable suggestion – the only problem there is that the provider wouldn’t be able to offer differential pricing rates to all consumers across the state, therefore could end up being inequitable. As a Liberal though I am a strong defender of choice!. Am looking forward to seeing the cost savings….

    All the best, Helen

    • Eric says:

      Totally misses the point. It’s not about money.

      Look at the many who are suffering ill health effects both here in Victoria and in overseas.

      Look at the mounds of independent peer reviewed non industry funded research giving all indication that this particular wireless technology is far from safe and very hazardous to human health.

      We already know of this “compliancy” with totally absurd standards that offer no biological protection whatsoever from pulsed microwave radiation which standards only serve to protect the vested financial interests of the wireless telecommunications industry.

      Will Helen Kroger accept smart meters if she sees cost savings ??? If so, that’s WRONG !

    • Eric says:

      This government deserves for “the millions already committed” to go up in smoke before their face.

    • Eric says:

      “Have been assured that there is less electromagnetic exposure than my microwave or mobile phone.”

      Helen Kroger should be told about the woman that I spoke to tonight who I can tell you has absolutely no “assurance” whatsoever about the safety to her children and grandchildren. This women was FORCED to accept a smart meter against her wishes by the woman on the phone from Jemena who deceived her and who told her that “her power would be cut off”(…..those words), that the police would be sent, that installation was law and that she had to have it done by the end of 2013. This woman now has this toxic device in her home. She has no peace about it being there and believe me, she is FAR from assured.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Ms Kroger,
      reading your post was absolutely heartbreaking for me and confirmed to me that the Liberal Party is not prepared to stand up for MY human rights, as well as those of so many others in this state! The Chief Medical Officer of Victoria is prepared to sign off on smart meters, when she has NOT assessed any of the 145 people who have registered significant symptoms with the SSMA health register. This is not compatible with evidence based medicine, it is CORRUPT to say the least. Dr Lester should be reported to the Medical Board for selling out the right to health of hundreds of Victorians (possibly ALL, if we consider that she is being complicit in imposing a known Class 2B Carcinogen on the entire population of Victoria). What difference can it make to me to save a few dollars in electricity with differential pricing when I have lost my health, I can no longer work, I will eventually have to leave the state to try and have a ‘normal’ life and mine and my family’s life WILL NEVER BE THE SAME again!
      I am in the same situation as Eric – I have no choice but to vote solely on the issue of smart meters. I WILL CERTAINLY NEVER VOTE LIBERAL – either state or federal – after what they have done to me and to my fellow Victorians (for whom I grieve daily when I hear their stories). It just makes things worse that the Federal Liberal Party is trying to explain away and justify the continuing callousness of Dr Naphtine, Mr Kotsiras and the rest of their party, who, having mandated widespread illness and destruction, won’t even be bothered to meet with us and listen to us.

      • Sharron says:

        I agree – down with the Liberal Party and everyone connected to them… just a bunch of clowns and I would NEVER vote them in to power. I also have considered leaving this state. Ms Kroger has obviously not suffered from EHS or she wouldn’t have the indecency to say such things as “am looking forward to the cost savings…” Big bloody deal woman. Not at the expense of my childrens health!

        • Anonymous says:

          I also agree! The Federal Liberals will never get my vote when they are actually supporting their Victorian State colleagues! Mr Abbott said it right : “It’s OUR country”, he said it in the context of “It’s our country, we decide who comes here”. I say “It’s OUR country – we won’t let it be sold out to foreign owned power companies, we will not accept a party that watches and sits on their hands, whilst their Liberal Victorian colleagues are making their own people sick, even driving some for their home – it’s OUR COUNTRY!”

  3. Eric says:

    In a way I am being denied my vote. A Federal election is a time to have a say in matters such as taxation, broadband, education, workplace relations, immigration, health etc etc Those of us who are suffering as a result of the scourge and of this enforcement of these carcinogenic invasive smart meters have been forced to lay aside those issues that are close to our hearts that we would normally be voting on and to cast our vote with only one thing in mind and that is whatever it takes to help us be rid of this scourge that the Victorian State so called “government” has imposed upon us.

  4. Eric says:

    This Victorian State “Government” may be set up as a government but in actual fact is and operates as a corporation and we the Victorian people have become it’s commodities.

  5. Marin says:

    I received a reply from the Citizens Electoral Council. I think they want it gone altogether… not just optional. I might be wrong though. There was this link in the email reply as well.

  6. Guest says:

    The DLP does not support smart meters. Senator John Madigan is very anti-smart meters.

    • Eric says:

      I have spoken to Mark Farrell who is DLP candidate running for the senate. He told me he will fight against smart meters if elected. He also told me that the DLP will distribute it’s preference vote to Katter’s Australia Party who also have an anti smart meter policy. It means you can vote for one “anti smart meter” party and if they don’t get in, the preference is given to another “anti smart meter” party. Mark was given the unwelcome opportunity to demonstrate his opposition to smart meters through his actions when upon discovering an installation taking place on his property, he tied the installers vehicle to tow it away and thus forced the installation to be abandoned.

      • Ashley says:

        I was very impressed by my Katter candidate at public forum yesterday and spoke to him later on phone. Knocked the rest for six pointing to all the things we need to do to salvage this nation – stop selling it off, kick-start manufacturing again, preserve moral standards (which has flow on effect to everything), etc. From the major parties, just the same old low substance spin claiming what they’ve done or will do.

        Katter & DLP will be right up there when I vote. It would be good to hear commentary Saturday evening stating a Victorian voter backlash “on the back of Smart Meters”.

      • keith says:

        Looks like DLP 1 Katter Party 2 or Katter Party 1 DLP 2 is the way to go on Sat. Good to see some of the parties are getting on board; and well done Mark Farrell.

  7. Ashley says:

    I emailed quite a few a week ago for just a couple of responses – obviously it’s a busy time. A couple I rang had full in-boxes, so no luck there and haven’t bothered with my Labor or Liberal candidates because, from personal experience with both, I know I’m dealing with virtual robots.

    It saddens me when I hear people stating they will vote for the major party’s only because it will mean their vote will count – the preferential voting system needs to be properly taught at school! It took an elected INDEPENDENT (No Pokies ticket) SA parliamentarian, Ann Bressington, to convey to public the threat posed by UN Agenda 21 (see video I posted in Forum). No Liberal or Labor politician could convey that concern and still keep their job in my opinion.

    Of the two replies, “The Greens fundamentally support the concept of interval meters [Smart Meters]”. The Animal justice Party stated they do not have a position on Smart Meters. They just have policies on things that affect animals but stated would have to look at it afresh should it become an issue – I have since passed on what my concerns are, with reference to both humans and animals.

    I was hoping I’d get a reply from Citizens Electoral Council too, as I know they are a party on top of many such human rights issues – note they generally appear last on the major party’s cards, which I’ve found to be a fairly reliable short cut to discovery of some of these good hearted party’s who oppose the trashing of this nation and it’s people.

  8. Marin says:

    I sent this to most of the candidates. Some came back as broken deliveries. Gotta’ love how the email addresses don’t get checked!

    My name is Joe Citizen, and I have a query. I was wondering what your stance is on Smart Meters and the decision to make their installation “mandatory”? I am not a fan of wireless technology, as I have seen and heard of how such technology can be manipulated. If I wanted to be exposed to radiation or have a 24/7 x-ray performed on me, I would move to Japan and rent an apartment next door to the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor.

    Also, more specifically in relation to Smart Meters, I do not want any so-called snoops to be able to figure out when appliances are used. So many negatives can come from this, some of which are burglaries and severe violations against home alarm systems, home automation systems (all a human would need to do is get their hands on a gizmo to plug into the Power Board and the house is prime for the taking) etc… Also, I believe that using Harmonisers (plug into the wall to neutralise bad frequencies) is a band-aid solution to a severe problem. One of which is my home insurance company is willing to null and void my home insurance policy if I have a Smart Meter installed.

    If you reply with a comment such as “Smart Meters are safe” and/or “it is law to allow access to the home for a Smart Meter to be installed”, your reply will go straight to the trash and I will consider any attempt to access my home to install one of these feral products an assault on my residence and personal safety.

    What I request is simple. I am looking for a politician to grow a pair of nuts (no offence to females, they can grow heaps of courage) to request the State Government/Federal Government to change the Smart Meter Installation from “mandatory” to “optional”. A simple request which should have happened from the beginning, but noooo… this product had to be forced on us. For shame!

    Anyways, that is my 2 cents. I just thought I’d reach out to someone and see what happens. Needless to say, two votes (my Mother and myself) won’t turn an election result upside down. However, when you factor in the tens of thousands of humans in Victoria who refuse to have a Smart Meter installed, that could prove detrimental to anyone who wants to hold onto their precious political status.

    Take care and all the best.


    • Eric says:

      Marin, wireless smart meters use deadly technology and so should not be made optional but should be banned outright. If a safe technology had been utilised such as optical fibre cable then such device could be made optional for those that want it.

      Nobody should be even given the choice to have a deadly microwave wireless smartmeter.

      • Marin says:

        Understood. I have received some replies from the emails I sent. 6 out of 8 have voiced their opposition to Smart Meters.

        • Ashley says:

          Who are the six? Did any also indicate that opposition to Smart Meters is their Party position? Thanks Marin.

          • Marin says:

            G’day Ashley. Here is the list of replies that agree with me, so far as of 8:30 PM Sunday night… (Maribyrnong Electorate). I have included three unclear ones as well.

            NAME / PARTY / STANCE
            1) MATTHEWS, Beth – Eight Pointed Star Movement – Optional
            2) COSTABILE, David – Katter’s Australian Party – Optional
            3) LIVESAY, Robert – Australian Democrats – Optional
            4) PATERNO, Joe – Australian Christians – Optional
            5) TRUSCOTT, Jeff – Rise Up Australia Party – Optional (included part message)
            “If elected to office, I would certainly be strongly recommending an in-depth re-assessment of the technology, with a view to installing ( smart meters that are no longer detrimental to our health.”
            6) SMITH, Tony – Senator Online Party (what the hell?!) – N/A (included part message)
            “In other words, should the clear majority view of Australians support the issues noted by you then I would be obliged to vote accordingly.”
            7) TOWNSEND, Dale Phillip – One Nation Party – Optional
            8) RIGONI, Maria Marcia – Bank Reform Party – N/A (included part message)
            “The Bank Reform Party does not have an official policy about the topics you
            are asking about. The party allows a conscience vote.”

            The ‘Australian Sex Party’ and Senator ‘Bob Nicholls’ replied with a “no policy” or “no opinion on the matter” response. I will add to the list as it grows, if it does.

            • Gerhard says:

              I also send an e-mail to every candidates. So far I received 1 answer

              Emanuele Cicchiello []
              Hi Gerhard,
              I support your right to object.
              Kind regards Emanuele

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Marin, I love your e-mail to candidates, very well put!
      I, at least, had some feed back from KAP (Katter’s Australia Party) who have an anti- smart meter policy in Victoria.

  9. Denise Pelikan says:

    We have rang the above and they wont talk to you or ring you back, they get Mark Trevill to ring you back, and it goes no where as he is hell bent on making people have smart meters in.

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