Electricity smart meter companies confident deadline can be met | Herald Sun

Electricity smart meter companies confident deadline can be met | Herald Sun

Victorians are being slugged at least $124 a year for the $2.3 billion smart meter scheme. Source: Leader

ALMOST two in three electricity smart meters installed in some parts of Victoria are not fully working as the deadline for the contentious rollout looms.

About 350,000 devices fitted in SP AusNet’s region are yet to go “live” with remote meter reads, the Herald Sun can reveal.

However the power company, which covers Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and the state’s east and northeast, says it is on track for the December 31 target.

Victorians are being slugged at least $124 a year for the $2.3 billion scheme.

The new meters record electricity use in 30-minute grabs and transmit data via radio waves.

The change allows for tracking of real time energy use to manage bills, new types of electricity charges that vary by time of day, and remote rather than manual meter reads, connections and disconnections.

Jemena and United Energy have the lowest installation rates of 67 per cent and 69 per cent, with SP AusNet at 79 per cent.

Powercor has fitted 90 per cent of its meters, CitiPower has done 91 per cent.

All except SP AusNet reported the majority of meters installed were operating to specification and remotely communicating.

SP AusNet spokesman Lyall Johnson said this was an unfair comparison, as the company’s process differed.

“SP AusNet has consulted with the Government and regulator on our targets, and we are confident we will deliver on our commitments,” Mr Johnson said.

Jemena and United Energy said extra crews would speed up installations in the rollout’s final months.

United Energy’s Stuart Allott said impeded meter access and an early focus on setting up the communications network explained its installation rate.

While it could not guarantee all meters would be fitted by the target, it expected to have visited every customer to either install or arrange installation by then.

Energy Minister Nicholas Kotsiras said: “It is expected that distribution companies meet their obligations for the rollout by the end of 2013.”


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31 Responses to Electricity smart meter companies confident deadline can be met | Herald Sun

  1. Dear Readers,
    Ask yourselves these questions:

    How can our Victorian Government put profit above their citizens health and well being when between three and eight per-cent of Victorians are suffering genuine and undeniable sickness such as tinnitus = ringing in the ears, and poor sleep plus anxiety symptoms and nausea and other medical problems ever since a smart meter was installed on their property.

    Is our Victorian Government being bribed by the five overseas power companies, to push these Smart Meters onto all private Victorian and small business premises and Disrespecting our Legal Right of Choice?

    Does the present minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras believe that we Victorians don’t care a damn about our undeniable and Democratic Rights so that we’ll weakly roll over and say ” Yes Minister “? I say NO WAY!! Remember folks if you don’t use it you lose it.

    Does Minister Kotsiras forget that WE are the Government, the people of Victoria and he is our Servant who is abusing his Masters – we the people of Victoria.

    Is Mr Nicholas Kotsiras allowing the five foreign owned overseas power companies to intimidate and bully a large number of uniformed Victorians? Yes he is !

    Why do you Victorians allow yourselves to be bullied by your “Servant Kotsiras? Isn’t Kotsiras supposed to do your bidding, not you his bidding.? Wake up and assert yourselves !

    Why don’t we all invok ” Brodie’s Law and realise that anybody who is found guilty of bullying in Victoria be they a citizen or a minister of the Victorian Government can be imprisoned for up to ten years when found guilty. What is Brodie’s Law? Look it up on Google, on your computer.

    Is Victoria asleep in allowing this Government to abuse your Victorian Democratic Rights by sending power company installers to enter your private property without your written permission?

    Are you not that so many of you good people of Victoria are being treated disgracefully and your legal rights are being ridden over without a care by your Servant, the Government of Victoria?

    Didn’t you know that every other state in Australia has a choice? Yes they can reject or accept an Electrical Smart Meter? Why are we so privileged to be Kotsiras’s Medical Guinea Pigs?

    Tell me, does Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and our Premier Dr Dennis Napthine have a Smart Meter or are they more sensible and refused a Smart Meter under their Privileged position?

    Why not ensure that Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and Dr Dennis Napthine willingly accept a smart meter on their homes and residences so they and their wives -children and grand children all suffer and experience the pains and sickness that is continually torturing many Victorians and let these two privileged politicians be subjected to the ongoing illegal medical experimentation?

    See the Victorian Consolidated Acts: Charter of Human Rights and Responsibility Act.2006 – SECT 10 : Protection from Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or degrading treatment.

    A person must not be –
    (a) subjected to torture; or
    (b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way; or
    (c) subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent.

    Don’t let bullies intimidate you !!!

    Henry Leschen.

  2. Marlene says:

    I had a phone call last week from UE telling me that the Smart Meter was to be installed. This is the second time as there was a delay in the arrival of the Smart Meters. Where are they manufactured?I objected to the installation and was told it could be delayed. A male then called to say it could not be delayed. I received a seven page letter and 26 pages, some of which was repeated information that was also on expensive advertising brochures. This was such a waste of paper and resources. I was expected to read the lot! I have written all over the material with comments. They are really putting on pressure now before the end of 2013!

    • Informed Choice says:

      They are from China (surprise, surprise!) Just keep saying ‘No Thanks’. We do still live in a democracy, not a dictatorship.

    • Eric says:

      Marlene please make sure your meter box is well and truly locked and display your signs and make your provision for your analog meter to be read. Don’t empower UE in any way by engaging with them.

  3. Pam says:

    Wonder where they get their percentages from on successful installations????? Does anyone know just how many have not been fitted????? and what happens at end of 2013????? when they have tried their “best endeavours” to fit a smart meter at my property, because I can not afford to have my meter box relocated at a cost of over $3,000.00 and my Meter Box is on my bedroom wall —- Help!!!!! because I feel we are being pressured into having to have one of these darn things, and I am not having one full stop…………………..Time is running out fast!!!! Pam

    • Pam says:

      Check out the latest Post 538,070 have refused to have these darn things installed. Will they leave us alone or will we be forced into having one???? because the Government obviously don’t give a darn, otherwise they would have given us a choice by now. This has been going on for ages – will we ever get peace???? ……………Pam

      • Informed Choice says:

        Hi Pam, I don’t see how they can ‘force’ 500,000+ very determined, angry people to do anything they don’t want to do, especially since we all know what the real agenda is. They will FAIL in their attempts, I’m most certain of that! If they want to cut off that many homeowners power, then they will hurt themselves (profitwise). I’d like to see them try 🙂

        • 1vimana1 says:

          Dear Informed Choice,
          They can’t just cut ones Electric Power, it is ILLEGAL !
          These are scare tactics just to frighten you. As long as you pay your electricity bills they are hamstrung. If they threaten to cut off your electric power then demand the full name of the person making threats to you over the phone and tell them to put their threats in writing. They never will, because they know that to do so is ILLEGAL.

          Around fourteen months ago a particularly nasty young man told me that I had to have a Microwave Smart Meter, he stated, ” When you signed up to receive Electric Power you agreed that part of the CONTRACT was to allow our technicians onto your property to do any necessary checking of the electric meter, and if we need to remove the Analog electric meter from your property to install the Microwave Smart Meter we will do it.”

          I simply responded with the truth which was, ” Firstly I never signed any contract with your Foreign Owned Electric Power Company at any time, as I built my own house some thirty years ago when you foreign owned electric power people weren’t around to harass us. I bought my own Metal Electric Meter Box and having been in the Electrical Business for many years, I bought my Analogue Electric Meter from a properly Licenced Electrical Retail Shop and I have both Sales Slips to prove that I own both the Analog Meter and the Electrical Meter Box.” That true statement of mine floored him for a while.
          Eventually he bounced back with, “Well that would make you the only person in Victoria who bought his own Analog Electric Meter.”
          ” No it wouldn’t ” said I, “My neighbour three doors down the street also bought his own Electric Meter Box and an Analog Meter. He built his own house just like me and he and I employed the very same highly qualified Sparkie to LEGALLY install his and my Analog Meters. This highly qualified Victorian Electrician thoroughly inspected his work and when he had finished, gave us each a Proper Victorian Electrical Certificate Of Safety for the work he had done, signed by him and dated with his registered Certificate Licence Number upon it.

          Your Microwave so-called smart meter installer men, in the main are not even “A” Grade Electricians and receive only around two weeks of training as ‘Smart Meter Installers’ which is a pathetically short time of training. No wonder a growing number of these so-called smart meters are having a lot of problems, as I have established over three years of intensive research I have been doing both here in Victoria and Overseas. We have been having in many parts of Victoria from day one of these dopey smart meter installations,….read (not so smart meters), all sorts of calamities. For example after a number of the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters have been either conned from, or bullied from Victorian Customers or often stolen when these customers were away from home on shopping or any other errand/s. These in many cases very sneaky not so smart meter installer men, would simply knock on the door to establish that no one was at home and then steal the customer/s Safe and passive Analog Electric Meter and then whack in the Microwave so-called smart meter onto the customer’s property, even when clear and Legal Anti-Trespass Signs had been erected on the customer’s front fence or gate and on the Electric Meter Box.
          In so doing these sneaky smart meter men had and still do carry out these brazen thefts of perfectly good electrical Analog Meters. By doing this, every one of them is carrying out a Crime which is punishable with a $167,000:00 Dollar Fine, firstly for Illegal Trespass and secondly they could and should face a Prison Sentence.

          As we still live in what is supposed to be a Democracy, if you the private home or small business owner/s do not want a dopey Microwave so-called smart meter then legally, your wishes must be legally obeyed. These now fast mounting numbers of thefts of peoples Electric Analog Meters is proof positive of the sheer wickedness of both the past Victorian Labour Government under Mr John Brumby and his Minister for Power when all of this theft of the Analog Electric Meters first began and is still continuing under the recently past Premier of Victoria Mr Ted Baillieu and his Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien who had never shown any Duty of Care for Victoria’s Electricity Customers Health or Welfare which is his first and bounden duty.

          The same wicked and total Lack of Care towards Victoria’s Electricity Customers is also painfully evident under Doctor Dennis Napthine the replacement Premier and his new Minister for Power Mr Nicholas Kotsiras. This is an Absolute DISGRACE and all of these Ministers for Power here in Victoria both present and past need to be tried and duly punished along with these now so named and shamed careless Premiers of Victoria.

          This so-called Mandate of both the past Labour Victorian Government and this incumbent Liberal Party Government came about through Mr John Brumby cooking up an ORDER IN COUNCIL which is not, and never has been made LAW, but is a Gigantic Confidence TRICK, still being used by this Victorian Liberal Party Government using a Mandate just like the Past Labour Government to Wickedly an Illegally force these now proving to be, in many cases INCENDIARY Microwave so-called but now proving to be very dangerous microwave not-so smart meters on the Victorian Public and against their Will and Better Judgement.

          What is really needed, is for this also careless Victorian Liberal Party Government to GRASP THE NETTLE and immediately stop this continual Roll-Out of these dangerous to All Life Dopey Microwave so-called but far from Smart Meters and remove every one of them and reinstall the Safe and Proven to be Safe Analog Electric Meters to the private home and small business Victorian Customers Electric Meter Boxes with the full cost of same being born by the five overseas owned Electric Power Companies.

  4. kenny says:

    Woo Hoo. Up to 30% are awake and refusing the meters.
    We are not alone, we are many. We have the law and our natural rights to protect us.
    Anyone receiving phone calls – send the company a cease and desist letter. We have stipulated at all times no calls (or emails) will be accepted – We haven’t received any.
    We reply to all letters received and so far after 12 months of threats to install, no installers have EVER visited the property. Sure, our box and gate are locked.
    Write to Service Stream (or your installer) explain your natural rights.
    We did and never received a reply – nor did they visit us.
    UE is directing Service Stream to break the law and they will – if they can get away with it.
    All we need to do is tell them in writing they can’t – and they wont.
    The fact UE now admits they wont make the target of 100% means some of us will avoid being “installed”.

    So, hang in there everyone and keep spreading the word locally.
    I’m telling EVERYONE I come in contact with – between 3 to 7 people a day.
    All those alerted to the situation are absolutely disgusted by the government and power companies.

    The answer for us is to wake up the other 70%.

    • Eric says:

      Service stream is currently in a Trading Halt as far as it’s shares on the stock exchange are concerned.

      Does anyone know if Jemena are still using Servicestream to do smart meter installations or have they given them the flick ???? Anyone ?
      The other mob Jemena have commisioned to do smart meter installations is Jemena’s own separate baby company called Zinfra who have been spotted as being very active over recent weeks in certain specific Northern suburbs.

      • Sharron says:

        As of last month, I spoke to one installer from Service Stream through my front window ( didn’t want to be confronted as I was home alone). He wrote down my concerns and said the smart meters here in Victoria are nothing like the ones being installed in the U.S. I told him about my EHS from the neighbours SM, and then he left.

  5. John C says:

    Power to the people. Not to Smart Meters!

  6. Peter says:

    I too have padlocked my meter box, and sent the installer away. I wrote a polite letter to Jemena telling them why I do not consent to having a SM installed. They phoned me on two occasions, and I again politely advised them of my concerns. I don’t use wireless internet, and we don’t have a cordless phone. I have always been suspicious of wireless devices.

    • Ryan says:

      I was wary but a little bit ignorant of wireless devices before. All that the power companies have achieved by putting out their lies about the technology being safe is to ensure that I will never have anything to do with any form of wireless devices or wireless technology ever again. Thank you Jemena.

  7. simmo says:


  8. John Stoker says:

    SP Ausnet rolling smart meters out in SW Gippsland, Nyora. I called to advise SP Ausnet do not have permission to install a smart meter on my property – whereon I was informed no right of refusal exists. My response to point out legislation requires best effort to install the smart meter but does not mandate the homeowner to install met with response my call would be noted.

    Meter box locked, window access for meter reader and No Trespassing signs posted with refusal to installer.

    • Denise Docker says:

      Good on you John…not surprised to see you on this site. We too have done same as what you have described. We have won on two different occasions…bring it on I say.!

  9. Steve G says:

    Meters are not 100% Saqfe
    Using my work EMR meter today after reloacating my meter box away from the bedrooms and paying $2500 I measured values of EMF at 30cm of 1.0MW/M3 and at 1 meter of 0.1 mW/M3.
    As owner of the property I am obliged to post an EMR Non ionising radiation warning.
    Safe working distance is 1 METRE.
    The smart meter (using my legal calibrated instrument) sent the sniffer full scale and the power corp guys said Come look at this and laughed and walked way saying not our problem we just install them,
    The promised external aerial never eventuated but even if it had a 3db or even 1.5db mobile phone aerial would just increase the emr not solve the problem..

    I am notifying the ACMA and RFNSA.

  10. Paul says:

    My understanding is that electricity providers have to supply electricity as an essential service and at the lowest possible cost. Provided the bill is paid each time they are unable to interrupt or cancel the service. It’s the usual con job I’d stay my ground as you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Remember you are just one of thousands who have locked their boxes – the power companies want you to think you are alone…. Just order them off the property and to deal with you by correspondence only (not by phone).

  11. This sounds more & more like Orwells 1984. I have been generating my own power and have been disconnected from the power grid since late last year, for I suspected all this and more would happen.

    • Amaron says:

      Hi Robert. Did you find it difficult to get disconnected? I have read of some people who had to fight in court to be disconnected. Also how are you generating your own power? Solar, wind? Thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Amaron, I’m not clear exactly what the specific situation details were in this matter that you speak about, but I can suggest that anybody who is “fighting to be disconnected” make sure that henceforth not one single cent more ever be paid to their retailer (/distributor).

  12. John says:

    Maybe a consideration could be to get the Electricity company to sign a document stating that their meters are 100% safe and we all know they are not, then as each person becomes ill sue the Electricity company for all their worth.

  13. Vera Mills says:

    Not at our house !!!!!! My meter reader is a good friend now, because I have installed a weatherproof flap on my LOCKED box which he lifts to read my meter accurately. He says it keeps him in a job and has passed on this info to his colleagues.
    I will NEVER accept a dumb meter.

    • Lisa Demos says:

      Go Vera!!!!! Stay strong and keep up the good work. We need more people like you to stand up for what is right. I wish more people would wake up, look at the facts, and get off their apathetic bums instead of letting governments and corporations drug them back to sleep with moronic television shows and assurances of ‘we love you, we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. No, of course money isn’t the issue and we certainly put your health and concerns far above our need to make squillions’…………….hmmmmm

    • Amaron says:

      Hi Vera. Where did you get a ‘weatherproof flap’ from? So far I have locked my meter box but haven’t worked out how to put a window in. Your idea sounds great. Thanks!

      • Eric says:

        Amaron, a weatherproof flap is a great idea but if you want something a little simpler you can just cut out a small viewing hole and then screw in a piece of perspex to surround the hole and beyond to allow for the screws.

  14. Lisa Demos says:

    SP Ausnet are starting to become very heavy handed with us. They are ringing both myself and my elderly mother who has a separate dwelling on our property telling us our power is going to be turned off at the end of December. My mother is becoming very distressed by their threats and bullying. Can they really turn off our power if we are paying our accounts as and when they fall due?
    Can we legally be objectors? I want to put a large sign across the front of our rural property stating ‘We are morally, fiscally and ethically opposed to receiving a so-called ‘smart meter’.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Lisa, installing an antenna (contained within the smart meter) at your property without your informed consent is very likely unlawful. SP Ausnet know that, that’s why they are behaving like bullies. They cannot let the truth come out. Threatening you and your mother with disconnection is a form of harrassment. A company is liable to pay $1.1million, if sued for harassment. You are not the one who should be afraid, they are!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Der Lisa Demos,
      The answer is no ! As long as you pay your Electricity Bills these bullies cannot cut off your power. They tried the same trick on me and it back-fired in their Evil Lying Faces.

      SP AusNet are a bunch of gutless bullies,
      I had to phone them some time ago to help several friends who were being bullied but I won and so did my friends. The Coeur de Gras, was when I said to them over the ‘phone.
      ” it is clear you don’t give a Tinkers Cuss about your Customers’ Health and Welfare do, you.” That shook these People as something shocking !

  15. Peter Turner says:

    Wonder how Jemena, or whatever they call themselves now, going to force me to have this evil machine installed? Armed escort, gun to my head, massive fines???
    What are the implications to them if they fail to meet the target??

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