Smart Meter Meeting and Film Afternoon – Tasmania

Tasmania Invitation

Location Update: Meeting is being held in Hobart

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6 Responses to Smart Meter Meeting and Film Afternoon – Tasmania

  1. Lisa Demos says:

    Can we have a meeting like this in West Gippsland, Victoria?

  2. Citizen for democracy says:

    This event sounds amazing – only thing, the poster does not state the city it is being held in – I assume it’s Hobart?

  3. 1vimana1 says:

    Subject: //Gross Harassment on people being bullied to accept a M/Wave Smart Meter against their will and better judgement.

    To Pat Bone,
    Dear Pat, the answer to you question is a definite NO ! PowerCor does not have the Legal Right to cut off your Electricity if you want to keep the very safe and proven to be safe Analogue Electric Meter which you have on your property. I suggest that if you have a metal Electric Meter Box or a Wooden Electric Meters Box that you get its measurements and straight way go and see a lock-smith and buy as I did the suitable Hasp and Staple and Industrial Padlock and fit it to your Electrical Meter Box immediately.

    Make sure you keep the key for your padlock in a safe place and give it to now one else to unlock the box when the Meter Reader Man calls. After you have unlocked the Meter Box to let the Electric Meter Reader Man get his readings, make sure you padlock the Electric Meter Box immediately. Even better, is to keep this box locked. Many people cut out an inspection hole in it, to put a Perspex window in it so that the Meter Reader Man can look through the Perspex weather proof window and take his meter readings. This many of us have done in Victoria Australia already.
    I must stress to you and pass this on to everybody you meet. Under no circumstances allow PowerCor or any other of these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies to take the Electric Analogue Meter on your property or properties ! PowerCor here in Victoria told me a BIG FAT LIE which was ” That they owned the Analogue Meter on my property.”
    I simply said to them…………..
    Go on, you prove it to me in writing, show me the proof in a document you hold, send me a copy of that proof.” One week later Mrs Janet Hogarty of Power Core ‘phoned me back to say that in spite of her best efforts to find this proof she could not find the documentation showing that they of PowerCor actually owned the Analogue Meter on my property.
    ” I came back at her hard and said, “That is because I built my home some thirty years ago and I had to buy my own Electric Analogue Meter and the Metal Electric Meter Box. The Local ‘A’ Grade electrician put in my Meter Box and my Analogue Electric Meter, and I have the Sales Slips to prove it so don’t tell me any more LIES.” Click went the ‘phone at her end as she hung up. So don’t take any bullying from these Scheming People who want to ruin your lives. We are a DEMOCRACY and no one can Legally Force you to do anything. Look up your own Charter of Human Rights similar to the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 which I will add the Link right here or Web-Site… Please take particular notice of Clauses 10 and 13 but do not under any circumstances let PowerCor know about these clauses. You will have to look up your own Tasmanian Charter of Human Rights to find the equivalent of our Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006.

    Please also see this The Universal Declaration of Human Rights If you have no specific Tasmanian Charter Of Human Rights as we have here in Victoria then you certainly need one and your Courts need to get one PRONTO. You can use the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here in purple in the mean time. Always remember that you are a Democracy, as are all Australian States including Victoria, as well as the whole of the United Kingdom of England Wales Scotland and Ireland as is Canada and all of its STATES and every state in Australia.

    Remember this……” Nobody has to undergo the Evil and Gross Harassment of being bullied or coerced or as is often the case and off being LIED to, in the wicked attempts of this Victoria Liberal Party aided and abetted by the five overseas owned Electrical Power Companies to accept a M/Wave so-called Smart Meter against their will and better judgement. To even try to force people to accept these now proving to be Dangerous to ALL LIFE Microwave so-called Machines is a CRIME against All people which you in Tasmania must FIGHT as we here in Victoria Australia are still doing and have been doing for over two years.”

    Please Phone me. 03 5352 3639.


    Richard Leschen.

  4. Susan says:

    Are there any meetings going too be held in melbourne vic about smart meters as i am eager too attend regards susan

  5. Anonymous says:


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