The Government is considering deployment of a wireless Smart Grid throughout WA

Why we should care…

Human Health and the Environment: Electromagnetic Radiation, such as that emitted by Smart Meters, has proven negative biological effects on living tissue.

Privacy and Security: Smart Meters collect and wirelessly transmit private data. Detailed profiles of our activities can be deduced from the unique electrical signature of each appliance. Security experts warn that wireless Smart Meter technology is especially vulnerable to remote cyber-attack and electricity theft. Two-way  communications also give power companies the ability to remotely shut off power.

Safety: Problems include interference with a wide range of medical and electronic devices, radio frequencies coupling onto household wiring, plus increased vulnerability to atmospheric events, leading to fires, explosions and damaged appliances.

Higher Bills and Minimal Energy Conservation: A one year Canadian study on Toronto Hydro customers showed Smart Meters increased bills for about 80% of consumers, with no significant energy conservation.

DNA DamageKids brains

Please refer to our flyers for more details:

Western Australian Version

Western Australia smart meter installation flyer

Victorian Version

Victorian Smart Meter installation

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25 Responses to The Government is considering deployment of a wireless Smart Grid throughout WA

  1. Mariette says:

    Information has certainly been passed on. Whether they’ve bothered to actually look at it or not in most cases is another matter. Public needs to make itself heard en masse on this issue.

  2. Rick Parr says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you could advise on the stance of Government position on having smart meters installed. This as we have just received a letter saying we must comply to have meter installed.

    • Eric says:

      Rick, smart meters are being forced upon people. The tool that is being used for this forceful deployment is thuggery, deception, lies, intimidation. There is no legislative basis that forces you to accept this installation. By exercising your rights you can refuse the installation. That’s why the power companies have had the audacity to write to people asking them to remove their No Trespass signs. The government and the power companies would have you to know as little as possible about your common law rights. In fact they would prefer you to know nothing as they are treating people as dumb sheep. With smart meters, our nation has well adn truly lost it’s innocence. Rick the letters many are receiving are full of nothing but contrived spin. It’s all aimed at one thing, to persuade you to do the one thing that enables them to proceed with the installation. That one thing is your consent and if you do not refuse, it will be taken as implied consent. Your consent is required. They will tell you it is not……….but in actual fact it is and they well and truly know it. This terrible exploitation of the people is criminal and in my opinion capital punishment is not unwarranted. Rick, lock your meter box and put up NO CONSENT signs if you don’t want a smart meter. Remember we are not being given the true story about their safety. We are not being given the true story about any aspect of this agenda.

  3. Cedar Wilde says:

    Here in Victoria we have a new advertising campaign telling us we can lower our electricity bills by using power in off-peak periods. It seems to me that this will turn out to be a lie along with so many others that we’ve been told and that in fact most bills (if not all) will go up. Even if in the short term they hold off to get people hooked the bills will go up after a few months or a year. The new campaign seems to me to be trying to soften the community up into accepting “smart” meters. I have been wondering for some time what their next move would be, this seems to be the first of probably many (after all, they have plenty of our money to spend on their determination to crush our opposition.

    • keith says:

      I believe you’re right Cedar; people may say ” if I want cheaper rates I’d better get a smart meter.” The government do indeed seem determined to crush opposition and they are ignoring the health problems so many Victorians are experiencing.

    • frontad84 says:

      Cedar Wilde,
      I feel you have hit the nail on the head for it has just been brought to my attention that at a recent Promotional Evening here in my area an Electrical Inspector who must be in the know claimed that 70% of homes now have Smart Meters and when that figure reaches 100% the cost of Electricity will immediately skyrocket.
      Also a local Meter Reader must agree with this as he is purported to have stated that in his estimation at least 70% of homes in my area must have Smart Meters judging by the fact that his job is now taking him much less time to carry out.
      I only hope that the remaining 30% will be refusing installation and stick to their guns as I am doing in order to prevent this invasion of privacy going ahead.

    • John Macey says:

      I’d imagine that during the hours of the proposed “off-peak period” ie later at night and early morning, the power generators operation costs would be higher than daylight hours especially labour rates such as shift allowances and loadings etc. So, for that reason alone I would expect some grumbles and excuses from the power generators to eventually jack up the cost charged for off-peak at some point in the future because their profit margins will be lower during those periods. Re advertising campaign: It’s such a pity that most people can’t recognise when they’re being manipulated. I got a letter yesterday from Telstra stating line rental is going up another $2 per month as well. So sick of being treated like a boiling frog and being fleeced. Just unabated corporate greed and corruption in everything.

  4. Pam says:

    My electricity account due 25/7 I have read my safe analogue meter. Will wait and see what happens this account. All my signs in place and I still have my analogue meter

    • Gwen says:

      Glad your meter stayed safe while you were in hospital. Very glad to have you back Pam supporting stop smart meters. 🙂

    • Gwen 's says:

      Glad to see you back with us.A friend of ours had the SMART METER people come a couple of weeks ago & told him he has to have the Smart Meter put on or ELSE they would cut his power off & would cost him $400-00 to have it put on again.We feel sorry for him..I don’t think he relised that they were using BULLY tactics & was scared to have his power cut off.. We haven’t heard anything from AusNet since I returned their letter back. Way back in end of April. After photo copying it. I read all the SSMA emails sent to me & we have joined SSMA in June..We keep our meter locked & know the week the meter reader comes..All signs are up on the gate & meter box….Can’t do much else …

      • Pam says:

        I have spoken to my Energy Provided (Energy australia) and my meter has been read – account should be here this week. So quite obviously someone read it while I was in hospital. Wait and see what happens when I get it Cheers all Pam 🙂 If you haven’t already done it LOCK YOUR BOXES AND DISPLAY ALL YOUR SIGNS and protect your analogue meter like it was your baby.

    • Ronald Tan says:

      Powercor has used a new tactic on some people who have refused smart meters even after the meter reader has come and gone and I know mine has come and gone because I saw him and spoke to him ! I assumed my power bill would come the next week as it usually does. Well the next week came and went and I didn’t recieve my bill in fact 3 weeks came and went and we recieved no bill so I rang my electricity retailer to find out want was going on and why I haven’t been billed after my analogue meter was read their excuse was that they were behind schedule that quarter and I should recieve my bill in the next two weeks this was back in May now its July and my electricity bill is still non existant nearly 2 months have passed and we still haven’t recieved one I wonder if this is another non compliance screw they are trying to put on some people to force them to accept a smart meter if you want your bill you have to let us fit one !

      • Eric says:

        Ronald, if they don’t bill you, you can’t be expected to pay.

        One strategy Ronald…if you have any lingering doubt is to estimate your bill yourself and pay an up front amount that you think will adequately cover it. When your bill bill eventually does arrive, you will already be in the black anyway. At least this way, if your bill really doesn’t arrive you cover yourself from being falsely accused of not paying for your electricity and from Powercor facilitating any possible hidden agenda to disconnect honest people like you who are only taking a stand against the forced installation of these harmful devices by these nasty people because they care for their own and for their loved one’s welfare.

      • Anonymous says:

        I reckon you should go on direct debit. You would have to pay the same amount anyway …
        Can someone here clarify, if they don’t send you a bill, they could accuse you of not paying the bill and cut your power? Then use the re-connection as an excuse to try a death meter installation?
        I pay my bill with direct debit, bill payments are never missed and it removes that risk/excuse from these mongrels.

      • John C says:

        I was just speaking with our friendly meter reader, just to make sure he was okay with what I have done with the meter box so he can still read it. He was very thankful to me and all others that are keeping him in a job.

        Ronald, have you considered requesting you power bill on line as I have with AGL(depending on your supplier). That way they can’t say that they sent it and it must have been lost in the mail. Just a thought.

        • Sharron says:

          Yep, good idea John. We have never had a problem getting our accounts online with Simply Energy – bonus discount if paid by the due date, works for us!

      • Pam says:

        Ronald – see my reply to Eric. If and when you get your account and if it is too high, you can apply for THE UTILITY RELIEF GRANT. INFORMATION ON THIS GRANT IS ON THE BACK OF YOUR ACCOUNT. You are eligible for these grants every two years on your Gas, Electricity and Water Utilities. Good Luck and DON’T GIVE IN. Just ring your Supplier every few days as I did till you get confirmation your Analogue meter has been read. In the meantime read it yourself and keep a list of times you read it and date you read it, just in case you get an “Estimated Account”. Good Luck Pam 🙂

  5. EMR Stop says:

    Oh No!!! Another uninhabitable state if this goes through!
    We must lobby for the WA govt to adopt the same sound approach as NSW, and not make the same mistake that Victoria has made.

  6. Rob Guy says:

    With some intelligent foresight, the WA government might improve energy conservation by introducing LED street lighting rather than attempting to control how consumers use their private property. From the Philips web site we read;
    “The joint venture’s offering will include Philips CityTouch, an innovative web-based intelligent management system for street and road lighting in a city. It enables online, dynamic and flexible control of lighting on a city-wide scale, allowing cities to use light only when and where it is needed, maximising efficiency while ensuring visibility and road safety. Combined with LED lighting, it delivers energy and maintenance savings of up to 70%.”

  7. peterrocker says:

    Have the flyers been passed on to the Government Ministers who is responsible for this debacle?

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