Power switch may mean smart meter cost unless ‘metering competition’ is delayed | Herald Sun

VICTORIAN households and small businesses risk being charged up to $140 for a new smart meter if they switch retailers.

Rules allowing only distributors, rather than retailers, from installing or replacing meters are due to expire at the end of the year, exposing customers to potential extra costs.

The State Government fears consumers could face higher costs and safety risks unless the introduction of “metering competition” is delayed, documents reveal.

It has requested an Australian Energy Market Commission rule change to prevent Victorians from being disadvantaged.

Its submission states, among other reasons, that this would avoid “the risk that consumers may be required to replace their meter with a change of electricity retailer and face charges associated”, or the risk of higher electricity prices due to switching carriers.

The cost of the controversial smart meter program has blown out to $2.3 billion.

Victoria’s electricity distributors, CitiPower, Jemena, Powercor, SP AusNet and United Energy, have had sole responsibility for smart meters since 2009.

The Government wants the AEMC to extend this arrangement for up to three more years, until a national framework with proper processes and systems for metering competition is established.

A decision is due later this year.

In a separate letter to the AEMC, Energy Minister Nicholas Kotsiras supports plans for metering competition, but is concerned about “detrimental impacts” if it is rushed. These include “potential risks to the safety of customers” during disconnections and reconnections and “adverse impacts on customer reliability where there are meter faults”.

“If there is not an orderly transition to a competitive metering market, the benefits associated … will be compromised,” the letter states.

The Consumer Action Law Centre’s Janine Rayner said promised benefits from smart meters, such as the ability for better energy use and costs, had to be realised before another “massive change” was imposed on Victorians.


via Power switch may mean smart meter cost unless ‘metering competition’ is delayed | Herald Sun.

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27 Responses to Power switch may mean smart meter cost unless ‘metering competition’ is delayed | Herald Sun

  1. Jay says:

    With the forthcoming election around the corner we really need to get the Greens party on our side. At present, as far as I can ascertain, they still believe the lie that SMs and the power mesh system are going to be environmentally better for us all. But they need to be informed of the dangers of this system. Please people contact your local Greens rep and fill them in, in the past I have found them to be very helpful.

  2. Greg says:

    Just read the above article by Karen Collier of the HWT. What an in depth and profound analysis of the situation Karen, or not. Perhaps next time you might try to analyse the facts and not just report the spin.
    That old political put down that I think Bill Clinton once used comes to mind, for which I think he got hauled over the coals…

    “Putting more lipstick on the same pig”

    The government continue to dress it up but it still smells.

  3. jane says:

    Just think of this, corporations are not designed to be good for humans, they are designed to MAKE MONEY, not to look after us. Why are smart meters so important to them? Because they WILL MAKE MORE MONEY. They will turn off power on a hot day if you choose to use too much. Do not be fooled, these are evil little spying money making machines that emit radiation HMMM i want one (NOT!!).


    Any way enough is enough, I’m over being controlled by so called parrots, whoops, I mean politicians. I hope there are more out there strong enough to NOT be controlled by our corporations, just remember corporations are interested in one thing and one thing only, making money and lots of it. Smart meters will not save us, they will make us sick and allow them to work out when we use the most and then charge us the highest tariff they can.

  4. Eric says:

    It’s come to my attention that a smart meter was installed at a Northern Suburbs premises today. This household was one that had been previously holding out against installation. Later on in the evening a MICA ambulance was seen attending that very same premises. I’ve had it confirmed that someone was definitely taken away. I am awaiting further information to ascertain exactly what to make of this and whether these two events are in any way related or not.

  5. 1vimana1 says:

    To: SP AusNet
    Subject: Fw: Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters You Tube

    To :
    The Chief Executive Officer of SP AusNet

    And to :
    The Officer in Charge SP AusNet
    Human Relations Department,

    18th July 2013.

    Dear Sirs and Mesdames,
    As you of SP Aus. Net state the following on your Website “ We are always keen to receive your feedback and resolve any concerns you may have.”
    I now include the following Video for your perusal below in Blue type here and below for your edification. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WeDtQ7sXHU One of you people today in the Customers Relations Department stated to me that the Smart Meter Roll-Out was a Victorian Government Mandate which is still going ahead up to December 31st 2013. Please see your own Victorian Government Legislation The Victorian Electrical Act 2000 Section 46 D and the Victorian Gazette No. S200 dated 28th August 2007 where it clearly states the following) Clause 14.3 a. each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter (which is operational as a remotely read interval meter in accordance with the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor service levels set out in a further Order in Council to be made under section 46D of the Act) for all of the metering installations for customers with annual electricity consumption of 160 MWh or less for which it is the responsible person on the End Date by that date. etc. Nowhere in this Government Act does it countenance Bullying and or Intimidation or Harassing us your customers. We are a democracy and in a Democracy neither the Government or Semi Government or Private Industry can Legally force us the people to do anything that is against our Will and Better Judgement. Please note this Legal Point. Please see the World Charter of Human Rights 1948 and the Victorian Charter Of Human Rights 2006, which affords us as democratic people the same Inalienable Legal Rights.

    As we the Citizens of Victoria voted this incumbent Liberal Party into power which is NOT OBEYING the Will of us the Private Citizens of Victoria, but is Wickedly Dictating to us that we the home owners and small businesses have to have a Microwave Smart Meter on our properties, we the people are going to Toss out this Wicked Victorian Liberal Party Government as we did the last Labour Party Government who together with the Five Foreign Owned Electrical Power Companies C.E.O’s and this present Victorian Liberal Party, keep dictating to us the Free People of Victoria these LIES that we are duty bound to accept these Microwave so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all, but are Actually Type 2B Carcinogen Machines as Stated by the World Health Organisation and very concerned Doctors of Medicine and Radio Physicists who are not in the Pay and Evil Influence of these Microwave Smart Meter Manufacturers and Microwave Radios and Microwave Broadcasting Towers and Receivers.

    Even ARPANSA has admitted to me over the telephone that their measurements of the Microwave energy concerning these so-called Smart Meters and the Mobile Phones are old figures and that they ARPANSA are now reviewing these old Microwave Level of Radiation Figures in the light of the numerous number of complaints coming to them worldwide from a now fast growing number of people who state that they are E.H.S or Electro Hypersensitive as am I, as I told you today that my Medical Doctor has had to take my Mobile Phone away from me as after around four and a half years of use it gives me the most terrible headaches although I used it not even every day and was on my Mobile Radio at most for less than two minutes perhaps three to four times per day. I have found many people are affected the same way as me. As far as the Microwave Smart Meters are concerned just being in any home or building with these devices causes me the same problem. Apart from me, some of the following Medical Complaints beset many people here in Victoria after the Microwave Smart Meters have been FOISTED upon Victorian Electricity Customers and others worldwide………These Medical Complaints range from…….Tinnitus or ringing in the ears and or Bleeding Noses and or Shocking Headaches and or Tightness in the Chest and or Insomnia and or Dizzy Spells and or Muscle Spasms etc. Apart from the Medical Problems I have listed I am getting many complaints from people stating how after the Microwave Smart Meters have been Foisted upon them their Electrical Goods pack up as follows…….Their domestic fridges suffer fusion which is the burning out of the fridges electric motor and or the Television set burns out and or the Electric Oven burns out and or their Printer/s for their computer/s malfunction or burn out. Worst of all is the house fires that have broken out here in Victoria after the so-called Smart Meters have been foisted on Victoria’s Electricity Customers. These so-called Smart Meters are actually ILLEGAL,not only here in Victoria Australia but worldwide, as they are both Telephone Tapping and Radio Surveillance Devices.

    I know of the fire in Northcote that broke out in a two-story home after a so-called Smart Meter had been installed first starting in the Electric Meter Box then spreading to the lower storey of this home and then to the upper storey as well. Fortunately the two Bed-Ridden Greek Grandmother and her Husband were rescued by their Greek Grandson and some friends, but the fire damage to this home was found to be to the tune of $350,000 Dollars according to the Fire Insurance Assessor who did the inspection of this extreme damage to this two-storey building. In the area of Geelong a number of fires in Electric Meter Boxes have also broken out only after these Microwave Smart Meters had been installed. In a Dentists Practice with several surgeries in HADDON after a M/Wave Smart Meter had been installed very soon after the lights in the ceiling of one of the operating rooms blew and then one of the very expensive drills as well. This put paid to using that Dentist’s particular operating surgery. When the Dentist Woman in Charge of this practice when out after hearing a loud bang she saw that the Electric Meter Box had caught fire. She then had to contact the Electric Power Company who very quickly got the Smart Meter Man around who put in a brand new Smart Meter after turning off the power and cleaning up the Electric Meter Box and putting in a new backing board. He also had to repair the wiring in the Electric Meter Box and then put in the new Smart Meters. After another two days there were more lights blown in another part of this dentist’s surgery and more damage to Dental Electrical Equipment and again a second fire had started in the Electrical Meter Box. At this this Dental Manager Woman SAW RED and demanded that the Electric Power Company come and take away this second M/Wave Smart Meter and replace it with the Safe and Passive Analogue Meter that had been taken in the first place. Fortunately this Dental Managers wishes were granted and she had the Analogue Safe and Passive Meter reinstalled. It is an Utter Disgrace the way all of these Foreign Owned Electrical Power Companies here in Victoria and this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government are dictating to Victorian Home Owners and Small Business to accept these now proving to be in a number of cases Deadly Dangerous INCENDIARY so-called Smart Meters.

    I will add here the Victorian Electricity Code 2000 – 2007 Which states clearly
    The Victorian Electrical Act 2000 Section 46 D and the Victorian Gazette No. S200 dated 28th August 2007

    Click to access AMIOIC.pdf

    which states the following …………..

    Page 16. Clause 14 Remotely read interval meter rollout.
    14.1 Rollout period
    (a) Subject to clause 14.3, each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a

    remotely read interval meter (which is operational as a remotely read interval meter

    in accordance with the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor

    service levels set out in a further Order in Council to be made under section 46D

    of the Act) for all of the metering installations for customers with annual electricity

    consumption of 160MWh or less for which it is the responsible person on the End

    Date by that date.

    (b) If a distributor has not installed a remotely read interval meter for all of the metering

    installations for customers with annual electricity consumption of 160MWh or less for

    which it is the responsible person by the End Date, then, for the purpose of considering

    whether the distributor has used its best endeavours to do so, the Commission must

    take into account:

    (i) the distributor’s actions in relation to the risk of failing to install the relevant

    meters, including whether the distributor has failed to take any action that could

    reasonably have been taken to mitigate that risk and whether the distributor has

    taken or omitted to take any action which has increased that risk;

    (ii) the distributor’s decisions and actions relevant to meeting the requirements of

    clause 14.1(a) in light of the information that was available to the distributor at

    the time those decisions and actions were taken; and

    (iii) any other factors the Commission considers relevant.

    14.2 Rollout schedule

    (a) By the commencement of each regulatory year set out in the schedule to this Order,

    each distributor must forecast the number of metering installations for customers with

    annual electricity consumption of 160MWh or less for which it will be the responsible

    person on the End Date, and provide this forecast to the Commission.

    (b) Subject to clause 14.3, each distributor must use its best endeavours to install, by the

    end of each regulatory year set out in the schedule, the number of remotely read interval

    meters (each of which is operated as a remotely read interval meter in accordance with

    the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor service levels set out

    in a further Order in Council to be made under section 46D of the Act) specified to be

    installed by the end of each regulatory year in the schedule.”

    Now this is very different from what S.P Aus. Net and Powercor and the rest of the other Electricity Power Companies have been telling me as well that the DPI and the Victorian Ombudsman’s Department etc. that “It is the Law that home owners and small business are legally obliged to allow a Smart Meter to be installed on their properties.” Now this proves to me that these people are all not telling the truth! And just as important is the fact that one can see that the Electric Power Companies Contractors or those Smart Meter Installer Men, are under great pressure to get as many meters onto home and small business properties as possible in the shortest of time. This smacks to my mind of High Pressure Salesmanship with out any due care for People Medical Health or Welfare or for customers feelings as to whether people want a Smart Meter or not.

    This a most disgusting attitude to take towards any customer or customers now that I know and they the C.E.O’ s of these Electric Power Companies must know by now just how unpopular many of these Smart Meters are with a propensity to cause fires not only in customers’ Electric Meter Boxes but to also in many cases these Smart Meters are starting fires in customers’ electrical goods, and to the added fact that these meters are upsetting so many peoples health with their dangerous VHF Radio Transmitting Frequencies which are used to communicate with the high transmission receiving and broadcasting towers now so prevalent and still growing in profusion all over the Earth.

    Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters You Tube


    Richard Leschen

  6. Total screw-up, like the roof insulation and NBN schemes. The Rudd-Gilard regime are King Midas in reverse. Whatever they touch turns to crap.

  7. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    The whole issue is a farce that needs to be exposed as such.
    Refer to my comment.

  8. Another thing that is not mentioned is the standing rate & tariff rate will have to go up if too many people use much less electricity or switch to solar, in order to pay for ongoing infrastructure & maintenance . There would be not enough funds are collected from users to support the costs & retail profit. Lets face it, it’s a double dip now, suppliers like SP Ausnet, Jemena, Citipower, Power Cor and United energy have to be paid for their running costs & profit as well as all the retail hangers on, such as DODO, Aust power & Gas and the myriad of other retailers making money out of administration of electricity supply.
    When electricity was generated and sold by the SEC there was only one payment. Now there are so many hangers on thanks to the Victorian Government, users are bleed dry.
    Well people, tell them all to get stuffed, generate your own and use storage batteries. Disconnect from the grid entirely, have your connection & meter removed otherwise you will still wear standing costs of over $1 a day due to tripple soon.

    • John Macey says:

      You’re far too kind with your term of “hangers on”. Leaches and parasites is more appropriate.

    • Kev says:

      You are dead right but everyone seems to forget it was Jeff Kennet who sold the power off in the first place- Very short term thinking.Private enterprise is only interested in Profits.You do NOT sell off essential services. Kev

      • Elizabeth says:

        Who could forget when Jeff Kennet sold “The Gas & Fuel.” I don’t think there is anything more the government can sell, so exactly what do our taxes pay for?

  9. Pamela Possum says:

    I have been charged $438.17 by AGL for “Meter Test Reconfigure – DR”. I will ring and enquire what this means but I doubt I will get a satisfactory answer. I did not ask for a test or a changed meter and don’t know what it’s about but a letter came with the bill saying my bil can now tell me more about how I use electricity. I already knew that! Any advice or information, please?

    • Peter says:

      Hi Pam

      Unless I am mistaken, DR = Direct Response, the distributors have addapted your surveillance device with an added capability, (at your expense) if this is so, this means that if you have purchased a new airconditioner since 2012, your distributor (and anyone else with access to your surveillance device, including hackers) will have the ability to turn your new airconditioner on and off! It’s all part of the Home Area Network which the government/distributors want all Victorians to adopt. As far as I am conserned, FAT CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lou says:

      Hi Pam, I too have just received an extra fee of $438.17 by AGL for a Meter Test Reconfiguration DR. Did you get anywhere with this?

  10. John Macey says:

    This BS will only ever end for consumers when they get together in sufficient numbers and say “WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!” ” Jamb your product and service where the sun doesn’t shine” How much more dictatorial imposition is the public going to accept? I’ve reached my limit and will soon be burning candles and keeping the milk cold with purchased ice blocks in the kitchen sink rather than give in.

    • Jason says:

      Well said John. But don’t worry about the iceblocks.
      I have a 2.5kw system on the roof (zone 4, Southern Victoria) and that has produced an average of just on 8kwh per day per annum. Because of my rejigged usage of power I use an average of about 2.5 kwh per day…..and that includes running a 240lt fridge-freezer and a smaller 140 lt chest feezer. Admittedly I live alone, but the point is

      My last bill credits me with $422 ~ after charges like ‘service to property’, etc. ~ and informs me that the “average 1-person household” uses 9.2 kwh per day over the same period.

      Extrapolating that comparative a family of 4 (averaging usage of 16.4kwh/day) could (easily) provide their own power needs with a 3 or 4kw stand-alone system in southern Victoria. You could set up such a system, without skimping, for about $8k.
      And with a few adjustments I reckon you could do rather better.

      Contact dabbbles @gmail.com if you want further info.

      • John Macey says:

        Thanks for your reply. It is my intention to eventually go off grid and I’ve researched and costed what’s needed however, I have to reduce current outlays (debt) and sell off assets to do so and that takes time that is fast running out as the end of 2013 approaches. I will definitely run into my own inability to back away from the line I’ve drawn in the sand and accept a SM before I have the means to go off grid. So, ice blocks in the sink it may well be. 😉 On the subject though, – what is needed is for members of the public that can afford the outlay to start getting together to start a group buy of standalone systems to get a better price.

        • Anonymous says:

          Here are 2 good companies that can get you off grid with solar panels and batteries:
          MacFarlane Generators – Ph: 9544 4222
          Alternative Power Systems – Ph: 9587 5758
          If you are concerned about dirty electricity from inverter (a lesser evil than the constant RFs from the smart meter in my view), contact Magshielding International on 0412 901148.

          • Jay says:

            Thanks for the info Anonymous. I am implementing a step by step plan. First off, wood heating. Second, a solar hot water system. And then thirdly a smaller separate solar system for all appliances (mainly fridge) and lights; as well as reducing usage as much as possible. My heart goes out to renters who are not in a position to be able to do this as I believe the SM put in in the last rental property I occupied caused by beloved dog to die of a brain tumour.

      • Eric says:

        Jason, do you know much about dirty electricity or electromagnetic radiation from panels or inverter ?
        (Also I’ve read that inverter must be a pure sine wave inverter rather than modified sine wave)

    • Gwen says:

      That’s my plan John.I will be saving a few thousand dollars a year. If someone can tell me where to get info about setting up solar and getting off the grid that would be great.

      • Pam says:

        Gwen – See your Emails – I still have my analogue Meter Thank God. My Solicitor kept an eye out for me while I was indisposed. I have had ENOUGH AS WELL………Cheers Pam

  11. Kath says:

    Smartmeters are not in the same category as analogue meters, which simply record usage. Smartmeters are remote surveillance/remote control devices. A huge difference. It is misleading to refer to them as ‘replacement’ meters no matter who is the carrier company.

    • Good point Kath!
      The thing that gets me is that the SM introduction is a political agenda apparently based on the need to lower energy consumption (which it won’t), that being based on the need to lower CO2 emissions (which is not likely to happen), that being based on CO2 significantly causing global warming (which has not been scientifically proven).
      The whole issue is a farce and is most likely to actually be a means to introduce political control over people and countries.
      This opposition to smart meters is a very important venture.

      • John Macey says:

        “The whole issue is a farce and is most likely to actually be a means to introduce political control over people and countries.” That’s exactly what it is and far far more. And the vast majority of lemmings in the world are going to happily fund the way to a very ugly and bleak future for humanity.

      • Gwen says:

        Totally agree Ken.

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