Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances

Physicist Ronald M. Powell (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1975), in layman’s  terms, explains the implications of the BioInitiative 2012 Report for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances. He compares the low RF power density levels at which biological effects have been reported occur  against the calculated RF power density levels that Smart Meters and Smart Appliances can produce using RF Colour Charts.

A Single Smart Appliance inside a Home Can Produce RF Power Density Levels Shown to Cause Biological Effects

When these Smart Appliances are installed in a home, they will significantly increase the radiation levels in that home for several reasons:

  • They will begin transmitting, and from distances very close to the residents.
  • The number of Smart Appliances in the home may increase with time as the residents gradually replace their old appliances with new Smart Appliances, increasing the total radiation level.
  • The Smart Meters will transmit more frequently, in order to communicate with the Smart Appliances.

Most biological effects of RF exposure cannot be sensed by human beings. Examples are the onset of cancer, DNA damage, and fertility effects.

One category of effects that can often be sensed includes neurological effects on sleep, memory, learning, and behavior.

The current Australian Maximum Permitted RF Exposure limits, called “basic restrictions”, are maintained by ARPANSA for uncontrolled exposure to RF power density levels of the general public and far are too high (too permissive) to protect against these biological effects. The linked report is based on FCC Maximum Permitted Exposure limits. To put this in context for Australians, our RF standards are based on 1998 ICNIRP RF Guidelines. For the frequency of 900 MHz (smart meters operate at 915-928MHz), the FCC RF power density limits are 33% higher than ICNIRP reference levels. For other frequencies (such as 2.4GHz used by smart appliances), the FCC limits are similar to ICNIRP’s.

Thus, much lower (more restrictive) exposure limits, like those proposed in the BioInitiative 2012 Report, are needed.

The BioInitiative 2012 Report is a massive evidence-based review of the medical research literature on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, developed by 29 scientists, doctors, and other health care experts from 10 countries.

A copy of Dr Powell’s report can be found here

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10 Responses to Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances

  1. john A. LeRoy says:

    Our DNA is physically damaged eventually resulting in cancer and other illnesses (whether we are aware of it at the time or not as we all have different makeups) by the energy impacts of the radiant energy pulses being transmitted or received by smart meters (in a mesh configuration, as used by at least Jemena (over 15,000 over 25 hour period ARPANSA Experimental result)). These problems occurs as we have not evolved protein molecule protection against energy pulses accessing our DNA, significantly different to the energy pulses of the environment we have evolved to survive in (each and every species does survive in a particular environment, does it not?) Being LF radiation energy pulses does NOT mean they do not have the energy to damage our DNA nucleotide pairs as they are much stronger than the muffled environmental energy pulses when they access the DNA

  2. tom says:

    is it against the law in Victoria to refuse to have smart meters installed

    • Alex says:

      Tom this is not accurate, there was no legislation ever passed to compel one to accept a Smart Meter on his or her Private Property which they may own under Fee Simple.
      The Victorian Government only passed a OIC (Not Law or Legislation) to provide a process for Private Corporations (SP Ausnet, Jemena, United Energry, City Power & PowerCor) to perform there best endeavors to roll out Smart Meters in Victoria.
      Nothing has even changed, any citizen whom knows his/her rights has the right to protect themselves and family from a potential threat.
      If you Don’t know your RIGHTS then you have NONE…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    …one category of effects that can often be sensed includes neurological effects on sleep, memory, learning, and behaviour…

    If you have a severely Autistic, non-verbal child (my 11-year-old) who has already been impacted upon with Environmental insults, the smart meters will continue to compound their fragile system.

    When are governments going to start owing children a “Duty of Care” once more?

    • Informed Choice says:

      The government forces wi-fi in schools, with no adequate tests done re the long term effects on our children. It’s ridiculous that parents do not get a say and those who speak out are made to feel like we are over-protective crackpots… Absolute nonsense! I can only imagine what you go through daily, Elizabeth. This health crisis of our times has more far-reaching consequences than that of the carbon issue, yet it doesn’t rate a mention. Why? Because they have total control and greed as their number one focus… duty of care does not fit the agenda.

      • Anxious Victorian says:

        The wi-fi connected in primary schools, secondary schools and uni etc are so powerful. Recently I did a school tour at a secondary school trying to find the right one for my child and my head buzzed and felt like it was going to explode through out the whole tour because of the wi-fi. God only knows how these kids can concentrate under these conditions. Their brains are being fried without them even knowing… is killing us slowly but surely and there is no turning back now….

      • Sally-Ann Edwards says:

        Retired British intel officer, Barrie Trowers, possibly the world’s top expert on EMR adverse effects on humans, has exposed the damage wi-fi’s in school are doing to female children. The dna in their ovary eggs is damaged in many of them and this gets passed on to their future daughters via their mitochondria dna. France has heeded Barrie Trowers’ warnings and removed wi-fi from their schools. Why aren’t we? Google his name for much more info on microwave effects.

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