What are CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena and United Energy hiding?

The location of telecommunication towers in Australia is freely available.  Why aren’t collectors in the meshed smart meter networks also within the public domain?  Areas close to collectors may have higher levels of radiation than other areas in the meshed smart meter networks.  Why should collectors fall under the radar?

Victorian power distributors CitiPower and Powercor Australia, Jemena and United Energy, along with Western Power in WA, Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy in NSW, and WEL Networks and Unison in New Zealand, have all elected to use smart grid technology from Silver Spring Networks.

Access Points are the lynchpins in the meshed smart meter networks.  Don’t be mistaken by their innocent appearance. These are the devices which link wireless communications between all the smart meters in a given area and the utility. This means that Access Points aren’t just fulcrums for the 915 – 928 MHz microwave communications, but they also deploy other communications.  For instance, CitiPower elected, in its rollout of smart meters, to use Telstra for its 3G ‘backhaul’ communications between Access Points and CitiPower.

Relays are an intermediary device used to extend microwave signals in a meshed network between smart meters (‘end points’) and the Access Point.

Pictures of a Powercor Access Point, seen from two different angles, follow.  Have you spotted one of these devices in your neighbourhood?

Access Point rear viewAccess Point front view

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38 Responses to What are CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena and United Energy hiding?

  1. out says:

    ok, would you sacrifice and throw away your mobile phones to be entitled not to have a smart meter?

    • Eric says:

      Smart meters have made sure I will no longer use a mobile phone unless I absolutely have to. The awareness I have gained of the dangers and the harm that smart meters have caused and will cause has made me to drastically change my habits when it comes to the usage of other radiation emitting wireless devices which are not forced upon me and which do not violate my rights in the way that the smart meter rollout does.

      • Hi Eric, pretty much same here. A friend showed me a video of an ipad using wifi and a RF meter with shocking readings. I bought my own meter and now I am so much more aware. Unfortunately we have a smart meter, and no-one can sleep in the front bedroom anymore. I have shielded and blocked as much as possible, and grounded all, but still have only been able to lower emissions by about 2/3, so not enough to feel safe. We all just have to keep on keeping on with this, and hopefully get justice and a safe living environment for all. After seeing Jimmy Gonzalez explain his story, that was enough for me to never speak on the mobile, even for a second, then got me thinking to how I have all the teeth missing only on the left side of my mouth, the side I put the phone to. May just be coincidence, but may not be either. I also include weather modification and the intense electrical fields that are used to activate the aerosol they spray to try to seed clouds. I just sent a very big email to the Human Rights Commission, on the grounds of not having to take part in scientific experiments without our permission, as to date I cannot find any documentation which proves that HAARP or Atlant or the high frequency used is safe for humans/animals/the environment. We have to all stick together and do whatever we can every day to spread awareness. I have requested a meeting with Greg Hunt whos office is only 20 mins away from me, to discuss this. We will see how we go on that. Good luck Eric and everyone here, KEEP ON KEEPING ON 🙂

    • gh says:

      Absolutely. I don’t use a mobile phone because I react badly to the radiation. Mobile radiation is very effective at increasing heat shock protein expression which can increase autoimmunity. The constant intra cranial pressure I have from autoimmune myalgic encephalomyelitis instantly becomes several times worse from being near an active mobile phone. I shudder to think of what a smart meter is likely to do to me. I very much hope I never have to find out.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s none of your business what people do. Is your argument that if people choose to use mobile phones, they should be forced against their will to be exposed to smart meter radiation?
      What about people that drink alcohol? Should they be sprayed with DDT? What about smokers, should they be sprayed with DDT? After all they are breathing in toxins anyway, so a bit more won’t hurt.
      You used the word entitled. This is not about entitlement, this is about basic human rights. The right to live in our bodies. The right to choose what goes in our bodies. Hope you have a smart meter. ENJOY YOUR POSSIBLE 2b CARCINOGEN.
      I am not a slave. I do what i want.

  2. John A. LeRoy says:

    DNA has nucleotide pairs that are subject to vibration when pulsing energy is applied. All aspects of the environment are by way of energy pulses that cause a reaction from the cell resulting in proteins, hormones, etc and in the case of the brain cells mental reactions. This is the “life”process..Protecting the Nucleotides from uncontrolled damage from these energy pulses a protein coating (chromatin) has evolved to protect the DNA resulting in extended life between propagation of the cells. The incoming environmental energy pulses are muffled to such a degree the significantly different environment effect from the meters have far more impact, vibrating the nucleotides so vigorously they rupture in an uncontrolled manner (material fatigue) and the protein then produced is not protective of the incoming enviromental energy pulses and these persistent pulses activate the cells to rapidly produce dysfunctional cells, this is cancer etc. The smart meters in a mesh network have the poiential to decimate if not send an exposed population into extinction in the years to come.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So where will these parasites put these death devices in (usually newer) housing estates that run their power underground ?
    (We have decorative coach light style poles and no other poles, how disgusting will they look on ours?)

  4. Stephnie says:

    The magnitude of ill health already reported SO FAR, speaks volumes for this smart meter roll out to STOP immediately, Every individual is exposed to this Electromagnetic Smog,
    All power company CEO’s and installers should TAKE NOTE of the above, and also Ignoring people’s requests to have these smart meters removed is definitely not acceptable. This is the utmost insult to everyone’s intelligence,

    • Sharron says:

      Well said, Stephnie.

    • Ashley says:

      The installers certainly need educating because they are people just like us, capable of thinking and acting in a Godly manner. I’m not so sure being Godly would fall within the job description of the CEO’s but they are powerless without a compliant public.

    • Ecka says:

      What ill health! I feel great in my smart meter home! You have no REAL peer reviewed scientific evidence for your claims, do you?

      • Steve says:

        Ecka, One could say the same about there not being any peer reviewed scientific evidence that smart meter emissions are safe – please do not point to the EMC Technology report because it is not peer reviewed and did not have a health focus. The fact is there is no research currently being performed that I know of that relates to smart meter emissions with focus on health effects because the technology is very new. However if you actually did some research like many of us who contribute to this site do you will see there is plenty of peer reviewed research on the internet regarding the danger of wireless RF. This website http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed has hundreds of papers that demonstrate the potential dangers of wireless RF. It also because of this type of research that the IARC extended the monograph that RF is a Group 2B carcinogen to ALL wireless devices. I have included some research papers showing biological effects of RF further below.

        You may also want to consider reading this article http://prd34.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/we-dont-want-to-be-your-collateral.html A section has been included below for convenience.

        “For those of you obsessed with your wireless technology, I need to ask–why are my children and I considered acceptable collateral damage so you can have your wireless convenience?

        Have you utterly lost your sense of humanity? Maybe you don’t feel any health effects (yet) from this technology, but many of us do–millions of us–and we are suffering. Do you not care? I want to know why you don’t care. I want to know why your wireless gadgets are worth more to you than my children’s health or my health or our lives. What in God’s name is so important about your texting that we have become inconsequential?

        You wouldn’t force a child who is allergic to peanuts to live in a home filled with peanuts, would you? Would you force a peanut-allergic child to endure such a potentially deadly assault on their immune system? But Super WiFi, smart meters, WiFi, etc. are essentially doing just that to people like us who are sensitive. Perhaps you don’t acknowledge the problem because the radiation is invisible (you can at least SEE peanuts). Yet we are being bombarded by toxic radiation everywhere we go, whether we like it or not–and we have become inconsequential because you want what you want: your wireless convenience. I want to know why–even if you are seemingly unaffected by this technology–I want to know why you don’t care about those of us who ARE affected.”

        When it comes to research here is a taste of what I have being capturing in the last few months as part of my studies:

        Investigation of the Effects of 2.1 GHz Microwave Radiation on Mitochondrial Membrane Potential (ΔΨ m), Apoptotic Activity and Cell Viability in Human Breast Fibroblast Cells.

        Effect of low level microwave radiation exposure on cognitive function and oxidative stress in rats. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23720885?dopt=Abstract

        Evaluation of the cytogenotoxic damage in immature and mature rats exposed to 900 MHz radio frequency electromagnetic fields http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23750202?dopt=Abstract

        Health effects of living near mobile phone base transceiver station (BTS) antennae: a report from Isfahan, Iran. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23781985?dopt=Abstract

        Replication of heart rate variability provocation study with 2.4-GHz cordless phone confirms original findings http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.3109/15368378.2013.776437

        Impairment of long-term potentiation induction is essential for the disruption of spatial memory after microwave exposure. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23786183?dopt=Abstract

        Altered expression of matrix metalloproteinases and tight junction proteins in rats following PEMF-induced BBB permeability change.

        Effects of intensive cell phone (philips genic 900) use on the rat kidney tissue.

        Effect of 950 MHz UHF Electromagnetic radiation on biomarkers of oxidative damage, metabolism of UFA and antioxidants in the liver of young rats of different ages.

        Detection of Low Level Microwave Radiation Induced Deoxyribonucleic Acid Damage Vis-à-vis Genotoxicity in Brain of Fischer Rats.

        They are all peer reviewed and accepted.

        • Illyrian says:

          Well said Steve, but the fact of the matter is that sheeple like him really don’t care about themselves, let alone people like us.

      • keith says:

        Ecka; there is a wealth of independent research showing that RF radiation from smart meters, mobile phones and the like, may be dangerous to your health. Google the American Academy of Environmental Science and see what they have to say on the subject. Oh and the standards that our government uses from ARPANZA, are over 10 years out of date and don’t look at non-thermal effects. Oh, and just because you don’t have symptoms, doesn’t mean these meters are safe. Many people ARE getting symptoms since installation, and some have had to leave their homes. So Ecka, keep an open mind AND do some research of your own.

      • Ecka, maybe you have a newer home with a metal box on your smart meter, which does help according to my RF meter. Our home is old, and wooden box, and the emissions getting into our house through the wall are huge, I went into a wreckers the other day, the blokes office chair behind the counter, with two smart meters in clear view just above his head, one was a 3 phase, that poor bloke is being constantly bombarded by RF Radiation. When I sit my RF meter on my kitchen table which is relatively safe part of house its nearly on zero, as i walk up our passage towards where the smart meter is, it gets higher and higher and spikes up in the thousands, I spose it all depends who you listen to and what you believe. I believe that leading neurosurgeons who are trying to save people every day from terrible brain tumours would not lie to us, (where i do believe that politicians and companies lie to us) and when they say things like they are terrified of what is happening now, as we dont just have mobile phones but also wifi, bluetooth etc affecting us, and some of them have done their own studies eg on rats, after just 2 hours exposure to mobile phone of a lower emission than we are using, the rats MRI show clear holes in their brains. If I drive down the freeway, my Rf meter picks up a mobile tower at about 1km, i know where the towers are, the meter was spiking up in the high hundreds in spots i knew it shouldnt, then i worked it out, i was passing cars, late model cars using hands free, so even that scenario is something to think about. So to err on the side of caution and try to limit exposure is probably the smartest thing to do.

  5. Pam says:

    Limited as to how far I can walk at the moment, but have seen quite a few of the devices on poles around my area. There is one the next block up and plenty near the local shopping centre. ….. Pam

  6. Tanya says:

    I am ‘lucky’ enough to have a collector hub close to my house and it provides me with some very interesting goings-on. I have seen 3 people collapse in a 10 square meter area outside my house in the first year of the smart meters being installed in my area. All 3 people collapsed onto the roadway immediately they passed the street containing the collector hub. One guy fell with his head on the busy road and knocked himself out for several minutes. One had a diabetic seizure (electromagnetic radiation messes with your blood sugar levels).

    I have never seen anyone collapse anywhere in my street in all the years prior to the arrival of smart meters and the collector hub. And these 3 incidents are only what I happened to see. These days I have to avoid the front of my house because of the high level of radiation there.

    No wonder there’s a shortage of ambulances in emergencies. They’re all picking people up off the street near collector hubs.

    • Jan says:

      Just found another collector for the ‘smart’ meter transmissions. This one has been placed almost directly opposite a Primary School! Whatever were they thinking? Children’s bodies have enough to cope with, without being bombarded with the whole suburb’s pulsed microwave traffic.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I do not have a smart meter and i am on a farm, but since the installation at neighbouring properties has taken place, I can now measure just over 100 micro watts per metre squared within my home on “peak-hold” from my Gigahertz meter. It is just blanketing everywhere and has now interrupted my right to quiet enjoyment of my own property.

  8. Bren says:

    Haven’t noticed but will be looking now as we have powerpoles down our side of the street. I have not heard back from SP Ausnet after they issued me with a notice to remove my smart meter covering. We complied, got it signed off by an electrician, and put another cover on. Guess they know they can’t force us. Anyway we have grid linked solar now (with the meter winding backwards) and are saving for battery back up. We can win this folks – we must.

  9. Dr Alan says:

    Dr. Alan says:
    Beware that these new technologies are basically untested on how these energies affect human energy fields, and body tissues. Remember, asbestos, tobacco, thalidimide, gmo ‘foods’, fluoride, sucralose/splenda/zero/diet coke, aspartame, bisphenol A (plastic polycarbonates) are all in our environment and we need to do our “due dillegence” so as to be informed and not be misled by the mis-information and media spin that is constantly coming at us. “Follow the money $$$$” is a good general rule to observe If any doubts appear relative to any corporate offerings. Resistance is victory.
    Be well!!!

    • Sharron says:

      So True!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Dr Alan,
      You have forgotten one on your list of “Environmental Insults” to the human body- Mercury and Aluminum (via vaccines) injected directly into our newborns that creates “Synergistic Toxicity.”

      Autistic children are less able to process/excrete these “Heavy Toxic Metals” so they remain in their bodies (primarily the brain) and cause neurological damage.

      EMR exposure interferes with the ability of cells to excrete heavy toxic metals.

      Look at the studies- George Louis Carlo-Wireless Radiation in the Aetiology and treatment of Autism:Clinical observations and mechanisms-Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine-August 2007

      Click to access EMR-Autism-ACNEM-final.pdf

      Elizabeth- Ballarat Against Smart Meters

    • Dr alan, (or anyone else here) do you know if there is a human rights charter for not having to take part in a medical or scientific experiment without being asked or giving consent? we have human rights on the wall at my work, and i read part of it which was something like that. Surely we could use that angle and if we all got together take it to the human rights court?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Have just received a letter from Powercor asking for me to remove my refusal notice on my power meter so they can fit the smart meter. Seems they don’t have constitutional rights to fit the meter which my notice uses and puts onus on the person fitting the meter.

    • Henry says:

      Hi Anonymous
      if your sign is any different to the signs on this website (you mention constitutional rights as the basis of your sign), I wouldn’t mind a copy.

  11. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    EMF RF radiation dangers should not be accepted to be ‘safe’, they are arguably UNSAFE

  12. Brigitte says:

    In a smart meter information pack (on loan from someone who got it), Powercor has a drawing showing two electricity poles with a box attached to each (estimate 40 x 20 x 10 cm). One box is called Access Point and the other Relay. Both are communicating with each other and with the mesh meters. From the Access Point the “Public Telecommunications Network” feeds into the “Network Management System” and I assume vice versa. The only “positive” is that Powercor is managing your electricity consumption, i.e. control and switch it off, as they see fit.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      It is not a POSITIVE that PowerCor is managing your electricity. It is a huge negative. If many years ago the generation and supply of Electricity had kept pace with the population growth of Victorians and the spread of housing by building more Electric Power Generating Stations, then we would not have the crazy scenario of effectively having these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies having to have gone down the ridiculous path of wanting to ration the electric power as they now want to do by controlling the electricity with the Microwave Smart Meters and the new plan of putting microchips in the latest white goods like washing machines and dishwashers as well as in other domestic electrical goods. In America right now the people have lost control of their domestic white goods like fridges being remotely turned off by the electric companies when it suits these companies as well as turning off air conditioners when people most need them as well as other domestic electrical goods.

  13. Rob Reiken says:

    & so the horror is revealed everything linking to one, you think the radiation is bad, thats just part of it. This make me feel sick just thinking about it, come on peoples we can’t let them get away with this Orwelian Scenario. Just recently we’ve all heard about the NSA in the States with their Spy Grid & Fusion Centres & here in Ozz why do you think they are blowing $$$Billions into all these technologies sending us into debt, it’s not for our benefit. This has just now gone too far, do the research go watch the documentary Technocracy & put the jigsaw puzzles together, then you’ll know exactly what i mean. So much more i could say but i’ll leave it at that.

  14. Kathleen says:

    Haven’t noticed, but will be on the lookout now.

    • Pam says:

      I haven’t noticed these devices on the poles, but as I am surrounded by smart meters, I guess they must be on the power poles in my area. (a Power Cor area). I will take particular note tomorrow and see if I can spot the devices on the poles in my street. They look just as mean as smart meters!!!!…………………..Pam

      • Anonymous says:

        The EMC Technology report chart for figure 3 at this link as follows lhttp://www.smartmeters.vic.gov.au/resources/reports-and-consultations/ami-meter-em-field-survey-repor is incorrect as I decided to do my own tests from a 30cm distance from a mobile phone, cordless home phone during active calls, a microwave oven during cooking and a smart meter. After I checked the results all the devices tested were well over the conservative chart on figure 3 of the EMC report and how dare the electricity distributor send this misinformation to us and say smart meters are safe basing it from the false EMC report and how dare the electricity distributor say that EHS doesn’t exist which I know for a fact it does. How can they say that EMC is credible. I’m glad there are people in Victoria who are not gullible and sceptical.

        • Anonymous says:

          and your equipment is tested by “whom” and your ability to use it is proven by “whom” yet YOU consider your measurements are more accurate than an independent NATA accredited Testing Laboratory? – your nuts

          • Anonymous says:

            Anonymous, The measurements of Anonymous are correct unless you can prove they aren’t.As for referring to this man or woman being nuts, do you have proof of this? If you don’t have proof, mind your own business. That is unless you have a crystal ball and can see everything.

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